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This is a collection of tests for GCC. For further information about
the C testsuite, see README.gcc.
The driver that runs this testsuite is called DejaGnu and you will
need a current DejaGnu snapshot, which is available from, for example.
These tests are included "as is". If any of them fails, do not report
a bug. Bug reports for DejaGnu can go to
Discussion and comments about this testsuite should be sent to; additions and changes to should go to sent to
The entire testsuite is invoked by `make check` at the top level of
the GCC tree. `make check-g++` runs the C++ testsuite only.
g++.dg tests:
All new tests should be placed in an appropriate subdirectory of g++.dg.
g++.old-deja tests:
g++.benjamin Tests by Benjamin Koz
g++.brendan Tests by Brendan Kehoe
g++.bugs Tests for exception handling
g++.ext Tests for g++ extensions Tests by Gerald Baumgartner
g++.jason Tests by Jason Merill
g++.jeff Tests by Jeffrey A Law
g++.martin Tests by Martin v. Lรถwis
g++.mike Tests by Mike Stump
g++.niklas Tests by Niklas Hallqvist
g++.ns Tests for namespaces
g++.other Tests for templates
g++.robertl Tests from, gathered by Robert Lipe
Finally, some random last minute notes by Mike Stump <>, on
how to run tests (in the GCC 2.7 era):
runtest --tool g++ --srcdir ./testsuite
runtest Is the name used to invoke DejaGnu. If DejaGnu is not
install this will be the relative path name for runtest.
--tool This tells DejaGnu which tool you are testing. It is
mainly used to find the testsuite directories for a
particular tool when several testsuites are in the
same directory. (like the gcc and g++ testsuites)
--srcdir This points to the top level of the directory
containing the sources of the testsuite. This is
./testsuite if you are in the directory that has the
testsuite directory.