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* (c) Copyright 1990-1996 OPEN SOFTWARE FOUNDATION, INC.
* (c) Copyright 1990-1996 HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY
* (c) Copyright 1991, 1992 Siemens-Nixdorf Information Systems
* To anyone who acknowledges that this file is provided "AS IS" without
* any express or implied warranty: permission to use, copy, modify, and
* distribute this file for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
* provided that the above copyright notices and this notice appears in
* all source code copies, and that none of the names listed above be used
* in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software
* without specific, written prior permission. None of these organizations
* makes any representations about the suitability of this software for
* any purpose.
* This file defines the internal interface to the core of CMA
* debugging services. (The client interface to debugging services
* is provided by cma_debug_client.h).
#ifndef CMA_DEB_CORE
#define CMA_DEB_CORE
#include <cma.h>
#include <cma_mutex.h>
#include <cma_queue.h>
#include <cma_tcb_defs.h>
#include <cma_util.h>
/*FIX-ME* Need to use sizes that are platform specific */
typedef long int cma___t_debug_ctx[17];
* Type defing the format of known object lists
typedef struct CMA__T_KNOWN_OBJECT {
cma__t_queue queue; /* Queue header for known objects */
cma__t_int_mutex *mutex; /* Mutex to control access to queue */
} cma__t_known_object;
* Type defining the registration for one debug client (e.g. Ada)
typedef struct CMA__T_DEB_REGISTRY {
cma_t_address entry; /* Client's debug entry point */
cma_t_key key; /* Client's context key */
cma_t_integer fac; /* Client's debug facility number */
cma_t_boolean has_prolog; /* Client's TCBs have std prolog */
} cma__t_deb_registry;
#define cma__c_deb_max_clients 10
* Type defining the global debugging state for all threads.
typedef struct CMA__T_DEBUG_STATE {
* The following flag is set if changes were made while in the
* debugger that may make the ready lists inconsistent. For
* example, if a thread priority is changed in the debugger, the
* thread is not moved between queues. Making things consistent
* is deferred to when the dispatcher is next invoked -- which we
* try to make very soon.
cma_t_boolean is_inconsistency; /* Ready lists are inconsistent */
cma_t_boolean events_enabled; /* Set if _any_ event is enabled */
cma_t_boolean flags[cma__c_debevt__dim];
/* Which events are enabled */
cma__t_int_tcb *next_to_run; /* TCB of thread to run next */
cma__t_int_mutex *mutex; /* Mutex for registering clients */
cma_t_integer client_count; /* Count of debug clients */
cma__t_deb_registry clients[cma__c_deb_max_clients+1];
/* Array of current debug
clients */
} cma__t_debug_state;
* Routine that will symbolize and address and print it.
typedef void (*cma__t_print_symbol) (cma_t_address);
* Variable holding the global debugging state
* (This is primarily written by the debugger interface and read
* by the thread dispatcher).
extern cma__t_debug_state cma__g_debug_state;
* Known object queues
extern cma__t_known_object cma__g_known_atts;
extern cma__t_known_object cma__g_known_cvs;
extern cma__t_known_object cma__g_known_mutexes;
extern cma__t_known_object cma__g_known_threads;
/* Get information while in debugger context */
extern void cma__deb_get (cma__t_int_tcb *,
/* Set information while in debugger context */
extern void cma__deb_set (cma__t_int_tcb *, cma_t_debug_set,
cma_t_address, cma_t_integer);
extern void cma__init_debug (void);
extern void cma__reinit_debug (cma_t_integer);
extern void cma__deb_anytcb_to_tcb (cma_t_tcb_header *, cma__t_int_tcb **);
extern void cma__deb_fac_to_client (cma_t_integer, cma_t_key *);
extern void cma__deb_get_client_info (cma_t_key, cma_t_address *,
cma_t_boolean *);
extern void cma__deb_get_context (cma__t_int_tcb *, cma_t_key,cma_t_address *);
extern cma__t_int_tcb *cma__deb_get_self_tcb (void);
extern void cma__deb_get_time_slice (cma_t_interval *);
extern cma__t_int_tcb *cma__deb_next_tcb (cma__t_int_tcb *,
cma_t_integer *,
cma_t_integer *,
cma_t_boolean *);
extern cma_t_boolean cma__deb_set_alert (cma__t_int_tcb *);
extern void cma__deb_set_next_thread (cma__t_int_tcb *);
extern void cma__deb_set_force_dispatch (cma_t_address );
extern void cma__deb_set_time_slice (cma_t_interval);
extern void cma__deb_show_thread (cma__t_int_tcb *, cma_t_boolean,
cma_t_boolean, cma___t_debug_ctx,
cma__t_eol_routine, cma__t_print_symbol);
extern void
cma__deb_show_stats (cma__t_int_tcb *, cma_t_boolean,
cma_t_boolean, cma__t_eol_routine,
cma__t_eol_routine, cma__t_print_symbol);