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/* APPLE LOCAL begin radar 4310884 */
/* Any usage of Foo<Bar> (where Foo is a *not yet defined* class and Bar is a protocol)
in a declaration results in inability to cast a Foo-derived classes to Foo (due to
warning) afterwards.
/* { dg-options "-Wall -Werror" } */
/* { dg-do compile } */
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class AClass;
@protocol AProtocol;
/* This line somehow "bounds" AProtocol and AClass, if AClass is not
yet defined, resulting in the buggy warning below. */
void bar(AClass<AProtocol> *a1);
/* If AClass declaration is placed *before* the above of
AnotherProtocol, the warning disappears. */
@interface AClass : NSObject
@interface AnotherClass : AClass
@implementation AnotherClass
- (void)foo
For the next line we get the warning:
"class 'AnotherClass' does not implement the 'AProtocol' protocol"
AClass *f = self;
f = f; // just to avoid warning due to -Wunused
/* APPLE LOCAL end radar 4310884 */