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/* When there is only one candidate method available, make sure the
compiler uses its argument/return types when constructing the
message sends (so that proper C/C++ argument conversions may
take place). */
/* { dg-do run } */
/* APPLE LOCAL radar 4894756 */
#include "../objc/execute/Object2.h"
extern void abort(void);
#define CHECK_IF(expr) if(!(expr)) abort()
static double d = 4.5920234e2;
@interface Foo : Object
-(void) brokenType: (int)x floatingPoint: (double)y;
@implementation Foo
-(void) brokenType: (int)x floatingPoint: (double)y
CHECK_IF(x == 459);
CHECK_IF(y == d);
int main(void)
Foo *foo=[Foo new];
[foo brokenType: d floatingPoint: d];
return 0;