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/* Test for scanf formats. Test that the C90 functions get their default
attributes in strict C90 mode, but the C99 and gettext functions
do not.
/* Origin: Joseph Myers <> */
/* { dg-do compile } */
/* { dg-options "-std=iso9899:1990 -pedantic -Wformat" } */
#include "format.h"
foo (int *ip, char *s, va_list v0, va_list v1, va_list v2, va_list v3,
va_list v4, va_list v5)
fscanf (stdin, "%d", ip);
fscanf (stdin, "%ld", ip); /* { dg-warning "format" "fscanf" } */
scanf ("%d", ip);
scanf ("%ld", ip); /* { dg-warning "format" "scanf" } */
sscanf (s, "%d", ip);
sscanf (s, "%ld", ip); /* { dg-warning "format" "sscanf" } */
vfscanf (stdin, "%d", v0);
vfscanf (stdin, "%Y", v1);
vscanf ("%d", v2);
vscanf ("%Y", v3);
vsscanf (s, "%d", v4);
vsscanf (s, "%Y", v5);
scanf (gettext ("%d"), ip);
scanf (gettext ("%ld"), ip);
scanf (dgettext ("", "%d"), ip);
scanf (dgettext ("", "%ld"), ip);
scanf (dcgettext ("", "%d", 0), ip);
scanf (dcgettext ("", "%ld", 0), ip);