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/* Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Source: Neil Booth, 12 Feb 2002.
In the declaration of proc, x must be parsed as a typedef name (C99 p11. Also see C89 DR #009, which was erroneously ommitted
from C99, and resubmitted as DR #249: if in a parameter
declaration, an identifier can be read as a typedef name or a
paramter name, it is read as a typedef name). */
/* { dg-do compile } */
typedef int x;
typedef int y;
int proc(int (x)); /* x is a typedef, param to proc is a function. */
int proc2(int x); /* x is an identifier, param is an int. */
/* Parameter to proc3 is unnamed, with type a function that returns
int and takes a single argument of type function with one int
parameter returning int. In particular, proc3 is not a function
that takes a parameter y that is a function with one int parameter
returning int. 8-) */
int proc3(int (y (x)));
int main ()
proc (proc2); /* { dg-bogus "integer from pointer" } */
return proc3 (proc); /* { dg-bogus "incompatible pointer type" } */