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/* Test "ignore redundant include" facility.
-H is used because cpp might confuse the issue by optimizing out
#line markers. This test only passes if the headers is read
The disgusting regexp in the dg-error line, when stuck into
dg.exp's compiler-output regexp, matches the correct -H output and
only the correct -H output. It has to be all on one line because
otherwise it will not be interpreted all in one unit. */
/* { dg-do preprocess }
{ dg-options "-H -traditional-cpp" }
{ dg-error "mi7a\.h\n\[^\n\]*mi7a\.h\n\[^\n\]*mi7b\.h\n\[^\n\]*mi7b\.h" "redundant include check" { target *-*-* } 0 } */
#include "mi7a.h"
#include "mi7a.h"
#include "mi7b.h"
#include "mi7b.h"