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// Some targets (e.g. those with "set_board_info needs_status_wrapper 1"
// in their dejagnu baseboard description) require that the status is
// final when exit is entered (or main returns), and not "overruled" by a
// destructor calling _exit. It's not really worth it to handle that.
// { dg-do run { xfail mmix-knuth-mmixware xtensa-*-elf* arm*-*-elf arm*-*-eabi } }
// Bug: g++ was failing to destroy C<int>::a because it was using two
// different sentry variables for construction and destruction.
extern "C" void _exit (int);
int r = 1;
struct A
void f(){};
A(){ ++r; }
~A(){ r -= 2; _exit (r); }
template<class T>
struct C
C(){ a.f(); }
static A a;
template <class T> A C<T>::a;
typedef C<int> B;
int main()
C<int> c;
return r;