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// { dg-do run }
// Copyright (C) 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
// Contributed by Nathan Sidwell 6 Jun 1999 <>
// dynamic cast can only cast to public unambiguous bases
extern "C" void abort ();
struct A {virtual ~A(){} int m; };
struct B {virtual ~B(){} int m; };
struct C1 : A {int m;};
struct C2 : A {int m;};
// A is ambiguous, but private in one branch
struct D1 : B, C1, private C2 {int m;};
// A is ambiguous, and public in both branches
struct D2 : B, C1, C2 {int m;};
void fn(B *bd1, B *bd2)
A *ad1;
A *ad2;
ad1 = dynamic_cast<A *>(bd1);
if(ad1) abort();
ad2 = dynamic_cast<A *>(bd2);
if(ad2) abort();
int main()
D1 d1;
D2 d2;
fn((B *)&d1, (B *)&d2);
return 0;