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These are my C++ signature and class-scoping tests.
In changing my signature tests to DejaGnu style, I reduced the number
of tests from 40 to 25. They should still test the same features,
though. All of these tests are run. I don't have any tests yet to
check correct reporting of errors/warnings.
The class scoping tests were in part derived from Vince Russo's
Renaissance operating system and in part written by myself in helping
Niklas Hallqvist test his rewrite of the scoping code. I had shared
some of these tests with Niklas, others were included in bug reports I
had sent to {g++,gcc} It is, therefore, possible that
these tests duplicate tests in other directories.
All files in this directory, including this file, are Copyright FSF 1995
and fall under the GPL version 2.0 or later.
Gerald Baumgartner
March 1, 1995