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// { dg-do assemble }
// GROUPS passed nested-classes
// This is the first line of file ||t2.C||.
// This code demonstrates what appears to be a bug with nested types.
// In C++, nested typedefs are not supposed to be visible outside
// their class scopes but they apparently are in gcc 2.4.5. This code
// compiles fine in AT&T cfront 3.0.1, but will not compile with gcc.
// If this class does not precede String, then the code will compile.
class Another {
typedef int Length;
// If String does not define typedef int Length, then the code will
// compile.
class String {
typedef int Length; // remove this and it will compile fine
int foo(Length length) const;
int String::foo(Length length) const {
return length;
// File ||t2.C|| ends here.