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abstract - abstract functions
alignof - gcc alignof builtin
ambiguity - diagnosing ambiguities
arm - ARM cases
array-refs - arrays of references
bit-fields - bit fields
chainon - deaths cuz we call chainon() incorrectly
copy - copy constructors
crash - old compiler crashes/aborts
cvt - user-defined conversions
def-fns - default function generation (in add'n to copy)
enum-clash - int vs enum
enum - enumerated types
err-msg - error messages
friend - dealing with friend functions and classes
groff - crashes derived from groff code
init - initialization bugs
label - handling labels
line - line numbers in error messages
misc - miscellaneous tests that didn't fit another category
nest - nested types
new-array - doing new of an array
new - generic operator new bugs
operators - tests for various overloaded operators
parse - parser bugs
prepost - prefix/postfix operator ++/--
ptolemy - bugs derived from ptolemy
recurse - infinite recursion in the compiler
redecl - handling redeclarations
scope - managing scopes
shadow - shadowing of params, etc
sizeof - ARM compliance w/ sizeof operator
sorry - old "sorry, not implemented" messages
static - handling static data
template - template bugs
union - handling unions
visibility - access control and visibility checking
warnings - warning messages