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/* Instruction printing code for the ARM
Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Richard Earnshaw (
Modification by James G. Smith (
This file is part of libopcodes.
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301, USA. */
#include "sysdep.h"
#include "dis-asm.h"
#include "opcode/arm.h"
#include "opintl.h"
#include "safe-ctype.h"
#include "floatformat.h"
/* FIXME: This shouldn't be done here. */
#include "coff/internal.h"
#include "libcoff.h"
#include "elf-bfd.h"
#include "elf/internal.h"
#include "elf/arm.h"
/* FIXME: Belongs in global header. */
#ifndef strneq
#define strneq(a,b,n) (strncmp ((a), (b), (n)) == 0)
#ifndef NUM_ELEM
#define NUM_ELEM(a) (sizeof (a) / sizeof (a)[0])
/* Cached mapping symbol state. */
enum map_type
struct arm_private_data
/* The features to use when disassembling optional instructions. */
arm_feature_set features;
/* Whether any mapping symbols are present in the provided symbol
table. -1 if we do not know yet, otherwise 0 or 1. */
int has_mapping_symbols;
/* Track the last type (although this doesn't seem to be useful) */
enum map_type last_type;
/* Tracking symbol table information */
int last_mapping_sym;
bfd_vma last_mapping_addr;
struct opcode32
unsigned long arch; /* Architecture defining this insn. */
unsigned long value; /* If arch == 0 then value is a sentinel. */
unsigned long mask; /* Recognise insn if (op & mask) == value. */
const char * assembler; /* How to disassemble this insn. */
struct opcode16
unsigned long arch; /* Architecture defining this insn. */
unsigned short value, mask; /* Recognise insn if (op & mask) == value. */
const char *assembler; /* How to disassemble this insn. */
/* print_insn_coprocessor recognizes the following format control codes:
%% %
%c print condition code (always bits 28-31 in ARM mode)
%q print shifter argument
%u print condition code (unconditional in ARM mode)
%A print address for ldc/stc/ldf/stf instruction
%B print vstm/vldm register list
%I print cirrus signed shift immediate: bits 0..3|4..6
%F print the COUNT field of a LFM/SFM instruction.
%P print floating point precision in arithmetic insn
%Q print floating point precision in ldf/stf insn
%R print floating point rounding mode
%<bitfield>r print as an ARM register
%<bitfield>R as %<>r but r15 is UNPREDICTABLE
%<bitfield>ru as %<>r but each u register must be unique.
%<bitfield>d print the bitfield in decimal
%<bitfield>k print immediate for VFPv3 conversion instruction
%<bitfield>x print the bitfield in hex
%<bitfield>X print the bitfield as 1 hex digit without leading "0x"
%<bitfield>f print a floating point constant if >7 else a
floating point register
%<bitfield>w print as an iWMMXt width field - [bhwd]ss/us
%<bitfield>g print as an iWMMXt 64-bit register
%<bitfield>G print as an iWMMXt general purpose or control register
%<bitfield>D print as a NEON D register
%<bitfield>Q print as a NEON Q register
%y<code> print a single precision VFP reg.
Codes: 0=>Sm, 1=>Sd, 2=>Sn, 3=>multi-list, 4=>Sm pair
%z<code> print a double precision VFP reg
Codes: 0=>Dm, 1=>Dd, 2=>Dn, 3=>multi-list
%<bitfield>'c print specified char iff bitfield is all ones
%<bitfield>`c print specified char iff bitfield is all zeroes
%<bitfield>?ab... select from array of values in big endian order
%L print as an iWMMXt N/M width field.
%Z print the Immediate of a WSHUFH instruction.
%l like 'A' except use byte offsets for 'B' & 'H'
%i print 5-bit immediate in bits 8,3..0
(print "32" when 0)
%r print register offset address for wldt/wstr instruction. */
enum opcode_sentinel_enum
} opcode_sentinels;
#define UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION "\t\t; <UNDEFINED> instruction: %0-31x"
/* Common coprocessor opcodes shared between Arm and Thumb-2. */
static const struct opcode32 coprocessor_opcodes[] =
/* XScale instructions. */
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e200010, 0x0fff0ff0, "mia%c\tacc0, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e280010, 0x0fff0ff0, "miaph%c\tacc0, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e2c0010, 0x0ffc0ff0, "mia%17'T%17`B%16'T%16`B%c\tacc0, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c400000, 0x0ff00fff, "mar%c\tacc0, %12-15r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c500000, 0x0ff00fff, "mra%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, acc0"},
/* Intel Wireless MMX technology instructions. */
{ARM_CEXT_IWMMXT, 0x0e130130, 0x0f3f0fff, "tandc%22-23w%c\t%12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e400010, 0x0ff00f3f, "tbcst%6-7w%c\t%16-19g, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e130170, 0x0f3f0ff8, "textrc%22-23w%c\t%12-15r, #%0-2d"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100070, 0x0f300ff0, "textrm%3?su%22-23w%c\t%12-15r, %16-19g, #%0-2d"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e600010, 0x0ff00f38, "tinsr%6-7w%c\t%16-19g, %12-15r, #%0-2d"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000110, 0x0ff00fff, "tmcr%c\t%16-19G, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c400000, 0x0ff00ff0, "tmcrr%c\t%0-3g, %12-15r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e2c0010, 0x0ffc0e10, "tmia%17?tb%16?tb%c\t%5-8g, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e200010, 0x0fff0e10, "tmia%c\t%5-8g, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e280010, 0x0fff0e10, "tmiaph%c\t%5-8g, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100030, 0x0f300fff, "tmovmsk%22-23w%c\t%12-15r, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100110, 0x0ff00ff0, "tmrc%c\t%12-15r, %16-19G"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c500000, 0x0ff00ff0, "tmrrc%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e130150, 0x0f3f0fff, "torc%22-23w%c\t%12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e120190, 0x0f3f0fff, "torvsc%22-23w%c\t%12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e2001c0, 0x0f300fff, "wabs%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0001c0, 0x0f300fff, "wacc%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000180, 0x0f000ff0, "wadd%20-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e2001a0, 0x0fb00ff0, "waddbhus%22?ml%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ea001a0, 0x0ff00ff0, "waddsubhx%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000020, 0x0f800ff0, "waligni%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g, #%20-22d"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e800020, 0x0fc00ff0, "walignr%20-21d%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e200000, 0x0fe00ff0, "wand%20'n%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e800000, 0x0fa00ff0, "wavg2%22?hb%20'r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e400000, 0x0fe00ff0, "wavg4%20'r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000060, 0x0f300ff0, "wcmpeq%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100060, 0x0f100ff0, "wcmpgt%21?su%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfc500100, 0xfe500f00, "wldrd\t%12-15g, %r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfc100100, 0xfe500f00, "wldrw\t%12-15G, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c100000, 0x0e100e00, "wldr%L%c\t%12-15g, %l"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e400100, 0x0fc00ff0, "wmac%21?su%20'z%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e800100, 0x0fc00ff0, "wmadd%21?su%20'x%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ec00100, 0x0fd00ff0, "wmadd%21?sun%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000160, 0x0f100ff0, "wmax%21?su%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000080, 0x0f100fe0, "wmerge%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g, #%21-23d"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0000a0, 0x0f800ff0, "wmia%21?tb%20?tb%22'n%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e800120, 0x0f800ff0, "wmiaw%21?tb%20?tb%22'n%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100160, 0x0f100ff0, "wmin%21?su%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000100, 0x0fc00ff0, "wmul%21?su%20?ml%23'r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ed00100, 0x0fd00ff0, "wmul%21?sumr%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ee000c0, 0x0fe00ff0, "wmulwsm%20`r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ec000c0, 0x0fe00ff0, "wmulwum%20`r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0eb000c0, 0x0ff00ff0, "wmulwl%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e8000a0, 0x0f800ff0, "wqmia%21?tb%20?tb%22'n%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100080, 0x0fd00ff0, "wqmulm%21'r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ec000e0, 0x0fd00ff0, "wqmulwm%21'r%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000000, 0x0ff00ff0, "wor%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000080, 0x0f000ff0, "wpack%20-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfe300040, 0xff300ef0, "wror%22-23w\t%12-15g, %16-19g, #%i"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e300040, 0x0f300ff0, "wror%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e300140, 0x0f300ff0, "wror%22-23wg%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3G"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000120, 0x0fa00ff0, "wsad%22?hb%20'z%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0001e0, 0x0f000ff0, "wshufh%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, #%Z"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfe100040, 0xff300ef0, "wsll%22-23w\t%12-15g, %16-19g, #%i"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100040, 0x0f300ff0, "wsll%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100148, 0x0f300ffc, "wsll%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3G"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfe000040, 0xff300ef0, "wsra%22-23w\t%12-15g, %16-19g, #%i"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000040, 0x0f300ff0, "wsra%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e000148, 0x0f300ffc, "wsra%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3G"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfe200040, 0xff300ef0, "wsrl%22-23w\t%12-15g, %16-19g, #%i"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e200040, 0x0f300ff0, "wsrl%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e200148, 0x0f300ffc, "wsrl%22-23w%8'g%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3G"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfc400100, 0xfe500f00, "wstrd\t%12-15g, %r"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0xfc000100, 0xfe500f00, "wstrw\t%12-15G, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0c000000, 0x0e100e00, "wstr%L%c\t%12-15g, %l"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0001a0, 0x0f000ff0, "wsub%20-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0ed001c0, 0x0ff00ff0, "wsubaddhx%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e1001c0, 0x0f300ff0, "wabsdiff%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0000c0, 0x0fd00fff, "wunpckeh%21?sub%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e4000c0, 0x0fd00fff, "wunpckeh%21?suh%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e8000c0, 0x0fd00fff, "wunpckeh%21?suw%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e0000e0, 0x0f100fff, "wunpckel%21?su%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e1000c0, 0x0f300ff0, "wunpckih%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e1000e0, 0x0f300ff0, "wunpckil%22-23w%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ARM_CEXT_XSCALE, 0x0e100000, 0x0ff00ff0, "wxor%c\t%12-15g, %16-19g, %0-3g"},
{ 0, SENTINEL_IWMMXT_END, 0, "" },
/* Floating point coprocessor (FPA) instructions. */
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e000100, 0x0ff08f10, "adf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e100100, 0x0ff08f10, "muf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e200100, 0x0ff08f10, "suf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e300100, 0x0ff08f10, "rsf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e400100, 0x0ff08f10, "dvf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e500100, 0x0ff08f10, "rdf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e600100, 0x0ff08f10, "pow%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e700100, 0x0ff08f10, "rpw%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e800100, 0x0ff08f10, "rmf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e900100, 0x0ff08f10, "fml%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ea00100, 0x0ff08f10, "fdv%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0eb00100, 0x0ff08f10, "frd%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ec00100, 0x0ff08f10, "pol%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e008100, 0x0ff08f10, "mvf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e108100, 0x0ff08f10, "mnf%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e208100, 0x0ff08f10, "abs%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e308100, 0x0ff08f10, "rnd%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e408100, 0x0ff08f10, "sqt%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e508100, 0x0ff08f10, "log%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e608100, 0x0ff08f10, "lgn%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e708100, 0x0ff08f10, "exp%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e808100, 0x0ff08f10, "sin%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e908100, 0x0ff08f10, "cos%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ea08100, 0x0ff08f10, "tan%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0eb08100, 0x0ff08f10, "asn%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ec08100, 0x0ff08f10, "acs%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ed08100, 0x0ff08f10, "atn%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ee08100, 0x0ff08f10, "urd%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ef08100, 0x0ff08f10, "nrm%c%P%R\t%12-14f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e000110, 0x0ff00f1f, "flt%c%P%R\t%16-18f, %12-15r"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e100110, 0x0fff0f98, "fix%c%R\t%12-15r, %0-2f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e200110, 0x0fff0fff, "wfs%c\t%12-15r"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e300110, 0x0fff0fff, "rfs%c\t%12-15r"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e400110, 0x0fff0fff, "wfc%c\t%12-15r"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e500110, 0x0fff0fff, "rfc%c\t%12-15r"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0e90f110, 0x0ff8fff0, "cmf%c\t%16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0eb0f110, 0x0ff8fff0, "cnf%c\t%16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ed0f110, 0x0ff8fff0, "cmfe%c\t%16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0ef0f110, 0x0ff8fff0, "cnfe%c\t%16-18f, %0-3f"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0c000100, 0x0e100f00, "stf%c%Q\t%12-14f, %A"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V1, 0x0c100100, 0x0e100f00, "ldf%c%Q\t%12-14f, %A"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V2, 0x0c000200, 0x0e100f00, "sfm%c\t%12-14f, %F, %A"},
{FPU_FPA_EXT_V2, 0x0c100200, 0x0e100f00, "lfm%c\t%12-14f, %F, %A"},
/* Register load/store. */
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0d2d0b00, 0x0fbf0f01, "vpush%c\t%B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0d200b00, 0x0fb00f01, "vstmdb%c\t%16-19r!, %B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0d300b00, 0x0fb00f01, "vldmdb%c\t%16-19r!, %B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0c800b00, 0x0f900f01, "vstmia%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0cbd0b00, 0x0fbf0f01, "vpop%c\t%B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0c900b00, 0x0f900f01, "vldmia%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %B"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0d000b00, 0x0f300f00, "vstr%c\t%12-15,22D, %A"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD | FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0d100b00, 0x0f300f00, "vldr%c\t%12-15,22D, %A"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d2d0a00, 0x0fbf0f00, "vpush%c\t%y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d200a00, 0x0fb00f00, "vstmdb%c\t%16-19r!, %y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d300a00, 0x0fb00f00, "vldmdb%c\t%16-19r!, %y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0c800a00, 0x0f900f00, "vstmia%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0cbd0a00, 0x0fbf0f00, "vpop%c\t%y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0c900a00, 0x0f900f00, "vldmia%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %y3"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d000a00, 0x0f300f00, "vstr%c\t%y1, %A"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d100a00, 0x0f300f00, "vldr%c\t%y1, %A"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d200b01, 0x0fb00f01, "fstmdbx%c\t%16-19r!, %z3\t;@ Deprecated"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0d300b01, 0x0fb00f01, "fldmdbx%c\t%16-19r!, %z3\t;@ Deprecated"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0c800b01, 0x0f900f01, "fstmiax%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %z3\t;@ Deprecated"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0c900b01, 0x0f900f01, "fldmiax%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %z3\t;@ Deprecated"},
/* Data transfer between ARM and NEON registers. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e800b10, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.32\t%16-19,7D, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e800b30, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.16\t%16-19,7D, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0ea00b10, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.32\t%16-19,7Q, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0ea00b30, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.16\t%16-19,7Q, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0ec00b10, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.8\t%16-19,7D, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0ee00b10, 0x0ff00f70, "vdup%c.8\t%16-19,7Q, %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0c400b10, 0x0ff00fd0, "vmov%c\t%0-3,5D, %12-15r, %16-19r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0c500b10, 0x0ff00fd0, "vmov%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e000b10, 0x0fd00f70, "vmov%c.32\t%16-19,7D[%21d], %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e100b10, 0x0f500f70, "vmov%c.32\t%12-15r, %16-19,7D[%21d]"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e000b30, 0x0fd00f30, "vmov%c.16\t%16-19,7D[%6,21d], %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e100b30, 0x0f500f30, "vmov%c.%23?us16\t%12-15r, %16-19,7D[%6,21d]"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e400b10, 0x0fd00f10, "vmov%c.8\t%16-19,7D[%5,6,21d], %12-15r"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0x0e500b10, 0x0f500f10, "vmov%c.%23?us8\t%12-15r, %16-19,7D[%5,6,21d]"},
/* Half-precision conversion instructions. */
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FP16, 0x0eb20a40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcvt%7?tb%c.f32.f16\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FP16, 0x0eb30a40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcvt%7?tb%c.f16.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
/* Floating point coprocessor (VFP) instructions. */
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee00a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tfpsid, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee10a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tfpscr, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee60a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tmvfr1, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee70a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tmvfr0, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee80a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tfpexc, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee90a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tfpinst, %12-15r\t@ Impl def"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eea0a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmsr%c\tfpinst2, %12-15r\t@ Impl def"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef00a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, fpsid"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef1fa10, 0x0fffffff, "vmrs%c\tAPSR_nzcv, fpscr"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef10a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, fpscr"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef60a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, mvfr1"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef70a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, mvfr0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef80a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, fpexc"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef90a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, fpinst\t@ Impl def"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0efa0a10, 0x0fff0fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, fpinst2\t@ Impl def"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e000b10, 0x0fd00fff, "vmov%c.32\t%z2[%21d], %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e100b10, 0x0fd00fff, "vmov%c.32\t%12-15r, %z2[%21d]"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ee00a10, 0x0ff00fff, "vmsr%c\t<impl def %16-19x>, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ef00a10, 0x0ff00fff, "vmrs%c\t%12-15r, <impl def %16-19x>"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e000a10, 0x0ff00f7f, "vmov%c\t%y2, %12-15r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e100a10, 0x0ff00f7f, "vmov%c\t%12-15r, %y2"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb50a40, 0x0fbf0f70, "vcmp%7'e%c.f32\t%y1, #0.0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb50b40, 0x0fbf0f70, "vcmp%7'e%c.f64\t%z1, #0.0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb00a40, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vmov%c.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb00ac0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vabs%c.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb00b40, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vmov%c.f64\t%z1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb00bc0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vabs%c.f64\t%z1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb10a40, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vneg%c.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb10ac0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vsqrt%c.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb10b40, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vneg%c.f64\t%z1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb10bc0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vsqrt%c.f64\t%z1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb70ac0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vcvt%c.f64.f32\t%z1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb70bc0, 0x0fbf0fd0, "vcvt%c.f32.f64\t%y1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb80a40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcvt%c.f32.%7?su32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb80b40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcvt%c.f64.%7?su32\t%z1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0eb40a40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcmp%7'e%c.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0eb40b40, 0x0fbf0f50, "vcmp%7'e%c.f64\t%z1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3xD, 0x0eba0a40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%c.f32.%16?us%7?31%7?26\t%y1, %y1, #%5,0-3k"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3, 0x0eba0b40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%c.f64.%16?us%7?31%7?26\t%z1, %z1, #%5,0-3k"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0ebc0a40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%7`r%c.%16?su32.f32\t%y1, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0ebc0b40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%7`r%c.%16?su32.f64\t%y1, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3xD, 0x0ebe0a40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%c.%16?us%7?31%7?26.f32\t%y1, %y1, #%5,0-3k"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3, 0x0ebe0b40, 0x0fbe0f50, "vcvt%c.%16?us%7?31%7?26.f64\t%z1, %z1, #%5,0-3k"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0c500b10, 0x0fb00ff0, "vmov%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3xD, 0x0eb00a00, 0x0fb00ff0, "vmov%c.f32\t%y1, #%0-3,16-19d"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V3, 0x0eb00b00, 0x0fb00ff0, "vmov%c.f64\t%z1, #%0-3,16-19d"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V2, 0x0c400a10, 0x0ff00fd0, "vmov%c\t%y4, %12-15r, %16-19r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V2, 0x0c400b10, 0x0ff00fd0, "vmov%c\t%z0, %12-15r, %16-19r"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V2, 0x0c500a10, 0x0ff00fd0, "vmov%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %y4"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e000a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vmla%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e000a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vmls%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e000b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vmla%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e000b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vmls%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e100a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmls%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e100a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmla%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e100b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmls%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e100b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmla%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e200a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vmul%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e200a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmul%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e200b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vmul%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e200b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vnmul%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e300a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vadd%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e300a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vsub%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e300b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vadd%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e300b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vsub%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1xD, 0x0e800a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vdiv%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_V1, 0x0e800b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vdiv%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
/* Cirrus coprocessor instructions. */
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d100400, 0x0f500f00, "cfldrs%c\tmvf%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c100400, 0x0f500f00, "cfldrs%c\tmvf%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d500400, 0x0f500f00, "cfldrd%c\tmvd%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c500400, 0x0f500f00, "cfldrd%c\tmvd%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d100500, 0x0f500f00, "cfldr32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c100500, 0x0f500f00, "cfldr32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d500500, 0x0f500f00, "cfldr64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c500500, 0x0f500f00, "cfldr64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d000400, 0x0f500f00, "cfstrs%c\tmvf%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c000400, 0x0f500f00, "cfstrs%c\tmvf%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d400400, 0x0f500f00, "cfstrd%c\tmvd%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c400400, 0x0f500f00, "cfstrd%c\tmvd%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d000500, 0x0f500f00, "cfstr32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c000500, 0x0f500f00, "cfstr32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0d400500, 0x0f500f00, "cfstr64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0c400500, 0x0f500f00, "cfstr64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000450, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmvsr%c\tmvf%16-19d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100450, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmvrs%c\t%12-15r, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000410, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmvdlr%c\tmvd%16-19d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100410, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmvrdl%c\t%12-15r, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000430, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmvdhr%c\tmvd%16-19d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100430, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmvrdh%c\t%12-15r, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000510, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv64lr%c\tmvdx%16-19d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100510, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmvr64l%c\t%12-15r, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000530, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv64hr%c\tmvdx%16-19d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100530, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmvr64h%c\t%12-15r, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e200440, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmval32%c\tmvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100440, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv32al%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvax%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e200460, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmvam32%c\tmvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100460, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv32am%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvax%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e200480, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmvah32%c\tmvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100480, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv32ah%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvax%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e2004a0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmva32%c\tmvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1004a0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv32a%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvax%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e2004c0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmva64%c\tmvax%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1004c0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfmv64a%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvax%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e2004e0, 0x0fff0fff, "cfmvsc32%c\tdspsc, mvdx%12-15d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1004e0, 0x0fff0fff, "cfmv32sc%c\tmvdx%12-15d, dspsc"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000400, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcpys%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000420, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcpyd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000460, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvtsd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000440, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvtds%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000480, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvt32s%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e0004a0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvt32d%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e0004c0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvt64s%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e0004e0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvt64d%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100580, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvts32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1005a0, 0x0ff00fff, "cfcvtd32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1005c0, 0x0ff00fff, "cftruncs32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1005e0, 0x0ff00fff, "cftruncd32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000550, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfrshl32%c\tmvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000570, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfrshl64%c\tmvdx%16-19d, mvdx%0-3d, %12-15r"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000500, 0x0ff00f10, "cfsh32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, #%I"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e200500, 0x0ff00f10, "cfsh64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d, #%I"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100490, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfcmps%c\t%12-15r, mvf%16-19d, mvf%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1004b0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfcmpd%c\t%12-15r, mvd%16-19d, mvd%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100590, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfcmp32%c\t%12-15r, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e1005b0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfcmp64%c\t%12-15r, mvdx%16-19d, mvdx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300400, 0x0ff00fff, "cfabss%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300420, 0x0ff00fff, "cfabsd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300440, 0x0ff00fff, "cfnegs%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300460, 0x0ff00fff, "cfnegd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300480, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfadds%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d, mvf%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3004a0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfaddd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d, mvd%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3004c0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfsubs%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d, mvf%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3004e0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfsubd%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d, mvd%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100400, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmuls%c\tmvf%12-15d, mvf%16-19d, mvf%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100420, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmuld%c\tmvd%12-15d, mvd%16-19d, mvd%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300500, 0x0ff00fff, "cfabs32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300520, 0x0ff00fff, "cfabs64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300540, 0x0ff00fff, "cfneg32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300560, 0x0ff00fff, "cfneg64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300580, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfadd32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3005a0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfadd64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d, mvdx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3005c0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfsub32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e3005e0, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfsub64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d, mvdx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100500, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmul32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100520, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmul64%c\tmvdx%12-15d, mvdx%16-19d, mvdx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100540, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmac32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100560, 0x0ff00ff0, "cfmsc32%c\tmvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e000600, 0x0ff00f10, "cfmadd32%c\tmvax%5-7d, mvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e100600, 0x0ff00f10, "cfmsub32%c\tmvax%5-7d, mvfx%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e200600, 0x0ff00f10, "cfmadda32%c\tmvax%5-7d, mvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
{ARM_CEXT_MAVERICK, 0x0e300600, 0x0ff00f10, "cfmsuba32%c\tmvax%5-7d, mvax%12-15d, mvfx%16-19d, mvfx%0-3d"},
/* VFP Fused multiply add instructions. */
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0ea00a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vfma%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0ea00b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vfma%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0ea00a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vfms%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0ea00b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vfms%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0e900a40, 0x0fb00f50, "vfnma%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0e900b40, 0x0fb00f50, "vfnma%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0e900a00, 0x0fb00f50, "vfnms%c.f32\t%y1, %y2, %y0"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FMA, 0x0e900b00, 0x0fb00f50, "vfnms%c.f64\t%z1, %z2, %z0"},
/* Generic coprocessor instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V5E, 0x0c400000, 0x0ff00000, "mcrr%c\t%8-11d, %4-7d, %12-15R, %16-19r, cr%0-3d"},
{ARM_EXT_V5E, 0x0c500000, 0x0ff00000, "mrrc%c\t%8-11d, %4-7d, %12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, cr%0-3d"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0e000000, 0x0f000010, "cdp%c\t%8-11d, %20-23d, cr%12-15d, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0e10f010, 0x0f10f010, "mrc%c\t%8-11d, %21-23d, APSR_nzcv, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0e100010, 0x0f100010, "mrc%c\t%8-11d, %21-23d, %12-15r, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0e000010, 0x0f100010, "mcr%c\t%8-11d, %21-23d, %12-15R, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0c000000, 0x0e100000, "stc%22'l%c\t%8-11d, cr%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x0c100000, 0x0e100000, "ldc%22'l%c\t%8-11d, cr%12-15d, %A"},
/* V6 coprocessor instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xfc500000, 0xfff00000, "mrrc2%c\t%8-11d, %4-7d, %12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, cr%0-3d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xfc400000, 0xfff00000, "mcrr2%c\t%8-11d, %4-7d, %12-15R, %16-19R, cr%0-3d"},
/* V5 coprocessor instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfc100000, 0xfe100000, "ldc2%22'l%c\t%8-11d, cr%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfc000000, 0xfe100000, "stc2%22'l%c\t%8-11d, cr%12-15d, %A"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfe000000, 0xff000010, "cdp2%c\t%8-11d, %20-23d, cr%12-15d, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfe000010, 0xff100010, "mcr2%c\t%8-11d, %21-23d, %12-15R, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfe100010, 0xff100010, "mrc2%c\t%8-11d, %21-23d, %12-15r, cr%16-19d, cr%0-3d, {%5-7d}"},
{0, 0, 0, 0}
/* Neon opcode table: This does not encode the top byte -- that is
checked by the print_insn_neon routine, as it depends on whether we are
doing thumb32 or arm32 disassembly. */
/* print_insn_neon recognizes the following format control codes:
%% %
%c print condition code
%A print v{st,ld}[1234] operands
%B print v{st,ld}[1234] any one operands
%C print v{st,ld}[1234] single->all operands
%D print scalar
%E print vmov, vmvn, vorr, vbic encoded constant
%F print vtbl,vtbx register list
%<bitfield>r print as an ARM register
%<bitfield>d print the bitfield in decimal
%<bitfield>e print the 2^N - bitfield in decimal
%<bitfield>D print as a NEON D register
%<bitfield>Q print as a NEON Q register
%<bitfield>R print as a NEON D or Q register
%<bitfield>Sn print byte scaled width limited by n
%<bitfield>Tn print short scaled width limited by n
%<bitfield>Un print long scaled width limited by n
%<bitfield>'c print specified char iff bitfield is all ones
%<bitfield>`c print specified char iff bitfield is all zeroes
%<bitfield>?ab... select from array of values in big endian order. */
static const struct opcode32 neon_opcodes[] =
/* Extract. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2b00840, 0xffb00850, "vext%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R, #%8-11d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2b00000, 0xffb00810, "vext%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R, #%8-11d"},
/* Move data element to all lanes. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b40c00, 0xffb70f90, "vdup%c.32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5D[%19d]"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20c00, 0xffb30f90, "vdup%c.16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5D[%18-19d]"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10c00, 0xffb10f90, "vdup%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5D[%17-19d]"},
/* Table lookup. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00800, 0xffb00c50, "vtbl%c.8\t%12-15,22D, %F, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00840, 0xffb00c50, "vtbx%c.8\t%12-15,22D, %F, %0-3,5D"},
/* Half-precision conversions. */
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FP16, 0xf3b60600, 0xffbf0fd0, "vcvt%c.f16.f32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_VFP_EXT_FP16, 0xf3b60700, 0xffbf0fd0, "vcvt%c.f32.f16\t%12-15,22Q, %0-3,5D"},
/* NEON fused multiply add instructions. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_FMA, 0xf2000c10, 0xffa00f10, "vfma%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_FMA, 0xf2200c10, 0xffa00f10, "vfms%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
/* Two registers, miscellaneous. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880a10, 0xfebf0fd0, "vmovl%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22Q, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900a10, 0xfebf0fd0, "vmovl%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22Q, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00a10, 0xfebf0fd0, "vmovl%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22Q, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00500, 0xffbf0f90, "vcnt%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00580, 0xffbf0f90, "vmvn%c\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20000, 0xffbf0f90, "vswp%c\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20200, 0xffb30fd0, "vmovn%c.i%18-19T2\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20240, 0xffb30fd0, "vqmovun%c.s%18-19T2\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20280, 0xffb30fd0, "vqmovn%c.s%18-19T2\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b202c0, 0xffb30fd0, "vqmovn%c.u%18-19T2\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20300, 0xffb30fd0, "vshll%c.i%18-19S2\t%12-15,22Q, %0-3,5D, #%18-19S2"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3bb0400, 0xffbf0e90, "vrecpe%c.%8?fu%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3bb0480, 0xffbf0e90, "vrsqrte%c.%8?fu%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00000, 0xffb30f90, "vrev64%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00080, 0xffb30f90, "vrev32%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00100, 0xffb30f90, "vrev16%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00400, 0xffb30f90, "vcls%c.s%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00480, 0xffb30f90, "vclz%c.i%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00700, 0xffb30f90, "vqabs%c.s%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00780, 0xffb30f90, "vqneg%c.s%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20080, 0xffb30f90, "vtrn%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20100, 0xffb30f90, "vuzp%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b20180, 0xffb30f90, "vzip%c.%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10000, 0xffb30b90, "vcgt%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #0"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10080, 0xffb30b90, "vcge%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #0"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10100, 0xffb30b90, "vceq%c.%10?fi%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #0"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10180, 0xffb30b90, "vcle%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #0"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10200, 0xffb30b90, "vclt%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #0"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10300, 0xffb30b90, "vabs%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b10380, 0xffb30b90, "vneg%c.%10?fs%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00200, 0xffb30f10, "vpaddl%c.%7?us%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b00600, 0xffb30f10, "vpadal%c.%7?us%18-19S2\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3b30600, 0xffb30e10, "vcvt%c.%7-8?usff%18-19Sa.%7-8?ffus%18-19Sa\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R"},
/* Three registers of the same length. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000110, 0xffb00f10, "vand%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2100110, 0xffb00f10, "vbic%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2200110, 0xffb00f10, "vorr%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2300110, 0xffb00f10, "vorn%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000110, 0xffb00f10, "veor%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3100110, 0xffb00f10, "vbsl%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3200110, 0xffb00f10, "vbit%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3300110, 0xffb00f10, "vbif%c\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000d00, 0xffa00f10, "vadd%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000d10, 0xffa00f10, "vmla%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000e00, 0xffa00f10, "vceq%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000f00, 0xffa00f10, "vmax%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000f10, 0xffa00f10, "vrecps%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2200d00, 0xffa00f10, "vsub%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2200d10, 0xffa00f10, "vmls%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2200f00, 0xffa00f10, "vmin%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2200f10, 0xffa00f10, "vrsqrts%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000d00, 0xffa00f10, "vpadd%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000d10, 0xffa00f10, "vmul%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000e00, 0xffa00f10, "vcge%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000e10, 0xffa00f10, "vacge%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000f00, 0xffa00f10, "vpmax%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3200d00, 0xffa00f10, "vabd%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3200e00, 0xffa00f10, "vcgt%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3200e10, 0xffa00f10, "vacgt%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3200f00, 0xffa00f10, "vpmin%c.f%20U0\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000800, 0xff800f10, "vadd%c.i%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000810, 0xff800f10, "vtst%c.%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000900, 0xff800f10, "vmla%c.i%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000b00, 0xff800f10, "vqdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000b10, 0xff800f10, "vpadd%c.i%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000800, 0xff800f10, "vsub%c.i%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000810, 0xff800f10, "vceq%c.i%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000900, 0xff800f10, "vmls%c.i%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3000b00, 0xff800f10, "vqrdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000000, 0xfe800f10, "vhadd%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000010, 0xfe800f10, "vqadd%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000100, 0xfe800f10, "vrhadd%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000200, 0xfe800f10, "vhsub%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000210, 0xfe800f10, "vqsub%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000300, 0xfe800f10, "vcgt%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000310, 0xfe800f10, "vcge%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000400, 0xfe800f10, "vshl%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, %16-19,7R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000410, 0xfe800f10, "vqshl%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, %16-19,7R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000500, 0xfe800f10, "vrshl%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, %16-19,7R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000510, 0xfe800f10, "vqrshl%c.%24?us%20-21S3\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, %16-19,7R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000600, 0xfe800f10, "vmax%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000610, 0xfe800f10, "vmin%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000700, 0xfe800f10, "vabd%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000710, 0xfe800f10, "vaba%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000910, 0xfe800f10, "vmul%c.%24?pi%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000a00, 0xfe800f10, "vpmax%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2000a10, 0xfe800f10, "vpmin%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22R, %16-19,7R, %0-3,5R"},
/* One register and an immediate value. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800e10, 0xfeb80fb0, "vmov%c.i8\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800e30, 0xfeb80fb0, "vmov%c.i64\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800f10, 0xfeb80fb0, "vmov%c.f32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800810, 0xfeb80db0, "vmov%c.i16\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800830, 0xfeb80db0, "vmvn%c.i16\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800910, 0xfeb80db0, "vorr%c.i16\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800930, 0xfeb80db0, "vbic%c.i16\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800c10, 0xfeb80eb0, "vmov%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800c30, 0xfeb80eb0, "vmvn%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800110, 0xfeb809b0, "vorr%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800130, 0xfeb809b0, "vbic%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800010, 0xfeb808b0, "vmov%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800030, 0xfeb808b0, "vmvn%c.i32\t%12-15,22R, %E"},
/* Two registers and a shift amount. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880810, 0xffb80fd0, "vshrn%c.i16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880850, 0xffb80fd0, "vrshrn%c.i16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880810, 0xfeb80fd0, "vqshrun%c.s16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880850, 0xfeb80fd0, "vqrshrun%c.s16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880910, 0xfeb80fd0, "vqshrn%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880950, 0xfeb80fd0, "vqrshrn%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880a10, 0xfeb80fd0, "vshll%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-18d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900810, 0xffb00fd0, "vshrn%c.i32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900850, 0xffb00fd0, "vrshrn%c.i32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880510, 0xffb80f90, "vshl%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3880410, 0xffb80f90, "vsri%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3880510, 0xffb80f90, "vsli%c.8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3880610, 0xffb80f90, "vqshlu%c.s8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900810, 0xfeb00fd0, "vqshrun%c.s32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900850, 0xfeb00fd0, "vqrshrun%c.s32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900910, 0xfeb00fd0, "vqshrn%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900950, 0xfeb00fd0, "vqrshrn%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900a10, 0xfeb00fd0, "vshll%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-19d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880010, 0xfeb80f90, "vshr%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880110, 0xfeb80f90, "vsra%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880210, 0xfeb80f90, "vrshr%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880310, 0xfeb80f90, "vrsra%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2880710, 0xfeb80f90, "vqshl%c.%24?us8\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-18d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00810, 0xffa00fd0, "vshrn%c.i64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00850, 0xffa00fd0, "vrshrn%c.i64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900510, 0xffb00f90, "vshl%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3900410, 0xffb00f90, "vsri%c.16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3900510, 0xffb00f90, "vsli%c.16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3900610, 0xffb00f90, "vqshlu%c.s16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00a10, 0xfea00fd0, "vshll%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900010, 0xfeb00f90, "vshr%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900110, 0xfeb00f90, "vsra%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900210, 0xfeb00f90, "vrshr%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900310, 0xfeb00f90, "vrsra%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2900710, 0xfeb00f90, "vqshl%c.%24?us16\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-19d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00810, 0xfea00fd0, "vqshrun%c.s64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00850, 0xfea00fd0, "vqrshrun%c.s64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00910, 0xfea00fd0, "vqshrn%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00950, 0xfea00fd0, "vqrshrn%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22D, %0-3,5Q, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00510, 0xffa00f90, "vshl%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3a00410, 0xffa00f90, "vsri%c.32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3a00510, 0xffa00f90, "vsli%c.32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3a00610, 0xffa00f90, "vqshlu%c.s32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00010, 0xfea00f90, "vshr%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00110, 0xfea00f90, "vsra%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00210, 0xfea00f90, "vrshr%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00310, 0xfea00f90, "vrsra%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00710, 0xfea00f90, "vqshl%c.%24?us32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800590, 0xff800f90, "vshl%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800490, 0xff800f90, "vsri%c.64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800590, 0xff800f90, "vsli%c.64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800690, 0xff800f90, "vqshlu%c.s64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800090, 0xfe800f90, "vshr%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800190, 0xfe800f90, "vsra%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800290, 0xfe800f90, "vrshr%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800390, 0xfe800f90, "vrsra%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21e"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800790, 0xfe800f90, "vqshl%c.%24?us64\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-21d"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2a00e10, 0xfea00e90, "vcvt%c.%24,8?usff32.%24,8?ffus32\t%12-15,22R, %0-3,5R, #%16-20e"},
/* Three registers of different lengths. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800e00, 0xfea00f50, "vmull%c.p%20S0\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800400, 0xff800f50, "vaddhn%c.i%20-21T2\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800600, 0xff800f50, "vsubhn%c.i%20-21T2\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800900, 0xff800f50, "vqdmlal%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800b00, 0xff800f50, "vqdmlsl%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800d00, 0xff800f50, "vqdmull%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800400, 0xff800f50, "vraddhn%c.i%20-21T2\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800600, 0xff800f50, "vrsubhn%c.i%20-21T2\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5Q"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800000, 0xfe800f50, "vaddl%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800100, 0xfe800f50, "vaddw%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800200, 0xfe800f50, "vsubl%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800300, 0xfe800f50, "vsubw%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800500, 0xfe800f50, "vabal%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800700, 0xfe800f50, "vabdl%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800800, 0xfe800f50, "vmlal%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800a00, 0xfe800f50, "vmlsl%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800c00, 0xfe800f50, "vmull%c.%24?us%20-21S2\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %0-3,5D"},
/* Two registers and a scalar. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800040, 0xff800f50, "vmla%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800140, 0xff800f50, "vmla%c.f%20-21Sa\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800340, 0xff800f50, "vqdmlal%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800440, 0xff800f50, "vmls%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800540, 0xff800f50, "vmls%c.f%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800740, 0xff800f50, "vqdmlsl%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800840, 0xff800f50, "vmul%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800940, 0xff800f50, "vmul%c.f%20-21Sa\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800b40, 0xff800f50, "vqdmull%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800c40, 0xff800f50, "vqdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800d40, 0xff800f50, "vqrdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22D, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800040, 0xff800f50, "vmla%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800140, 0xff800f50, "vmla%c.f%20-21Sa\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800440, 0xff800f50, "vmls%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800540, 0xff800f50, "vmls%c.f%20-21Sa\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800840, 0xff800f50, "vmul%c.i%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800940, 0xff800f50, "vmul%c.f%20-21Sa\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800c40, 0xff800f50, "vqdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf3800d40, 0xff800f50, "vqrdmulh%c.s%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7Q, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800240, 0xfe800f50, "vmlal%c.%24?us%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800640, 0xfe800f50, "vmlsl%c.%24?us%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf2800a40, 0xfe800f50, "vmull%c.%24?us%20-21S6\t%12-15,22Q, %16-19,7D, %D"},
/* Element and structure load/store. */
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4a00fc0, 0xffb00fc0, "vld4%c.32\t%C"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4a00c00, 0xffb00f00, "vld1%c.%6-7S2\t%C"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4a00d00, 0xffb00f00, "vld2%c.%6-7S2\t%C"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4a00e00, 0xffb00f00, "vld3%c.%6-7S2\t%C"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4a00f00, 0xffb00f00, "vld4%c.%6-7S2\t%C"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000200, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt1%c.%6-7S3\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000300, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt2%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000400, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt3%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000500, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt3%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000600, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt1%c.%6-7S3\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000700, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt1%c.%6-7S3\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000800, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt2%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000900, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt2%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000a00, 0xff900f00, "v%21?ls%21?dt1%c.%6-7S3\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4000000, 0xff900e00, "v%21?ls%21?dt4%c.%6-7S2\t%A"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4800000, 0xff900300, "v%21?ls%21?dt1%c.%10-11S2\t%B"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4800100, 0xff900300, "v%21?ls%21?dt2%c.%10-11S2\t%B"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4800200, 0xff900300, "v%21?ls%21?dt3%c.%10-11S2\t%B"},
{FPU_NEON_EXT_V1, 0xf4800300, 0xff900300, "v%21?ls%21?dt4%c.%10-11S2\t%B"},
{0,0 ,0, 0}
/* Opcode tables: ARM, 16-bit Thumb, 32-bit Thumb. All three are partially
ordered: they must be searched linearly from the top to obtain a correct
match. */
/* print_insn_arm recognizes the following format control codes:
%% %
%a print address for ldr/str instruction
%s print address for ldr/str halfword/signextend instruction
%S like %s but allow UNPREDICTABLE addressing
%b print branch destination
%c print condition code (always bits 28-31)
%m print register mask for ldm/stm instruction
%o print operand2 (immediate or register + shift)
%p print 'p' iff bits 12-15 are 15
%t print 't' iff bit 21 set and bit 24 clear
%B print arm BLX(1) destination
%C print the PSR sub type.
%U print barrier type.
%P print address for pli instruction.
%<bitfield>r print as an ARM register
%<bitfield>R as %r but r15 is UNPREDICTABLE
%<bitfield>{r|R}u as %{r|R} but if matches the other %u field then is UNPREDICTABLE
%<bitfield>{r|R}U as %{r|R} but if matches the other %U field then is UNPREDICTABLE
%<bitfield>d print the bitfield in decimal
%<bitfield>W print the bitfield plus one in decimal
%<bitfield>x print the bitfield in hex
%<bitfield>X print the bitfield as 1 hex digit without leading "0x"
%<bitfield>'c print specified char iff bitfield is all ones
%<bitfield>`c print specified char iff bitfield is all zeroes
%<bitfield>?ab... select from array of values in big endian order
%e print arm SMI operand (bits 0..7,8..19).
%E print the LSB and WIDTH fields of a BFI or BFC instruction.
%V print the 16-bit immediate field of a MOVT or MOVW instruction.
%R print the SPSR/CPSR or banked register of an MRS. */
static const struct opcode32 arm_opcodes[] =
/* ARM instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0xe1a00000, 0xffffffff, "nop\t\t\t; (mov r0, r0)"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T | ARM_EXT_V5, 0x012FFF10, 0x0ffffff0, "bx%c\t%0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x00000090, 0x0fe000f0, "mul%20's%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V2, 0x00200090, 0x0fe000f0, "mla%20's%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V2S, 0x01000090, 0x0fb00ff0, "swp%22'b%c\t%12-15RU, %0-3Ru, [%16-19RuU]"},
{ARM_EXT_V3M, 0x00800090, 0x0fa000f0, "%22?sumull%20's%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V3M, 0x00a00090, 0x0fa000f0, "%22?sumlal%20's%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
/* Virtualization Extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_VIRT, 0x0160006e, 0x0fffffff, "eret%c"},
{ARM_EXT_VIRT, 0x01400070, 0x0ff000f0, "hvc%c\t%e"},
/* Integer Divide Extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_ADIV, 0x0710f010, 0x0ff0f0f0, "sdiv%c\t%16-19r, %0-3r, %8-11r"},
{ARM_EXT_ADIV, 0x0730f010, 0x0ff0f0f0, "udiv%c\t%16-19r, %0-3r, %8-11r"},
/* MP Extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_MP, 0xf410f000, 0xfc70f000, "pldw\t%a"},
/* V7 instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf450f000, 0xfd70f000, "pli\t%P"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0x0320f0f0, 0x0ffffff0, "dbg%c\t#%0-3d"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf57ff050, 0xfffffff0, "dmb\t%U"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf57ff040, 0xfffffff0, "dsb\t%U"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf57ff060, 0xfffffff0, "isb\t%U"},
/* ARM V6T2 instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x07c0001f, 0x0fe0007f, "bfc%c\t%12-15R, %E"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x07c00010, 0x0fe00070, "bfi%c\t%12-15R, %0-3r, %E"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x00600090, 0x0ff000f0, "mls%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x006000b0, 0x0f7000f0, "strht%c\t%12-15R, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x00300090, 0x0f3000f0, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION },
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x00300090, 0x0f300090, "ldr%6's%5?hbt%c\t%12-15R, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x03000000, 0x0ff00000, "movw%c\t%12-15R, %V"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x03400000, 0x0ff00000, "movt%c\t%12-15R, %V"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x06ff0f30, 0x0fff0ff0, "rbit%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0x07a00050, 0x0fa00070, "%22?usbfx%c\t%12-15r, %0-3r, #%7-11d, #%16-20W"},
/* ARM Security extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_SEC, 0x01600070, 0x0ff000f0, "smc%c\t%e"},
/* ARM V6K instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xf57ff01f, 0xffffffff, "clrex"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01d00f9f, 0x0ff00fff, "ldrexb%c\t%12-15R, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01b00f9f, 0x0ff00fff, "ldrexd%c\t%12-15r, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01f00f9f, 0x0ff00fff, "ldrexh%c\t%12-15R, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01c00f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "strexb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01a00f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "strexd%c\t%12-15R, %0-3r, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x01e00f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "strexh%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, [%16-19R]"},
/* ARM V6K NOP hints. */
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x0320f001, 0x0fffffff, "yield%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x0320f002, 0x0fffffff, "wfe%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x0320f003, 0x0fffffff, "wfi%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x0320f004, 0x0fffffff, "sev%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0x0320f000, 0x0fffff00, "nop%c\t{%0-7d}"},
/* ARM V6 instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf1080000, 0xfffffe3f, "cpsie\t%8'a%7'i%6'f"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf10a0000, 0xfffffe20, "cpsie\t%8'a%7'i%6'f,#%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf10C0000, 0xfffffe3f, "cpsid\t%8'a%7'i%6'f"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf10e0000, 0xfffffe20, "cpsid\t%8'a%7'i%6'f,#%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf1000000, 0xfff1fe20, "cps\t#%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800010, 0x0ff00ff0, "pkhbt%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800010, 0x0ff00070, "pkhbt%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R, lsl #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800050, 0x0ff00ff0, "pkhtb%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R, asr #32"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800050, 0x0ff00070, "pkhtb%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R, asr #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x01900f9f, 0x0ff00fff, "ldrex%c\tr%12-15d, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "qadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "qadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "qasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "qsub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "qsub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06200f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "qsax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "sadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "sadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "sasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "shadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "shadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "shasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "shsub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "shsub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06300f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "shsax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "ssub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "ssub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06100f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "ssax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "uadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "uadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "uasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhsub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhsub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06700f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "uhsax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600f10, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqadd16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqadd8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqasx%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqsub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqsub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06600f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "uqsax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500f70, 0x0ff00ff0, "usub16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500ff0, 0x0ff00ff0, "usub8%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06500f50, 0x0ff00ff0, "usax%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0f30, 0x0fff0ff0, "rev%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0fb0, 0x0fff0ff0, "rev16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ff0fb0, 0x0fff0ff0, "revsh%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf8100a00, 0xfe50ffff, "rfe%23?id%24?ba\t%16-19r%21'!"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06bf0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x068f0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x068f0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x068f0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x068f0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06af0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06af0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06af0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06af0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "sxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ff0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ff0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ff0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ff0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxth%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06cf0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06cf0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06cf0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06cf0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb16%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ef0070, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ef0470, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ef0870, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06ef0c70, 0x0fff0ff0, "uxtb%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06b00070, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06b00470, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06b00870, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06b00c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800070, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800470, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800870, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00070, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00470, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00870, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "sxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06f00070, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06f00470, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06f00870, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06f00c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtah%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06c00070, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06c00470, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06c00870, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06c00c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab16%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ROR #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00070, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00470, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #8"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00870, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #16"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00c70, 0x0ff00ff0, "uxtab%c\t%12-15R, %16-19r, %0-3R, ror #24"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06800fb0, 0x0ff00ff0, "sel%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf1010000, 0xfffffc00, "setend\t%9?ble"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x0700f010, 0x0ff0f0d0, "smuad%5'x%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x0700f050, 0x0ff0f0d0, "smusd%5'x%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07000010, 0x0ff000d0, "smlad%5'x%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07400010, 0x0ff000d0, "smlald%5'x%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07000050, 0x0ff000d0, "smlsd%5'x%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07400050, 0x0ff000d0, "smlsld%5'x%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x0750f010, 0x0ff0f0d0, "smmul%5'r%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07500010, 0x0ff000d0, "smmla%5'r%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x075000d0, 0x0ff000d0, "smmls%5'r%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xf84d0500, 0xfe5fffe0, "srs%23?id%24?ba\t%16-19r%21'!, #%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00010, 0x0fe00ff0, "ssat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20W, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00010, 0x0fe00070, "ssat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20W, %0-3R, lsl #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00050, 0x0fe00070, "ssat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20W, %0-3R, asr #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06a00f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "ssat16%c\t%12-15r, #%16-19W, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x01800f90, 0x0ff00ff0, "strex%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, [%16-19R]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x00400090, 0x0ff000f0, "umaal%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x0780f010, 0x0ff0f0f0, "usad8%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x07800010, 0x0ff000f0, "usada8%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00010, 0x0fe00ff0, "usat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20d, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00010, 0x0fe00070, "usat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20d, %0-3R, lsl #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00050, 0x0fe00070, "usat%c\t%12-15R, #%16-20d, %0-3R, asr #%7-11d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x06e00f30, 0x0ff00ff0, "usat16%c\t%12-15R, #%16-19d, %0-3R"},
/* V5J instruction. */
{ARM_EXT_V5J, 0x012fff20, 0x0ffffff0, "bxj%c\t%0-3R"},
/* V5 Instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xe1200070, 0xfff000f0, "bkpt\t0x%16-19X%12-15X%8-11X%0-3X"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0xfa000000, 0xfe000000, "blx\t%B"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0x012fff30, 0x0ffffff0, "blx%c\t%0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5, 0x016f0f10, 0x0fff0ff0, "clz%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R"},
/* V5E "El Segundo" Instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V5E, 0x000000d0, 0x0e1000f0, "ldrd%c\t%12-15r, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V5E, 0x000000f0, 0x0e1000f0, "strd%c\t%12-15r, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V5E, 0xf450f000, 0xfc70f000, "pld\t%a"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01000080, 0x0ff000f0, "smlabb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x010000a0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlatb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x010000c0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlabt%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x010000e0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlatt%c\t%16-19r, %0-3r, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01200080, 0x0ff000f0, "smlawb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x012000c0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlawt%c\t%16-19R, %0-3r, %8-11R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01400080, 0x0ff000f0, "smlalbb%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x014000a0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlaltb%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x014000c0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlalbt%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x014000e0, 0x0ff000f0, "smlaltt%c\t%12-15Ru, %16-19Ru, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01600080, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smulbb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x016000a0, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smultb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x016000c0, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smulbt%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x016000e0, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smultt%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x012000a0, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smulwb%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x012000e0, 0x0ff0f0f0, "smulwt%c\t%16-19R, %0-3R, %8-11R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01000050, 0x0ff00ff0, "qadd%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, %16-19R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01400050, 0x0ff00ff0, "qdadd%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, %16-19R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01200050, 0x0ff00ff0, "qsub%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, %16-19R"},
{ARM_EXT_V5ExP, 0x01600050, 0x0ff00ff0, "qdsub%c\t%12-15R, %0-3R, %16-19R"},
/* ARM Instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x052d0004, 0x0fff0fff, "push%c\t{%12-15r}\t\t; (str%c %12-15r, %a)"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04400000, 0x0e500000, "strb%t%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04000000, 0x0e500000, "str%t%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x06400000, 0x0e500ff0, "strb%t%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x06000000, 0x0e500ff0, "str%t%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04400000, 0x0c500010, "strb%t%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04000000, 0x0c500010, "str%t%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04400000, 0x0e500000, "strb%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x06400000, 0x0e500010, "strb%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x004000b0, 0x0e5000f0, "strh%c\t%12-15R, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x000000b0, 0x0e500ff0, "strh%c\t%12-15R, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00500090, 0x0e5000f0, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00500090, 0x0e500090, "ldr%6's%5?hb%c\t%12-15R, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00100090, 0x0e500ff0, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00100090, 0x0e500f90, "ldr%6's%5?hb%c\t%12-15R, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02000000, 0x0fe00000, "and%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00000000, 0x0fe00010, "and%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00000010, 0x0fe00090, "and%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02200000, 0x0fe00000, "eor%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00200000, 0x0fe00010, "eor%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00200010, 0x0fe00090, "eor%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02400000, 0x0fe00000, "sub%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00400000, 0x0fe00010, "sub%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00400010, 0x0fe00090, "sub%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02600000, 0x0fe00000, "rsb%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00600000, 0x0fe00010, "rsb%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00600010, 0x0fe00090, "rsb%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02800000, 0x0fe00000, "add%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00800000, 0x0fe00010, "add%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00800010, 0x0fe00090, "add%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02a00000, 0x0fe00000, "adc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00a00000, 0x0fe00010, "adc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00a00010, 0x0fe00090, "adc%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02c00000, 0x0fe00000, "sbc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00c00000, 0x0fe00010, "sbc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00c00010, 0x0fe00090, "sbc%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x02e00000, 0x0fe00000, "rsc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00e00000, 0x0fe00010, "rsc%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00e00010, 0x0fe00090, "rsc%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_VIRT, 0x0120f200, 0x0fb0f200, "msr%c\t%C, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V3, 0x0120f000, 0x0db0f000, "msr%c\t%C, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V3, 0x01000000, 0x0fb00cff, "mrs%c\t%12-15R, %R"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03000000, 0x0fe00000, "tst%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01000000, 0x0fe00010, "tst%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01000010, 0x0fe00090, "tst%p%c\t%16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03200000, 0x0fe00000, "teq%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01200000, 0x0fe00010, "teq%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01200010, 0x0fe00090, "teq%p%c\t%16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03400000, 0x0fe00000, "cmp%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01400000, 0x0fe00010, "cmp%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01400010, 0x0fe00090, "cmp%p%c\t%16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03600000, 0x0fe00000, "cmn%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01600000, 0x0fe00010, "cmn%p%c\t%16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01600010, 0x0fe00090, "cmn%p%c\t%16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03800000, 0x0fe00000, "orr%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01800000, 0x0fe00010, "orr%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01800010, 0x0fe00090, "orr%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03a00000, 0x0fef0000, "mov%20's%c\t%12-15r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00000, 0x0def0ff0, "mov%20's%c\t%12-15r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00000, 0x0def0060, "lsl%20's%c\t%12-15R, %q"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00020, 0x0def0060, "lsr%20's%c\t%12-15R, %q"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00040, 0x0def0060, "asr%20's%c\t%12-15R, %q"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00060, 0x0def0ff0, "rrx%20's%c\t%12-15r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01a00060, 0x0def0060, "ror%20's%c\t%12-15R, %q"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03c00000, 0x0fe00000, "bic%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01c00000, 0x0fe00010, "bic%20's%c\t%12-15r, %16-19r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01c00010, 0x0fe00090, "bic%20's%c\t%12-15R, %16-19R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x03e00000, 0x0fe00000, "mvn%20's%c\t%12-15r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01e00000, 0x0fe00010, "mvn%20's%c\t%12-15r, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x01e00010, 0x0fe00090, "mvn%20's%c\t%12-15R, %o"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x06000010, 0x0e000010, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x049d0004, 0x0fff0fff, "pop%c\t{%12-15r}\t\t; (ldr%c %12-15r, %a)"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04500000, 0x0c500000, "ldrb%t%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04300000, 0x0d700000, "ldrt%c\t%12-15R, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x04100000, 0x0c500000, "ldr%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0001, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0002, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0004, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0008, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0010, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0020, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0040, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0080, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0100, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0200, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0400, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0800, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d1000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d2000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d4000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d8000, 0x0fffffff, "stmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x092d0000, 0x0fff0000, "push%c\t%m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08800000, 0x0ff00000, "stm%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08000000, 0x0e100000, "stm%23?id%24?ba%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0001, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0002, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0004, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0008, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0010, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0020, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0040, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0080, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0100, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0200, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0400, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0800, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd1000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd2000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd4000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd8000, 0x0fffffff, "ldmfd%c\t%16-19R!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08bd0000, 0x0fff0000, "pop%c\t%m"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08900000, 0x0f900000, "ldm%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x08100000, 0x0e100000, "ldm%23?id%24?ba%c\t%16-19R%21'!, %m%22'^"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x0a000000, 0x0e000000, "b%24'l%c\t%b"},
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x0f000000, 0x0f000000, "svc%c\t%0-23x"},
/* The rest. */
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION},
{0, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0}
/* print_insn_thumb16 recognizes the following format control codes:
%S print Thumb register (bits 3..5 as high number if bit 6 set)
%D print Thumb register (bits 0..2 as high number if bit 7 set)
%<bitfield>I print bitfield as a signed decimal
(top bit of range being the sign bit)
%N print Thumb register mask (with LR)
%O print Thumb register mask (with PC)
%M print Thumb register mask
%b print CZB's 6-bit unsigned branch destination
%s print Thumb right-shift immediate (6..10; 0 == 32).
%c print the condition code
%C print the condition code, or "s" if not conditional
%x print warning if conditional an not at end of IT block"
%X print "\t; unpredictable <IT:code>" if conditional
%I print IT instruction suffix and operands
%W print Thumb Writeback indicator for LDMIA
%<bitfield>r print bitfield as an ARM register
%<bitfield>d print bitfield as a decimal
%<bitfield>H print (bitfield * 2) as a decimal
%<bitfield>W print (bitfield * 4) as a decimal
%<bitfield>a print (bitfield * 4) as a pc-rel offset + decoded symbol
%<bitfield>B print Thumb branch destination (signed displacement)
%<bitfield>c print bitfield as a condition code
%<bitnum>'c print specified char iff bit is one
%<bitnum>?ab print a if bit is one else print b. */
static const struct opcode16 thumb_opcodes[] =
/* Thumb instructions. */
/* ARM V6K no-argument instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf00, 0xffff, "nop%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf10, 0xffff, "yield%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf20, 0xffff, "wfe%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf30, 0xffff, "wfi%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf40, 0xffff, "sev%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6K, 0xbf00, 0xff0f, "nop%c\t{%4-7d}"},
/* ARM V6T2 instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xb900, 0xfd00, "cbnz\t%0-2r, %b%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xb100, 0xfd00, "cbz\t%0-2r, %b%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xbf00, 0xff00, "it%I%X"},
/* ARM V6. */
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb660, 0xfff8, "cpsie\t%2'a%1'i%0'f%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb670, 0xfff8, "cpsid\t%2'a%1'i%0'f%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0x4600, 0xffc0, "mov%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xba00, 0xffc0, "rev%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xba40, 0xffc0, "rev16%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xbac0, 0xffc0, "revsh%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb650, 0xfff7, "setend\t%3?ble%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb200, 0xffc0, "sxth%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb240, 0xffc0, "sxtb%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb280, 0xffc0, "uxth%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6, 0xb2c0, 0xffc0, "uxtb%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
/* ARM V5 ISA extends Thumb. */
{ARM_EXT_V5T, 0xbe00, 0xff00, "bkpt\t%0-7x"}, /* Is always unconditional. */
/* This is BLX(2). BLX(1) is a 32-bit instruction. */
{ARM_EXT_V5T, 0x4780, 0xff87, "blx%c\t%3-6r%x"}, /* note: 4 bit register number. */
/* ARM V4T ISA (Thumb v1). */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x46C0, 0xFFFF, "nop%c\t\t\t; (mov r8, r8)"},
/* Format 4. */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4000, 0xFFC0, "and%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4040, 0xFFC0, "eor%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4080, 0xFFC0, "lsl%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x40C0, 0xFFC0, "lsr%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4100, 0xFFC0, "asr%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4140, 0xFFC0, "adc%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4180, 0xFFC0, "sbc%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x41C0, 0xFFC0, "ror%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4200, 0xFFC0, "tst%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4240, 0xFFC0, "neg%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4280, 0xFFC0, "cmp%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x42C0, 0xFFC0, "cmn%c\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4300, 0xFFC0, "orr%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4340, 0xFFC0, "mul%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4380, 0xFFC0, "bic%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x43C0, 0xFFC0, "mvn%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
/* format 13 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xB000, 0xFF80, "add%c\tsp, #%0-6W"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xB080, 0xFF80, "sub%c\tsp, #%0-6W"},
/* format 5 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4700, 0xFF80, "bx%c\t%S%x"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4400, 0xFF00, "add%c\t%D, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4500, 0xFF00, "cmp%c\t%D, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4600, 0xFF00, "mov%c\t%D, %S"},
/* format 14 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xB400, 0xFE00, "push%c\t%N"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xBC00, 0xFE00, "pop%c\t%O"},
/* format 2 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x1800, 0xFE00, "add%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, %6-8r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x1A00, 0xFE00, "sub%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, %6-8r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x1C00, 0xFE00, "add%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, #%6-8d"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x1E00, 0xFE00, "sub%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, #%6-8d"},
/* format 8 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x5200, 0xFE00, "strh%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, %6-8r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x5A00, 0xFE00, "ldrh%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, %6-8r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x5600, 0xF600, "ldrs%11?hb%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, %6-8r]"},
/* format 7 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x5000, 0xFA00, "str%10'b%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, %6-8r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x5800, 0xFA00, "ldr%10'b%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, %6-8r]"},
/* format 1 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x0000, 0xFFC0, "mov%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x0000, 0xF800, "lsl%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, #%6-10d"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x0800, 0xF800, "lsr%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, %s"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x1000, 0xF800, "asr%C\t%0-2r, %3-5r, %s"},
/* format 3 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x2000, 0xF800, "mov%C\t%8-10r, #%0-7d"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x2800, 0xF800, "cmp%c\t%8-10r, #%0-7d"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x3000, 0xF800, "add%C\t%8-10r, #%0-7d"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x3800, 0xF800, "sub%C\t%8-10r, #%0-7d"},
/* format 6 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x4800, 0xF800, "ldr%c\t%8-10r, [pc, #%0-7W]\t; (%0-7a)"}, /* TODO: Disassemble PC relative "LDR rD,=<symbolic>" */
/* format 9 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x6000, 0xF800, "str%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10W]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x6800, 0xF800, "ldr%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10W]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x7000, 0xF800, "strb%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10d]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x7800, 0xF800, "ldrb%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10d]"},
/* format 10 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x8000, 0xF800, "strh%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10H]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x8800, 0xF800, "ldrh%c\t%0-2r, [%3-5r, #%6-10H]"},
/* format 11 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x9000, 0xF800, "str%c\t%8-10r, [sp, #%0-7W]"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0x9800, 0xF800, "ldr%c\t%8-10r, [sp, #%0-7W]"},
/* format 12 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xA000, 0xF800, "add%c\t%8-10r, pc, #%0-7W\t; (adr %8-10r, %0-7a)"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xA800, 0xF800, "add%c\t%8-10r, sp, #%0-7W"},
/* format 15 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xC000, 0xF800, "stmia%c\t%8-10r!, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xC800, 0xF800, "ldmia%c\t%8-10r%W, %M"},
/* format 17 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xDF00, 0xFF00, "svc%c\t%0-7d"},
/* format 16 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xD000, 0xF000, "b%8-11c.n\t%0-7B%X"},
/* format 18 */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xE000, 0xF800, "b%c.n\t%0-10B%x"},
/* The E800 .. FFFF range is unconditionally redirected to the
32-bit table, because even in pre-V6T2 ISAs, BL and BLX(1) pairs
are processed via that table. Thus, we can never encounter a
bare "second half of BL/BLX(1)" instruction here. */
{0, 0, 0, 0}
/* Thumb32 opcodes use the same table structure as the ARM opcodes.
We adopt the convention that hw1 is the high 16 bits of .value and
.mask, hw2 the low 16 bits.
print_insn_thumb32 recognizes the following format control codes:
%% %
%I print a 12-bit immediate from hw1[10],hw2[14:12,7:0]
%M print a modified 12-bit immediate (same location)
%J print a 16-bit immediate from hw1[3:0,10],hw2[14:12,7:0]
%K print a 16-bit immediate from hw2[3:0],hw1[3:0],hw2[11:4]
%H print a 16-bit immediate from hw2[3:0],hw1[11:0]
%S print a possibly-shifted Rm
%L print address for a ldrd/strd instruction
%a print the address of a plain load/store
%w print the width and signedness of a core load/store
%m print register mask for ldm/stm
%E print the lsb and width fields of a bfc/bfi instruction
%F print the lsb and width fields of a sbfx/ubfx instruction
%b print a conditional branch offset
%B print an unconditional branch offset
%s print the shift field of an SSAT instruction
%R print the rotation field of an SXT instruction
%U print barrier type.
%P print address for pli instruction.
%c print the condition code
%x print warning if conditional an not at end of IT block"
%X print "\t; unpredictable <IT:code>" if conditional
%<bitfield>d print bitfield in decimal
%<bitfield>W print bitfield*4 in decimal
%<bitfield>r print bitfield as an ARM register
%<bitfield>R as %<>r bit r15 is UNPREDICTABLE
%<bitfield>c print bitfield as a condition code
%<bitfield>'c print specified char iff bitfield is all ones
%<bitfield>`c print specified char iff bitfield is all zeroes
%<bitfield>?ab... select from array of values in big endian order
With one exception at the bottom (done because BL and BLX(1) need
to come dead last), this table was machine-sorted first in
decreasing order of number of bits set in the mask, then in
increasing numeric order of mask, then in increasing numeric order
of opcode. This order is not the clearest for a human reader, but
is guaranteed never to catch a special-case bit pattern with a more
general mask, which is important, because this instruction encoding
makes heavy use of special-case bit patterns. */
static const struct opcode32 thumb32_opcodes[] =
/* V7 instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf910f000, 0xff70f000, "pli%c\t%a"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf3af80f0, 0xfffffff0, "dbg%c\t#%0-3d"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf3bf8f50, 0xfffffff0, "dmb%c\t%U"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf3bf8f40, 0xfffffff0, "dsb%c\t%U"},
{ARM_EXT_V7, 0xf3bf8f60, 0xfffffff0, "isb%c\t%U"},
{ARM_EXT_DIV, 0xfb90f0f0, 0xfff0f0f0, "sdiv%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_DIV, 0xfbb0f0f0, 0xfff0f0f0, "udiv%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
/* Virtualization Extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_VIRT, 0xf7e08000, 0xfff0f000, "hvc%c\t%V"},
/* We skip ERET as that is SUBS pc, lr, #0. */
/* MP Extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_MP, 0xf830f000, 0xff70f000, "pldw%c\t%a"},
/* Security extension instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_SEC, 0xf7f08000, 0xfff0f000, "smc%c\t%K"},
/* Instructions defined in the basic V6T2 set. */
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8000, 0xffffffff, "nop%c.w"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8001, 0xffffffff, "yield%c.w"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8002, 0xffffffff, "wfe%c.w"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8003, 0xffffffff, "wfi%c.w"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8004, 0xffffffff, "sev%c.w"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8000, 0xffffff00, "nop%c.w\t{%0-7d}"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3bf8f2f, 0xffffffff, "clrex%c"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8400, 0xffffff1f, "cpsie.w\t%7'a%6'i%5'f%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8600, 0xffffff1f, "cpsid.w\t%7'a%6'i%5'f%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3c08f00, 0xfff0ffff, "bxj%c\t%16-19r%x"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe810c000, 0xffd0ffff, "rfedb%c\t%16-19r%21'!"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe990c000, 0xffd0ffff, "rfeia%c\t%16-19r%21'!"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3e08000, 0xffe0f000, "mrs%c\t%8-11r, %D"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8100, 0xffffffe0, "cps\t#%0-4d%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8d0f000, 0xfff0fff0, "tbb%c\t[%16-19r, %0-3r]%x"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8d0f010, 0xfff0fff0, "tbh%c\t[%16-19r, %0-3r, lsl #1]%x"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8500, 0xffffff00, "cpsie\t%7'a%6'i%5'f, #%0-4d%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3af8700, 0xffffff00, "cpsid\t%7'a%6'i%5'f, #%0-4d%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3de8f00, 0xffffff00, "subs%c\tpc, lr, #%0-7d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3808000, 0xffe0f000, "msr%c\t%C, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8500f00, 0xfff00fff, "ldrex%c\t%12-15r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8d00f4f, 0xfff00fef, "ldrex%4?hb%c\t%12-15r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe800c000, 0xffd0ffe0, "srsdb%c\t%16-19r%21'!, #%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe980c000, 0xffd0ffe0, "srsia%c\t%16-19r%21'!, #%0-4d"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa0ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "sxth%c.w\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa1ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "uxth%c.w\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa2ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "sxtb16%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa3ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "uxtb16%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa4ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "sxtb%c.w\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa5ff080, 0xfffff0c0, "uxtb%c.w\t%8-11r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8400000, 0xfff000ff, "strex%c\t%8-11r, %12-15r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8d0007f, 0xfff000ff, "ldrexd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "sadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "uadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhadd8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f080, 0xfff0f0f0, "qadd%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f090, 0xfff0f0f0, "qdadd%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f0a0, 0xfff0f0f0, "qsub%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa80f0b0, 0xfff0f0f0, "qdsub%c\t%8-11r, %0-3r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "sadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "uadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhadd16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f080, 0xfff0f0f0, "rev%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f090, 0xfff0f0f0, "rev16%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f0a0, 0xfff0f0f0, "rbit%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa90f0b0, 0xfff0f0f0, "revsh%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "sasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "uasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhasx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfaa0f080, 0xfff0f0f0, "sel%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfab0f080, 0xfff0f0f0, "clz%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "ssub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qsub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shsub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "usub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqsub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfac0f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhsub8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "ssub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qsub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shsub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "usub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqsub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfad0f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhsub16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "ssax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f010, 0xfff0f0f0, "qsax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f020, 0xfff0f0f0, "shsax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f040, 0xfff0f0f0, "usax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f050, 0xfff0f0f0, "uqsax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfae0f060, 0xfff0f0f0, "uhsax%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb00f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "mul%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb70f000, 0xfff0f0f0, "usad8%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa00f000, 0xffe0f0f0, "lsl%20's%c.w\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa20f000, 0xffe0f0f0, "lsr%20's%c.w\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa40f000, 0xffe0f0f0, "asr%20's%c.w\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa60f000, 0xffe0f0f0, "ror%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8c00f40, 0xfff00fe0, "strex%4?hb%c\t%0-3r, %12-15r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3200000, 0xfff0f0e0, "ssat16%c\t%8-11r, #%0-4d, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3a00000, 0xfff0f0e0, "usat16%c\t%8-11r, #%0-4d, %16-19r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb20f000, 0xfff0f0e0, "smuad%4'x%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb30f000, 0xfff0f0e0, "smulw%4?tb%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb40f000, 0xfff0f0e0, "smusd%4'x%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb50f000, 0xfff0f0e0, "smmul%4'r%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa00f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "sxtah%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa10f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "uxtah%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa20f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "sxtab16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa30f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "uxtab16%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa40f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "sxtab%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfa50f080, 0xfff0f0c0, "uxtab%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r%R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb10f000, 0xfff0f0c0, "smul%5?tb%4?tb%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf36f0000, 0xffff8020, "bfc%c\t%8-11r, %E"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea100f00, 0xfff08f00, "tst%c.w\t%16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea900f00, 0xfff08f00, "teq%c\t%16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeb100f00, 0xfff08f00, "cmn%c.w\t%16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xebb00f00, 0xfff08f00, "cmp%c.w\t%16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0100f00, 0xfbf08f00, "tst%c.w\t%16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0900f00, 0xfbf08f00, "teq%c\t%16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1100f00, 0xfbf08f00, "cmn%c.w\t%16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1b00f00, 0xfbf08f00, "cmp%c.w\t%16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea4f0000, 0xffef8000, "mov%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea6f0000, 0xffef8000, "mvn%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8c00070, 0xfff000f0, "strexd%c\t%0-3r, %12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb000000, 0xfff000f0, "mla%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb000010, 0xfff000f0, "mls%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb700000, 0xfff000f0, "usada8%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb800000, 0xfff000f0, "smull%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfba00000, 0xfff000f0, "umull%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbc00000, 0xfff000f0, "smlal%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbe00000, 0xfff000f0, "umlal%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbe00060, 0xfff000f0, "umaal%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8500f00, 0xfff00f00, "ldrex%c\t%12-15r, [%16-19r, #%0-7W]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf04f0000, 0xfbef8000, "mov%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf06f0000, 0xfbef8000, "mvn%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf810f000, 0xff70f000, "pld%c\t%a"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb200000, 0xfff000e0, "smlad%4'x%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb300000, 0xfff000e0, "smlaw%4?tb%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb400000, 0xfff000e0, "smlsd%4'x%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb500000, 0xfff000e0, "smmla%4'r%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb600000, 0xfff000e0, "smmls%4'r%c\t%8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R, %12-15R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbc000c0, 0xfff000e0, "smlald%4'x%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbd000c0, 0xfff000e0, "smlsld%4'x%c\t%12-15R, %8-11R, %16-19R, %0-3R"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeac00000, 0xfff08030, "pkhbt%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeac00020, 0xfff08030, "pkhtb%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3400000, 0xfff08020, "sbfx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %F"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3c00000, 0xfff08020, "ubfx%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %F"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf8000e00, 0xff900f00, "str%wt%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfb100000, 0xfff000c0, "smla%5?tb%4?tb%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r, %12-15r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xfbc00080, 0xfff000c0, "smlal%5?tb%4?tb%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, %16-19r, %0-3r"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3600000, 0xfff08020, "bfi%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %E"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf8100e00, 0xfe900f00, "ldr%wt%c\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3000000, 0xffd08020, "ssat%c\t%8-11r, #%0-4d, %16-19r%s"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3800000, 0xffd08020, "usat%c\t%8-11r, #%0-4d, %16-19r%s"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf2000000, 0xfbf08000, "addw%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %I"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf2400000, 0xfbf08000, "movw%c\t%8-11r, %J"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf2a00000, 0xfbf08000, "subw%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %I"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf2c00000, 0xfbf08000, "movt%c\t%8-11r, %J"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea000000, 0xffe08000, "and%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea200000, 0xffe08000, "bic%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea400000, 0xffe08000, "orr%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea600000, 0xffe08000, "orn%20's%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xea800000, 0xffe08000, "eor%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeb000000, 0xffe08000, "add%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeb400000, 0xffe08000, "adc%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeb600000, 0xffe08000, "sbc%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xeba00000, 0xffe08000, "sub%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xebc00000, 0xffe08000, "rsb%20's%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %S"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8400000, 0xfff00000, "strex%c\t%8-11r, %12-15r, [%16-19r, #%0-7W]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0000000, 0xfbe08000, "and%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0200000, 0xfbe08000, "bic%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0400000, 0xfbe08000, "orr%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0600000, 0xfbe08000, "orn%20's%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0800000, 0xfbe08000, "eor%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1000000, 0xfbe08000, "add%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1400000, 0xfbe08000, "adc%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1600000, 0xfbe08000, "sbc%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1a00000, 0xfbe08000, "sub%20's%c.w\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf1c00000, 0xfbe08000, "rsb%20's%c\t%8-11r, %16-19r, %M"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8800000, 0xffd00000, "stmia%c.w\t%16-19r%21'!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8900000, 0xffd00000, "ldmia%c.w\t%16-19r%21'!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9000000, 0xffd00000, "stmdb%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9100000, 0xffd00000, "ldmdb%c\t%16-19r%21'!, %m"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9c00000, 0xffd000ff, "strd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9d00000, 0xffd000ff, "ldrd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r]"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9400000, 0xff500000, "strd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r, #%23`-%0-7W]%21'!%L"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe9500000, 0xff500000, "ldrd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r, #%23`-%0-7W]%21'!%L"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8600000, 0xff700000, "strd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r], #%23`-%0-7W%L"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xe8700000, 0xff700000, "ldrd%c\t%12-15r, %8-11r, [%16-19r], #%23`-%0-7W%L"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf8000000, 0xff100000, "str%w%c.w\t%12-15r, %a"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf8100000, 0xfe100000, "ldr%w%c.w\t%12-15r, %a"},
/* Filter out Bcc with cond=E or F, which are used for other instructions. */
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3c08000, 0xfbc0d000, "undefined (bcc, cond=0xF)"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf3808000, 0xfbc0d000, "undefined (bcc, cond=0xE)"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0008000, 0xf800d000, "b%22-25c.w\t%b%X"},
{ARM_EXT_V6T2, 0xf0009000, 0xf800d000, "b%c.w\t%B%x"},
/* These have been 32-bit since the invention of Thumb. */
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xf000c000, 0xf800d001, "blx%c\t%B%x"},
{ARM_EXT_V4T, 0xf000d000, 0xf800d000, "bl%c\t%B%x"},
/* Fallback. */
{ARM_EXT_V1, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION},
{0, 0, 0, 0}
static const char *const arm_conditional[] =
{"eq", "ne", "cs", "cc", "mi", "pl", "vs", "vc",
"hi", "ls", "ge", "lt", "gt", "le", "al", "<und>", ""};
static const char *const arm_fp_const[] =
{"0.0", "1.0", "2.0", "3.0", "4.0", "5.0", "0.5", "10.0"};
static const char *const arm_shift[] =
{"lsl", "lsr", "asr", "ror"};
typedef struct
const char *name;
const char *description;
const char *reg_names[16];
static const arm_regname regnames[] =
{ "raw" , "Select raw register names",
{ "r0", "r1", "r2", "r3", "r4", "r5", "r6", "r7", "r8", "r9", "r10", "r11", "r12", "r13", "r14", "r15"}},
{ "gcc", "Select register names used by GCC",
{ "r0", "r1", "r2", "r3", "r4", "r5", "r6", "r7", "r8", "r9", "sl", "fp", "ip", "sp", "lr", "pc" }},
{ "std", "Select register names used in ARM's ISA documentation",
{ "r0", "r1", "r2", "r3", "r4", "r5", "r6", "r7", "r8", "r9", "r10", "r11", "r12", "sp", "lr", "pc" }},
{ "apcs", "Select register names used in the APCS",
{ "a1", "a2", "a3", "a4", "v1", "v2", "v3", "v4", "v5", "v6", "sl", "fp", "ip", "sp", "lr", "pc" }},
{ "atpcs", "Select register names used in the ATPCS",
{ "a1", "a2", "a3", "a4", "v1", "v2", "v3", "v4", "v5", "v6", "v7", "v8", "IP", "SP", "LR", "PC" }},
{ "special-atpcs", "Select special register names used in the ATPCS",
{ "a1", "a2", "a3", "a4", "v1", "v2", "v3", "WR", "v5", "SB", "SL", "FP", "IP", "SP", "LR", "PC" }},
static const char *const iwmmxt_wwnames[] =
{"b", "h", "w", "d"};
static const char *const iwmmxt_wwssnames[] =
{"b", "bus", "bc", "bss",
"h", "hus", "hc", "hss",
"w", "wus", "wc", "wss",
"d", "dus", "dc", "dss"
static const char *const iwmmxt_regnames[] =
{ "wr0", "wr1", "wr2", "wr3", "wr4", "wr5", "wr6", "wr7",
"wr8", "wr9", "wr10", "wr11", "wr12", "wr13", "wr14", "wr15"
static const char *const iwmmxt_cregnames[] =
{ "wcid", "wcon", "wcssf", "wcasf", "reserved", "reserved", "reserved", "reserved",
"wcgr0", "wcgr1", "wcgr2", "wcgr3", "reserved", "reserved", "reserved", "reserved"
/* Default to GCC register name set. */
static unsigned int regname_selected = 1;
#define NUM_ARM_REGNAMES NUM_ELEM (regnames)
#define arm_regnames regnames[regname_selected].reg_names
static bfd_boolean force_thumb = FALSE;
/* Current IT instruction state. This contains the same state as the IT
bits in the CPSR. */
static unsigned int ifthen_state;
/* IT state for the next instruction. */
static unsigned int ifthen_next_state;
/* The address of the insn for which the IT state is valid. */
static bfd_vma ifthen_address;
#define IFTHEN_COND ((ifthen_state >> 4) & 0xf)
/* Functions. */
get_arm_regname_num_options (void)
set_arm_regname_option (int option)
int old = regname_selected;
regname_selected = option;
return old;
get_arm_regnames (int option,
const char **setname,
const char **setdescription,
const char *const **register_names)
*setname = regnames[option].name;
*setdescription = regnames[option].description;
*register_names = regnames[option].reg_names;
return 16;
/* Decode a bitfield of the form matching regexp (N(-N)?,)*N(-N)?.
Returns pointer to following character of the format string and
fills in *VALUEP and *WIDTHP with the extracted value and number of
bits extracted. WIDTHP can be NULL. */
static const char *
arm_decode_bitfield (const char *ptr,
unsigned long insn,
unsigned long *valuep,
int *widthp)
unsigned long value = 0;
int width = 0;
int start, end;
int bits;
for (start = 0; *ptr >= '0' && *ptr <= '9'; ptr++)
start = start * 10 + *ptr - '0';
if (*ptr == '-')
for (end = 0, ptr++; *ptr >= '0' && *ptr <= '9'; ptr++)
end = end * 10 + *ptr - '0';
end = start;
bits = end - start;
if (bits < 0)
abort ();
value |= ((insn >> start) & ((2ul << bits) - 1)) << width;
width += bits + 1;
while (*ptr++ == ',');
*valuep = value;
if (widthp)
*widthp = width;
return ptr - 1;
static void
arm_decode_shift (long given, fprintf_ftype func, void *stream,
bfd_boolean print_shift)
func (stream, "%s", arm_regnames[given & 0xf]);
if ((given & 0xff0) != 0)
if ((given & 0x10) == 0)
int amount = (given & 0xf80) >> 7;
int shift = (given & 0x60) >> 5;
if (amount == 0)
if (shift == 3)
func (stream, ", rrx");
amount = 32;
if (print_shift)
func (stream, ", %s #%d", arm_shift[shift], amount);
func (stream, ", #%d", amount);
else if ((given & 0x80) == 0x80)
func (stream, "\t; <illegal shifter operand>");
else if (print_shift)
func (stream, ", %s %s", arm_shift[(given & 0x60) >> 5],
arm_regnames[(given & 0xf00) >> 8]);
func (stream, ", %s", arm_regnames[(given & 0xf00) >> 8]);
#define W_BIT 21
#define I_BIT 22
#define U_BIT 23
#define P_BIT 24
#define WRITEBACK_BIT_SET (given & (1 << W_BIT))
#define IMMEDIATE_BIT_SET (given & (1 << I_BIT))
#define NEGATIVE_BIT_SET ((given & (1 << U_BIT)) == 0)
#define PRE_BIT_SET (given & (1 << P_BIT))
/* Print one coprocessor instruction on INFO->STREAM.
Return TRUE if the instuction matched, FALSE if this is not a
recognised coprocessor instruction. */
static bfd_boolean
print_insn_coprocessor (bfd_vma pc,
struct disassemble_info *info,
long given,
bfd_boolean thumb)
const struct opcode32 *insn;
void *stream = info->stream;
fprintf_ftype func = info->fprintf_func;
unsigned long mask;
unsigned long value = 0;
struct arm_private_data *private_data = info->private_data;
unsigned long allowed_arches = private_data->features.coproc;
int cond;
for (insn = coprocessor_opcodes; insn->assembler; insn++)
unsigned long u_reg = 16;
bfd_boolean is_unpredictable = FALSE;
signed long value_in_comment = 0;
const char *c;
if (insn->arch == 0)
switch (insn->value)
if (info->mach != bfd_mach_arm_XScale
&& info->mach != bfd_mach_arm_iWMMXt
&& info->mach != bfd_mach_arm_iWMMXt2)
while (insn->arch != 0 && insn->value != SENTINEL_IWMMXT_END);
allowed_arches = private_data->features.core;
abort ();
mask = insn->mask;
value = insn->value;
if (thumb)
/* The high 4 bits are 0xe for Arm conditional instructions, and
0xe for arm unconditional instructions. The rest of the
encoding is the same. */
mask |= 0xf0000000;
value |= 0xe0000000;
if (ifthen_state)
cond = 16;
/* Only match unconditional instuctions against unconditional
patterns. */
if ((given & 0xf0000000) == 0xf0000000)
mask |= 0xf0000000;
cond = 16;
cond = (given >> 28) & 0xf;
if (cond == 0xe)
cond = 16;
if ((given & mask) != value)
if ((insn->arch & allowed_arches) == 0)
for (c = insn->assembler; *c; c++)
if (*c == '%')
switch (*++c)
case '%':
func (stream, "%%");
case 'A':
int rn = (given >> 16) & 0xf;
bfd_vma offset = given & 0xff;
func (stream, "[%s", arm_regnames [(given >> 16) & 0xf]);
/* Not unindexed. The offset is scaled. */
offset = offset * 4;
offset = - offset;
if (rn != 15)
value_in_comment = offset;
if (offset)
func (stream, ", #%d]%s",
WRITEBACK_BIT_SET ? "!" : "");
func (stream, ", #-0]");
func (stream, "]");
func (stream, "]");
if (offset)
func (stream, ", #%d", offset);
func (stream, ", #-0");
func (stream, ", {%s%d}",
(NEGATIVE_BIT_SET && !offset) ? "-" : "",
value_in_comment = offset;
if (rn == 15 && (PRE_BIT_SET || WRITEBACK_BIT_SET))
func (stream, "\t; ");
/* For unaligned PCs, apply off-by-alignment
correction. */
info->print_address_func (offset + pc
+ info->bytes_per_chunk * 2
- (pc & 3),
case 'B':
int regno = ((given >> 12) & 0xf) | ((given >> (22 - 4)) & 0x10);
int offset = (given >> 1) & 0x3f;
if (offset == 1)
func (stream, "{d%d}", regno);
else if (regno + offset > 32)
func (stream, "{d%d-<overflow reg d%d>}", regno, regno + offset - 1);
func (stream, "{d%d-d%d}", regno, regno + offset - 1);
case 'c':
func (stream, "%s", arm_conditional[cond]);
case 'I':
/* Print a Cirrus/DSP shift immediate. */
/* Immediates are 7bit signed ints with bits 0..3 in
bits 0..3 of opcode and bits 4..6 in bits 5..7
of opcode. */
int imm;
imm = (given & 0xf) | ((given & 0xe0) >> 1);
/* Is ``imm'' a negative number? */
if (imm & 0x40)
imm |= (-1 << 7);
func (stream, "%d", imm);
case 'F':
switch (given & 0x00408000)
case 0:
func (stream, "4");
case 0x8000:
func (stream, "1");
case 0x00400000:
func (stream, "2");
func (stream, "3");
case 'P':
switch (given & 0x00080080)
case 0:
func (stream, "s");
case 0x80:
func (stream, "d");
case 0x00080000:
func (stream, "e");
func (stream, _("<illegal precision>"));
case 'Q':
switch (given & 0x00408000)
case 0:
func (stream, "s");
case 0x8000:
func (stream, "d");
case 0x00400000:
func (stream, "e");
func (stream, "p");
case 'R':
switch (given & 0x60)
case 0:
case 0x20:
func (stream, "p");
case 0x40:
func (stream, "m");
func (stream, "z");
case '0': case '1': case '2': case '3': case '4':
case '5': case '6': case '7': case '8': case '9':
int width;
c = arm_decode_bitfield (c, given, &value, &width);
switch (*c)
case 'R':
if (value == 15)
is_unpredictable = TRUE;
/* Fall through. */
case 'r':
if (c[1] == 'u')
/* Eat the 'u' character. */
++ c;
if (u_reg == value)
is_unpredictable = TRUE;
u_reg = value;
func (stream, "%s", arm_regnames[value]);
case 'D':
func (stream, "d%ld", value);
case 'Q':
if (value & 1)
func (stream, "<illegal reg q%ld.5>", value >> 1);
func (stream, "q%ld", value >> 1);
case 'd':
func (stream, "%ld", value);
value_in_comment = value;
case 'k':
int from = (given & (1 << 7)) ? 32 : 16;
func (stream, "%ld", from - value);
case 'f':
if (value > 7)
func (stream, "#%s", arm_fp_const[value & 7]);
func (stream, "f%ld", value);
case 'w':
if (width == 2)
func (stream, "%s", iwmmxt_wwnames[value]);
func (stream, "%s", iwmmxt_wwssnames[value]);
case 'g':
func (stream, "%s", iwmmxt_regnames[value]);
case 'G':
func (stream, "%s", iwmmxt_cregnames[value]);
case 'x':
func (stream, "0x%lx", (value & 0xffffffffUL));
case '`':
if (value == 0)
func (stream, "%c", *c);
case '\'':
if (value == ((1ul << width) - 1))
func (stream, "%c", *c);
case '?':
func (stream, "%c", c[(1 << width) - (int) value]);
c += 1 << width;
abort ();
case 'y':
case 'z':
int single = *c++ == 'y';
int regno;
switch (*c)
case '4': /* Sm pair */
case '0': /* Sm, Dm */
regno = given & 0x0000000f;
if (single)
regno <<= 1;
regno += (given >> 5) & 1;
regno += ((given >> 5) & 1) << 4;
case '1': /* Sd, Dd */
regno = (given >> 12) & 0x0000000f;
if (single)
regno <<= 1;
regno += (given >> 22) & 1;
regno += ((given >> 22) & 1) << 4;
case '2': /* Sn, Dn */
regno = (given >> 16) & 0x0000000f;
if (single)
regno <<= 1;
regno += (given >> 7) & 1;
regno += ((given >> 7) & 1) << 4;
case '3': /* List */
func (stream, "{");
regno = (given >> 12) & 0x0000000f;
if (single)
regno <<= 1;
regno += (given >> 22) & 1;
regno += ((given >> 22) & 1) << 4;
abort ();
func (stream, "%c%d", single ? 's' : 'd', regno);
if (*c == '3')
int count = given & 0xff;
if (single == 0)
count >>= 1;
if (--count)
func (stream, "-%c%d",
single ? 's' : 'd',
regno + count);
func (stream, "}");
else if (*c == '4')
func (stream, ", %c%d", single ? 's' : 'd',
regno + 1);
case 'L':
switch (given & 0x00400100)
case 0x00000000: func (stream, "b"); break;
case 0x00400000: func (stream, "h"); break;
case 0x00000100: func (stream, "w"); break;
case 0x00400100: func (stream, "d"); break;
case 'Z':
/* given (20, 23) | given (0, 3) */
value = ((given >> 16) & 0xf0) | (given & 0xf);
func (stream, "%d", value);