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# Copyright 1999-2003, 2005, 2007-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# test basic Machine interface (MI) operations
# Verify that, using the MI, we can load a program and do
# other basic things that are used by all test files through mi_gdb_exit,
# mi_gdb_start, mi_delete_breakpoints, mi_gdb_reinitialize_dir and
# mi_gdb_load, so we can safely use those.
# The goal is not to test gdb functionality, which is done by other tests,
# but the command syntax and correct output response to MI operations.
load_lib mi-support.exp
set MIFLAGS "-i=mi"
if [mi_gdb_start separate-inferior-tty] {
standard_testfile basics.c
set escapedobjdir [string_to_regexp ${objdir}]
set envirodir [string_to_regexp ${objdir}/${subdir}]
if { [gdb_compile "${srcdir}/${subdir}/${srcfile}" "${binfile}" executable {debug}] != "" } {
untested mi-basics.exp
return -1
# In this file we want to test if the operations needed by the following
# procedures work, so it makes no sense using them here.
# mi_delete_breakpoints
# mi_gdb_reinitialize_dir $srcdir/$subdir
# mi_gdb_load ${binfile}
# Test if the MI interpreter has been configured
proc test_mi_interpreter_selection {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global gdb_prompt
# All this test expects is to get the prompt back
# with no syntax error message
if ![mi_gdb_test "-gdb-version" "~\"GNU gdb.*" "acceptance of MI operations"] {
return 1
note "Skipping all other MI tests."
return 0
proc test_exec_and_symbol_mi_operatons {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global binfile
# Load symbols and specify executable on a single operation
# Tests:
# -file-exec-and-symbols
if [mi_gdb_test "-file-exec-and-symbols ${binfile}" "\\\^done" \
"file-exec-and-symbols operation"] {
note "Skipping all other MI tests."
return 0
# The following is not used by mi-support.exp, but we test here so
# we get done with loading a program basics.
# Do it again, but now load symbols and specify executable with
# two separate operations
# Tests:
# -file-clear
# -file-exec-file
# -file-symbol-file
# FIXME: file-clear is not implemented yet.
# mi_gdb_test "-file-clear" \
# "\\\^done" \
# "file-clear operation"
mi_gdb_test "-file-exec-file ${binfile}" \
"\\\^done" \
"file-exec-file operation"
mi_gdb_test "-file-symbol-file ${binfile}" \
"\\\^done" \
"file-symbol-file operation"
# We need to return != 0.
return 1
proc test_breakpoints_deletion {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global srcfile
# Clear all breakpoints and list to confirm
# Tests:
# -break-delete (all)
# -break-list
# The all parameter is actually no parameter.
mi_gdb_test "200-break-delete" \
"200\\\^done" \
"break-delete (all) operation"
mi_gdb_test "201-break-list" \
".*\\\^done,BreakpointTable=\\\{.*,body=\\\[\\\]\\\}" \
"all breakpoints removed"
proc test_dir_specification {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global objdir
global subdir
global envirodir
# Add to the search directories, display, then reset back to default
# Tests:
# -environment-directory arg
# -environment-directory
# -environment-directory -r
mi_gdb_test "202-environment-directory ${objdir}/${subdir}" \
"202\\\^done,source-path=\"${envirodir}.\\\$cdir.\\\$cwd\"" \
"environment-directory arg operation"
mi_gdb_test "203-environment-directory" \
"203\\\^done,source-path=\"${envirodir}.\\\$cdir.\\\$cwd\"" \
"environment-directory empty-string operation"
mi_gdb_test "204-environment-directory -r" \
"204\\\^done,source-path=\"\\\$cdir.\\\$cwd\"" \
"environment-directory operation"
proc test_cwd_specification {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global objdir
global escapedobjdir
global subdir
# Change the working directory, then print the current working directory
# Tests:
# -environment-cd ${objdir}
# -environment-pwd
mi_gdb_test "205-environment-cd ${objdir}" \
"205\\\^done" \
"environment-cd arg operation"
# The canonical name of the working directory may differ on a
# remote host from that on the build system.
if ![is_remote host] {
mi_gdb_test "206-environment-pwd" \
"206\\\^done,cwd=\"${escapedobjdir}\"" \
"environment-pwd operation"
proc test_path_specification {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global orig_path
global objdir
global subdir
global escapedobjdir
global envirodir
global expect_out
# Add to the path, display, then reset
# Tests:
# -environment-path
# -environment-path dir1 dir2
# -environment-path -r dir
# -environment-path -r
mi_gdb_test "-environment-path" "\\\^done,path=\"(.*)\"" "environment-path"
set orig_path $expect_out(3,string)
set orig_path [string_to_regexp ${orig_path}]
set pathdir [string_to_regexp ${objdir}/${subdir}]
mi_gdb_test "207-environment-path" \
"207\\\^done,path=\"$orig_path\"" \
"environment-path no-args operation"
mi_gdb_test "208-environment-path $objdir ${objdir}/${subdir}" \
"208\\\^done,path=\"$escapedobjdir.${envirodir}.$orig_path\"" \
"environment-path dir1 dir2 operation"
mi_gdb_test "209-environment-path -r $objdir" \
"209\\\^done,path=\"$escapedobjdir.$orig_path\"" \
"environment-path -r dir operation"
mi_gdb_test "210-environment-path -r" \
"210\\\^done,path=\"$orig_path\"" \
"environment-path -r operation"
proc test_setshow_inferior_tty {} {
global mi_gdb_prompt
global mi_inferior_tty_name
# Test that the commands,
# -inferior-tty-set
# -inferior-tty-show
# are setting/getting the same data in GDB.
mi_gdb_test "301-inferior-tty-show" \
"301\\\^done,inferior_tty_terminal=\"$mi_inferior_tty_name\"" \
"initial tty is mi_inferior_tty_name"
mi_gdb_test "302-inferior-tty-set /dev/pts/1" \
"302\\\^done" \
"set tty to /dev/pts/1"
mi_gdb_test "303-inferior-tty-show" \
"303\\\^done,inferior_tty_terminal=\"/dev/pts/1\"" \
"tty was set correctly"
mi_gdb_test "304-inferior-tty-set" \
"304\\\^done" \
"set tty to the empty string"
mi_gdb_test "305-inferior-tty-show" \
"305\\\^done" \
"make sure tty is empty"
mi_gdb_test "306-inferior-tty-set $mi_inferior_tty_name" \
"306\\\^done" \
"set tty to mi_inferior_tty_name (the way it was)"
mi_gdb_test "307-inferior-tty-show" \
"307\\\^done,inferior_tty_terminal=\"$mi_inferior_tty_name\"" \
"verify tty is correct"
if { [test_mi_interpreter_selection]
&& [test_exec_and_symbol_mi_operatons] } {
return 0