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2012-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* mt.opc (print_dollarhex): Trim values to 32 bits.
2011-12-15 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc (parse_uhi16): Fix handling of %hi operator on 64-bit
2011-10-26 Joern Rennecke <>
* epiphany.opc (parse_branch_addr): Fix type of valuep.
Cast value before printing it as a long.
(parse_postindex): Fix type of valuep.
2011-10-25 Joern Rennecke <>
* cpu/epiphany.cpu: New file.
* cpu/epiphany.opc: New file.
2011-08-22 Nick Clifton <>
* fr30.cpu: Newly contributed file.
* fr30.opc: Likewise.
* ip2k.cpu: Likewise.
* ip2k.opc: Likewise.
* mep-avc.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-avc2.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-c5.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-core.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-default.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-ext-cop.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-fmax.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-h1.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-ivc2.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-rhcop.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-sample-ucidsp.cpu: Likewise.
* mep.cpu: Likewise.
* mep.opc: Likewise.
* openrisc.cpu: Likewise.
* openrisc.opc: Likewise.
* xstormy16.cpu: Likewise.
* xstormy16.opc: Likewise.
2010-10-08 Pierre Muller <>
* frv.opc: #undef DEBUG.
2010-07-03 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-8-s24): Mask high byte after shifting it.
2010-02-11 Doug Evans <>
* m32r.cpu (HASH-PREFIX): Delete.
(duhpo, dshpo): New pmacros.
(simm8, simm16): Delete HASH-PREFIX attribute, define with dshpo.
(uimm3, uimm4, uimm5, uimm8, uimm16, imm1): Delete HASH-PREFIX
attribute, define with dshpo.
(uimm24): Delete HASH-PREFIX attribute.
* m32r.opc (CGEN_PRINT_NORMAL): Delete.
(print_signed_with_hash_prefix): New function.
(print_unsigned_with_hash_prefix): New function.
* xc16x.cpu (dowh): New pmacro.
(upof16): Define with dowh, specify print handler.
(qbit, qlobit, qhibit): Ditto.
(upag16): Ditto.
* xc16x.opc (CGEN_PRINT_NORMAL): Delete.
(print_with_dot_prefix): New functions.
(print_with_pof_prefix, print_with_pag_prefix): New functions.
2010-01-24 Doug Evans <>
* frv.cpu (floating-point-conversion): Update call to fp conv op.
(floating-point-dual-conversion, ne-floating-point-dual-conversion,
conditional-floating-point-conversion, ne-floating-point-conversion,
float-parallel-mul-add-double-semantics): Ditto.
2010-01-05 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-32-u24): Fix mode of extract handler.
(f-dsp-40-u20, f-dsp-40-u24): Ditto.
2010-01-02 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.opc (parse_signed16): Fix typo.
2009-12-11 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Fix shadowed variable warnings.
* m32c.opc: Fix shadowed variable warnings.
2009-11-14 Doug Evans <>
Must use VOID expression in VOID context.
* xc16x.cpu (mov4): Fix mode of `sequence'.
(mov9, mov10): Ditto.
(movbsrr, moveb1, jmprel, jmpseg, jmps): Fix mode of `if'.
(callr, callseg, calls, trap, rets, reti): Ditto.
(jb, jbc, jnb, jnbs): Fix mode of `if'. Comment out no-op `sll'.
(atomic, extr, extp, extp1, extpg1, extpr, extpr1): Fix mode of `cond'.
(exts, exts1, extsr, extsr1, prior): Ditto.
2009-10-23 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.opc (opc.h): cgen-types.h -> cgen/basic-modes.h.
cgen-ops.h -> cgen/basic-ops.h.
2009-09-25 Alan Modra <>
* m32r.cpu (stb-plus): Typo fix.
2009-09-23 Doug Evans <>
* m32r.cpu (sth-plus): Fix address mode and calculation.
(stb-plus): Ditto.
(clrpsw): Fix mask calculation.
(bset, bclr, btst): Make mode in bit calculation match expression.
* xc16x.cpu (rtl-version): Set to 0.8.
(gr-names, ext-names,psw-names): Update, print-name -> enum-prefix,
make uppercase. Remove unnecessary name-prefix spec.
(grb-names, conditioncode-names, extconditioncode-names): Ditto.
(grb8-names, r8-names, regmem8-names, regdiv8-names): Ditto.
(reg0-name, reg0-name1, regbmem8-names, memgr8-names): Ditto.
(h-cr): New hardware.
(muls): Comment out parts that won't compile, add fixme.
(mulu, divl, divlu, jmpabs, jmpa-, jmprel, jbc, jnbs, callr): Ditto.
(scxti, scxtmg, scxtm, bclear, bclr18, bset19, bitset, bmov): Ditto.
(bmovn, band, bor, bxor, bcmp, bfldl, bfldh): Ditto.
2009-07-16 Doug Evans <>
* cpu/ (*): One line doc strings don't need \n.
(df): Invoke define-full-ifield instead of claiming it's an alias.
(dno): Define.
(dnop): Mark as deprecated.
2009-06-22 Alan Modra <>
* m32c.opc (parse_lab_5_3): Use correct enum.
2009-01-07 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* frv.cpu (mabshs): Explicitly sign-extend arguments of abs to DI.
(DI-ext-HI, DI-ext-UHI, DI-ext-DI): New pmacros.
(media-arith-sat-semantics): Explicitly sign- or zero-extend
arguments of "operation" to DI using "mode" and the new pmacros.
2009-01-03 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (cris-implemented-writable-specregs-v32): Correct size
of number 2, PID.
2008-12-23 Jon Beniston <>
* lm32.cpu: New file.
* lm32.opc: New file.
2008-01-29 Alan Modra <>
* mt.opc (parse_imm16): Apply 2007-09-26 opcodes/mt-asm.c change
to source.
2007-10-22 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (movs, movu): Use result of extension operation when
updating flags.
2007-07-04 Nick Clifton <>
* cris.cpu: Update copyright notice to refer to GPLv3.
* frv.cpu, frv.opc, iq10.cpu, iq2000m.cpu, iq2000.opc, m32c.cpu,
m32c.opc, m32r.cpu, m32r.opc, mt.cpu, mt.opc, sh64-compact.cpu,
sh64-media.cpu, sh.cpu, sh.opc,, xc16x.cpu,
xc16x.opc: Likewise.
* iq2000.cpu: Fix copyright notice to refer to FSF.
2007-04-30 Mark Salter <msalter@sadr.localdomain>
* frv.cpu (spr-names): Support new coprocessor SPR registers.
2007-04-20 Nick Clifton <>
* xc16x.cpu: Restore after accidentally overwriting this file with
2007-03-29 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Imm-8-s4n): Fix print hook.
(Lab-24-8, Lab-32-8, Lab-40-8): Fix.
(arith-jnz-imm4-dst-defn): Make relaxable.
(arith-jnz16-imm4-dst-defn): Fix encodings.
2007-03-20 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-40-u20, f-dsp-48-u20, Dsp-40-u20, Dsp-40-u20,
mem20): New.
(src16-16-20-An-relative-*): New.
(dst16-*-20-An-relative-*): New.
(dst16-16-16sa-*): New
(dst16-16-16ar-*): New
(dst32-16-16sa-Unprefixed-*): New
(jsri): Fix operands.
(setzx): Fix encoding.
2007-03-08 Alan Modra <>
* m32r.opc: Formatting.
2006-05-22 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.cpu: Fix include paths for iq2000m.cpu and iq10.cpu.
2006-04-10 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.opc (parse_unsigned_bitbase): Take a new parameter which
decides if this function accepts symbolic constants or not.
(parse_signed_bitbase): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase8): Pass the new parameter.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase11): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase16): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase19): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase27): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase8): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase11): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase19): Likewise.
2006-03-13 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Bit3-S): New.
(btst:s): New.
* m32c.opc (parse_bit3_S): New.
* m32c.cpu (decimal-subtraction16-insn): Add second operand.
(btst): Add optional :G suffix for MACH32.
(or.b:S): New.
(pop.w:G): Add optional :G suffix for MACH16.
(push.b.imm): Fix syntax.
2006-03-10 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (mul.l): New.
(mulu.l): New.
2006-03-03 Shrirang Khisti <
* xc16x.opc (parse_hash): Return NULL if the input was parsed or
an error message otherwise.
(parse_dot, parse_pof, parse_pag, parse_sof, parse_seg): Likewise.
Fix up comments to correctly describe the functions.
2006-02-24 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (RL_TYPE): New attribute, with macros.
(Lab-8-24): Add RELAX.
(unary-insn-defn-g, binary-arith-imm-dst-defn,
binary-arith-imm4-dst-defn): Add 1ADDR attribute.
(binary-arith-src-dst-defn): Add 2ADDR attribute.
(jcnd16-5, jcnd16, jcnd32, jmp16.s, jmp16.b, jmp16.w, jmp16.a,
jmp32.s, jmp32.b, jmp32.w, jmp32.a, jsr16.w, jsr16.a): Add JUMP
(jsri16, jsri32): Add 1ADDR attribute.
(jsr32.w, jsr32.a): Add JUMP attribute.
2006-02-17 Shrirang Khisti <>
Anil Paranjape <>
Shilin Shakti <>
* xc16x.cpu: New file containing complete CGEN specific XC16X CPU
* xc16x.opc: New file containing supporting XC16C routines.
2006-02-10 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_hi16): Truncate shifted values to 16 bits.
2006-01-06 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (mov.w:q): Fix mode.
(push32.b.imm): Likewise, for the comment.
2005-12-16 Nathan Sidwell <>
Second part of ms1 to mt renaming.
* mt.cpu (define-arch, define-isa): Set name to mt.
(define-mach): Adjust.
* mt.opc (CGEN_ASM_HASH): Update.
(mt_asm_hash, mt_cgen_insn_supported): Renamed.
(parse_loopsize, parse_imm16): Adjust.
2005-12-13 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (jsri): Fix order so register names aren't treated as
(indexb, indexbd, indexbs, indexl, indexld, indexls, indexw,
indexwd, indexws): Fix encodings.
2005-12-12 Nathan Sidwell <>
* mt.cpu: Rename from ms1.cpu.
* mt.opc: Rename from ms1.opc.
2005-12-06 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (simplecris-common-writable-specregs)
(simplecris-common-readable-specregs): Split from
simplecris-common-specregs. All users changed.
(cris-implemented-readable-specregs-v0): Similar from
(cris-implemented-readable-specregs-v32): Similar.
(bdap-32-pc, move-m-pcplus-p0, move-m-spplus-p8): New
insns and specializations.
2005-11-08 Nathan Sidwell <>
Add ms2
* ms1.cpu (ms2, ms2bf): New architecture variant, cpu, machine and
(f-uu8, f-uu1, f-imm16l, f-loopo, f-cb1sel, f-cb2sel, f-cb1incr,
f-cb2incr, f-rc3): New fields.
(LOOP): New instruction.
(JAL-HAZARD): New hazard.
(imm16o, loopsize, imm16l, rc3, cb1sel, cb2sel, cb1incr, cb2incr):
New operands.
(mul, muli, dbnz, iflush): Enable for ms2
(jal, reti): Has JAL-HAZARD.
(ldctxt, ldfb, stfb): Only ms1.
(fbcb): Only ms1,ms1-003.
(wfbinc, mefbinc, wfbincr, mwfbincr, fbcbincs, mfbcbincs,
fbcbincrs, mfbcbincrs): Enable for ms2.
(loop, loopu, dfbc, dwfb, fbwfb, dfbr): New ms2 insns.
* ms1.opc (parse_loopsize): New.
(parse_imm16): hi16/lo16 relocs are applicable to IMM16L.
(print_pcrel): New.
2005-10-28 Dave Brolley <>
Contribute the following change:
2003-09-24 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.opc: Use CGEN_ATTR_VALUE_ENUM_TYPE in place of
* m32c.opc (m32c_cgen_insn_supported): Use CGEN_INSN_BITSET_ATTR_VALUE.
Use cgen_bitset_intersect_p.
2005-10-27 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Imm-8-s4n, Imm-12-s4n): New.
(arith-jnz16-imm4-dst-defn, arith-jnz32-imm4-dst-defn,
arith-jnz-imm4-dst-mach, arith-jnz-imm4-dst): Keep track of which
imm operand is needed.
(adjnz, sbjnz): Pass the right operands.
(unary-insn-defn, unary16-defn, unary32-defn, unary-insn-mach,
unary-insn): Add -g variants for opcodes that need to support :G.
(not.BW:G, push.BW:G): Call it.
(stzx16-imm8-imm8-dsp8sb, stzx16-imm8-imm8-dsp8fb,
stzx16-imm8-imm8-abs16): Fix operand typos.
* m32c.opc (m32c_asm_hash): Support bnCND.
(parse_signed4n, print_signed4n): New.
2005-10-26 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-8-s24, Dsp-8-s24): New.
(mov-dspsp-dst-defn, mov-src-dspsp-defn, mov16-dspsp-dst-defn,
mov16-src-dspsp-defn, mov32-dspsp-dst-defn, mov32-src-dspsp-defn):
dsp8[sp] is signed.
(mov.WL:S #imm,A0/A1): dsp24 is signed (i.e. -0x800000..0xffffff).
(mov.BW:S r0,r1): Fix typo r1l->r1.
(tst): Allow :G suffix.
* m32c.opc (parse_signed24): New, for -0x800000..0xffffff.
2005-10-26 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* m32r.opc (parse_hi16): Do not assume a 32-bit host word size.
2005-10-25 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (add16-bQ-sp,add16-wQ-sp): Fix to allow either width by
making one a macro of the other.
2005-10-21 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (lde, ste): Add dsp[a0] and [a1a] addressing.
(indexb, indexbd, indexbs, indexw, indexwd, indexws, indexl,
indexld, indexls): .w variants have `1' bit.
(rot32.b): QI, not SI.
(rot32.w): HI, not SI.
(xchg16): HI for .w variant.
2005-10-19 Nick Clifton <>
* m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Fix bad application of previous patch.
2005-10-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Better version of previous patch.
2005-10-14 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Do not assume a 32-bit host word
2005-07-25 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.opc (parse_unsigned8): Add %dsp8().
(parse_signed8): Add %hi8().
(parse_unsigned16): Add %dsp16().
(parse_signed16): Add %lo16() and %hi16().
(parse_lab_5_3): Make valuep a bfd_vma *.
2005-07-18 Nick Clifton <>
* m32c.cpu (f-16-8, f-24-8, f-32-16, f-dsp-8-u24): New opcode
(f-lab32-jmp-s): Fix insertion sequence.
(Dsp-8-u24, Lab-5-3, Lab32-jmp-s): New operands.
(Dsp-40-s8): Make parameter be signed.
(Dsp-40-s16): Likewise.
(Dsp-48-s8): Likewise.
(Dsp-48-s16): Likewise.
(Imm-13-u3): Likewise. (Despite its name!)
(BitBase16-16-s8): Make the parameter be unsigned.
(BitBase16-8-u11-S): Likewise.
(Lab-8-8, Lab-8-16, Lab-16-8, jcnd16-5, jcnd16, jcnd32, jmp16.s,
jmp16.b, jmp16.w, jmp32.s, jmp32.b, jmp32.w, jsp16.w, jsr32.w): Allow
* m32c.opc: Fix formatting.
Use safe-ctype.h instead of ctype.h
Move duplicated code sequences into a macro.
Fix compile time warnings about signedness mismatches.
Remove dead code.
(parse_lab_5_3): New parser function.
2005-07-16 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.opc (m32c_cgen_insn_supported): Use int, not CGEN_BITSET,
to represent isa sets.
2005-07-15 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.cpu, m32c.opc: Fix copyright.
2005-07-14 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.cpu, m32c.opc: Machine description for the Renesas M32C.
2005-07-14 Alan Modra <>
* ms1.opc (print_dollarhex): Correct format string.
2005-07-06 Alan Modra <>
* iq2000.cpu: Include from binutils cpu dir.
2005-07-05 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_lo16, parse_mlo16): Make value parameter
unsigned in order to avoid compile time warnings about sign
* ms1.opc (parse_*): Likewise.
(parse_imm16): Use a "void *" as it is passed both signed and
unsigned arguments.
2005-07-01 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Update to ISO C90 function declaration style.
* iq2000.opc: Likewise.
* m32r.opc: Likewise.
* sh.opc: Likewise.
2005-06-15 Dave Brolley <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* ms1.cpu: New file. Written by Nick Clifton, Stan Cox.
* ms1.opc: New file. Written by Stan Cox.
2005-05-10 Nick Clifton <>
* Update the address and phone number of the FSF organization in
the GPL notices in the following files:
cris.cpu, frv.cpu, frv.opc, iq10.cpu, iq2000.opc, iq2000m.cpu,
m32r.cpu, m32r.opc, sh.cpu, sh.opc, sh64-compact.cpu,
2005-02-24 Alan Modra <>
* frv.opc (parse_A): Warning fix.
2005-02-23 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Fixed compile time warnings about differing signed'ness
of pointers passed to functions.
* m32r.opc: Likewise.
2005-02-11 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_jtargq10): Change type of valuep argument to
'bfd_vma *' in order avoid compile time warning message.
2005-01-28 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (mstep): Add missing insn.
2005-01-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
2004-11-10 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.cpu: Add support for TLS annotations in loads and calll.
* frv.opc (parse_symbolic_address): New.
(parse_ldd_annotation): New.
(parse_call_annotation): New.
(parse_ld_annotation): New.
(parse_ulo16, parse_uslo16): Use parse_symbolic_address.
Introduce TLS relocations.
(parse_d12, parse_s12, parse_u12): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Likewise. Fix constant checking on 64-bit host.
(parse_call_label, print_at): New.
2004-12-21 Mikael Starvik <>
* cris.cpu (cris-set-mem): Correct integral write semantics.
2004-11-29 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu: New file.
2004-11-15 Michael K. Lechner <>
* iq2000.cpu: Added quotes around macro arguments so that they
will work with newer versions of guile.
2004-10-27 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000m.cpu (pkrlr1, pkrlr30, rbr1, rbr30, rxr1, rxr30, wbr1,
wbr1u, wbr30, wbr30u, wxr1, wxr1u, wxr30, wxr30u): Add an index
* iq2000.cpu (dnop index): Rename to _index to avoid complications
with guile.
2004-08-27 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (cfmovs): Change UNIT attribute to FMALL.
2004-05-15 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (iq2000_cgen_insn_supported): Make 'insn' argument const.
2004-03-30 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* m32r.opc (parse_hi16): Fixed shigh(0xffff8000) bug.
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (define-arch frv): Add fr450 mach.
(define-mach fr450): New.
(define-model fr450): New. Add profile units to every fr450 insn.
(define-attr UNIT): Add MDCUTSSI.
(define-attr FR450-MAJOR): New enum. Add to every fr450 insn.
(define-attr AUDIO): New boolean.
(f-LRAE, f-LRAD, f-LRAS, f-TLBPRopx, f-TLBPRL)
(f-LRA-null, f-TLBPR-null): New fields.
(scr0, scr1, scr2, scr3, imavr1, damvr1, cxnr, ttbr)
(tplr, tppr, tpxr, timerh, timerl, timerd, btbr): New SPRs.
(LRAE, LRAD, LRAS, TLBPRopx, TLBPRL): New operands.
(LRA-null, TLBPR-null): New macros.
(iacc-multiply-r-r, slass, scutss, int-arith-ss-r-r): Add AUDIO attr.
(load-real-address): New macro.
(lrai, lrad, tlbpr): New instructions.
(media-cut-acc, media-cut-acc-ss): Add fr450-major argument.
(mcut, mcuti, mcutss, mcutssi): Adjust accordingly.
(mdcutssi): Change UNIT attribute to MDCUTSSI.
(media-low-clear-semantics, media-scope-limit-semantics)
(media-quad-limit, media-quad-shift): New macros.
(mqlclrhs, mqlmths, mqsllhi, mqsrahi): New instructions.
* frv.opc (frv_is_branch_major, frv_is_float_major, frv_is_media_major)
(frv_is_branch_insn, frv_is_float_insn, frv_is_media_insn)
(frv_vliw_reset, frv_vliw_add_insn): Handle bfd_mach_fr450.
(fr450_unit_mapping): New array.
(fr400_unit_mapping, fr500_unit_mapping, fr550_unit_mapping): Add entry
for new MDCUTSSI unit.
(fr450_check_insn_major_constraints): New function.
(check_insn_major_constraints): Use it.
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (nsdiv, nudiv, nsdivi, nudivi): Remove fr400 profiling unit.
(scutss): Change unit to I0.
(calll, callil, ccalll): Add missing FR550-MAJOR and profile unit.
(mqsaths): Fix FR400-MAJOR categorization.
(media-quad-multiply-cross-acc, media-quad-cross-multiply-cross-acc)
(media-quad-cross-multiply-acc): Change unit from MDUALACC to FMALL.
* frv.opc (fr400_check_insn_major_constraints): Check for (M-2,M-1)
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (r-store, r-store-dual, r-store-quad): Delete.
(rstb, rsth, rst, rstd, rstq): Delete.
(rstbf, rsthf, rstf, rstdf, rstqf): Delete.
2004-02-23 Nick Clifton <>
* Apply these patches from Renesas:
2004-02-10 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.opc (my_print_insn): Fixed incorrect output when
disassembling codes for 0x*2 addresses.
2003-12-15 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.cpu: Add PIPE_O attribute to "pop" instruction.
2003-12-03 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.cpu : Add new model m32r2.
Add new instructions.
Replace occurrances of 'Mitsubishi' with 'Renesas'.
Changed PIPE attr of push from O to OS.
Care for Little-endian of M32R.
* cpu/m32r.opc (CGEN_DIS_HASH, my_print_insn):
Care for Little-endian of M32R.
(parse_slo16): signed extension for value.
2004-02-20 Andrew Cagney <>
* m32r.opc, m32r.cpu: New files. Written by , Doug Evans, Nick
Clifton, Ben Elliston, Matthew Green, and Andrew Haley.
* sh.cpu, sh.opc, sh64-compact.cpu, sh64-media.cpu: New files, all
written by Ben Elliston.
2004-01-14 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (UNIT): Add IACC.
(iacc-multiply-r-r): Use it.
* frv.opc (fr400_unit_mapping): Add entry for IACC.
(fr500_unit_mapping, fr550_unit_mapping): Likewise.
2004-01-06 Alexandre Oliva <>
2003-12-19 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16, parse_uhi16, parse_d12): Fix some
cut&paste errors in shifting/truncating numerical operands.
2003-08-08 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16): Parse gotofflo and gotofffuncdesclo.
(parse_uslo16): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Parse gotoffhi and gotofffuncdeschi.
(parse_d12): Parse gotoff12 and gotofffuncdesc12.
(parse_s12): Likewise.
2003-08-04 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16): Parse gotlo and gotfuncdesclo.
(parse_uslo16): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Parse gothi and gotfuncdeschi.
(parse_d12): Parse got12 and gotfuncdesc12.
(parse_s12): Likewise.
2003-10-10 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (dnpmop): New p-macro.
(GRdoublek): Use dnpmop.
(CPRdoublek, FRdoublei, FRdoublej, FRdoublek): Ditto.
(store-double-r-r): Use (.sym regtype doublek).
(r-store-double): Ditto.
(store-double-r-r-u): Ditto.
(conditional-store-double): Ditto.
(conditional-store-double-u): Ditto.
(store-double-r-simm): Ditto.
(fmovs): Assign to UNIT FMALL.
2003-10-06 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu, frv.opc: Add support for fr550.
2003-09-24 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (u-commit): New modelling unit for fr500.
(mwtaccg): Use frv_ref_SI to reference ACC40Sk as an input operand.
(commit-r): Use u-commit model for fr500.
(commit): Ditto.
(conditional-float-binary-op): Take profiling data as an argument.
Update callers.
(ne-float-binary-op): Ditto.
2003-09-19 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu (nldqi): Delete unimplemented instruction.
2003-09-12 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (u-clrgr, u-clrfr): New units of model fr500.
(clear-ne-flag-r): Pass insn profiling in as an argument. Call
frv_ref_SI to get input register referenced for profiling.
(clear-ne-flag-all): Pass insn profiling in as an argument.
(clrgr,clrfr,clrga,clrfa): Add profiling information.
2003-09-11 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu: Typographical corrections.
2003-09-09 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (media-dual-complex): Change UNIT to FMALL.
(conditional-media-dual-complex, media-quad-complex): Likewise.
2003-09-04 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (register-transfer): Pass in all attributes in on argument.
Update all callers.
(conditional-register-transfer): Ditto.
(cache-preload): Ditto.
(floating-point-conversion): Ditto.
(floating-point-neg): Ditto.
(float-abs): Ditto.
(float-binary-op-s): Ditto.
(conditional-float-binary-op): Ditto.
(ne-float-binary-op): Ditto.
(float-dual-arith): Ditto.
(ne-float-dual-arith): Ditto.
2003-09-03 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.opc (parse_A, parse_A0, parse_A1): New parse handlers.
(A): Removed operand.
(A0,A1): New operands replace operand A.
(mnop): Now a real insn
(mclracc): Removed insn.
(mclracc-0, mclracc-1): New insns replace mclracc.
(all insns): Use new UNIT attributes.
2003-08-21 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (mbtoh): Replace input parameter to u-media-dual-expand
and u-media-dual-btoh with output parameter.
(cmbtoh): Add profiling hack.
2003-08-19 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu: Fix typo, Frintkeven -> FRintkeven
2003-06-10 Doug Evans <>
* frv.cpu: Add IDOC attribute.
2003-06-06 Andrew Cagney <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* iq2000.cpu: New file. Written by Ben Elliston, Jeff Johnston,
Stan Cox, and Frank Ch. Eigler.
* iq2000.opc: New file. Written by Ben Elliston, Frank
Ch. Eigler, Chris Moller, Jeff Johnston, and Stan Cox.
* iq2000m.cpu: New file. Written by Jeff Johnston.
* iq10.cpu: New file. Written by Jeff Johnston.
2003-06-05 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (FRintieven): New operand. An even-numbered only
version of the FRinti operand.
(FRintjeven): Likewise for FRintj.
(FRintkeven): Likewise for FRintk.
(mdcutssi, media-dual-word-rotate-r-r, mqsaths,
media-quad-arith-sat-semantics, media-quad-arith-sat,
conditional-media-quad-arith-sat, mdunpackh,
media-quad-multiply-semantics, media-quad-multiply,
conditional-media-quad-multiply, media-quad-complex-i,
media-quad-multiply-acc-semantics, media-quad-multiply-acc,
conditional-media-quad-multiply-acc, munpackh,
media-quad-multiply-cross-acc-semantics, mdpackh,
media-quad-multiply-cross-acc, mbtoh-semantics,
media-quad-cross-multiply-cross-acc, mbtoh, mhtob-semantics,
media-quad-cross-multiply-acc-semantics, cmbtoh,
media-quad-cross-multiply-acc, media-quad-complex, mhtob,
media-expand-halfword-to-double-semantics, mexpdhd, cmexpdhd,
cmhtob): Use new operands.
(parse_even_register): New function.
2003-06-03 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (media-dual-word-rotate-r-r): Use a signed 6-bit
immediate value not unsigned.
2003-06-03 Andrew Cagney <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* frv.cpu: New file. Written by Dave Brolley, Catherine Moore,
and Eric Christopher.
* frv.opc: New file. Written by Catherine Moore, and Dave
* New file. Written by Doug Evans.
2003-05-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* New file.
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