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2012-08-02 Ulrich Weigand <>
* hostio.c (handle_pread): If pread fails, fall back to attempting
(handle_pwrite): Likewise for pwrite.
2012-08-01 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_linux_hw_point_initialize): Distinguish
between unsupported TYPE and unimplementable ADDR/LEN combination.
(arm_insert_point): Act on new return value.
2012-08-01 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_linux_hw_point_initialize): Do not attempt
to 4-byte-align HW breakpoint addresses for Thumb.
2012-07-27 Yao Qi <>
* server.c (process_point_options): Stop at 'X' when parsing.
2012-07-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
* gdbserver/linux-low.c (initialize_low): Call
2012-07-02 Doug Evans <>
* mem-break.c (gdb_no_commands_at_breakpoint): Fix cast from
pointer to int.
2012-07-02 Stan Shebs <>
(ax.o): Add it to build rule.
(ax-ipa.o): Ditto.
(OBS): Add format.o.
(IPA_OBS): Add format.o.
* server.c (handle_query): Claim support for breakpoint commands.
(process_point_options): Add command case.
(process_serial_event): Leave running if there are printfs in
* mem-break.h (any_persistent_commands): Declare.
(add_breakpoint_commands): Declare.
(gdb_no_commands_at_breakpoint): Declare.
(run_breakpoint_commands): Declare.
* mem-break.c (struct point_command_list): New struct.
(struct breakpoint): New field command_list.
(any_persistent_commands): New function.
(add_commands_to_breakpoint): New function.
(add_breakpoint_commands): New function.
(gdb_no_commands_at_breakpoint): New function.
(run_breakpoint_commands): New function.
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Test for and run breakpoint commands
* ax.c: Include format.h.
(ax_printf): New function.
(gdb_eval_agent_expr): Add printf opcode.
2012-06-13 Yao Qi <>
* server.c (start_inferior): Remove duplicated writes to fields
'last_resume_kind' and 'last_status' of 'current_inferior'.
2012-06-12 Yao Qi <>
Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_set_resume_request): Simplify predicate. Add
* server.c (handle_v_cont): Extend comment.
2012-06-11 Yao Qi <>
* linux-low.c (linux_attach): Add 'static'.
2012-06-06 Yao Qi <>
* ax.c (gdb_eval_agent_expr): Print `top' in hex.
2012-06-01 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix gcc -flto compilation warning.
* server.c (main): Make variable multi_mode and attach volatile.
2012-05-30 Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
* linux-low.c (get_r_debug): Disable code using DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP
if the platform doesn't know about it.
2012-05-30 Jeff Kenton <>
* (SFILES): Add linux-tile-low.c.
(linux-tile-low.o, reg-tilegx.o, reg-tilegx.c): New rules.
* configure.srv: Handle tilegx-*-linux*.
* linux-tile-low.c: New file.
2012-05-28 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4): Return -1 if R_DEBUG is -1.
2012-05-24 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/7205
Replace TARGET_SIGNAL_ with GDB_SIGNAL_ throughout.
2012-05-24 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/7205
Replace target_signal with gdb_signal throughout.
2012-05-22 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.c (linux_store_registers): Avoid the copying sequence
when no data has been retrieved by ptrace.
2012-05-22 Will Deacon <>
* linux-low (__UCLIBC__ && !(__UCLIBC_HAS_MMU__ || __ARCH_HAS_MMU__)):
Include asm/ptrace.h.
already defined.
2012-05-21 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.c (linux_store_registers): Don't re-retrieve data
with ptrace that has already been obtained from /proc. Always
copy any data retrieved with ptrace to the buffer supplied.
2012-05-11 Yao Qi <>
Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (enum stopping_threads_kind): New.
(stopping_threads): Change type to `enum stopping_threads_kind'.
(handle_extended_wait): If stopping and suspending threads, leave
the new_lwp suspended too.
(linux_wait_for_event): Adjust.
(stop_all_lwps): Set `stopping_threads' to
whether we're suspending threads or just stopping them. Assert no
recursion happens.
2012-04-29 Yao Qi <>
* server.h: Move some code to ...
* gdbthread.h: ... here. New.
* (inferiors.o, regcache.o): Depends on gdbthread.h
(remote-utils.o, server.o, target.o tracepoint.o): Likewise.
(nto-low.o, win32-low.o): Likewise.
* inferiors.c, linux-low.h, nto-low.c: Include gdbthread.h.
* regcache.c, remote-utils.c, server.c: Likewise.
* target.c, tracepoint.c, win32-low.c: Likewise.
2012-04-24 Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
* linux-low.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Move macro from linux-low.c.
(PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE): Likewise.
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_prepare_to_resume): Cast third argument of
ptrace to PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
* linux-low.c (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Move macro to linux-low.h.
(PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE): Likewise.
(linux_detach_one_lwp): Cast fourth argument of
ptrace to long then PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE.
(regsets_fetch_inferior_registers): Cast third argument of
ptrace to long then PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
(regsets_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
2012-04-20 Pedro Alves <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
(all, install-only, uninstall, clean-info, all-lib, clean): No
longer pass GNULIB_FLAGS_TO_PASS. Use subdir_do.
(maintainer-clean realclean distclean): Use subdir_do.
(subdir_do): New.
(gnulib/import/Makefile): Adjust. Replace gnulib/import with
$(GNULIB_BUILDDIR). Don't pass argument to config.status.
* acinclude.m4: Include acx_configure_dir.m4.
* Remove gl_EARLY, gl_INIT, and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
calls. Call AC_PROG_RANLIB. Configure gnulib using
(GNULIB): New.
(AC_OUTPUT): Don't output gnulib/Makefile anymore.
* gdbreplay.c: Include build-gnulib/config.h.
* server.h: Likewise.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* (LIBGNU, INCGNU): Adjust.
(all, install-only, uninstall, clean-info, all-lib, clean)
(maintainer-clean, Makefile, gnulib/Makefile): Adjust.
* Adjust AC_OUTPUT output.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* (generated_files): New.
(server_h): Remove the explicit dependency on config.h, and depend
on $generated_files.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* (INCGNU): Add -Ignulib.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* (GNULIB_INCLUDE_DIR): Rename to ...
(INCGNU): ... this, and spell out -I here.
(GNULIB_LIB): Rename to ...
(LIBGNU): ... this.
(INCLUDE_CFLAGS, gdbserver$(EXEEXT), $(GNULIB_LIB) rule): Adjust.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* Regenerate.
2012-04-19 Pedro Alves <>
* Remove AC_CHECK_DECLS check for memmem.
* server.h (memmem): Remove declaration.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-04-19 Yao Qi <>
* (SFILES): Add common/vec.c.
(OBS): Add vec.o.
(vec.o): New rule.
2012-04-19 Yao Qi <>
* remote-utils.c (prepare_resume_reply): Replace with macro
* server.c (handle_qxfer_threads_proper): Likewise.
* target.h (traget_core_of_thread): New macro.
2012-04-18 Pedro Alves <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-04-16 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtstart): Download tracepoints even when they are
duplicated on address.
2012-04-16 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (COPY_FIELD_TO_BUF): New macro.
(struct tracepoint_action_ops) <send>: New field.
(m_tracepoint_action_send, r_tracepoint_action_send): New.
(agent_expr_send, x_tracepoint_action_send): New.
(l_tracepoint_action_send): New.
(cmd_qtdp): Download and install tracepoint
according to `use_agent'.
(run_inferior_command): Add one more parameter `len'.
Update callers.
(tracepoint_send_agent): New.
(cmd_qtdp, cmd_qtstart): Call tracepoint_send_agent.
2012-04-16 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (download_tracepoints): Moved to ...
(cmd_qtstart): ... here.
2012-04-14 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c: Include inttypes.h.
(struct collect_memory_action): Use sized types.
(struct tracepoint): Likewise.
(cmd_qtdp, stop_tracing): Update print specifiers.
(cmd_qtp, response_tracepoint): Likewise.
(collect_data_at_tracepoint): Likewise.
(collect_data_at_step): Likewise.
2012-04-14 Yao Qi <>
Import gnulib module inttypes.
* aclocal.m4,, configure: Regenerated.
2012-04-14 Yao Qi <>
* (maintainer-clean, realclean, distclean): Remove
Makefile and config.status at last.
2012-04-13 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c: Include stdint.h unconditionally.
2012-04-13 Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
* acinclude.m4 (GDBSERVER_HAVE_THREAD_DB_TYPE): New macro based
* Look for lwpid_t and psaddr_t in libthread_db.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
2012-04-13 H.J. Lu <>
* (clean): Also remove x32.c x32-linux.c
x32-avx.c x32-avx-linux.c.
(x32.o): New target.
(x32.c): Likewise.
(x32-linux.o): Likewise.
(x32-linux.c): Likewise.
(x32-avx.o): Likewise.
(x32-avx.c): Likewise.
(x32-avx-linux.o): Likewise.
(x32-avx-linux.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv (srv_amd64_regobj): Add x32.o x32-avx.o.
(srv_amd64_linux_regobj): Add x32-linux.o x32-avx-linux.o.
(srv_i386_64bit_xmlfiles): Add i386/x32-core.xml.
(srv_amd64_xmlfiles): Add i386/x32.xml i386/x32-avx.xml.
(srv_amd64_linux_xmlfiles): Add i386/x32-linux.xml
* linux-x86-low.c (init_registers_x32_linux): New prototype.
(init_registers_x32_avx_linux): Likwise.
(x86_linux_update_xmltarget): Call init_registers_x32_linux
or init_registers_x32_avx_linux if linux_is_elf64 is false.
2012-04-13 Pedro Alves <>
(FLAGS_TO_PASS): Don't change or set $top_srcdir, $srcdir and VPATH.
(all, uninstall, clean-info, all-lib, clean, maintainer-clean)
(realclean, distclean): Explicitly pass $GNULIB_FLAGS_TO_PASS to
the sub-make.
2012-04-12 H.J. Lu <>
* linux-x86-low.c (compat_x32_clock_t): New.
(compat_x32_siginfo_t): Likewise.
(compat_x32_siginfo_from_siginfo): Likewise.
(siginfo_from_compat_x32_siginfo): Likewise.
(linux_is_elf64): Likewise.
(x86_siginfo_fixup): Call compat_x32_siginfo_from_siginfo
and siginfo_from_compat_x32_siginfo for x32.
(x86_arch_setup): Set linux_is_elf64.
2012-04-12 H.J. Lu <>
PR gdb/13969
* linux-low.c (linux_pid_exe_is_elf_64_file): Also return the
e_machine field.
(linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4): Update call to elf_64_file_p.
* linux-low.h (linux_pid_exe_is_elf_64_file): Updated.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_arch_setup): Check if GDBserver is
compatible with process.
2012-04-12 Yao Qi <>
* Define abs_top_srcdir and abs_srcdir.
(install-only, install-info, clean): Handle sub dir gnulib.
(all-lib, am--refresh): New targets.
(memmem.o): Remove target.
Invoke gl_EARLY. Invoke AC_CHECK_PROGS for make.
(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Remove memmem.
(AC_OUTPUT): Generate Makefile in gnulib/.
* aclocal.m4,, configure: Regenerated.
2012-04-10 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.c (get_r_debug): Handle DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP.
2012-04-05 Pedro Alves <>
* spu-low.c (parse_spufs_run): Avoid dereferencing type-punned
2012-04-04 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-sparc-low.c (sparc_fill_gregset_to_stack)
(sparc_store_gregset_from_stack, sparc_store_gregset)
(sparc_breakpoint_at): Fix formatting.
2012-03-30 Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
* Check whether Elf32_auxv_t and Elf64_auxv_t
are available.
* linux-low.c [HAVE_ELF32_AUXV_T] (Elf32_auxv_t): Add typedef.
[HAVE_ELF64_AUXV_T] (Elf64_auxv_t): Likewise.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
2012-03-29 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (regsets_store_inferior_registers) [__sparc__]:
Correct ptrace arguments.
2012-03-28 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-ia64-low.c (ia64_regmap): Map IA64_EC_REGNUM to PT_AR_EC.
(IA64_FR1_REGNUM): New defines.
(ia64_fetch_register): New.
(the_low_target): Install it.
* linux-low.h (struct linux_target_ops) <fetch_register>: New
* linux-low.c (linux_fetch_registers): Try the
the_low_target.fetch_register hook first.
* linux-arm-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-bfin-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-cris-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-crisv32-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-m32r-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-m68k-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-mips-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-ppc-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-s390-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-sh-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-sparc-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-tic6x-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-x86-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
* linux-xtensa-low.c (the_low_target): Adjust.
2012-03-26 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (handle_qxfer_libraries): Don't bail early if
the_target->qxfer_libraries_svr4 is not NULL.
2012-03-26 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4): Fix pasto in comment.
2012-03-23 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4): Terminate the
"library-list-svr4" element's start tag when the the DSO list is
2012-03-23 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (read_one_ptr): Read the inferior's pointer through
a variable whose type size is the same as the inferior's pointer
2012-03-21 Thomas Schwinge <>
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_stopped_by_watchpoint): Use siginfo_t instead of
struct siginfo.
* linux-low.c (siginfo_fixup, linux_xfer_siginfo): Likewise.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_siginfo_fixup): Likewise.
* linux-low.h: Include <signal.h>.
(struct siginfo): Remove forward declaration.
(struct linux_target_ops) <siginfo_fixup>: Use siginfo_t instead of
struct siginfo.
2012-03-21 Mike Frysinger <>
* .gitignore: Ignore more files.
2012-03-19 Pedro Alves <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
* server.c (cont_thread, general_thread): Add describing comments.
(start_inferior): Clear `cont_thread'.
(handle_v_cont): Don't set `cont_thread' if resuming all threads
of a process.
2012-03-15 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (install_tracepoint): Move duplicated tracepoint
handling to ...
(cmd_qtdp): ... here.
2012-03-15 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (struct tracepoint_action_ops): New.
(struct tracepoint_action) [!IN_PROCESS_AGENT] <ops>: New field.
(m_tracepoint_action_download): New.
(r_tracepoint_action_download): New.
(x_tracepoint_action_download): New.
(l_tracepoint_action_download): New.
(add_tracepoint_action): Install `action->ops' according type.
(download_tracepoint_1): Move code `download' function pointer
of various tracepoint_action_ops.
2012-03-13 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_attach_lwp_1): New variable buffer. Call
2012-03-13 Jan Kratochvil <>
* (linux-ptrace.o): New.
* configure.srv (arm*-*-linux*, bfin-*-*linux*, crisv32-*-linux*)
(cris-*-linux*, i[34567]86-*-linux*, ia64-*-linux*, m32r*-*-linux*)
(m68*-*-linux*, m68*-*-uclinux*, mips*-*-linux*, powerpc*-*-linux*)
(s390*-*-linux*, sh*-*-linux*, sparc*-*-linux*, tic6x-*-uclinux)
(x86_64-*-linux*, xtensa*-*-linux*): Add linux-ptrace.o to SRV_TGTOBJ
of these targets.
* linux-low.c (linux_attach_lwp_1): Remove redundent else clause.
2012-03-08 Yao Qi <>
Pedro Alves <>
Fix PR server/13392.
* linux-x86-low.c (amd64_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): Check
offset of JMP insn.
* tracepoint.c (remove_tracepoint): New.
(cmd_qtdp): Call remove_tracepoint when failed to install.
2012-03-07 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (get_detach_signal): New.
(linux_detach_one_lwp): Get rid of a pending SIGSTOP with SIGCONT.
Pass on pending signals to PTRACE_DETACH. Check the result of the
ptrace call.
* server.c (program_signals, program_signals_p): New.
(handle_general_set): Handle QProgramSignals.
* server.h (program_signals, program_signals_p): Declare.
2012-03-05 Pedro Alves <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (get_dynamic): Don't warn when PT_PHDR isn't found.
New comment why.
2012-03-03 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (tracepoint_look_up_symbols): Update call to
2012-03-03 Yao Qi <>
* (linux-low.o): Keep dependence on agent.h.
(linux-x86-low.o): Likewise.
* server.h: Remove in_process_agent_loaded.
* tracepoint.c (in_process_agent_loaded): Removed. Moved it
Update callers.
2012-03-03 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (gdb_agent_capability): New global.
(in_process_agent_loaded_ust): Renamed to
Update callers.
(in_process_agent_supports_ust): Call agent_capability_check.
(clear_installed_tracepoints): Assert that agent supports
2012-03-03 Yao Qi <>
* linux-low.c (linux_supports_agent): New.
(linux_target_ops): Initialize field `supports_agent' with
* target.h (struct target_ops) <supports_agent>: New.
(target_supports_agent): New macro.
* server.c (handle_general_set): Handle packet 'QAgent'.
(handle_query): Send `QAgent+'.
* (server.o): Depends on agent.h.
2012-03-03 Yao Qi <>
* (OBS): Add agent.o.
Add new rule for agent.o.
Track dependence of tracepoint.c on agent.h.
* tracepoint.c (run_inferior_command_1):
(run_inferior_command): Call agent_run_command.
(gdb_ust_connect_sync_socket): Deleted. Move it to
(resume_thread, stop_thread): Likewise.
(gdb_ust_socket_init): Renamed to ...
(gdb_agent_socket_init): ... New.
(gdb_ust_thread): Renamed to ...
(gdb_agent_helper_thread): ... New.
(gdb_ust_init): Move some code to ...
(gdb_agent_init): ... here. New.
[HAVE_UST]: Call gdb_ust_init.
(initialize_tracepoint_ftlib): Call gdb_agent_init.
* Add `sys/un.h' to AC_CHECK_HEADERS.
*, configure: Regenerated.
2012-03-02 Pedro Alves <>
* inferiors.c (add_pid_to_list, pull_pid_from_list): Delete.
* linux-low.c (struct simple_pid_list): New.
(stopped_pids): New a struct simple_pid_list pointer.
(add_to_pid_list, pull_pid_from_list): New.
(handle_extended_wait): Don't assume the first signal new children
report is SIGSTOP. Adjust call to pull_pid_from_list.
(linux_wait_for_lwp): Adjust.
2012-03-02 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (do_action_at_tracepoint): Write `stop_pc' in
debug log.
2012-03-02 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (collect_ust_data_at_tracepoint): Remove parameters
`stop_pc' and `tpoint'. Update caller.
2012-03-01 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.h (linux_target_ops): Add regset_bitmap member.
* linux-low.c (use_linux_regsets): New macro.
[!HAVE_LINUX_REGSETS] (regsets_fetch_inferior_registers): Likewise.
[!HAVE_LINUX_REGSETS] (regsets_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
(linux_register_in_regsets): New function.
(usr_fetch_inferior_registers): Skip registers covered by
(usr_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
(usr_fetch_inferior_registers): New macro.
(usr_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
(linux_fetch_registers): Handle mixed regset/non-regset targets.
(linux_store_registers): Likewise.
* linux-mips-low.c (init_registers_mips_dsp_linux): New
(init_registers_mips64_dsp_linux): Likewise.
(init_registers_mips_linux): New macro.
(init_registers_mips_dsp_linux): Likewise.
(mips_dsp_num_regs): Likewise.
(DSP_BASE, DSP_CONTROL): New fallback macros.
(mips_base_regs): New macro.
(mips_regmap): Use it. Fix the size.
(mips_dsp_regmap): New variable.
(mips_dsp_regset_bitmap): Likewise.
(mips_arch_setup): New function.
(mips_cannot_fetch_register): Use the_low_target.regmap rather
than mips_regmap.
(mips_cannot_store_register): Likewise.
(the_low_target): Update .arch_setup, .num_regs and .regmap
initializers. Add .regset_bitmap initializer.
* linux-arm-low.c (the_low_target): Add .regset_bitmap
* linux-bfin-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-cris-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-crisv32-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-ia64-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-m32r-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-m68k-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-ppc-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-s390-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-sh-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-sparc-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-tic6x-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-x86-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* linux-xtensa-low.c (the_low_target): Likewise.
* configure.srv <mips*-*-linux*>: Add mips-dsp-linux.o and
mips64-dsp-linux.o to srv_regobj. Add mips-dsp-linux.xml,
mips64-dsp-linux.xml, mips-dsp.xml and mips64-dsp.xml to
* (mips-dsp-linux.o, mips-dsp-linux.c): New targets.
(mips64-dsp-linux.o, mips64-dsp-linux.c): Likewise.
2012-02-29 Yao Qi <>
Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c: (linux_wait_1): Call unsuspend_all_lwps when
`step_over_finished' is true.
2012-02-27 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (pid_is_stopped): Delete, moved to common/.
(linux_attach_lwp_1): Adjust to use linux_proc_pid_is_stopped.
2012-02-27 Pedro Alves <>
PR server/9684
* linux-low.c (pid_is_stopped): New.
(linux_attach_lwp_1): Handle attaching to 'T (stopped)' processes.
2012-02-25 Luis Machado <>
* mem-break.c (clear_gdb_breakpoint_conditions): Fix de-allocation
of conditions.
2012-02-24 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-mips-low.c (mips_regmap): Correct the index of $f9.
2012-02-24 Luis Machado <lgustavo@codesourcery>
* server.c (handle_query): Advertise support for target-side
breakpoint condition evaluation.
(process_point_options): New function.
(process_serial_event): When inserting a breakpoint, check for
a target-side condition that should be evaluated.
* mem-break.c: Include regcache.h and ax.h.
(point_cond_list_t): New data structure.
(breakpoint) <cond_list>: New field.
(find_gdb_breakpoint_at): Make non-static.
(delete_gdb_breakpoint_at): Clear any target-side
(clear_gdb_breakpoint_conditions): New function.
(add_condition_to_breakpoint): Likewise.
(add_breakpoint_condition): Likewise.
(gdb_condition_true_at_breakpoint): Likewise.
(gdb_breakpoint_here): Return result directly instead
of going through a local variable.
* mem-break.h (find_gdb_breakpoint_at): New prototype.
(clear_gdb_breakpoint_conditions): Likewise.
(add_breakpoint_condition): Likewise.
(gdb_condition_true_at_breakpoint): Likewise.
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Evaluate target-side breakpoint condition.
(need_step_over_p): Take target-side breakpoint condition into
2012-02-24 Luis Machado <lgustavo@codesourcery>
* server.h: Include tracepoint.h.
(agent_mem_read, agent_get_trace_state_variable_value,
agent_tsv_read, agent_mem_read_string, get_get_tsv_func_addr,
get_set_tsv_func_addr): New prototypes.
* ax.h: New include file.
* ax.c: New source file.
* tracepoint.c: Include ax.h.
(gdb_agent_op, gdb_agent_op_names, gdb_agent_op_sizes,
agent_expr, eval_result_type): Move to ax.h.
(parse_agent_expr): Rename to ...
(gdb_parse_agent_expr): ... this, make it non-static and move
to ax.h.
(unparse_agent_expr) Rename to ...
(gdb_unparse_agent_expr): ... this, make it non-static and move
to ax.h.
(eval_agent_expr): Rename to ...
(eval_tracepoint_agent_expr): ... this.
(agent_mem_read, agent_mem_read_string, agent_tsv_read): Remove
forward declarations.
(add_tracepoint_action): Call gdb_parse_agent_expr (...).
(agent_get_trace_state_variable_value): New function.
(agent_set_trace_state_variable_value): New function.
(cmd_qtdp): Call gdb_parse_agent_expr (...).
(response_tracepoint): Call gdb_unparse_agent_expr (...).
(do_action_at_tracepoint): Call eval_tracepoint_agent_expr (...).
(condition_true_at_tracepoint): Likewise.
(parse_agent_expr): Rename to ...
(gdb_parse_agent_expr): ... this and move to ax.c.
(unparse_agent_expr): Rename to ...
(gdb_unparse_agent_expr): ... this and move to ax.c.
(gdb_agent_op_name): Move to ax.c.
(eval_agent_expr): Rename to ...
(gdb_eval_agent_expr): ... this, use regcache passed as parameter
and move to ax.c.
(eval_tracepoint_agent_expr): New function.
(agent_mem_read, agent_mem_read_string, agent_tsv_read): Make
(current_insn_ptr, emit_error, struct bytecode_address): Move to
(emit_prologue, emit_epilogue, emit_add, emit_sub, emit_mul, emit_lsh,
emit_rsh_signed, emit_rsh_unsigned, emit_ext, emit_log_not,
emit_bit_and, emit_bit_or, emit_bit_xor, emit_bit_not, emit_equal,
emit_less_signed, emit_less_unsigned, emit_ref, emit_if_goto,
emit_goto, write_goto_address, emit_const, emit_reg, emit_pop,
emit_stack, emit_zero_ext, emit_swap, emit_stack_adjust,
emit_int_call_1, emit_void_call_2, emit_eq_goto, emit_ne_goto,
emit_lt_goto, emit_ge_goto, emit_gt_goto, emit_le_goto): Move to ax.c.
(get_get_tsv_func_addr, get_set_tsv_func_addr): New functions.
(compile_bytecodes): Remove forward declaration.
(is_goto_target): Move to ax.c.
(compile_bytecodes): Move to ax.c and call
agent_get_trace_state_variable_value (...) and
agent_set_trace_state_variable_value (...).
* Update ax.c and IPA dependencies.
2012-02-24 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_bigqtbuffer): Rename as ...
(cmd_bigqtbuffer_circular): ... this. Only handle
(handle_tracepoint_general_set): Adjust.
2012-02-16 Yao Qi <>
* inferiors.c: Move code to ...
* dll.c: .... here. New.
* server.h: Declare clear_dlls.
* (SFILES): Add dll.c.
(OBS): Add dll.o
(dll.o): New rule.
2012-02-11 Yao Qi <>
* server.c: (handle_monitor_command): Add a new parameter
(handle_query): Update caller.
2012-02-09 Joel Brobecker <>
* Add readlink to AC_CHECK_FUNCS list.
* configure, Regenerate.
* hostio.c: Provide an alternate implementation if HAVE_READLINK
is not defined.
2012-02-02 Pedro Alves <>
Try SIGKILL first, then PTRACE_KILL.
* linux-low.c (linux_kill_one_lwp): New.
(linux_kill_one_lwp): Rename to ...
(kill_one_lwp_callback): ... this. Use the new
2012-02-02 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtminftpilen): Return 0 if there's no current
2012-01-27 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_child_pid_to_exec_file): Delete.
(elf_64_file_p): Make static.
(linux_pid_exe_is_elf_64_file): New.
* linux-low.h (linux_child_pid_to_exec_file, elf_64_file_p):
Delete declarations.
(linux_pid_exe_is_elf_64_file): Declare.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_arch_setup): Use
2012-01-25 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_for_event_1): Rename to ...
(linux_wait_for_event): ... here and merge it with former
linux_wait_for_event - new variable wait_ptid, use it.
(linux_wait_for_event): Remove - merge it to linux_wait_for_event_1.
2012-01-23 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (main): Avoid yet another case of infinite loop while
detaching/killing after a longjmp.
2012-01-20 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup.
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_for_event_1): Use ptid_is_pid.
2012-01-20 Ulrich Weigand <>
* hostio.c (handle_readlink): New function.
(handle_vFile): Call it to handle "vFile:readlink" packets.
2012-01-20 Pedro Alves <>
Ulrich Weigand <>
* server.c (handle_v_requests): Only support vAttach and vRun to
start multiple processes when in extended protocol mode.
2012-01-17 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (initialize_tracepoint): Use mmap instead of
memalign plus mprotect to allocate the scratch buffer.
2012-01-13 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (attach_inferior): Clear `cont_thread'.
2012-01-13 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (main): Avoid infinite loop while detaching/killing
after a longjmp.
2012-01-09 Doug Evans <>
* server.c (start_inferior): Set last_ptid in --wrapper case.
2012-01-06 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c [IN_PROCESS_AGENT] (debug_threads): Macro
[IN_PROCESS_AGENT] (debug_agent): New global variable.
2012-01-04 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtdp): Print debug message
for static tracepoint.
2012-01-04 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (trace_vdebug): Differentiate debug message
between gdbserver and IPA.
2012-01-03 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (tracepoint_was_hit): Don't collect for
static tracepoint.
2012-01-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* terminal.h: Reformat copyright header.
2012-01-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* server.c (gdbserver_version): Update copyright year.
* gdbreplay.c (gdbreplay_version): Likewise.
2011-12-18 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_create_inferior): Put empty if clause for write.
2011-12-18 Hui Zhu <>
* linux-low.c (linux_create_inferior): Save return value to ret.
2011-12-18 Hui Zhu <>
* linux-low.c (linux_create_inferior): Save return value to ret.
2011-12-16 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c (linux_create_inferior): If stdio connection,
redirect stdin from /dev/null, stdout to stderr.
* remote-utils.c (remote_is_stdio): New static global.
(remote_connection_is_stdio): New function.
(remote_prepare): Handle stdio connection.
(remote_open): Ditto.
(remote_close): Don't close stdin for stdio connections.
(read_prim,write_prim): New functions. Replace all calls to
read/write to these.
* server.c (main): Watch for "-" argument. Move call to
remote_prepare before start_inferior.
* server.h (STDIO_CONNECTION_NAME): New macro.
(remote_connection_is_stdio): Declare.
* remote-utils.c (prepare_resume_reply): Remove extraneous \n
in debugging output.
2011-12-15 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c: Include sys/syscall.h.
(gdb_ust_thread): Remove preprocessor conditional.
2011-12-14 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_detach_one_lwp): Call
the_low_target.prepare_to_resume before detaching.
2011-12-14 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (gdb_ust_thread): Don't ignore return value
of write.
2011-12-14 Yao Qi <>
* i386-low.c (i386_low_stopped_data_address): Initialize local
variable `control'.
2011-12-13 Pedro Alves <>
PR remote/13492
* i386-low.c (i386_low_stopped_data_address): Avoid fetching
DR_CONTROL unless necessary. Extend comments.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_linux_prepare_to_resume): Don't write to
DR0-3 if not used. If any watchpoint was set, clear DR_STATUS.
2011-12-13 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (trace_buffer_alloc): Replace magic numbers with
(upload_fast_traceframes, upload_fast_traceframes): Likewise.
2011-12-08 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_kill): Skip PTRACE_KILL if LWP does not exist.
Print new debug message for such case.
2011-12-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix overlapping memcpy.
* mem-break.c (set_raw_breakpoint_at): New variable buf. Use it for
the read_inferior_memory transfer.
(delete_fast_tracepoint_jump): New variable buf. Use it for the
write_inferior_memory transfer.
(set_fast_tracepoint_jump): New variable buf. Use it for the
read_inferior_memory and write_inferior_memory transfers.
(uninsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at, reinsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at)
(delete_raw_breakpoint, uninsert_raw_breakpoint): New variable buf.
Use it for the write_inferior_memory transfer.
(check_mem_read, check_mem_write): New gdb_asserts for overlapping
2011-12-06 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.c (fetch_register, store_register): Make code
consistent, fix formatting.
2011-12-06 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-low.c (usr_store_inferior_registers): Factor out code
to handle individual registers into...
(store_register): ... this new function.
2011-12-06 Ulrich Weigand <>
* (s390-linux32v1.o, s390-linux32v1.c): New rules.
(s390-linux32v2.o, s390-linux32v2.c): Likewise.
(s390-linux64v1.o, s390-linux64v1.c): Likewise.
(s390-linux64v2.o, s390-linux64v2.c): Likewise.
(s390x-linux64v1.o, s390x-linux64v1.c): Likewise.
(s390x-linux64v2.o, s390x-linux64v2.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv [s390*-*-linux*] (srv_regobj): Add new objects.
(srv_xmlfiles): Add new XML files.
* linux-s390-low.c: Include "elf/common.h", <sys/ptrace.h>,
and <sys/uio.h>.
(init_registers_s390_linux32v1): Add prototype.
(init_registers_s390_linux32v2): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390_linux64v1): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390_linux64v2): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390x_linux64v1): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390x_linux64v2): Likewise.
(s390_num_regs): Increment to 52.
(s390_regmap): Add orig_r2 register.
(s390_num_regs_3264): Increment to 68.
(s390_regmap_3264): Add orig_r2 register.
(s390_collect_ptrace_register): Handle orig_r2 register.
(s390_supply_ptrace_register): Likewise.
(s390_fill_last_break): New function.
(s390_store_last_break): Likewise.
(s390_fill_system_call): New function.
(s390_store_system_call): Likewise.
(target_regsets): Handle NT_S390_LAST_BREAK and NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL
register sets.
(s390_check_regset): New function.
(s390_arch_setup): Check for presence of NT_S390_LAST_BREAK and
NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL regsets and use appropriate description.
Update target_regsets for available register sets.
2011-12-02 Paul Pluzhnikov <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (get_phdr_phnum_from_proc_auxv, get_dynamic, get_r_debug)
(read_one_ptr, struct link_map_offsets, linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4):
(struct linux_target_ops): Install linux_qxfer_libraries_svr4.
* linux-low.h (struct process_info_private): New member r_debug.
* server.c (handle_qxfer_libraries): Call
(handle_qxfer_libraries_svr4): New function.
(qxfer_packets): New entry "libraries-svr4".
(handle_query): Check QXFER_LIBRARIES_SVR4 and report libraries-svr4.
* target.h (struct target_ops): New member qxfer_libraries_svr4.
* remote.c (remote_xfer_partial): Call add_packet_config_cmd for
2011-11-30 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-s390-low.c (s390_collect_ptrace_register): Fully convert
PSW address/mask between 8-byte and 16-byte formats.
(s390_supply_ptrace_register): Likewise.
(s390_get_pc, s390_set_pc): 4-byte PSW address always includes
basic addressing mode bit.
2011-11-24 Stan Shebs <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtstatus): Use plongest instead of %llx.
2011-11-17 Stan Shebs <>
* tracepoint.c (struct tracepoint): New field traceframe_usage.
(tracing_start_time): New global.
(tracing_stop_time): New global.
(tracing_user_name): New global.
(tracing_notes): New global.
(tracing_stop_note): New global.
(cmd_qtstart): Set traceframe_usage, start_time.
(stop_tracing): Set stop_time.
(cmd_qtstatus): Report additional status.
(cmd_qtp): New function.
(handle_tracepoint_query): Call it.
(cmd_qtnotes): New function.
(handle_tracepoint_general_set): Call it.
(get_timestamp): Rename from tsv_get_timestamp.
2011-11-14 Stan Shebs <>
Kwok Cheung Yeung <>
* linux-x86-low.c (small_jump_insn): New.
(i386_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): Add arguments for
trampoline and error message, build a trampoline and issue a small
jump instruction to it.
(x86_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): Add arguments for
trampoline and error message.
(x86_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len): New.
(the_low_target): Add call to x86_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len.
* linux-low.h (struct linux_target_ops): Add arguments to
install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad operation, add new operation.
* linux-low.c (linux_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): Add
(linux_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len): New function.
(linux_target_op): Add new operation.
* tracepoint.c (gdb_trampoline_buffer): New IPA variable.
(gdb_trampoline_buffer_end): Ditto.
(gdb_trampoline_buffer_error): Ditto.
(struct ipa_sym_addresses): Add fields for new IPA variables.
(symbol_list): Add entries for new IPA variables.
(struct tracepoint): Add fields to hold the address range of the
trampoline used by the tracepoint.
(trampoline_buffer_head): New static variable.
(trampoline_buffer_tail): Ditto.
(claim_trampoline_space): New function.
(have_fast_tracepoint_trampoline_buffer): New function.
(clone_fast_tracepoint): Fill in trampoline fields of tracepoint
(install_fast_tracepoint): Ditto, also add error buffer argument.
(cmd_qtminftpilen): New function.
(handle_tracepoint_query): Add response to qTMinFTPILen packet.
(fast_tracepoint_from_trampoline_address): New function.
(fast_tracepoint_collecting): Handle trampoline as part of jump
pad space.
(set_trampoline_buffer_space): New function.
(initialize_tracepoint): Initialize new IPA variables.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Add arguments to
install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad operation, add new
get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len operation.
(target_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len): New.
(install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): Add arguments.
* server.h (IPA_BUFSIZ): Define.
* linux-i386-ipa.c: Include extra header files.
(initialize_fast_tracepoint_trampoline_buffer): New function.
(initialize_low_tracepoint): Call it.
* server.h (set_trampoline_buffer_space): Declare.
(claim_trampoline_space): Ditto.
(have_fast_tracepoint_trampoline_buffer): Ditto.
2011-11-14 Yao Qi <>
* server.c (handle_query): Handle InstallInTrace for qSupported.
* tracepoint.c (add_tracepoint): Sort list.
(install_tracepoint, download_tracepoint): New.
(cmd_qtdp): Call them to install and download tracepoints.
(sort_tracepoints): Removed.
(cmd_qtstart): Update.
2011-11-14 Yao Qi <>
* mem-break.c (inc_ref_fast_tracepoint_jump): New.
* mem-break.h: Declare.
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtstart): Move some code to ...
(clone_fast_tracepoint, install_fast_tracepoint): ... here.
(download_tracepoints): Move some code to ...
(download_tracepoint_1): ... here. New.
2011-11-08 Yao Qi <>
* remote-utils.c (relocate_instruction): A comment fix.
2011-11-07 Joel Brobecker <>
* win32-i386-low.c (dr_status_mirror, dr_control_mirror): Delete.
(i386_dr_low_get_control, i386_dr_low_get_status): Use
dr_status_mirror and dr_control_mirror from debug_reg_state.
(i386_dr_low_get_status): Use debug_reg_state.dr_status_mirror
(i386_initial_stuff): Remove use of deleted globals.
(i386_get_thread_context, i386_set_thread_context,
i386_thread_added): Use dr_status_mirror and dr_control_mirror
from debug_reg_state.
2011-11-05 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (gdb_collect): Loop over tracepoints of same
address as TPOINT's.
2011-11-02 Stan Shebs <>
* tracepoint.c (agent_mem_read_string): New function.
(eval_agent_expr): Call it for tracenz.
* server.c (handle_query): Report support for tracenz.
2011-11-02 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtstart): Remove unused local variables.
2011-11-02 Yao Qi <>
* target.h: Fix a typo in comment.
2011-10-31 Pedro Alves <>
* mem-break.c (check_mem_write): Add `myaddr' parameter. Don't
clobber the breakpoints' shadows with fast tracepoint jumps.
* mem-break.h (check_mem_write): Add `myaddr' parameter.
* target.c (write_inferior_memory): Also pass MYADDR down to
2011-10-07 Ulrich Weigand <>
* Check support for personality routine.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* linux-low.c: Include <sys/personality.h>.
Define ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE if necessary.
(linux_create_inferior): Disable address space randomization when
forking inferior, if requested.
(linux_supports_disable_randomization): New function.
(linux_target_ops): Install it.
* server.h (disable_randomization): Declare.
* server.c (disable_randomization): New global variable.
(handle_general_set): Handle QDisableRandomization.
(handle_query): Likewise for qSupported.
(main): Support --disable-randomization and --no-disable-randomization
command line arguments.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Add supports_disable_randomization.
(target_supports_disable_randomization): New macro.
2011-09-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* linux-low.c (target_loadseg): Add defined PTRACE_GETFDPIC to the
ifdef check.
[PT_GETDSBT] (target_loadmap): Wrap in a defined PT_GETDSBT check.
[!PT_GETDSBT] (target_loadmap): New definition.
(linux_read_loadmap): Change PTRACE_GETDSBT_EXEC to
[!PT_GETDSBT] (linux_read_loadmap): Define to NULL.
(linux_target_ops): Delete unnecessary ifdef PT_GETDSBT check.
2011-09-21 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-arm-low.c (struct arm_linux_hwbp_cap): Remove.
(arm_linux_hwbp_cap): New static variable.
(arm_linux_get_hwbp_cap): Replace by ...
(arm_linux_init_hwbp_cap): ... this new function.
(arm_linux_get_hw_breakpoint_count): Use arm_linux_hwbp_cap.
(arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_count): Likewise.
(arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_max_length): Likewise.
(arm_arch_setup): Call arm_linux_init_hwbp_cap.
(arm_prepare_to_resume): Use perror_with_name instead of error.
2011-09-21 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-arm-low.c: Include <signal.h>.
(struct arm_linux_hwbp_cap): New data type.
(arm_hwbp_type, arm_hwbp_control_t): New typedefs.
(struct arm_linux_hw_breakpoint): New data type.
(struct arch_process_info, struct arch_lwp_info): New data types.
(arm_linux_get_hwbp_cap): New function.
(arm_linux_get_hw_breakpoint_count): Likewise.
(arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_count): Likewise.
(arm_linux_get_hw_watchpoint_max_length): Likewise.
(arm_hwbp_control_initialize): Likewise.
(arm_hwbp_control_is_enabled): Likewise.
(arm_hwbp_control_is_initialized): Likewise.
(arm_hwbp_control_disable): Likewise.
(arm_linux_hw_breakpoint_equal): Likewise.
(arm_linux_hw_point_initialize): Likewise.
(struct update_registers_data): New data structure.
(update_registers_callback: New function.
(arm_insert_point): Likewise.
(arm_remove_point): Likewise.
(arm_stopped_by_watchpoint): Likewise.
(arm_stopped_data_address): Likewise.
(arm_new_process): Likewise.
(arm_new_thread): Likewise.
(arm_prepare_to_resume): Likewise.
(the_low_target): Register arm_insert_point, arm_remove_point,
arm_stopped_by_watchpoint, arm_stopped_data_address, arm_new_process,
arm_new_thread, and arm_prepare_to_resume.
2011-09-15 Stan Shebs <>
* server.h (struct emit_ops): Add compare-goto fields.
* tracepoint.c (gdb_agent_op_sizes): New table.
(emit_eq_goto): New function.
(emit_ne_goto): New function.
(emit_lt_goto): New function.
(emit_le_goto): New function.
(emit_gt_goto): New function.
(emit_ge_goto): New function.
(is_goto_target): New function.
(compile_bytecodes): Recognize special cases of compare-goto
combinations and call specialized emitters for them.
* linux-x86-low.c (amd64_emit_eq_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_ne_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_lt_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_le_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_gt_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_ge_goto): New function.
(amd64_emit_ops): Add the new functions.
(i386_emit_eq_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_ne_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_lt_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_le_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_gt_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_ge_goto): New function.
(i386_emit_ops): Add the new functions.
2011-09-08 Stan Shebs <>
* linux-x86-low.c (i386_emit_prologue): Save %ebx.
(i386_emit_epilogue): Restore %ebx.
2011-08-31 Jie Zhang <>
* server.c (step_thread): Remove definition.
(process_serial_event): Don't handle Hs.
* server.h (step_thread): Remove declaration.
* target.c (set_desired_inferior): Remove use of step_thread.
2011-08-24 Luis Machado <>
* linux-low.c: Include linux-procfs.h.
(linux_attach_lwp_1): Update comments.
(linux_attach): Scan for existing threads when attaching to a
process that is the tgid.
* Update dependencies.
2011-08-24 Luis Machado <>
* configure.srv: Add linux-procfs.o dependencies.
2011-08-14 Yao Qi <>
* target.h (struct target_ops): Fix indent.
* win32-low.c (win32_target_ops): Fix comment.
2011-08-14 Andrew Jenner <>
Yao Qi <>
* (clean): Remove tic6x-*.c files.
(linux-tic6x-low.o, tic6x-c62x-linux.o, tic6x-c64x-linux.o): New rules.
(tic6x-c64xp-linux.o, tic6x-c62x-linux.c, tic6x-c64x-linux.c): Likewise.
(tic6x-c64xp-linux.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv: Add support for tic6x-*-uclinux.
* linux-tic6x-low.c: New.
* linux-low.c (PT_TEXT_ADDR, PT_DATA_ADDR, PT_TEXT_END_ADDR): Define.
2011-08-14 Andrew Stubbs <>
Yao Qi <>
* target.h (struct target_ops): Add read_loadmap.
* linux-low.c (struct target_loadseg): New type.
(struct target_loadmap): New type.
(linux_read_loadmap): New function.
(linux_target_ops): Add linux_read_loadmap.
* server.c (handle_query): Support qXfer:fdpic:read packet.
* win32-low.c (win32_target_ops): Initialize field `read_loadmap' to NULL.
2011-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* win32-low.c: Include <stdint.h>.
2011-07-22 Pedro Alves <>
* i386-low.c (i386_insert_aligned_watchpoint): Don't pass the info
to the inferior here.
(i386_remove_aligned_watchpoint): Ditto.
(i386_handle_nonaligned_watchpoint): Return immediate on fail to
fit part of the watchpoint in the debug registers.
(i386_update_inferior_debug_regs): New.
(i386_low_insert_watchpoint): Work on a local mirror of the debug
registers, and only update the inferior on success.
(i386_low_remove_watchpoint): Ditto.
2011-07-22 Kwok Cheung Yeung <>
* linux-low.c (compare_ints, unique, list_threads, show_process,
linux_core_of_thread): Delete.
(linux_target_ops): Change linux_core_of_thread to
(linux_qxfer_osdata): Defer to linux_common_xfer_osdata.
* utils.c (malloc_failure): Change type of argument.
(xmalloc, xrealloc, xcalloc, xsnprintf): Delete.
* (SFILES): Add common/common-utils.c, common/xml-utils.c,
common/linux-osdata.c, common/ptid.c and common/buffer.c.
(OBS): Add xml-utils.o, common-utils.o, ptid.o and buffer.o.
(IPA_OBJS): Add common-utils-ipa.o.
(ptid_h, linux_osdata_h): New macros.
(server_h): Add common/common-utils.h, common/xml-utils.h,
common/buffer.h, common/gdb_assert.h, common/gdb_locale.h and
(common-utils-ipa.o, common-utils.o, xml-utils.o, linux-osdata.o,
ptid.o, buffer.o): New rules.
(linux-low.o): Add common/linux-osdata.h as a dependency.
* configure.srv (srv_tgtobj): Add linux-osdata.o to Linux targets.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* remote-utils.c (xml_escape_text): Delete.
(buffer_grow, buffer_free, buffer_init, buffer_finish,
buffer_xml_printf): Move to common/buffer.c.
* server.c (main): Remove call to initialize_inferiors.
* server.h (struct ptid, ptid_t, minus_one_ptid, null_ptid,
ptid_build, pid_to_ptid, ptid_get_pid, ptid_get_lwp, ptid_get_tid,
ptid_equal, ptid_is_pid, initialize_inferiors, xml_escape_text,
internal_error, gdb_assert, gdb_assert_fail): Delete.
(struct buffer, buffer_grow, buffer_free, buffer_init, buffer_finish,
buffer_xml_printf, buffer_grow_str, buffer_grow_str0): Move to
* inferiors.c (null_ptid, minus_one_ptid, ptid_build, pid_to_ptid,
ptid_get_pid, ptid_get_lwp, ptid_get_tid, ptid_equal, ptid_is_pid,
initialize_inferiors): Delete.
2011-07-20 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (tracepoint_look_up_symbols): Return upon the first
symbol error.
2011-05-31 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-x86-low.c (i386_dr_low_get_addr): Fix off by one in
* win32-i386-low.c (i386_dr_low_get_addr): Ditto.
2011-05-26 Yao Qi <>
* (thread-db.o): Track dependence to
* thread-db.c: include gdb_thread_db.h from right place.
2011-05-16 Adrian Cornish <>
* linux-i386-ipa.c (supply_static_tracepoint_registers): Pass
__FILE__ and __LINE__ to internal_error.
2011-05-13 Doug Evans <>
* thread-db.c (try_thread_db_load_from_sdir): New function.
(try_thread_db_load_from_dir): New function.
(thread_db_load_search): Handle $sdir, ignore $pdir.
Remove trying of system directories if search of
libthread-db-search-path fails, that is now done via $sdir.
2011-05-12 Kwok Cheung Yeung <>
* server.c (handle_query): Add EnableDisableTracepoints to the list
of supported features.
* tracepoint.c (clear_installed_tracepoints): Uninstall disabled
(cmd_qtenable_disable): New.
(cmd_qtstart): Install tracepoints even if disabled.
(handle_tracepoint_general_set): Add call to cmd_qtenable_disable on
receiving a QTEnable or QTDisable packet.
(gdb_collect): Skip data collection if fast tracepoint is disabled.
(ust_marker_to_static_tracepoint): Do not ignore disabled static
(gdb_probe): Skip data collection if static tracepoint is disabled.
2011-05-10 Doug Evans <>
* thread-db.c (thread_db_handle_monitor_command): Handle elided path.
2011-05-04 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c (linux_join): Skip process lookup.
* spu-low.c (spu_join): Ditto.
* server.c (join_inferiors_callback): Delete.
(process_serial_event): For 'D' packet (detach) call join_inferior
2011-05-04 Joseph Myers <>
* README: Don't mention xscale*-*-linux*.
* configure.srv (xscale*-*-linux*): Don't handle target.
2011-04-27 Nathan Froyd <>
* linux-x86-low.c (amd64_emit_const): Call memcpy instead of
casting pointers.
(amd64_emit_reg, amd64_emit_int_call_1, amd64_emit_void_call_2):
(i386_emit_const, i386_emit_reg, i386_emit_int_call_1):
(i386_emit_void_call_2): Likewise.
2011-04-26 Yao Qi <>
* linux-low.c: Move common macros to linux-ptrace.h.
Include linux-ptrace.h.
* (linux_ptrace_h): New.
(linux-low.o): Depends on linux-ptrace.h.
2011-04-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
* remote-utils.c (handle_accept_event): Close LISTEN_DESC only if
RUN_ONCE. Comment for the LISTEN_DESC delete_file_handler call.
(remote_prepare): New function with most of the TCP code from ...
(remote_open): ... here. Detect PORT here unconditionally. Move also
setting transport_is_reliable.
* server.c (run_once): New variable.
(gdbserver_usage): Document it.
(main): Set run_once for `--once'. Call remote_prepare. Exit after
the first run if RUN_ONCE.
* server.h (run_once, remote_prepare): New declarations.
2011-04-19 Tom Tromey <>
* win32-low.c (handle_load_dll): Remove duplicate "the".
2011-04-07 Pierre Muller <>
Remove support for old Cygwin 1.5 versions.
* win32-low.c (win32_create_inferior): Use new cygwin_path_list
function to avoid warning.
(win32_add_one_solib): Use cygwin_conv_path function to avoid
2011-03-18 Pierre Muller <>
* gdbserver/server.h (Macro _): Define it if not available.
2011-03-14 Michael Snyder <>
* hostio.c (handle_close): Remove unnecessary null test.
2011-03-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* (maintainer-clean realclean distclean): Remove
"make ... subdir_do" command.
2011-03-10 Michael Snyder <>
* tracepoint.c (tracepoint_finish_step): Fix loop variable.
* server.c (handle_v_run): Free alloced buffer on early return.
2011-03-09 Yao Qi <>
2011-03-04 Yao Qi <>
* Remove GNU make feature --directory.
2011-03-05 Yao Qi <>
(subdir_do): New make target. Copied from gdb/Makefile.
(maintainer-clean, realclean, distclean, clean): Call corresponding
make targets in common/Makefile.
2011-02-11 Yao Qi <>
* Remove signals.o from OBS. Link libcommon.a.
* configure: Regenerate.
2011-03-07 Jan Kratochvil <>
* remote-utils.c (putpkt_binary_1): Calculate BUF2 size dynamically.
2011-03-06 Yao Qi <>
2011-03-05 Yao Qi <>
(subdir_do): New make target. Copied from gdb/Makefile.
(maintainer-clean, realclean, distclean, clean): Call corresponding
make targets in common/Makefile.
2011-03-04 Yao Qi <>
* Remove GNU make feature --directory.
2011-03-04 Michael Snyder <>
* server.c (queue_stop_reply): Call xmalloc not malloc.
2011-03-02 Michael Snyder <>
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_arch_setup): Replace malloc with xmalloc.
2011-02-28 Michael Snyder <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtv): Discard unused value 'packet'.
(cmd_qtframe): Ditto.
(cmd_qtbuffer): Ditto.
(cmd_bigqtbuffer): Ditto.
* utils.c (decimal2str): Initialize 'width' to nine, then
don't mess with it.
2011-02-28 Ulrich Weigand <>
* hostio.c (require_data): Free *data, not data.
2011-02-28 Jan Kratochvil <>
* hostio.c (require_data): Use free, not xfree.
2011-02-27 Michael Snyder <>
* server.c (handle_query): Discard unused value.
* hostio.c (require_data): Free malloc memory before returning
2011-02-26 Michael Snyder <>
* linux-low.c (list_threads): Call closedir for dirent.
2011-02-27 Michael Snyder <>
* i386-low.c (i386-length_and_rw_bits): Comment the fact that
a case statement falls through.
* linux-low.c (linux_xfer_siginfo): Fix fencepost error.
* linux-amd64-ipa.c (gdb_agent_get_raw_reg): Fix fencepost error
in comparison.
2011-02-26 Michael Snyder <>
* utils.c (decimal2str): Eliminate dead code and dead param.
(pulongest): Drop dead param from call to decimal2str.
(plongest): Ditto.
2011-02-24 Joel Brobecker <>
Revert the following patch (not approved yet):
2011-02-21 Hui Zhu <>
* tracepoint.c (tp_printf): New function.
(eval_agent_expr): Handle gdb_agent_op_printf.
2011-02-21 Hui Zhu <>
* tracepoint.c (tp_printf): New function.
(eval_agent_expr): Handle gdb_agent_op_printf.
2011-02-18 Tom Tromey <>
* (tracepoint-ipa.o): Depend on ax.def.
(tracepoint.o): Likewise.
* tracepoint.c (enum gdb_agent_op): Use ax.def.
(gdb_agent_op_names): Likewise.
2011-02-18 Tom Tromey <>
* tracepoint.c (enum gdb_agent_op) <gdb_agent_op_pick,
gdb_agent_op_rot>: New constants.
(gdb_agent_op_names): Add pick and roll.
(eval_agent_expr) <gdb_agent_op_pick, gdb_agent_op_rot>: New
2011-02-15 Jan Kratochvil <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated with aclocal-1.11.1.
2011-02-14 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (handle_qxfer_traceframe_info): New.
(qxfer_packets): Register "traceframe-info".
(handle_query): Report support for qXfer:traceframe-info:read+.
* tracepoint.c (match_blocktype): New.
(traceframe_find_block_type): Rename to ...
(traceframe_walk_blocks): ... this. Add callback filter argument,
and use it.
(traceframe_find_block_type): New, reimplemented on top of
(build_traceframe_info_xml): New.
(traceframe_read_info): New.
* server.h (traceframe_read_info): Declare.
2011-02-11 Yao Qi <>
* Remove signals.o from OBS. Link libcommon.a.
* configure: Regenerate.
2011-02-07 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (gdb_read_memory): Change return semantics to allow
partial transfers.
(handle_search_memory_1): Adjust.
(process_serial_event) <'m' packet>: Handle partial transfers.
* tracepoint.c (traceframe_read_mem): Handle partial transfers.
2011-01-28 Pedro Alves <>
* regcache.c (init_register_cache): Initialize
(free_register_cache): Release regcache->register_status.
(regcache_cpy): Copy register_status.
(registers_to_string): Print 'x's for unavailable registers.
(supply_register): Mark the register's status valid or
unavailable, depending on whether a buffer was passed in or not.
(supply_register_zeroed): New.
(supply_regblock): Mark the registers' status valid or
unavailable, depending on whether a buffer was passed in or not.
* regcache.h (REG_UNAVAILABLE, REG_VALID): New defines.
(struct regcache): New `register_status' field.
(supply_register_zeroed): Declare.
* i387-fp.c (i387_xsave_to_cache): Zero out registers using
supply_register_zeroed, rather than passing a NULL buffer to
* tracepoint.c (fetch_traceframe_registers): Update comment.
2011-01-28 Pedro Alves <>
* i387-fp.c (i387_xsave_to_cache): Make passing NULL as register
buffer explicit.
2011-01-25 Pedro Alves <>
* server.h (decode_xfer_write): Change prototype.
* remote-utils.c (decode_xfer_write): Remove `annex' parameter,
and don't extract the annex here.
* server.c (decode_xfer_read): Remove `annex' parameter,
and don't extract the annex here.
(decode_xfer): New.
(struct qxfer): New.
(handle_qxfer_auxv, handle_qxfer_features, handle_qxfer_libraries)
(handle_qxfer_osdata, handle_qxfer_siginfo, handle_qxfer_spu)
(handle_qxfer_statictrace): New functions, abstracted out from
handle_query, and made to use the struct qxfer interface.
(handle_threads_qxfer_proper): Rename to ...
(handle_qxfer_threads_proper): ... this.
(handle_threads_qxfer): Rename to ...
(handle_qxfer_threads): ... this. Adjust.
(qxfer_packets): New array.
(handle_qxfer): New function.
(handle_query): Use handle_qxfer.
2011-01-05 Michael Snyder <>
* gdbreplay.c: Shorten lines of >= 80 columns.
* linux-low.c: Ditto.
* linux-ppc-low.c: Ditto.
* linux-s390-low.c: Ditto.
* linux-sparc-low.c: Ditto.
* linux-x86-low.c: Ditto.
* linux-xtensa-low.c: Ditto.
* mem-break.c: Ditto.
* nto-low.c: Ditto.
* regcache.h: Ditto.
* remote-utils.c: Ditto.
* server.c: Ditto.
* server.h: Ditto.
* thread-db.c: Ditto.
* tracepoint.c: Ditto.
* utils.c: Ditto.
* win32-low.h: Ditto.
2011-01-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbserver/, gdbserver/gdbserver.1: Copyright year
2011-01-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* server.c (gdbserver_version): Update copyright year in version
* gdbreplay.c (gdbreplay_version): Ditto.
2010-12-29 Jie Zhang <>
* configure.srv (bfin-*-*linux*): Handle Blackfin/Linux targets.
* linux-bfin-low.c: New file.
* linux-low.c: Define PT_TEXT_ADDR, PT_TEXT_END_ADDR, and
PT_DATA_ADDR for BFIN targets.
* (SFILES): Add linux-bfin-low.c.
(clean): Remove reg-bfin.c.
(linux-bfin-low.o, reg-bfin.o, reg-bfin.c): New targets.
* README: Mention supported Blackfin targets.
2010-12-23 Mike Frysinger <>
* .gitignore: New file.
2010-11-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* linux-low.c (linux_tracefork_child): Add char* cast to arg.
2010-10-22 Jie Zhang <>
* Add FLAGS_TO_PASS variable.
(install): Remove dependency of install-only and recursively
invoke make for install-only.
2010-10-04 Doug Evans <>
* (uninstall): Use $(DESTDIR).
2010-09-24 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/11842
* linux-x86-low.c (compat_siginfo_from_siginfo)
(siginfo_from_compat_siginfo): Also copy si_pid and si_uid when
si_code is < 0. Check for si_code == SI_TIMER before checking for
si_code < 0.
2010-09-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* lynx-i386-low.c: New file.
* configure.srv: Add handling of i[34567]86-*-lynxos* targets.
2010-09-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* lynx-low.c (ptrace_request_to_str): Remove handling for
request values that have been removed in LynxOS 5.x.
2010-09-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* lynx-low.c, lynx-ppc-loc.c: Include <sys/ptrace.h> instead of
2010-09-09 Nathan Sidwell <>
* Add --enable-inprocess-agent option.
* configure: Rebuilt.
2010-09-06 Yao Qi <>
* linux-low.c (linux_kill): Remove unused variable.
(linux_stabilize_threads): Likewise.
* server.c (start_inferior): Likewise.
(queue_stop_reply_callback): Likewise.
* tracepoint.c (do_action_at_tracepoint): Likewise.
2010-09-06 Yao Qi <>
* linux-low.c (maybe_move_out_of_jump_pad): Restore current_inferior
on return.
2010-09-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
* target.c (mywait) <TARGET_WAITKIND_EXITED>: Fix to use INTEGER.
2010-09-06 Pedro Alves <>
* (install-only): Replace $IPA_DEPFILES with
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbserver/lynx-low.c, gdbserver/lynx-low.h,
gdbserver/lynx-ppc-low.c: New files.
* (lynx_low_h): New variable.
(lynx-low.o, lynx-ppc-low.o): New rules.
* On LynxOS, link with -lnetinet.
* configure.srv: Add handling of powerpc-*-lynxos* targets.
* configure: regenerate.
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* (vasprintf.o, vsnprintf.o): New rules.
* Add check for vasprintf and vsnprintf.
* configure, Regenerate.
* server.h (vasprintf, vsnprintf): Add conditional declarations.
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbreplay.c: Move include of alloca.h up, next to include of
* server.h: Add include of malloc.h.
* mem-break.c: Remove include of malloc.h.
* server.c, tracepoint.c, utils.c, win32-low.c: Likewise.
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* (memmem.o): Build with -Wno-error.
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* utils.c (xsnprintf): Make non-static.
* server.h: Add xsnprintf declaration.
* linux-low.c, nto-low.c, target.c, thread-db.c, tracepoint.c:
replace calls to snprintf by calls to xsnprintf throughout.
2010-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* Add configure check for alloca.
* configure, Regenerate.
* server.h: Include alloca.h if it exists.
* gdbreplay.c: Include alloca.h if it exists.
2010-08-28 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (__SIGRTMIN): Define if not already defined.
(linux_create_inferior): Check for __ANDROID__ rather than
(enqueue_one_deferred_signal): Don't requeue non-RT signals that
are already deferred.
(linux_wait_1): Check for __ANDROID__ rather than __SIGRTMIN.
(linux_resume_one_thread): Don't queue a SIGSTOP if the lwp is
stopped and already has a pending signal to report.
(proceed_one_lwp): : Don't queue a SIGSTOP if the lwp already has
a pending signal to report or is moving out of a jump pad.
(linux_init_signals): Check for __ANDROID__ rather than
2010-08-28 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_stabilize_threads): Wrap debug output in a
debug_threads check. Avoid a linear search when not doing debug
2010-08-27 Pedro Alves <>
* event-loop.c (event_handle_func): Adjust to use gdb_fildes_t.
(struct gdb_event) <fd>: Change type to gdb_fildes_t.
(struct file_handler) <fd>: Change type to gdb_fildes_t.
(process_event): Change local fd's type to gdb_fildes_t.
(create_file_handler): Adjust prototype.
(delete_file_handler): Adjust prototype.
(handle_file_event): Adjust prototype. Use pfildes.
(create_file_event): Adjsut prototype.
* remote-utils.c (remote_desc, listen_desc): Change type to
* server.h: New gdb_fildes_t typedef.
[USE_WIN32API]: Include winsock2.h.
(delete_file_handler, add_file_handler): Adjust prototypes.
(pfildes): Declare.
* utils.c (pfildes): New.
2010-08-27 Pedro Alves <>
* (build_warnings): Add -Wno-char-subscripts.
* configure: Regenerate.
2010-08-27 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_unprepare_to_access_memory): Rename to ...
(linux_done_accessing_memory): ... this.
(linux_target_ops): Adjust.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_insert_point, x86_remove_point): Adjust.
* nto-low.c (nto_target_ops): Adjust comment.
* server.c (gdb_read_memory, gdb_write_memory): Adjust.
* spu-low.c (spu_target_ops): Adjust comment.
* target.h (target_ops): Rename unprepare_to_access_memory field
to done_accessing_memory.
(unprepare_to_access_memory): Rename to ...
(done_accessing_memory): ... this.
2010-08-26 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_prepare_to_access_memory): New.
(linux_unprepare_to_access_memory): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install them.
* server.c (read_memory): Rename to ...
(gdb_read_memory): ... this. Use
(write_memory): Rename to ...
(gdb_write_memory): ... this. Use
(handle_search_memory_1): Adjust.
(process_serial_event): Adjust.
* target.h (struct target_ops): New fields
prepare_to_access_memory and unprepare_to_access_memory.
(prepare_to_access_memory, unprepare_to_access_memory): New.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_insert_point, x86_remove_point): Use
* nto-low.c (nto_target_ops): Adjust.
* spu-low.c (spu_target_ops): Adjust.
* win32-low.c (win32_target_ops): Adjust.
2010-08-26 Pedro Alves <>
* (WARN_CFLAGS): Get it from configure.
* Introduce --enable-werror, which adds -Werror to
the compiler command line. Enabled by default. Disable with
--disable-werror. Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement
Wpointer-arith and -Wformat-nonliteral to warning flags.
* configure: Regenerate.
2010-08-26 Pedro Alves <>
* mem-break.c [HAVE_MALLOC_H]: Include malloc.h.
2010-08-26 Pedro Alves <>
* gdbreplay.c (remote_error): New.
(gdbchar): New.
(expect): Use gdbchar. Check for error reading from GDB.
Clarify sync error output.
(play): Check for errors writing to GDB.
* linux-low.c (sigchld_handler): Really ignore `write' errors.
* remote-utils.c (getpkt): Check for errors writing to the remote
2010-08-25 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Move non-debugging code out of
`debug_threads' control.
2010-08-25 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Don't set last_status here.
* server.c (push_event, queue_stop_reply_callback): Assert we're
not pushing a TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE event.
(start_inferior, start_inferior, attach_inferior, handle_v_cont)
(myresume, handle_target_event): Set the thread's last_resume_kind
and last_status from the target returned status.
2010-08-25 Pedro Alves <>
PR threads/10729
* linux-x86-low.c (update_debug_registers_callback): New.
(i386_dr_low_set_addr): Use it.
(i386_dr_low_get_addr): New.
(i386_dr_low_set_control): Use update_debug_registers_callback.
(i386_dr_low_get_control): New.
(i386_dr_low_get_status): Adjust.
* linux-low.c (linux_stop_lwp): New.
* linux-low.h (linux_stop_lwp): Declare.
* i386-low.c (I386_DR_GET_RW_LEN): Take the dr7 contents as
argument instead of a i386_debug_reg_state.
(I386_DR_WATCH_HIT): Take the dr6 contents as argument instead of
a i386_debug_reg_state.
(i386_insert_aligned_watchpoint): Adjust.
(i386_remove_aligned_watchpoint): Adjust.
(i386_low_stopped_data_address): Read the debug registers from the
inferior instead of from the mirrors.
* i386-low.h (struct i386_debug_reg_state): Extend comment.
(i386_dr_low_get_addr): Declare.
(i386_dr_low_get_control): Declare.
(i386_dr_low_get_status): Change prototype.
* win32-i386-low.c (dr_status_mirror, dr_control_mirror): New globals.
(i386_dr_low_get_addr): New.
(i386_dr_low_get_control): New.
(i386_dr_low_get_status): Adjust prototype. Return
(i386_initial_stuff): Clear dr_status_mirror and
(i386_get_thread_context): Adjust.
(i386_set_thread_context): Adjust.
(i386_thread_added): Adjust.
2010-08-24 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.h (linux_thread_area): Delete declaration.
2010-08-11 Thomas Schwinge <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Correctly return the ptid of the child
after its termination.
2010-08-09 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (gdb_wants_lwp_stopped): Delete.
(gdb_wants_all_stopped): Delete.
(linux_wait_1): Don't call them.
* server.c (handle_v_cont): Tag all threads as want-stopped.
(gdb_wants_thread_stopped): Fix comments. Tag the thread that
stopped as "client-wants-stopped".
2010-07-31 Pedro Alves <>
* (signals_h): New.
(server_h): Depend on it.
(server.o): Don't depend on $(signals_def).
(signals.o): Depend on $(signals_def).
2010-07-31 Jan Kratochvil <>
* (signals_def): New.
(server_h): Append include/gdb/signals.h and signals_def.
(server.o): Append signals_def.
2010-07-25 Jan Kratochvil <>
* server.c (handle_target_event): Use target_signal_to_host for
resume_info.sig initialization.
* target.h (struct thread_resume) <sig>: New comment.
2010-07-20 Ozkan Sezer <>
* server.c (handle_query): strcpy() the returned string from paddress()
instead of sprintf().
* utils.c (paddress): Return phex_nz().
2010-07-07 Joel Brobecker <>
* server.c (handle_v_cont): Call mourn_inferior if process
just exited.
(myresume): Likewise.
2010-07-01 Pedro Alves <>
Static tracepoints, and integration with UST.
* Handle --with-ust. substitute ustlibs and ustinc.
* mem-break.c (uninsert_all_breakpoints)
(reinsert_all_breakpoints): New.
* mem-break.h (reinsert_all_breakpoints, uninsert_all_breakpoints):
* tracepoint.c (ust_loaded, helper_thread_id, cmd_buf): New.
(gdb_agent_ust_loaded, helper_thread_id)
(gdb_agent_helper_thread_id): New macros.
(struct ipa_sym_addresses): Add addr_ust_loaded,
addr_helper_thread_id, addr_cmd_buf.
(symbol_list): Add ust_loaded, helper_thread_id, cmd_buf.
(in_process_agent_loaded_ust): New.
(write_e_ust_not_loaded): New.
(maybe_write_ipa_ust_not_loaded): New.
(struct collect_static_trace_data_action): New.
(enum tracepoint_type) <static_tracepoint>: New.
(struct tracepoint) <handle>: Mention static tracepoints.
(struct static_tracepoint_ctx): New.
(add_tracepoint_action): Handle static tracepoint actions.
(unprobe_marker_at): New.
(clear_installed_tracepoints): Handle static tracepoints.
(cmd_qtdp): Handle static tracepoints.
(probe_marker_at): New.
(cmd_qtstart): Handle static tracepoints.
(response_tracepoint): Handle static tracepoints.
(cmd_qtfstm, cmd_qtsstm, cmd_qtstmat): New.
(handle_tracepoint_query): Handle qTfSTM, qTsSTM and qTSTMat.
(get_context_regcache): Handle static tracepoints.
(do_action_at_tracepoint): Handle static tracepoint actions.
(traceframe_find_block_type): Handle static trace data blocks.
(traceframe_read_sdata): New.
(download_tracepoints): Download static tracepoint actions.
[HAVE_UST] Include ust/ust.h, dlfcn.h, sys/socket.h, and sys/un.h.
(ust_ops): New.
(USTF): New.
(dlsym_ust): New.
(ust_marker_to_static_tracepoint): New.
(gdb_probe): New.
(collect_ust_data_at_tracepoint): New.
(gdb_ust_probe): New.
(gdb_ust_connect_sync_socket): New.
(resume_thread, stop_thread): New.
(run_inferior_command): New.
(init_named_socket): New.
(gdb_ust_socket_init): New.
(cstr_to_hexstr): New.
(next_st): New.
(first_marker, next_marker): New.
(response_ust_marker): New.
(cmd_qtfstm, cmd_qtsstm): New.
(unprobe_marker_at, probe_marker_at): New.
(cmd_qtstmat, gdb_ust_thread): New.
(gdb_ust_init): New.
(initialize_tracepoint_ftlib): Call gdb_ust_init.
* linux-amd64-ipa.c [HAVE_UST]: Include ust/processor.h
(x86_64_st_collect_regmap): New.
(supply_static_tracepoint_registers): New.
* linux-i386-ipa.c [HAVE_UST]: Include ust/processor.h
(i386_st_collect_regmap): New.
(supply_static_tracepoint_registers): New.
* server.c (handle_query): Handle qXfer:statictrace:read.
<qSupported>: Report support for StaticTracepoints, and
qXfer:statictrace:read features.
* server.h (traceframe_read_sdata)
(supply_static_tracepoint_registers): Declare.
* remote-utils.c (convert_int_to_ascii, hexchars, ishex, tohex)
(unpack_varlen_hex): Include in IPA build.
* (ustlibs, ustinc): New.
(IPA_OBJS): Add remote-utils-ipa.o.
($(IPA_LIB)): Link -ldl and -lpthread.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2010-06-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Pedro Alves <>
* linux-x86-low.c (always_true): Delete.
(EMIT_ASM, EMIT_ASM32): Use an uncondition asm jmp instead of
trying to fool the compiler with always_true.
2010-06-20 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (condition_true_at_tracepoint): Don't run compiled
conditions in gdbserver.
2010-06-19 Ulrich Weigand <>
* spu-low.c (spu_read_memory): Wrap around local store limit.
(spu_write_memory): Likewise.
2010-06-15 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-x86-low.c (amd64_emit_const, amd64_emit_void_call_2)
(i386_emit_const, i386_emit_void_call_2): Replace int64_t uses with
* server.h (struct emit_ops): Replace int64_t uses with LONGEST
* tracepoint.c (emit_const, emit_void_call_2): Replace int64_t
uses with LONGEST uses.
2010-06-14 Stan Shebs <>
Pedro Alves <>
Bytecode compiler.
* linux-x86-low.c: Include limits.h.
(add_insns): New.
(always_true): New.
(EMIT_ASM): New.
(EMIT_ASM32): New.
(amd64_emit_prologue, amd64_emit_epilogue, amd64_emit_add)
(amd64_emit_sub, amd64_emit_mul, amd64_emit_lsh)
(amd64_emit_rsh_signed, amd64_emit_rsh_unsigned, amd64_emit_ext,
(amd64_emit_log_not, amd64_emit_bit_and, amd64_emit_bit_or)
(amd64_emit_bit_xor, amd64_emit_bit_not, amd64_emit_equal,
(amd64_emit_less_signed, amd64_emit_less_unsigned, amd64_emit_ref,
(amd64_emit_if_goto, amd64_emit_goto, amd64_write_goto_address)
(amd64_emit_const, amd64_emit_call, amd64_emit_reg)
(amd64_emit_pop, amd64_emit_stack_flush, amd64_emit_zero_ext)
(amd64_emit_swap, amd64_emit_stack_adjust, amd64_emit_int_call_1)
(amd64_emit_void_call_2): New.
(amd64_emit_ops): New.
(i386_emit_prologue, i386_emit_epilogue, i386_emit_add)
(i386_emit_sub,i386_emit_mul, i386_emit_lsh, i386_emit_rsh_signed)
(i386_emit_rsh_unsigned, i386_emit_ext, i386_emit_log_not)
(i386_emit_bit_and, i386_emit_bit_or, i386_emit_bit_xor)
(i386_emit_bit_not, i386_emit_equal, i386_emit_less_signed)
(i386_emit_less_unsigned, i386_emit_ref, i386_emit_if_goto)
(i386_emit_goto, i386_write_goto_address, i386_emit_const)
(i386_emit_call, i386_emit_reg, i386_emit_pop)
(i386_emit_stack_flush, i386_emit_zero_ext, i386_emit_swap)
(i386_emit_stack_adjust, i386_emit_int_call_1)
(i386_emit_void_call_2): New.
(i386_emit_ops): New.
(x86_emit_ops): New.
(the_low_target): Install x86_emit_ops.
* server.h (struct emit_ops): New.
(get_raw_reg_func_addr): Declare.
(current_insn_ptr, emit_error): Declare.
* tracepoint.c (get_raw_reg, get_trace_state_variable_value)
(set_trace_state_variable_value): New defines.
(struct ipa_sym_addresses): New fields addr_get_raw_reg,
addr_get_trace_state_variable_value and
(symbol_list): New fields for get_raw_reg,
get_trace_state_variable_value and set_trace_state_variable_value.
(condfn): New typedef.
(struct tracepoint): New field `compiled_cond'.
(do_action_at_tracepoint): Clear compiled_cond.
(get_trace_state_variable_value, set_trace_state_variable_value):
Export in the IPA.
(condition_true_at_tracepoint): If there's a compiled condition,
run that.
(current_insn_ptr, emit_error): New globals.
(struct bytecode_address): New.
(get_raw_reg_func_addr): New.
(emit_prologue, emit_epilogue, emit_add, emit_sub, emit_mul)
(emit_lsh, emit_rsh_signed, emit_rsh_unsigned, emit_ext)
(emit_log_not, emit_bit_and, emit_bit_or, emit_bit_xor)
(emit_bit_not, emit_equal, emit_less_signed, emit_less_unsigned)
(emit_ref, emit_if_goto, emit_goto, write_goto_address, emit_const)
(emit_reg, emit_pop, emit_stack_flush, emit_zero_ext, emit_swap)
(emit_stack_adjust, emit_int_call_1, emit_void_call_2): New.
(compile_tracepoint_condition, compile_bytecodes): New.
* target.h (emit_ops): Forward declare.
(struct target_ops): New field emit_ops.
(target_emit_ops): New.
* linux-amd64-ipa.c (gdb_agent_get_raw_reg): New.
* linux-i386-ipa.c (gdb_agent_get_raw_reg): New.
* linux-low.c (linux_emit_ops): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install it.
* linux-low.h (struct linux_target_ops): New field emit_ops.
2010-06-14 Ulrich Weigand <>
* linux-ppc-low.c (ppc_arch_setup): Use private regcache to test MSR.
* linux-s390-low.c (ppc_arch_setup): Use private regcache to test PSW.
2010-06-01 Pedro Alves <>
Stan Shebs <>
* (IPA_DEPFILES, extra_libraries): New.
(all): Depend on $(extra_libraries).
(install-only): Install the IPA.
(clean): Remove the IPA lib.
(tracepoint-ipa.o, utils-ipa.o, remote-utils-ipa.o)
(regcache-ipa.o, i386-linux-ipa.o, linux-i386-ipa.o)
(linux-amd64-ipa.o, amd64-linux-ipa.o): New rules.
* linux-amd64-ipa.c, linux-i386-ipa.c: New files.
* Check for atomic builtins support in the compiler.
(IPA_DEPFILES, extra_libraries): Define.
* configure.srv (ipa_obj): Add description.
(ipa_i386_linux_regobj, ipa_amd64_linux_regobj): Define.
(i[34567]86-*-linux*): Set ipa_obj.
(x86_64-*-linux*): Set ipa_obj.
* linux-low.c (stabilizing_threads): New.
(supports_fast_tracepoints): New.
(linux_detach): Stabilize threads before detaching.
(handle_tracepoints): Handle internal tracing breakpoints. Assert
the lwp is either not stabilizing, or is moving out of a jump pad.
(linux_fast_tracepoint_collecting): New.
(maybe_move_out_of_jump_pad): New.
(enqueue_one_deferred_signal): New.
(dequeue_one_deferred_signal): New.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): If moving out of a jump pad, defer
pending signals to later.
(linux_stabilize_threads): New.
(linux_wait_1): Check if threads need moving out of jump pads, and
do it if so.
(stuck_in_jump_pad_callback): New.
(move_out_of_jump_pad_callback): New.
(lwp_running): New.
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Handle moving out of jump pads.
(linux_set_resume_request): Dequeue deferred signals.
(need_step_over_p): Also step over fast tracepoint jumps.
(start_step_over): Also uninsert fast tracepoint jumps.
(finish_step_over): Also reinsert fast tracepoint jumps.
(linux_install_fast_tracepoint_jump): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install linux_stabilize_threads and
* linux-low.h (linux_target_ops) <get_thread_area,
install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad>: New fields.
(struct lwp_info) <collecting_fast_tracepoint,
pending_signals_to_report, exit_jump_pad_bkpt>: New fields.
(linux_get_thread_area): Declare.
* linux-x86-low.c (jump_insn): New.
(x86_get_thread_area): New.
(append_insns): New.
(push_opcode): New.
(amd64_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): New.
(i386_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): New.
(x86_install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): New.
(the_low_target): Install x86_get_thread_area and
* mem-break.c (set_raw_breakpoint_at): Use read_inferior_memory.
(struct fast_tracepoint_jump): New.
(fast_tracepoint_jump_insn): New.
(fast_tracepoint_jump_shadow): New.
(find_fast_tracepoint_jump_at): New.
(fast_tracepoint_jump_here): New.
(delete_fast_tracepoint_jump): New.
(set_fast_tracepoint_jump): New.
(uninsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at): New.
(reinsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at): New.
(set_breakpoint_at): Use write_inferior_memory.
(uninsert_raw_breakpoint): Use write_inferior_memory.
(check_mem_read): Mask out fast tracepoint jumps.
(check_mem_write): Mask out fast tracepoint jumps.
* mem-break.h (struct fast_tracepoint_jump): Forward declare.
(set_fast_tracepoint_jump): Declare.
(fast_tracepoint_jump_here, uninsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at)
(reinsert_fast_tracepoint_jumps_at): Declare.
* regcache.c: Don't compile many functions when building the
in-process agent library.
(init_register_cache) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Don't allow allocating
the register buffer in the heap.
(free_register_cache): If the register buffer isn't owned by the
regcache, don't free it.
(set_register_cache) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Don't re-alocate
pre-existing register caches.
* remote-utils.c (convert_int_to_ascii): Constify `from' parameter
(convert_ascii_to_int): : Constify `from' parameter type.
(decode_M_packet, decode_X_packet): Replace the `to' parameter by
a `to_p' pointer to pointer parameter. If TO_P is NULL, malloc
the needed buffer in-place.
(relocate_instruction): New.
* server.c (handle_query) <qSymbols>: If the target supports
tracepoints, give it a chance of looking up symbols. Report
support for fast tracepoints.
(handle_status): Stabilize threads.
(process_serial_event): Adjust.
* server.h (struct fast_tracepoint_jump): Forward declare.
(struct process_info) <fast_tracepoint_jumps>: New field.
(convert_ascii_to_int, convert_int_to_ascii): Adjust.
(decode_X_packet, decode_M_packet): Adjust.
(relocate_instruction): Declare.
(in_process_agent_loaded): Declare.
(tracepoint_look_up_symbols): Declare.
(struct fast_tpoint_collect_status): Declare.
(fast_tracepoint_collecting): Declare.
(force_unlock_trace_buffer): Declare.
(handle_tracepoint_bkpts): Declare.
(supply_fast_tracepoint_registers) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Declare.
* target.h (struct target_ops) <stabilize_threads,
install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad>: New fields.
(stabilize_threads, install_fast_tracepoint_jump_pad): New.
* tracepoint.c [HAVE_MALLOC_H]: Include malloc.h.
[HAVE_STDINT_H]: Include stdint.h.
(trace_debug_1): Rename to ...
(trace_vdebug): ... this.
(trace_debug): Rename to ...
(trace_debug_1): ... this. Add `level' parameter.
(trace_debug): New.
(gdb_tp_heap_buffer, gdb_jump_pad_buffer, gdb_jump_pad_buffer_end)
(collecting, gdb_collect, stop_tracing, flush_trace_buffer)
(about_to_request_buffer_space, trace_buffer_is_full)
(stopping_tracepoint, expr_eval_result, error_tracepoint)
(tracepoints, tracing, trace_buffer_ctrl, trace_buffer_ctrl_curr)
(trace_buffer_lo, trace_buffer_hi, traceframe_read_count)
(traceframe_write_count, traceframes_created)
New renaming defines.
(struct ipa_sym_addresses): New.
(symbol_list): New.
(ipa_sym_addrs): New.
(all_tracepoint_symbols_looked_up): New.
(in_process_agent_loaded): New.
(write_e_ipa_not_loaded): New.
(maybe_write_ipa_not_loaded): New.
(tracepoint_look_up_symbols): New.
(debug_threads) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: New.
(read_inferior_memory) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: New.
(stop_tracing): New.
(flush_trace_buffer): New.
(stop_tracing_bkpt): New.
(flush_trace_buffer_bkpt): New.
(read_inferior_integer): New.
(read_inferior_uinteger): New.
(read_inferior_data_pointer): New.
(write_inferior_data_pointer): New.
(write_inferior_integer): New.
(write_inferior_uinteger): New.
(struct collect_static_trace_data_action): Delete.
(enum tracepoint_type): New.
(struct tracepoint) <type>: New field `type'.
<actions_str, step_actions, step_actions_str>: Only include in GDBserver.
<orig_size, obj_addr_on_target, adjusted_insn_addr>
<adjusted_insn_addr_end, jump_pad, jump_pad_end>: New fields.
(tracepoints): Use IP_AGENT_EXPORT.
(last_tracepoint): Don't include in the IPA.
(stopping_tracepoint): Use IP_AGENT_EXPORT.
(trace_buffer_is_full): Use IP_AGENT_EXPORT.
(alloced_trace_state_variables): New.
(trace_state_variables): Use IP_AGENT_EXPORT.
(traceframe_t): Delete unused variable.
(circular_trace_buffer): Don't include in the IPA.
(trace_buffer_start): Delete.
(struct trace_buffer_control): New.
(trace_buffer_free): Delete.
(struct ipa_trace_buffer_control): New.
(trace_buffer_ctrl): New.
(trace_buffer_start, trace_buffer_free, trace_buffer_end_free):
Reimplement as macros.
(trace_buffer_wrap): Delete.
(traceframe_write_count, traceframe_read_count)
(traceframes_created, tracing): Use IP_AGENT_EXPORT.
(struct tracepoint_hit_ctx) <type>: New field.
(struct fast_tracepoint_ctx): New.
(memory_barrier): New.
(cmpxchg): New.
(record_tracepoint_error): Update atomically in the IPA.
(clear_inferior_trace_buffer): New.
(about_to_request_buffer_space): New.
(trace_buffer_alloc): Handle GDBserver and inferior simulatenous
updating the same buffer.
(add_tracepoint): Default the tracepoint's type to trap
tracepoint, and orig_size to -1.
(get_trace_state_variable) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Handle allocated
internal variables.
(create_trace_state_variable): New parameter `gdb'. Handle it.
(clear_installed_tracepoints): Clear fast tracepoint jumps.
(cmd_qtdp): Handle fast tracepoints.
(cmd_qtdv): Adjust.
(max_jump_pad_size): New.
(gdb_jump_pad_head): New.
(get_jump_space_head): New.
(claim_jump_space): New.
(sort_tracepoints): New.
(cmd_qtstart): Handle fast tracepoints. Sync tracepoints with the
(stop_tracing) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Don't include the tdisconnected
support. Upload fast traceframes, and delete internal IPA
(stop_tracing_handler): New.
(flush_trace_buffer_handler): New.
(cmd_qtstop): Upload fast tracepoints.
(response_tracepoint): Handle fast tracepoints.
(tracepoint_finished_step): Upload fast traceframes. Set the
tracepoint hit context's tracepoint type.
(handle_tracepoint_bkpts): New.
(tracepoint_was_hit): Set the tracepoint hit context's tracepoint
type. Add comment about fast tracepoints.
(collect_data_at_tracepoint) [IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Don't access the
non-existing action_str field.
(get_context_regcache): Handle fast tracepoints.
(do_action_at_tracepoint) [!IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Don't write the PC
to the regcache.
(fast_tracepoint_from_jump_pad_address): New.
(fast_tracepoint_from_ipa_tpoint_address): New.
(collecting_t): New.
(force_unlock_trace_buffer): New.
(fast_tracepoint_collecting): New.
(collecting): New.
(gdb_collect): New.
(write_inferior_data_ptr): New.
(target_tp_heap): New.
(target_malloc): New.
(download_agent_expr): New.
(UALIGN): New.
(download_tracepoints): New.
(download_trace_state_variables): New.
(upload_fast_traceframes): New.
[IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Include sys/mman.h and fcntl.h.
[IN_PROCESS_AGENT] (gdb_tp_heap_buffer, gdb_jump_pad_buffer)
(gdb_jump_pad_buffer_end): New.
[IN_PROCESS_AGENT] (initialize_tracepoint_ftlib): New.
(initialize_tracepoint): Adjust.
[IN_PROCESS_AGENT]: Allocate the IPA heap, and jump pad scratch
buffer. Initialize the low module.
* utils.c (PREFIX, TOOLNAME): New.
(malloc_failure): Use PREFIX.
(error): In the IPA, an error causes an exit.
(fatal, warning): Use PREFIX.
(internal_error): Use TOOLNAME.
(NUMCELLS): Increase to 10.
* configure, Regenerate.
2010-06-01 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (handle_query) <qSupported>: Do two passes over the
qSupported string to avoid nesting strtok.
2010-05-28 Jan Kratochvil <>
* (SFILES): Add $(srcdir)/proc-service.list.
(CDEPS): New.
* (RDYNAMIC): New AC_MSG_CHECKING wrapping. Test also
* configure: Regenerate.
* proc-service.list: New.
2010-05-28 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-low.c (linux_core_of_thread): Fix crash on invalid CONTENT.
New comment.
2010-05-26 Ozkan Sezer <>
* gdbreplay.c (remote_open): Check error return from socket() call by
its equality to -1 not by it being negative.
* remote-utils.c (remote_open): Likewise.
2010-05-23 Pedro Alves <>
* config.h: Regenerate.
2010-05-19 Maxim Kuvyrkov <>
* linux-m68k-low.c (ps_get_thread_area): Don't define if kernel
doesn't provide PTRACE_GET_THREAD_AREA.
2010-05-19 Maxim Kuvyrkov <>
* linux-m68k-low.c: Include <asm/ptrace.h>
(ps_get_thread_area): Implement.
2010-05-03 Doug Evans <>
* event-loop.c (struct callback_event): New struct.
(callback_list): New global.
(append_callback_event, delete_callback_event): New functions.
(process_callback): New function.
(start_event_loop): Call it.
* remote-utils.c (NOT_SCHEDULED): Define.
(readchar_buf, readchar_bufcnt, readchar_bufp): New static globals,
moved out of readchar.
(readchar): Rewrite. Call reschedule before returning.
(reset_readchar): New function.
(remote_close): Call it.
(process_remaining, reschedule): New functions.
* server.h (callback_handler_func): New typedef.
(append_callback_event, delete_callback_event): Declare.
2010-05-03 Pedro Alves <>
* proc-service.c (ps_pglobal_lookup): Use
* remote-utils.c (look_up_one_symbol): Add new `may_ask_gdb'
parameter. Use it instead of all_symbols_looked_up.
* server.h (struct process_info) <all_symbols_looked_up>: Delete
(all_symbols_looked_up): Don't declare.
(look_up_one_symbol): Add new `may_ask_gdb' parameter.
* thread-db.c (struct thread_db) <all_symbols_looked_up>: New
(thread_db_look_up_symbols): Adjust call to look_up_one_symbol.
Set all_symbols_looked_up here.
(thread_db_look_up_one_symbol): New.
(thread_db_get_tls_address): Adjust.
(thread_db_load_search, try_thread_db_load_1): Always allocate the
thread_db object on the heap, and tentatively set it in the
process structure.
(thread_db_init): Don't set all_symbols_looked_up here.
* linux-low.h (thread_db_look_up_one_symbol): Declare.
2010-05-03 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_kill, linux_detach): Adjust.
(status_pending_p_callback): Remove redundant statement. Check
(handle_tracepoints): Make sure LWP is locked. Adjust.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): Adjust.
(linux_cancel_breakpoints): New.
(unsuspend_one_lwp): New.
(unsuspend_all_lwps): New.
(linux_wait_1): If finishing a step-over, unsuspend all lwps.
(send_sigstop_callback): Change return type to int, add new
`except' parameter and handle it.
(suspend_and_send_sigstop_callback): New.
(stop_all_lwps): Add new `suspend' and `expect' parameters, and
pass them down. If SUSPEND, also increment the lwp's suspend
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Add notice about resuming a suspended LWP.
(need_step_over_p): Don't consider suspended LWPs.
(start_step_over): Adjust.
(proceed_one_lwp): Change return type to int, add new `except'
parameter and handle it.
(unsuspend_and_proceed_one_lwp): New.
(proceed_all_lwps): Use find_inferior instead of
(unstop_all_lwps): Add `unsuspend' parameter. If UNSUSPEND, them
also decrement the suspend count of LWPs. Pass `except' down,
instead of hacking its suspend count.
(linux_pause_all): Add `freeze' parameter. Adjust.
(linux_unpause_all): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install linux_unpause_all.
* server.c (handle_status): Adjust.
* target.h (struct target_ops): New fields `unpause_all' and
`cancel_breakpoints'. Add new parameter to `pause_all'.
(pause_all): Add new `freeze' parameter.
(unpause_all): New.
(cancel_breakpoints): New.
* tracepoint.c (clear_installed_tracepoints): Pause threads, and
cancel breakpoints.
(cmd_qtstart): Pause threads.
(stop_tracing): Pause threads, and cancel breakpoints.
* win32-low.c (win32_target_ops): Adjust.
2010-05-03 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_for_event_1): Move passing the signal to
the inferior right away from here...
(linux_wait_1): ... to here, and adjust to check the thread's
last_resume_kind instead of the lwp's step or stop_expected flags.
2010-05-02 Pedro Alves <>
* README: Use consistent `GDB' and `GDBserver' spellings.
2010-05-02 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_kill_one_lwp): Assume the lwp is stopped.
(linux_kill): Stop all lwps here. Don't delete the main lwp here.
(linux_detach_one_lwp): Assume the lwp is stopped.
(any_thread_of): Delete.
(linux_detach): Stop all lwps here. Don't blindly delete all
(delete_lwp_callback): New.
(linux_mourn): Delete all lwps of the process that is gone.
(linux_wait_1): Don't delete the last lwp of the process here.
* mem-break.h (mark_breakpoints_out): Declare.
* mem-break.c (mark_breakpoints_out): New.
(free_all_breakpoints): Use it.
* server.c (handle_target_event): If the process is gone, mark
breakpoints out.
* thread-db.c (struct thread_db) <create_bp>: New field.
(thread_db_enable_reporting): Fix prototype. Store a thread event
breakpoint reference in the thread_db struct.
(thread_db_load_search): Clear the thread_db object.
(try_thread_db_load_1): Ditto.
(switch_to_process): New.
(disable_thread_event_reporting): Use it.
(remove_thread_event_breakpoints): New.
(thread_db_detach, thread_db_mourn): Use it.
2010-05-01 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_enable_event_reporting): New.
(linux_wait_for_event_1, handle_extended_wait): Use it.
2010-04-30 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_kill_one_lwp, linux_kill)
(linux_detach_one_lwp): Adjust to send_sigstop interface change.
(send_sigstop): Take an lwp_info as parameter instead. Queue a
SIGSTOP even if the LWP is stopped.
(send_sigstop_callback): New.
(stop_all_lwps): Use send_sigstop_callback instead.
(linux_resume_one_thread): Adjust.
(proceed_one_lwp): Still proceed an LWP that the client has
requested to stop, if we haven't reported it as stopped yet. Make
sure that LWPs the client want stopped, have a pending SIGSTOP.
2010-04-26 Doug Evans <>
* server.c (handle_general_set): Make static.
* remote-utils.c (putpkt_binary_1): Call readchar instead of read.
Print received char after testing for error/eof instead of before.
(input_interrupt): Tweak comment.
2010-04-23 Doug Evans <>
* server.c (start_inferior): Print inferior argv if --debug.
2010-04-21 Aleksandar Ristovski <>
* (nto_low_h nto-low.o nto-x86-low.o): New dependency lists.
* nto-x86-low.c: Include server.h
2010-04-20 Pierre Muller <>
* win32-i386-low.c: Use __x86_64__ macro instead of __x86_64 to
be consistent with other sources of this directory.
(init_registers_amd64): Correct name of source file of this function
in the comment.
2010-04-19 Pierre Muller <>
* configure.srv (x86_64-*-mingw*): New configuration for Windows
64-bit executables.
2010-04-19 Pierre Muller <>
* win32-i386-low.c: Add 64-bit support.
(CONTEXT_EXTENDED_REGISTERS): Set macro to zero if not exisiting.
(init_registers_amd64): Declare.
(mappings): Add 64-bit version of array.
(init_windows_x86): New function.
(the_low_target): Change init_arch field to init_windows_x86.
2010-04-19 Pierre Muller <>
* win32-low.c: Adapt to support also 64-bit architecture.
(child_xfer_memory): Use uintptr_t type for local variable `addr'.
(get_image_name): Use SIZE_T type for local variable `done'.
(psapi_get_dll_name): Use LPVOID type for parameter `BaseAddress'.
(toolhelp_get_dll_name): Idem.
(handle_load_dll): Use CORE_ADDR type for local variable `load_addr'.
Use uintptr_t typecast to avoid warning.
(handle_unload_dll): Use uintptr_t typecast to avoid warning.
(handle_exception): Use phex_nz to avoid warning.
(win32_wait): Remove unused local variable `process'.
2010-04-19 Pierre Muller <>
* configure.srv (srv_amd64_regobj): Replace `x86-64-avx.o' by
2010-04-17 Pierre Muller <>
* Use `ws2_32' library for srv_mingw.
* configure: Regenerate.
* gdbreplay.c: Include winsock2.h instead of winsock.h.
* remote-utils.c: Likewise.
2010-04-17 H.J. Lu <>
* linux-x86-low.c (xmltarget_amd64_linux_no_xml): Define only
if __x86_64__ is defined.
2010-04-16 Pierre Muller <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2010-04-16 Pierre Muller <>
* server.c (handle_query): Handle 'qGetTIBAddr' query.
* target.h (target_ops): New get_tib_address field.
* win32-low.h (win32_thread_info): Add thread_local_base field.
* win32-low.c (child_add_thread): Add tlb argument.
Set thread_local_base field to TLB.
(get_child_debug_event): Adapt to child_add_thread change.
(win32_get_tib_address): New function.
(win32_target_ops): Set get_tib_address field to
* linux-low.c (linux_target_ops): Set get_tib_address field to NULL.
2010-04-12 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_mourn): Also remove the process.
* server.c (handle_target_event): Don't remove the process here.
* nto-low.c (nto_mourn): New.
(nto_target_ops): Install it.
* spu-low.c (spu_mourn): New.
(spu_target_ops): Install it.
* win32-low.c (win32_mourn): New.
(win32_target_ops): Install it.
2010-04-12 Pedro Alves <>
* server.h (buffer_xml_printf): Remove redundant `;'.
2010-04-12 Pedro Alves <>
* regcache.c (set_register_cache): Invalidate regcaches before
changing the register cache layout.
(regcache_invalidate_one): Allow a NULL regcache.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_linux_update_xmltarget): Invalidate
regcaches before changing the register cache layout or the target
2010-04-12 H.J. Lu <>
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_linux_update_xmltarget): Avoid unused
variable warning on Linux/x86-64.
2010-04-11 Pedro Alves <>
GDBserver disconnected tracing support.
* linux-low.c (linux_remove_process): Delete.
(add_lwp): Don't set last_resume_kind here.
(linux_kill): Use `mourn'.
(linux_detach): Use `thread_db_detach', and `mourn'.
(linux_mourn): New.
(linux_attach_lwp_1): Adjust comment.
(linux_attach): last_resume_kind moved the thread_info; adjust.
(status_pending_p_callback): Adjust.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): Adjust.
(count_events_callback, select_singlestep_lwp_callback)
(select_event_lwp_callback, cancel_breakpoints_callback)
(db_wants_lwp_stopped, linux_wait_1, need_step_over_p)
(proceed_one_lwp): Adjust.
(linux_async): Add debug output.
(linux_thread_stopped): New.
(linux_pause_all): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install linux_mourn, linux_thread_stopped and
* linux-low.h (struct lwp_info): Delete last_resume_kind field.
(thread_db_free): Delete declaration.
(thread_db_detach, thread_db_mourn): Declare.
* thread-db.c (thread_db_init): Use thread_db_mourn.
(thread_db_free): Delete, split in two.
(disable_thread_event_reporting): New.
(thread_db_detach): New.
(thread_db_mourn): New.
* server.h (struct thread_info) <last_resume_kind>: New field.
<attached>: Add comment.
<gdb_detached>: New field.
(handler_func): Change return type to int.
(handle_serial_event, handle_target_event): Ditto.
(gdb_connected): Declare.
(tracing): Delete.
(disconnected_tracing): Declare.
(stop_tracing): Declare.
* server.c (handle_query) <qSupported>: Report support for
disconnected tracing.
(queue_stop_reply_callback): Account for running threads.
(gdb_wants_thread_stopped): New.
(gdb_wants_all_threads_stopped): New.
(gdb_reattached_process): New.
(handle_status): Clear the `gdb_detached' flag of all processes.
In all-stop, stop all threads.
(main): Be sure to leave tfind mode. Handle disconnected tracing.
(process_serial_event): If the remote connection breaks, or if an
exit was forced with "monitor exit", force an event loop exit.
Handle disconnected tracing on detach.
(handle_serial_event): Adjust.
(handle_target_event): If GDB isn't connected, forward events back
to the inferior, unless the last process exited, in which case,
exit gdbserver. Adjust interface.
* remote-utils.c (remote_open): Don't block in accept. Instead
register an event loop source on the listen socket file
descriptor. Refactor bits into ...
(listen_desc): ... this new global.
(gdb_connected): ... this new function.
(enable_async_notification): ... this new function.
(handle_accept_event): ... this new function.
(remote_close): Clear remote_desc.
* inferiors.c (add_thread): Set the new thread's last_resume_kind.
* target.h (struct target_ops) <mourn, thread_stopped, pause_all>:
New fields.
(mourn_inferior): Define.
(target_process_qsupported): Avoid the dangling else problem.
(thread_stopped): Define.
(pause_all): Define.
(target_waitstatus_to_string): Declare.
* target.c (target_waitstatus_to_string): New.
* tracepoint.c (tracing): Make extern.
(disconnected_tracing): New.
(stop_tracing): Make extern. Handle tracing stops due to GDB
(cmd_qtdisconnected): New.
(cmd_qtstatus): Report disconnected tracing status in trace reply.
(handle_tracepoint_general_set): Handle QTDisconnected.
* event-loop.c (event_handler_func): Change return type to int.
(process_event): Bail out if the event handler wants the event
loop to stop.
(handle_file_event): Ditto.
(start_event_loop): Bail out if the event handler wants the event
loop to stop.
* nto-low.c (nto_target_ops): Adjust.
* spu-low.c (spu_wait): Don't remove the process here.
(spu_target_ops): Adjust.
* win32-low.c (win32_wait): Don't remove the process here.
(win32_target_ops): Adjust.
2010-04-11 Pedro Alves <>
* regcache.c (realloc_register_cache): Invalidate inferior's
regcache before recreating it.
2010-04-09 Pedro Alves <>
* tracepoint.c (cmd_qtstatus): Report trace buffer circularity.
2010-04-09 Stan Shebs <>
Pedro Alves <>
* server.h (LONGEST): New.
(struct thread_info) <while_stepping>: New field.
(unpack_varlen_hex, xrealloc, pulongest, plongest, phex_nz):
(initialize_tracepoint, handle_tracepoint_general_set)
(handle_tracepoint_query, tracepoint_finished_step)
(tracepoint_was_hit, release_while_stepping_state_list):
(current_traceframe): Declare.
* server.c (handle_general_set): Handle tracepoint packets.
(read_memory): New.
(write_memory): New.
(handle_search_memory_1): Use read_memory.
(handle_query): Report support for conditional tracepoints, trace
state variables, and tracepoint sources. Handle tracepoint
(main): Initialize the tracepoints module.
(process_serial_event): Handle traceframe reads/writes.
* linux-low.c (handle_tracepoints): New.
(linux_wait_1): Call it.
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Handle while-stepping.
(linux_supports_tracepoints, linux_read_pc, linux_write_pc): New.
(linux_target_ops): Install them.
* linux-low.h (struct linux_target_ops) <supports_tracepoints>:
New field.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_supports_tracepoints): New.
(the_low_target). Install it.
* mem-break.h (delete_breakpoint): Declare.
* mem-break.c (delete_breakpoint): Make external.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Add `supports_tracepoints',
`read_pc', and `write_pc' fields.
(target_supports_tracepoints): Define.
* utils.c (xrealloc, decimal2str, pulongest, plongest, thirty_two)
(phex_nz): New.
* regcache.h (struct regcache) <registers_owned>: New field.
(init_register_cache, regcache_cpy): Declare.
(regcache_read_pc, regcache_write_pc): Declare.
(register_cache_size): Declare.
(supply_regblock): Declare.
* regcache.c (init_register_cache): New.
(new_register_cache): Use it.
(regcache_cpy): New.
(register_cache_size): New.
(supply_regblock): New.
(regcache_read_pc, regcache_write_pc): New.
* tracepoint.c: New.
* (OBS): Add tracepoint.o.
(tracepoint.o): New rule.
2010-04-08 H.J. Lu <>
* (clean): Also remove i386-mmx.c i386-mmx-linux.c.
(i386-mmx.o): New.
(i386-mmx.c): Likewise.
(i386-mmx-linux.o): Likewise.
(i386-mmx-linux.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv (srv_i386_regobj): Add i386-mmx.o.
(srv_i386_linux_regobj): Add i386-mmx-linux.o.
(srv_i386_xmlfiles): Add i386/i386-mmx.xml.
(srv_i386_linux_xmlfiles): Add i386/i386-mmx-linux.xml.
* linux-x86-low.c (init_registers_i386_mmx_linux): New.
(x86_linux_update_xmltarget): Call init_registers_i386_mmx_linux
and return if ptrace PTRACE_GETFPXREGS failed in 32bit.
2010-04-07 H.J. Lu <>
* (clean): Updated.
(i386-avx.o): New.
(i386-avx.c): Likewise.
(i386-avx-linux.o): Likewise.
(i386-avx-linux.c): Likewise.
(amd64-avx.o): Likewise.
(amd64-avx.c): Likewise.
(amd64-avx-linux.o): Likewise.
(amd64-avx-linux.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv (srv_i386_regobj): Add i386-avx.o.
(srv_i386_linux_regobj): Add i386-avx-linux.o.
(srv_amd64_regobj): Add amd64-avx.o.
(srv_amd64_linux_regobj): Add amd64-avx-linux.o.
(srv_i386_32bit_xmlfiles): Add i386/32bit-avx.xml.
(srv_i386_64bit_xmlfiles): Add i386/64bit-avx.xml.
(srv_i386_xmlfiles): Add i386/i386-avx.xml.
(srv_amd64_xmlfiles): Add i386/amd64-avx.xml.
(srv_i386_linux_xmlfiles): Add i386/i386-avx-linux.xml.
(srv_amd64_linux_xmlfiles): Add i386/amd64-avx-linux.xml.
* i387-fp.c: Include "i386-xstate.h".
(i387_xsave): New.
(i387_cache_to_xsave): Likewise.
(i387_xsave_to_cache): Likewise.
(x86_xcr0): Likewise.
* i387-fp.h (i387_cache_to_xsave): Likewise.
(i387_xsave_to_cache): Likewise.
(x86_xcr0): Likewise.
* linux-arm-low.c (target_regsets): Initialize nt_type to 0.
* linux-crisv32-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-m68k-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-mips-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-ppc-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-s390-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-sh-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-sparc-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-xtensa-low.c (target_regsets): Likewise.
* linux-low.c: Include <sys/uio.h>.
(regsets_fetch_inferior_registers): Support nt_type.
(regsets_store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
(linux_process_qsupported): New.
(linux_target_ops): Add linux_process_qsupported.
* linux-low.h (regset_info): Add nt_type.
(linux_target_ops): Add process_qsupported.
* linux-x86-low.c: Include "i386-xstate.h", "elf/common.h"
and <sys/uio.h>.
(init_registers_i386_avx_linux): New.
(init_registers_amd64_avx_linux): Likewise.
(xmltarget_i386_linux_no_xml): Likewise.
(xmltarget_amd64_linux_no_xml): Likewise.
(x86_fill_xstateregset): Likewise.
(x86_store_xstateregset): Likewise.
(use_xml): Likewise.
(x86_linux_update_xmltarget): Likewise.
(x86_linux_process_qsupported): Likewise.
(target_regsets): Add NT_X86_XSTATE entry and Initialize nt_type.
(x86_arch_setup): Don't call init_registers_amd64_linux nor
init_registers_i386_linux here. Call
(the_low_target): Add x86_linux_process_qsupported.
* server.c (handle_query): Call target_process_qsupported.
* target.h (target_ops): Add process_qsupported.
(target_process_qsupported): New.
2010-04-03 Pedro Alves <>
* inferiors.c (add_thread): Set last_status kind to
* linux-low.c (cancel_breakpoint): Remove unnecessary regcache
fetch. Use ptid_of. Avoid unnecessary get_lwp_thread calls.
(linux_wait_1): Move `thread' local definition to block that uses
it. Don't NULL initialize `event_child'.
(linux_resume_one_thread): Avoid unnecessary get_lwp_thread calls.
Alway set the thread's last_status to TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_breakpoint_at): Read raw memory.
2010-04-01 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (get_stop_pc): Don't adjust the PC if stopped with
an extended waitstatus, or by a watchpoint.
(cancel_breakpoints_callback): Don't cancel a breakpoint if the
thread was stepping or has been stopped by a watchpoint.
2010-04-01 Pedro Alves <>
* mem-break.c (struct raw_breakpoint): New field shlib_disabled.
(set_gdb_breakpoint_at): If GDB is inserting a breakpoint on top
of another, then delete the previous, and validate all
(validate_inserted_breakpoint): New.
(delete_disabled_breakpoints): New.
(validate_breakpoints): New.
(check_mem_read): Validate breakpoints before trusting their
shadow. Delete disabled breakpoints.
(check_mem_write): Validate breakpoints before trusting they
should be inserted. Delete disabled breakpoints.
* mem-break.h (validate_breakpoints):
* server.c (handle_query): Validate breakpoints when we see a
qSymbol query.
2010-04-01 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_1): Avoid setting need_step_over is
there's a GDB breakpoint at stop_pc. Always report a trap to GDB
if we could tell there's a GDB breakpoint at stop_pc.
(need_step_over_p): Don't do a step over if we find a GDB
breakpoint at the resume PC.
* mem-break.c (struct raw_breakpoint): New.
(enum bkpt_type): New type `gdb_breakpoint'.
(struct breakpoint): Delete the `PC', `old_data' and `inserted'
fields. New field `raw'.
(find_raw_breakpoint_at): New.
(set_raw_breakpoint_at): Handle refcounting. Create a raw
breakpoint instead.
(set_breakpoint_at): Adjust.
(delete_raw_breakpoint): New.
(release_breakpoint): New.
(delete_breakpoint): Rename to...
(delete_breakpoint_1): ... this. Add proc parameter. Use
release_breakpoint. Return ENOENT.
(delete_breakpoint): Reimplement.
(find_breakpoint_at): Delete.
(find_gdb_breakpoint_at): New.
(delete_breakpoint_at): Delete.
(set_gdb_breakpoint_at): New.
(delete_gdb_breakpoint_at): New.
(gdb_breakpoint_here): New.
(set_reinsert_breakpoint): Use release_breakpoint.
(uninsert_breakpoint): Rename to ...
(uninsert_raw_breakpoint): ... this.
(uninsert_breakpoints_at): Adjust to handle raw breakpoints.
(reinsert_raw_breakpoint): Change parameter type to
(reinsert_breakpoints_at): Adjust to handle raw breakpoints
(check_breakpoints): Adjust. Use release_breakpoint.
(breakpoint_here): Rewrite using find_raw_breakpoint_at.
(breakpoint_inserted_here): Ditto.
(check_mem_read): Adjust to iterate over raw breakpoints instead.
Don't trust the breakpoint's shadow if it is not inserted.
(check_mem_write): Adjust to iterate over raw breakpoints instead.
(delete_all_breakpoints): Adjust.
(free_all_breakpoints): Mark all breakpoints as uninserted, and
use delete_breakpoint_1.
* mem-break.h (breakpoints_supported): Delete declaration.
(set_gdb_breakpoint_at): Declare.
(gdb_breakpoint_here): Declare.
(delete_breakpoint_at): Delete.
(delete_gdb_breakpoint_at): Declare.
* server.h (struct raw_breakpoint): Forward declare.
(struct process_info): New field `raw_breakpoints'.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_insert_point, x86_remote_point): Handle Z0
2010-03-24 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (status_pending_p_callback): Fix comment.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): Move most of the internal breakpoint
handling from here...
(linux_wait_1): ... to here.
(count_events_callback): New.
(select_singlestep_lwp_callback): New.
(select_event_lwp_callback): New.
(cancel_breakpoints_callback): New.
(select_event_lwp): New.
(linux_wait_1): Simplify internal breakpoint handling. Give equal
priority to all LWPs that have had events that should be reported
to the client. Cancel breakpoints when about to reporting the
event to the client, not while stopping lwps. No longer cancel
finished single-steps here.
(cancel_finished_single_step): Delete.
(cancel_finished_single_steps): Delete.
2010-03-24 Pedro Alves <>
* mem-break.c (enum bkpt_type): New.
(struct breakpoint): New field `type'.
(set_breakpoint_at): Change return type to struct breakpoint
pointer. Set type to `other_breakpoint' by default.
(delete_breakpoint): Rewrite, supporting more than one breakpoint
in the breakpoint list.
(delete_reinsert_breakpoints): Only delete reinsert breakpoints.
(reinsert_breakpoint): Rename to ...
(reinsert_raw_breakpoint): ... this.
(reinsert_breakpoints_at): Adjust.
* mem-break.h (struct breakpoint): Declare.
(set_breakpoint_at): Change return type to struct breakpoint
2010-03-24 Pedro Alves <>
* server.c (handle_query): Assign, not compare.
2010-03-24 Pedro Alves <>
Teach linux gdbserver to step-over-breakpoints.
* linux-low.c (can_hardware_single_step): New.
(supports_breakpoints): New.
(handle_extended_wait): If stopping threads, read the stop pc of
the new cloned LWP.
(get_pc): New.
(get_stop_pc): Add `lwp' parameter. Handle it. Bail out if the
low target doesn't support retrieving the PC.
(add_lwp): Set last_resume_kind to resume_continue.
(linux_attach_lwp_1): Adjust comments. Always set stop_expected.
(linux_attach): Don't clear stop_expected. Set the lwp's
last_resume_kind to resume_stop.
(linux_detach_one_lwp): Don't check for removed breakpoints.
(check_removed_breakpoint): Delete.
(status_pending_p): Rename to ...
(status_pending_p_callback): ... this. Don't check for removed
breakpoints. Don't consider threads that are stopped from GDB's
(linux_wait_for_lwp): Always read the stop_pc here.
(cancel_breakpoint): New.
(step_over_bkpt): New global.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): Implement stepping over breakpoints.
(gdb_wants_lwp_stopped): New.
(gdb_wants_all_stopped): New.
(linux_wait_1): Tag threads as gdb-wants-stopped. Cancel finished
single-step traps here. Store the thread's last reported target
wait status.
(send_sigstop): Don't clear stop_expected. Always set it,
(mark_lwp_dead): Remove reference to pending_is_breakpoint.
(cancel_finished_single_step): New.
(cancel_finished_single_steps): New.
(wait_for_sigstop): Don't cancel finished single-step traps here.
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Don't check for removed breakpoints.
Don't set `step' on non-hardware step archs.
(linux_set_resume_request): Ignore resume_stop requests if already
stopping or stopped. Set the lwp's last_resume_kind.
(resume_status_pending_p): Don't check for removed breakpoints.
(need_step_over_p): New.
(start_step_over): New.
(finish_step_over): New.
(linux_resume_one_thread): Always queue a sigstop for resume_stop
requests. Clear the thread's last reported target waitstatus.
Don't use the `suspended' flag. Don't consider pending breakpoints.
(linux_resume): Start a step-over if necessary.
(proceed_one_lwp): New.
(proceed_all_lwps): New.
(unstop_all_lwps): New.
* linux-low.h (struct lwp_info): Rewrite comment for the
`suspended' flag. Add the `stop_pc' field. Delete the
`pending_stop_pc' field. Tweak the `stepping' flag's comment.
Add `'last_resume_kind' and `need_step_over' fields.
* inferiors.c (struct thread_info): Delete, moved elsewhere.
* mem-break.c (struct breakpoint): Delete `reinserting' flag.
Delete `breakpoint_to_reinsert' field. New flag `inserted'.
(set_raw_breakpoint_at): New.
(set_breakpoint_at): Rewrite to use it.
(reinsert_breakpoint_handler): Delete.
(set_reinsert_breakpoint): New.
(reinsert_breakpoint_by_bp): Delete.
(delete_reinsert_breakpoints): New.
(uninsert_breakpoint): Rewrite.
(uninsert_breakpoints_at): New.
(reinsert_breakpoint): Rewrite.
(reinsert_breakpoints_at): New.
(check_breakpoints): Rewrite.
(breakpoint_here): New.
(breakpoint_inserted_here): New.
(check_mem_read): Adjust.
* mem-break.h (breakpoints_supported, breakpoint_here)
(breakpoint_inserted_here, set_reinsert_breakpoint): Declare.
(reinsert_breakpoint_by_bp): Delete declaration.
(delete_reinsert_breakpoints): Declare.
(reinsert_breakpoint): Delete declaration.
(reinsert_breakpoints_at): Declare.
(uninsert_breakpoint): Delete declaration.
(uninsert_breakpoints_at): Declare.
(check_breakpoints): Adjust prototype.
* server.h: Adjust include order.
(struct thread_info): Declare here. Add a `last_status' field.
2010-03-23 Michael Snyder <>
* server.c (crc32): New function.
(handle_query): Add handling for 'qCRC:' request.
2010-03-23 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_linux_prepare_to_resume): Clear DR6 if the
lwp had been stopped by a watchpoint.
2010-03-16 Pedro Alves <>
* server.h (internal_error): Declare.
(gdb_assert, ASSERT_FUNCTION, gdb_assert_fail): Define.
* utils.c (internal_error): New function.
2010-03-15 Andreas Schwab <>
* configure.srv: Fix typo setting srv_regobj.
2010-03-15 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (fetch_register): Avoid passing a non string literal
format to `error'.
(usr_store_inferior_registers): Ditto.
2010-03-14 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_write_memory): Bail out early if peeking
memory failed.
2010-03-14 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.h (struct lwp_info): New fields
`stopped_by_watchpoint' and `stopped_data_address'.
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_for_lwp): Check for watchpoint triggers
here, and cache them in the lwp object.
(wait_for_sigstop): Check stopped_by_watchpoint lwp field
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Clear the lwp's stopped_by_watchpoint
(linux_stopped_by_watchpoint): Rewrite.
(linux_stopped_data_address): Rewrite.
2010-03-06 Simo Melenius <>
* linux-low.c (linux_wait_for_lwp): Fetch the regcache after
switching the current inferior, not before.
2010-03-01 H.J. Lu <>
* (clean): Replace reg-i386.c, reg-x86-64.c,
reg-i386-linux.c and reg-x86-64-linux.c with i386.c, amd64.c,
i386-linux.c and amd64-linux.c.
(reg-i386.o): Removed.
(reg-i386.c): Likewise.
(reg-i386-linux.o): Likewise.
(reg-i386-linux.c): Likewise.
(reg-x86-64.o): Likewise.
(reg-x86-64.c): Likewise.
(reg-x86-64-linux.o): Likewise.
(reg-x86-64-linux.c): Likewise.
(i386.o): New.
(i386.c): Likewise.
(i386-linux.o): Likewise.
(i386-linux.c): Likewise.
(amd64.o): Likewise.
(amd64.c): Likewise.
(amd64-linux.o): Likewise.
(amd64-linux.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv (srv_i386_regobj): New.
(srv_i386_linux_regobj): Likewise.
(srv_amd64_regobj): Likewise.
(srv_amd64_linux_regobj): Likewise.
(srv_i386_32bit_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(srv_i386_64bit_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(srv_i386_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(srv_amd64_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(srv_i386_linux_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(srv_amd64_linux_xmlfiles): Likewise.
(i[34567]86-*-cygwin*): Set srv_regobj to $srv_i386_regobj. Set
srv_xmlfiles to $srv_i386_xmlfiles.
(i[34567]86-*-mingw32ce*): Likewise.
(i[34567]86-*-mingw*): Likewise.
(i[34567]86-*-nto*): Likewise.
(i[34567]86-*-linux*): Set srv_regobj to $srv_i386_linux_regobj
and $srv_amd64_linux_regobj. Set srv_xmlfiles to
$srv_i386_linux_xmlfiles and $srv_amd64_linux_xmlfiles.
(x86_64-*-linux*): Likewise.
* linux-x86-low.c (init_registers_x86_64_linux): Removed.
(init_registers_amd64_linux): New.
(x86_arch_setup): Replace init_registers_x86_64_linux with
2010-02-23 Maxim Kuvyrkov <>
* Check for libdl. If it is not available link against
static libthread_db.
* configure: Regenerate.
2010-02-22 Pedro Alves <>
* i386-low.c (i386_length_and_rw_bits): Throw a fatal error if
handing a read watchpoint.
(i386_low_insert_watchpoint): Read watchpoints aren't supported.
2010-02-12 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c (linux_supports_tracefork_flag): Document.
(linux_look_up_symbols): Add comment.
2010-02-03 H.J. Lu <>
* regcache.c (supply_register): Clear regcache if buf is NULL.
2010-02-02 Nicolas Roche <>
Joel Brobecker <>
* inferiors.c (find_inferior): Add function documentation.
(unloaded_dll): Handle the case where the unloaded dll has not
been previously registered in the dll list.
2010-02-01 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux-arm-low.c (thumb_breakpoint_len): Delete.
(thumb2_breakpoint): New.
(arm_breakpoint_at): Check for Thumb-2 breakpoints.
2010-01-29 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux-low.c (get_stop_pc): Check for SIGTRAP.
(linux_wait_for_event_1): Handle SIGILL and SIGSEGV as possible
2010-01-21 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-ppc-low.c (ppc_arch_setup): Adjust to regcache changes.
2010-01-21 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux-s390-low.c (s390_collect_ptrace_register)
(s390_supply_ptrace_register): Adjust it for the new regcache parameter.
2010-01-21 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Change from long to void*.
(PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE): New macro.
(handle_extended_wait): Cast ptrace arg4 to PTRACE_ARG4_TYPE.
(linux_wait_for_event_1, linux_resume_one_lwp): Ditto.
(fetch_register): Cast to uintptr_t before casting to PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
(usr_store_inferior_registers): Ditto.
(linux_read_memory, linux_write_memory): Ditto.
(linux_test_for_tracefork): Ditto.
* linux-arm-low.c: Remove redundant include of gdb_proc_service.h.
Only include elf.h if gdb_proc_service.h didn't include linux/elf.h.
2010-01-21 Pedro Alves <>
* proc-service.c (ps_lgetregs): Don't refetch registers from the
2010-01-21 Pedro Alves <>
* spu-low.c (spu_fetch_registers, spu_store_registers): Change
prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
2010-01-20 Pedro Alves <>
* regcache.h (struct thread_info): Forward declare.
(struct regcache): New.
(new_register_cache): Adjust prototype.
(get_thread_regcache): Declare.
(free_register_cache): Adjust prototype.
(registers_to_string, registers_from_string): Ditto.
(supply_register, supply_register_by_name, collect_register)
(collect_register_as_string, collect_register_by_name): Ditto.
* regcache.c (struct inferior_regcache_data): Delete.
(get_regcache): Rename to ...
(get_thread_regcache): ... this. Adjust. Switch inferior before
fetching registers.
(regcache_invalidate_one): Adjust.
(regcache_invalidate): Fix prototype.
(new_register_cache): Return the new register cache.
(free_register_cache): Change prototype.
(realloc_register_cache): Adjust.
(registers_to_string): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
(registers_from_string): Ditto.
(register_data): Ditto.
(supply_register): Ditto.
(supply_register_by_name): Ditto.
(collect_register): Ditto.
(collect_register_as_string): Ditto.
(collect_register_by_name): Ditto.
* server.c (process_serial_event): Adjust.
* linux-low.h (regset_fill_func, regset_store_func): Change
(get_pc, set_pc, collect_ptrace_register, supply_ptrace_register):
Change prototype.
* linux-low.c (get_stop_pc): Adjust.
(check_removed_breakpoint): Adjust.
(linux_wait_for_event): Adjust.
(linux_resume_one_lwp): Adjust.
(fetch_register): Add regcache parameter. Adjust.
(usr_store_inferior_registers): Ditto.
(regsets_fetch_inferior_registers): Ditto.
(regsets_store_inferior_registers): Ditto.
(linux_fetch_registers, linux_store_registers): Ditto.
* i387-fp.c (i387_cache_to_fsave): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
(i387_fsave_to_cache, i387_cache_to_fxsave, i387_fxsave_to_cache): Ditto.
* i387-fp.h (i387_cache_to_fsave, i387_fsave_to_cache): Change
prototype to take a regcache.
(i387_cache_to_fxsave, i387_fxsave_to_cache): Ditto.
* remote-utils.c (convert_ascii_to_int, outreg)
(prepare_resume_reply): Change prototype to take a regcache.
* target.h (struct target_ops) <fetch_registers, store_registers>:
Change prototype to take a regcache.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers): Change
prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* proc-service.c (ps_lgetregs): Adjust.
* linux-x86-low.c (x86_fill_gregset, x86_store_gregset)
(x86_fill_fpregset, x86_store_fpregset, x86_fill_fpxregset)
(x86_store_fpxregset, x86_get_pc, x86_set_pc): Change prototype to
take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-arm-low.c (arm_fill_gregset, arm_store_gregset)
(arm_fill_wmmxregset, arm_store_wmmxregset, arm_fill_vfpregset)
(arm_store_vfpregset, arm_get_pc, arm_set_pc):
(arm_breakpoint_at): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-cris-low.c (cris_get_pc, cris_set_pc)
(cris_breakpoint_at): Change prototype to take a regcache.
* linux-crisv32-low.c (cris_get_pc, cris_set_pc,
cris_reinsert_addr, cris_write_data_breakpoint): Change prototype
to take a regcache. Adjust.
(cris_breakpoint_at, cris_insert_point, cris_remove_point):
* linux-m32r-low.c (m32r_get_pc, m32r_set_pc): Change prototype to
take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-m68k-low.c (m68k_fill_gregset, m68k_store_gregset)
(m68k_fill_fpregset, m68k_store_fpregset, m68k_get_pc,
(m68k_set_pc): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-mips-low.c (mips_get_pc):
(mips_set_pc): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
(mips_reinsert_addr): Adjust.
(mips_collect_register): Change prototype to take a regcache.
(mips_collect_register_32bit, mips_supply_register_32bit)
(mips_fill_gregset, mips_store_gregset, mips_fill_fpregset)
(mips_store_fpregset): Ditto.
* linux-ppc-low.c (ppc_supply_ptrace_register, ppc_supply_ptrace_register):
(parse_spufs_run): Adjust.
(ppc_get_pc, ppc_set_pc, ppc_fill_gregset, ppc_fill_vsxregset)
(ppc_store_vsxregset, ppc_fill_vrregset, ppc_store_vrregset)
(ppc_fill_evrregset, ppc_store_evrregset): Change prototype to
take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-s390-low.c (s390_collect_ptrace_register)
(s390_supply_ptrace_register, s390_fill_gregset, s390_get_pc)
(s390_set_pc): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
(s390_arch_setup): Adjust.
* linux-sh-low.c (sh_get_pc, sh_breakpoint_at)
(sh_fill_gregset): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* linux-sparc-low.c (sparc_fill_gregset_to_stack)
(sparc_fill_gregset, sparc_store_gregset_from_stack)
(sparc_store_gregset, sparc_get_pc): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
(sparc_breakpoint_at): Adjust.
* linux-xtensa-low.c (xtensa_fill_gregset):
(xtensa_fill_xtregset, xtensa_store_xtregset, xtensa_get_pc)
(xtensa_set_pc): Change prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* nto-low.c (nto_fetch_registers, nto_store_registers): Change
prototype to take a regcache. Adjust.
* win32-arm-low.c (arm_fetch_inferior_register)
(arm_store_inferior_register): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
* win32-i386-low.c (i386_fetch_inferior_register)
(i386_store_inferior_register): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
* win32-low.c (child_fetch_inferior_registers)
(child_store_inferior_registers): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
(win32_wait): Adjust.
(win32_fetch_inferior_registers): Change prototype to take a
regcache. Adjust.
(win32_store_inferior_registers): Adjust.
* win32-low.h (struct win32_target_ops) <fetch_inferior_register,
store_inferior_register>: Change prototype to take a regcache.
2010-01-20 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c (linux_create_inferior): Wrap use of __SIGRTMIN in
(linux_wait_for_event1, linux_init_signals): Ditto.
(W_STOPCODE): Provide definition if missing.
2010-01-13 Vladimir Prus <>
* linux-low.c (linux_core_of_thread): New.
(compare_ints, show_process, list_threads): New.
(linux_qxfer_osdata): Report threads and cores.
(linux_target_op): Register linux_core_of_thread.
* remote-utils.c (prepare_resume_reply): Report the core.
(buffer_xml_printf): Support %d specifier.
* server.c (handle_threads_qxfer_proper, handle_threads_qxfer):
(handle_query): Handle qXfer:threads. Announce availability
* target.h (struct target_ops): New field core_of_thread.
2010-01-04 Ulrich Weigand <>
* (clean): Remove new generated files.
(reg-s390.o, reg-s390.c): Remove rules.
(reg-s390x.o, reg-s390x.c): Likewise.
(s390-linux32.o, s390-linux32.c): Add rules.
(s390-linux64.o, s390-linux64.c): Likewise.
(s390x-linux64.o, s390x-linux64.c): Likewise.
* configure.srv (s390*-*-linux*): Update srv_regobj and srv_xmlfiles.
* linux-s390-low.c: Include <elf.h>.
(HWCAP_S390_HIGH_GPRS): Define if undefined.
(init_registers_s390): Remove prototype.
(init_registers_s390x): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390_linux32): Add prototype.
(init_registers_s390_linux64): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390x_linux64): Likewise.
(s390_num_regs_3264): New define.
(s390_regmap_3264): New global variable.
(s390_cannot_fetch_register): Remove obsolete check.
(s390_cannot_store_register): Likewise.
(s390_collect_ptrace_register): Handle upper/lower register halves.
(s390_supply_ptrace_register): Likewise.
(s390_fill_gregset): Update to register number changes.
(s390_get_hwcap): New routine.
(s390_arch_setup): Detect 32-bit process running on 64-bit system.
Install appropriate regmap and register set.
2010-01-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* server.c (gdbserver_version): Update copyright year to 2010.
* gdbreplay.c (gdbreplay_version): Likewise.
2009-12-28 Doug Evans <>
* linux-low.c: Delete inclusion of ansidecl.h, elf/common.h,
elf/external.h. Include <elf.h> instead but only if necessary.
2009-12-28 Pedro Alves <>
* linux-low.c (linux_remove_process): Remove `detaching'
parameter. Don't release/detach from thread_db here.
(linux_kill): Release/detach from thread_db here, ...
(linux_detach): ... and here, before actually detaching.
(linux_wait_1): ... and here, when a process exits.
* thread-db.c (any_thread_of): New.
(thread_db_free): Switch the current inferior to a thread of the
passed in process.
2009-12-21 Doug Evans <>
* linux-x86-low.c: Delete outdated comment about Elf32_Phdr.