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# Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
# See for license information.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
import importlib
import locale
import os
import platform
import re
import subprocess
import sys
from libcxx.util import executeCommand
class DefaultTargetInfo(object):
def __init__(self, full_config):
self.full_config = full_config
def platform(self):
return sys.platform.lower().strip()
def add_locale_features(self, features):
"No locales entry for target_system: %s" % self.platform())
def add_cxx_compile_flags(self, flags): pass
def add_cxx_link_flags(self, flags): pass
def configure_env(self, env): pass
def allow_cxxabi_link(self): return True
def add_sanitizer_features(self, sanitizer_type, features): pass
def use_lit_shell_default(self): return False
def test_locale(loc):
assert loc is not None
default_locale = locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL)
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, loc)
return True
except locale.Error:
return False
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, default_locale)
def add_common_locales(features, lit_config, is_windows=False):
# A list of locales needed by the test-suite.
# The list uses the canonical name for the locale used in the test-suite
# TODO: On Linux ISO8859 *may* needs to hyphenated.
locales = [
('en_US.UTF-8', 'English_United States.1252'),
('fr_FR.UTF-8', 'French_France.1252'),
('ru_RU.UTF-8', 'Russian_Russia.1251'),
('zh_CN.UTF-8', 'Chinese_China.936'),
('fr_CA.ISO8859-1', 'French_Canada.1252'),
('cs_CZ.ISO8859-2', 'Czech_Czech Republic.1250')
for loc_id, windows_loc_name in locales:
loc_name = windows_loc_name if is_windows else loc_id
if test_locale(loc_name):
lit_config.warning('The locale {0} is not supported by '
'your platform. Some tests will be '
class DarwinLocalTI(DefaultTargetInfo):
def __init__(self, full_config):
super(DarwinLocalTI, self).__init__(full_config)
def is_host_macosx(self):
name = subprocess.check_output(['sw_vers', '-productName']).strip()
return name == "Mac OS X"
def get_macosx_version(self):
assert self.is_host_macosx()
version = subprocess.check_output(
['sw_vers', '-productVersion']).strip()
version = re.sub(r'([0-9]+\.[0-9]+)(\..*)?', r'\1', version)
return version
def get_sdk_version(self, name):
assert self.is_host_macosx()
cmd = ['xcrun', '--sdk', name, '--show-sdk-path']
out = subprocess.check_output(cmd).strip()
except OSError:
if not out:
"cannot infer sdk version with: %r" % cmd)
return re.sub(r'.*/[^0-9]+([0-9.]+)\.sdk', r'\1', out)
def get_platform(self):
platform = self.full_config.get_lit_conf('platform')
if platform:
platform = re.sub(r'([^0-9]+)([0-9\.]*)', r'\1-\2', platform)
name, version = tuple(platform.split('-', 1))
name = 'macosx'
version = None
if version:
return (False, name, version)
# Infer the version, either from the SDK or the system itself. For
# macosx, ignore the SDK version; what matters is what's at
# /usr/lib/libc++.dylib.
if name == 'macosx':
version = self.get_macosx_version()
version = self.get_sdk_version(name)
return (True, name, version)
def add_locale_features(self, features):
add_common_locales(features, self.full_config.lit_config)
def add_cxx_compile_flags(self, flags):
if self.full_config.use_deployment:
_, name, _ = self.full_config.config.deployment
cmd = ['xcrun', '--sdk', name, '--show-sdk-path']
cmd = ['xcrun', '--show-sdk-path']
out, err, exit_code = executeCommand(cmd)
if exit_code != 0:
self.full_config.lit_config.warning("Could not determine macOS SDK path! stderr was " + err)
if exit_code == 0 and out:
sdk_path = out.strip()
self.full_config.lit_config.note('using SDKROOT: %r' % sdk_path)
assert isinstance(sdk_path, str)
flags += ["-isysroot", sdk_path]
def add_cxx_link_flags(self, flags):
flags += ['-lSystem']
def configure_env(self, env):
library_paths = []
# Configure the library path for libc++
if self.full_config.cxx_runtime_root:
library_paths += [self.full_config.cxx_runtime_root]
elif self.full_config.use_system_cxx_lib:
if (os.path.isdir(str(self.full_config.use_system_cxx_lib))):
library_paths += [self.full_config.use_system_cxx_lib]
# Configure the abi library path
if self.full_config.abi_library_root:
library_paths += [self.full_config.abi_library_root]
if library_paths:
env['DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = ':'.join(library_paths)
def allow_cxxabi_link(self):
# FIXME: PR27405
# libc++ *should* export all of the symbols found in libc++abi on OS X.
# For this reason LibcxxConfiguration will not link libc++abi in OS X.
# However __cxa_throw_bad_new_array_length doesn't get exported into
# libc++ yet so we still need to explicitly link libc++abi when testing
# libc++abi
# See PR22654.
if(self.full_config.get_lit_conf('name', '') == 'libc++abi'):
return True
# Don't link libc++abi explicitly on OS X because the symbols
# should be available in libc++ directly.
return False
class FreeBSDLocalTI(DefaultTargetInfo):
def __init__(self, full_config):
super(FreeBSDLocalTI, self).__init__(full_config)
def add_locale_features(self, features):
add_common_locales(features, self.full_config.lit_config)
def add_cxx_link_flags(self, flags):
flags += ['-lc', '-lm', '-lpthread', '-lgcc_s', '-lcxxrt']
class NetBSDLocalTI(DefaultTargetInfo):
def __init__(self, full_config):
super(NetBSDLocalTI, self).__init__(full_config)
def add_locale_features(self, features):
add_common_locales(features, self.full_config.lit_config)
def add_cxx_link_flags(self, flags):
flags += ['-lc', '-lm', '-lpthread', '-lgcc_s', '-lc++abi',
class LinuxLocalTI(DefaultTargetInfo):
def __init__(self, full_config):
super(LinuxLocalTI, self).__init__(full_config)
def platform(self):
return 'linux'
def platform_name(self):
name, _, _ = platform.linux_distribution()
# Some distros have spaces, e.g. 'SUSE Linux Enterprise Server'
# lit features can't have spaces
name = name.lower().strip().replace(' ', '-')
return name # Permitted to be None
def platform_ver(self):
_, ver, _ = platform.linux_distribution()
ver = ver.lower().strip().replace(' ', '-')
return ver # Permitted to be None.
def add_locale_features(self, features):
add_common_locales(features, self.full_config.lit_config)
# Some linux distributions have different locale data than others.
# Insert the distributions name and name-version into the available
# features to allow tests to XFAIL on them.
name = self.platform_name()
ver = self.platform_ver()
if name:
if name and ver:
features.add('%s-%s' % (name, ver))
def add_cxx_compile_flags(self, flags):
flags += ['-D__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS',
def add_cxx_link_flags(self, flags):
enable_threads = ('libcpp-has-no-threads' not in
llvm_unwinder = self.full_config.get_lit_bool('llvm_unwinder', False)
shared_libcxx = self.full_config.get_lit_bool('enable_shared', True)
flags += ['-lm']
if not llvm_unwinder:
flags += ['-lgcc_s', '-lgcc']
if enable_threads:
flags += ['-lpthread']
if not shared_libcxx:
flags += ['-lrt']
flags += ['-lc']
if llvm_unwinder:
flags += ['-lunwind', '-ldl']
flags += ['-lgcc_s']
builtins_lib = self.full_config.get_lit_conf('builtins_library')
if builtins_lib:
flags += [builtins_lib]
flags += ['-lgcc']
use_libatomic = self.full_config.get_lit_bool('use_libatomic', False)
if use_libatomic:
flags += ['-latomic']
san = self.full_config.get_lit_conf('use_sanitizer', '').strip()
if san:
# The libraries and their order are taken from the
# linkSanitizerRuntimeDeps function in
# clang/lib/Driver/Tools.cpp
flags += ['-lpthread', '-lrt', '-lm', '-ldl']
class WindowsLocalTI(DefaultTargetInfo):
def __init__(self, full_config):
super(WindowsLocalTI, self).__init__(full_config)
def add_locale_features(self, features):
add_common_locales(features, self.full_config.lit_config,
def use_lit_shell_default(self):
# Default to the internal shell on Windows, as bash on Windows is
# usually very slow.
return True
def make_target_info(full_config):
default = "libcxx.test.target_info.LocalTI"
info_str = full_config.get_lit_conf('target_info', default)
if info_str != default:
mod_path, _, info = info_str.rpartition('.')
mod = importlib.import_module(mod_path)
target_info = getattr(mod, info)(full_config)
full_config.lit_config.note("inferred target_info as: %r" % info_str)
return target_info
target_system = platform.system()
if target_system == 'Darwin': return DarwinLocalTI(full_config)
if target_system == 'FreeBSD': return FreeBSDLocalTI(full_config)
if target_system == 'NetBSD': return NetBSDLocalTI(full_config)
if target_system == 'Linux': return LinuxLocalTI(full_config)
if target_system == 'Windows': return WindowsLocalTI(full_config)
return DefaultTargetInfo(full_config)