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from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import lit.Test
import lit.TestRunner
import lit.util
from lit.formats.base import TestFormat
kIsWindows = sys.platform in ['win32', 'cygwin']
class GoogleBenchmark(TestFormat):
def __init__(self, test_sub_dirs, test_suffix, benchmark_args=[]):
self.benchmark_args = list(benchmark_args)
self.test_sub_dirs = os.path.normcase(str(test_sub_dirs)).split(';')
# On Windows, assume tests will also end in '.exe'.
exe_suffix = str(test_suffix)
if kIsWindows:
exe_suffix += '.exe'
# Also check for .py files for testing purposes.
self.test_suffixes = {exe_suffix, test_suffix + '.py'}
def getBenchmarkTests(self, path, litConfig, localConfig):
"""getBenchmarkTests(path) - [name]
Return the tests available in gtest executable.
path: String path to a gtest executable
litConfig: LitConfig instance
localConfig: TestingConfig instance"""
# TODO: allow splitting tests according to the "benchmark family" so
# the output for a single family of tests all belongs to the same test
# target.
list_test_cmd = [path, '--benchmark_list_tests']
output = subprocess.check_output(list_test_cmd,
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as exc:
"unable to discover google-benchmarks in %r: %s. Process output: %s"
% (path, sys.exc_info()[1], exc.output))
raise StopIteration
nested_tests = []
for ln in output.splitlines(False): # Don't keep newlines.
ln = lit.util.to_string(ln)
if not ln.strip():
index = 0
while ln[index*2:index*2+2] == ' ':
index += 1
while len(nested_tests) > index:
ln = ln[index*2:]
if ln.endswith('.'):
elif any([name.startswith('DISABLED_')
for name in nested_tests + [ln]]):
# Gtest will internally skip these tests. No need to launch a
# child process for it.
yield ''.join(nested_tests) + ln
def getTestsInDirectory(self, testSuite, path_in_suite,
litConfig, localConfig):
source_path = testSuite.getSourcePath(path_in_suite)
for subdir in self.test_sub_dirs:
dir_path = os.path.join(source_path, subdir)
if not os.path.isdir(dir_path):
for fn in lit.util.listdir_files(dir_path,
# Discover the tests in this executable.
execpath = os.path.join(source_path, subdir, fn)
testnames = self.getBenchmarkTests(execpath, litConfig, localConfig)
for testname in testnames:
testPath = path_in_suite + (subdir, fn, testname)
yield lit.Test.Test(testSuite, testPath, localConfig,
def execute(self, test, litConfig):
testPath,testName = os.path.split(test.getSourcePath())
while not os.path.exists(testPath):
# Handle GTest parametrized and typed tests, whose name includes
# some '/'s.
testPath, namePrefix = os.path.split(testPath)
testName = namePrefix + '/' + testName
cmd = [testPath, '--benchmark_filter=%s$' % testName ] + self.benchmark_args
if litConfig.noExecute:
return lit.Test.PASS, ''
out, err, exitCode = lit.util.executeCommand(
cmd, env=test.config.environment,
except lit.util.ExecuteCommandTimeoutException:
return (lit.Test.TIMEOUT,
'Reached timeout of {} seconds'.format(
if exitCode:
return lit.Test.FAIL, out + err
passing_test_line = testName
if passing_test_line not in out:
msg = ('Unable to find %r in google benchmark output:\n\n%s%s' %
(passing_test_line, out, err))
return lit.Test.UNRESOLVED, msg
return lit.Test.PASS, err + out