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// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// <functional>
// result_of<Fn(ArgTypes...)>
#include <type_traits>
#include <memory>
#include <cassert>
#include "test_macros.h"
struct S
typedef short (*FreeFunc)(long);
operator FreeFunc() const;
double operator()(char, int&);
double const& operator()(char, int&) const;
double volatile& operator()(char, int&) volatile;
double const volatile& operator()(char, int&) const volatile;
struct SD : public S { };
struct NotDerived {};
template <class Tp>
struct Voider {
typedef void type;
template <class T, class = void>
struct HasType : std::false_type {};
template <class T>
struct HasType<T, typename Voider<typename T::type>::type> : std::true_type {};
#if TEST_STD_VER > 14
template <typename T, typename U>
struct test_invoke_result;
template <typename Fn, typename ...Args, typename Ret>
struct test_invoke_result<Fn(Args...), Ret>
static void call()
static_assert(std::is_invocable<Fn, Args...>::value, "");
static_assert(std::is_invocable_r<Ret, Fn, Args...>::value, "");
ASSERT_SAME_TYPE(Ret, typename std::invoke_result<Fn, Args...>::type);
template <class T, class U>
void test_result_of()
ASSERT_SAME_TYPE(U, typename std::result_of<T>::type);
#if TEST_STD_VER > 14
test_invoke_result<T, U>::call();
#if TEST_STD_VER > 14
template <typename T>
struct test_invoke_no_result;
template <typename Fn, typename ...Args>
struct test_invoke_no_result<Fn(Args...)>
static void call()
static_assert(std::is_invocable<Fn, Args...>::value == false, "");
static_assert((!HasType<std::invoke_result<Fn, Args...> >::value), "");
template <class T>
void test_no_result()
#if TEST_STD_VER >= 11
static_assert((!HasType<std::result_of<T> >::value), "");
#if TEST_STD_VER > 14
int main(int, char**)
typedef NotDerived ND;
{ // functor object
test_result_of<S(int), short> ();
test_result_of<S&(unsigned char, int&), double> ();
test_result_of<S const&(unsigned char, int&), double const &> ();
test_result_of<S volatile&(unsigned char, int&), double volatile&> ();
test_result_of<S const volatile&(unsigned char, int&), double const volatile&> ();
{ // pointer to function
typedef bool (&RF0)();
typedef bool* (&RF1)(int);
typedef bool& (&RF2)(int, int);
typedef bool const& (&RF3)(int, int, int);
typedef bool (&RF4)(int, ...);
typedef bool (*PF0)();
typedef bool* (*PF1)(int);
typedef bool& (*PF2)(int, int);
typedef bool const& (*PF3)(int, int, int);
typedef bool (*PF4)(int, ...);
typedef bool (*&PRF0)();
typedef bool* (*&PRF1)(int);
typedef bool& (*&PRF2)(int, int);
typedef bool const& (*&PRF3)(int, int, int);
typedef bool (*&PRF4)(int, ...);
test_result_of<RF0(), bool>();
test_result_of<RF1(int), bool*>();
test_result_of<RF2(int, long), bool&>();
test_result_of<RF3(int, long, int), bool const&>();
test_result_of<RF4(int, float, void*), bool>();
test_result_of<PF0(), bool>();
test_result_of<PF1(int), bool*>();
test_result_of<PF2(int, long), bool&>();
test_result_of<PF3(int, long, int), bool const&>();
test_result_of<PF4(int, float, void*), bool>();
test_result_of<PRF0(), bool>();
test_result_of<PRF1(int), bool*>();
test_result_of<PRF2(int, long), bool&>();
test_result_of<PRF3(int, long, int), bool const&>();
test_result_of<PRF4(int, float, void*), bool>();
{ // pointer to member function
typedef int (S::*PMS0)();
typedef int* (S::*PMS1)(long);
typedef int& (S::*PMS2)(long, int);
typedef const int& (S::*PMS3)(int, ...);
test_result_of<PMS0( S), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0( S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0( S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0( S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0( std::reference_wrapper<S>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0(const std::reference_wrapper<S>&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0( std::reference_wrapper<SD>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0(const std::reference_wrapper<SD>&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0(std::unique_ptr<S>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0(std::unique_ptr<SD>), int> ();
test_no_result<PMS0(const S&)>();
test_no_result<PMS0(volatile S&)>();
test_no_result<PMS0(const volatile S&)>();
test_no_result<PMS0(ND & )>();
test_no_result<PMS0(const ND& )>();
test_no_result<PMS0(std::unique_ptr<S const> )>();
test_no_result<PMS0(std::reference_wrapper<S const>)>();
test_no_result<PMS0(std::reference_wrapper<ND> )>();
test_no_result<PMS0(std::unique_ptr<ND> )>();
test_result_of<PMS1( S, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1( S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1( S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1( S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(std::unique_ptr<S>, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(std::unique_ptr<SD>, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(std::reference_wrapper<S>, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(const std::reference_wrapper<S>&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(std::reference_wrapper<SD>, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1(const std::reference_wrapper<SD>&, int), int*> ();
test_no_result<PMS1(const S&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(volatile S&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(const volatile S&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(ND &, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(const ND&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(std::unique_ptr<S const>, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(std::reference_wrapper<S const>, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(std::reference_wrapper<ND>, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1(std::unique_ptr<ND>, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS2( S, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2( S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2( S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2( S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(std::unique_ptr<S>, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(std::unique_ptr<SD>, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(std::reference_wrapper<S>, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(const std::reference_wrapper<S>&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(std::reference_wrapper<SD>, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2(const std::reference_wrapper<SD>&, int, int), int&> ();
test_no_result<PMS2(const S&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(volatile S&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(const volatile S&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(std::unique_ptr<S const>, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(std::reference_wrapper<S const>, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(const ND&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(std::reference_wrapper<ND>, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2(std::unique_ptr<ND>, int, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS3(S&, int), const int &>();
test_result_of<PMS3(S&, int, long), const int &>();
typedef int (S::*PMS0C)() const;
typedef int* (S::*PMS1C)(long) const;
typedef int& (S::*PMS2C)(long, int) const;
typedef const int& (S::*PMS3C)(int, ...) const;
test_result_of<PMS0C( S), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C( S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C( S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C( S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::unique_ptr<S>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::unique_ptr<SD>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::reference_wrapper<S> ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::reference_wrapper<const S> ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const std::reference_wrapper<S> & ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const std::reference_wrapper<const S> &), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::reference_wrapper<SD> ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(std::reference_wrapper<const SD> ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const std::reference_wrapper<SD> & ), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0C(const std::reference_wrapper<const SD> &), int> ();
test_no_result<PMS0C(volatile S&)>();
test_no_result<PMS0C(const volatile S&)>();
test_result_of<PMS1C( S, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C( S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C(const S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C( S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C(const S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C( S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C(const S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1C(std::unique_ptr<S>, int), int*> ();
test_no_result<PMS1C(volatile S&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1C(const volatile S&, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS2C( S, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C( S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C(const S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C( S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C(const S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C( S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C(const S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2C(std::unique_ptr<S>, int, int), int&> ();
test_no_result<PMS2C(volatile S&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2C(const volatile S&, int, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS3C(S&, int), const int &>();
test_result_of<PMS3C(S&, int, long), const int &>();
typedef int (S::*PMS0V)() volatile;
typedef int* (S::*PMS1V)(long) volatile;
typedef int& (S::*PMS2V)(long, int) volatile;
typedef const int& (S::*PMS3V)(int, ...) volatile;
test_result_of<PMS0V( S), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V( S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V(volatile S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V( S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V(volatile S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V( S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V(volatile S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0V(std::unique_ptr<S>), int> ();
test_no_result<PMS0V(const S&)>();
test_no_result<PMS0V(const volatile S&)>();
test_result_of<PMS1V( S, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V( S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V(volatile S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V( S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V(volatile S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V( S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V(volatile S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1V(std::unique_ptr<S>, int), int*> ();
test_no_result<PMS1V(const S&, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS1V(const volatile S&, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS2V( S, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V( S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V(volatile S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V( S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V(volatile S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V( S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V(volatile S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2V(std::unique_ptr<S>, int, int), int&> ();
test_no_result<PMS2V(const S&, int, int)>();
test_no_result<PMS2V(const volatile S&, int, int)>();
test_result_of<PMS3V(S&, int), const int &>();
test_result_of<PMS3V(S&, int, long), const int &>();
typedef int (S::*PMS0CV)() const volatile;
typedef int* (S::*PMS1CV)(long) const volatile;
typedef int& (S::*PMS2CV)(long, int) const volatile;
typedef const int& (S::*PMS3CV)(int, ...) const volatile;
test_result_of<PMS0CV( S), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV( S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(volatile S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const volatile S&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV( S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(volatile S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const volatile S*), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV( S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(volatile S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(const volatile S*&), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS0CV(std::unique_ptr<S>), int> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV( S, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV( S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(volatile S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const volatile S&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV( S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(volatile S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const volatile S*, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV( S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(volatile S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(const volatile S*&, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS1CV(std::unique_ptr<S>, int), int*> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV( S, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV( S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(volatile S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const volatile S&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV( S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(volatile S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const volatile S*, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV( S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(volatile S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(const volatile S*&, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS2CV(std::unique_ptr<S>, int, int), int&> ();
test_result_of<PMS3CV(S&, int), const int &>();
test_result_of<PMS3CV(S&, int, long), const int &>();
{ // pointer to member data
typedef char S::*PMD;
test_result_of<PMD(S&), char &>();
test_result_of<PMD(S*), char &>();
test_result_of<PMD(S* const), char &>();
test_result_of<PMD(const S&), const char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(const S*), const char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(volatile S&), volatile char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(volatile S*), volatile char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(const volatile S&), const volatile char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(const volatile S*), const volatile char&> ();
test_result_of<PMD(SD&), char &>();
test_result_of<PMD(SD const&), const char&>();
test_result_of<PMD(SD*), char&>();
test_result_of<PMD(const SD*), const char&>();
test_result_of<PMD(std::unique_ptr<S>), char &>();
test_result_of<PMD(std::unique_ptr<S const>), const char&>();
#if TEST_STD_VER >= 11
test_result_of<PMD(std::reference_wrapper<S>), char&>();
test_result_of<PMD(std::reference_wrapper<S const>), const char&>();
return 0;