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<title>Analyzer Development: C++ Support</title>
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<h1>C++ Support</h1>
<p>The Clang frontend
now <a href="">supports the
majority of C++</a>. Support in the frontend for C++ language
features, however, does not automatically translate into support for
those features in the static analyzer. Language features need to be
specifically modeled in the static analyzer so their semantics can be
properly analyzed. Support for analyzing C++ and Objective-C++ files
is currently extremely limited, and we are only encouraging those who
are interested in contributing to the development of the analyzer to
try this functionality out at this time.</p>
<p>Listed here are a set of open tasks that are prerequisites for
decent analysis of C++. This list is also not complete; new tasks
will be added as deemed necessary.</p>
<li>Control-Flow Graph Enhancements:</li>
<li>Model C++ destructors</li>
<li>Model C++ initializers (in constructors)</li>
<li>Path-Sensitive Analysis Engine (GRExprEngine):</li>
<li>Model C++ casts</li>
<li>Model C++ constructors</li>
<li>Model C++ destructors</li>
<li>Model <tt>new</tt> and <tt>delete</tt></li>