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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -verify -analyze -analyzer-experimental-internal-checks -analyzer-check-objc-mem -analyzer-store=basic %s
struct tea_cheese { unsigned magic; };
typedef struct tea_cheese kernel_tea_cheese_t;
extern kernel_tea_cheese_t _wonky_gesticulate_cheese;
// This test case exercises the ElementRegion::getRValueType() logic.
// All it tests is that it does not crash or do anything weird.
// The out-of-bounds-access on line 19 is caught using the region store variant.
void foo( void )
kernel_tea_cheese_t *wonky = &_wonky_gesticulate_cheese;
struct load_wine *cmd = (void*) &wonky[1];
cmd = cmd;
char *p = (void*) &wonky[1];
*p = 1;
kernel_tea_cheese_t *q = &wonky[1];
kernel_tea_cheese_t r = *q; // no-warning