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//==--- - libsema diagnostics ----------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Semantic Analysis
let Component = "Sema" in {
// Constant expressions
def err_expr_not_ice : Error<
"expression is not an integer constant expression">;
def ext_expr_not_ice : Extension<
"expression is not integer constant expression "
"(but is allowed as an extension)">;
def ext_null_pointer_expr_not_ice : Extension<
"null pointer expression is not an integer constant expression "
"(but is allowed as an extension)">;
// Semantic analysis of constant literals.
def ext_predef_outside_function : Warning<
"predefined identifier is only valid inside function">;
def warn_float_overflow : Warning<
"magnitude of floating-point constant too large for type %0; maximum is %1">,
def warn_float_underflow : Warning<
"magnitude of floating-point constant too small for type %0; minimum is %1">,
// C99 Designated Initializers
def err_array_designator_negative : Error<
"array designator value '%0' is negative">;
def err_array_designator_empty_range : Error<
"array designator range [%0, %1] is empty">;
def err_array_designator_non_array : Error<
"array designator cannot initialize non-array type %0">;
def err_array_designator_too_large : Error<
"array designator index (%0) exceeds array bounds (%1)">;
def err_field_designator_non_aggr : Error<
"field designator cannot initialize a "
"%select{non-struct, non-union|non-class}0 type %1">;
def err_field_designator_unknown : Error<
"field designator %0 does not refer to any field in type %1">;
def err_field_designator_nonfield : Error<
"field designator %0 does not refer to a non-static data member">;
def note_field_designator_found : Note<"field designator refers here">;
def err_designator_for_scalar_init : Error<
"designator in initializer for scalar type %0">;
def warn_subobject_initializer_overrides : Warning<
"subobject initialization overrides initialization of other fields "
"within its enclosing subobject">;
def warn_initializer_overrides : Warning<
"initializer overrides prior initialization of this subobject">;
def note_previous_initializer : Note<
"previous initialization %select{|with side effects }0is here"
"%select{| (side effects may not occur at run time)}0">;
def err_designator_into_flexible_array_member : Error<
"designator into flexible array member subobject">;
def note_flexible_array_member : Note<
"initialized flexible array member %0 is here">;
def ext_flexible_array_init : Extension<
"flexible array initialization is a GNU extension">;
// Declarations.
def ext_vla : Extension<
"variable length arrays are a C99 feature, accepted as an extension">;
def err_vla_cxx : Error<
"variable length arrays are not permitted in C++">;
def ext_anon_param_requires_type_specifier : Extension<
"type specifier required for unnamed parameter, defaults to int">;
def err_bad_variable_name : Error<
"'%0' cannot be the name of a variable or data member">;
def err_parameter_name_omitted : Error<"parameter name omitted">;
def warn_unused_parameter : Warning<"unused parameter %0">,
InGroup<UnusedParameter>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_unused_variable : Warning<"unused variable %0">,
InGroup<UnusedVariable>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_decl_in_param_list : Warning<
"declaration of %0 will not be visible outside of this function">;
def err_array_star_in_function_definition : Error<
"variable length array must be bound in function definition">;
def warn_unused_function : Warning<"unused function %0">,
InGroup<UnusedFunction>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_implicit_function_decl : Warning<
"implicit declaration of function %0">,
InGroup<ImplicitFunctionDeclare>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_implicit_function_decl : ExtWarn<
"implicit declaration of function %0 is invalid in C99">,
def err_ellipsis_first_arg : Error<
"ISO C requires a named argument before '...'">;
def err_declarator_need_ident : Error<"declarator requires an identifier">;
def err_bad_language : Error<"unknown linkage language">;
def warn_use_out_of_scope_declaration : Warning<
"use of out-of-scope declaration of %0">;
def err_inline_non_function : Error<
"'inline' can only appear on functions">;
// C++ using declarations
def err_using_requires_qualname : Error<
"using declaration requires a qualified name">;
def err_using_typename_non_type : Error<
"'typename' keyword used on a non-type">;
def err_using_dependent_value_is_type : Error<
"dependent using declaration resolved to type without 'typename'">;
def err_using_decl_nested_name_specifier_is_not_class : Error<
"using declaration in class refers into '%0', which is not a class">;
def err_using_decl_nested_name_specifier_is_current_class : Error<
"using declaration refers to its own class">;
def err_using_decl_nested_name_specifier_is_not_base_class : Error<
"using declaration refers into '%0', which is not a base class of %1">;
def err_using_decl_can_not_refer_to_class_member : Error<
"using declaration can not refer to class member">;
def err_using_decl_can_not_refer_to_namespace : Error<
"using declaration can not refer to namespace">;
def err_using_decl_constructor : Error<
"using declaration can not refer to a constructor">;
def err_using_decl_destructor : Error<
"using declaration can not refer to a destructor">;
def err_using_decl_template_id : Error<
"using declaration can not refer to a template specialization">;
def note_using_decl_target : Note<"target of using declaration">;
def note_using_decl_conflict : Note<"conflicting declaration">;
def err_using_decl_redeclaration : Error<"redeclaration of using decl">;
def err_using_decl_conflict : Error<
"target of using declaration conflicts with declaration already in scope">;
def err_using_decl_conflict_reverse : Error<
"declaration conflicts with target of using declaration already in scope">;
def note_using_decl : Note<"%select{|previous }0using declaration">;
def warn_access_decl_deprecated : Warning<
"access declarations are deprecated; use using declarations instead">,
def err_invalid_thread : Error<
"'__thread' is only allowed on variable declarations">;
def err_thread_non_global : Error<
"'__thread' variables must have global storage">;
def err_thread_unsupported : Error<
"thread-local storage is unsupported for the current target">;
def warn_maybe_falloff_nonvoid_function : Warning<
"control may reach end of non-void function">,
def warn_falloff_nonvoid_function : Warning<
"control reaches end of non-void function">,
def err_maybe_falloff_nonvoid_block : Error<
"control may reach end of non-void block">;
def err_falloff_nonvoid_block : Error<
"control reaches end of non-void block">;
def warn_suggest_noreturn_function : Warning<
"function could be attribute 'noreturn'">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"missing-noreturn">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_suggest_noreturn_block : Warning<
"block could be attribute 'noreturn'">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"missing-noreturn">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_unreachable : Warning<"will never be executed">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"unreachable-code">>, DefaultIgnore;
/// Built-in functions.
def ext_implicit_lib_function_decl : ExtWarn<
"implicitly declaring C library function '%0' with type %1">;
def note_please_include_header : Note<
"please include the header <%0> or explicitly provide a "
"declaration for '%1'">;
def note_previous_builtin_declaration : Note<"%0 is a builtin with type %1">;
def err_implicit_decl_requires_stdio : Error<
"implicit declaration of '%0' requires inclusion of the header <stdio.h>">;
def err_implicit_decl_requires_setjmp : Error<
"implicit declaration of '%0' requires inclusion of the header <setjmp.h>">;
def warn_redecl_library_builtin : Warning<
"incompatible redeclaration of library function %0">;
def err_builtin_definition : Error<"definition of builtin function %0">;
def err_types_compatible_p_in_cplusplus : Error<
"__builtin_types_compatible_p is not valid in C++">;
def warn_builtin_unknown : Warning<"use of unknown builtin %0">, DefaultError;
/// main()
// static/inline main() are not errors in C, just in C++.
def warn_unusual_main_decl : Warning<"'main' should not be declared "
"%select{static|inline|static or inline}0">;
def err_unusual_main_decl : Error<"'main' is not allowed to be declared "
"%select{static|inline|static or inline}0">;
def err_main_returns_nonint : Error<"'main' must return 'int'">;
def err_main_surplus_args : Error<"too many parameters (%0) for 'main': "
"must be 0, 2, or 3">;
def warn_main_one_arg : Warning<"only one parameter on 'main' declaration">;
def err_main_arg_wrong : Error<"%select{first|second|third|fourth}0 "
"parameter of 'main' (%select{argument count|argument array|environment|"
"platform-specific data}0) must be of type %1">;
/// parser diagnostics
def ext_typedef_without_a_name : ExtWarn<"typedef requires a name">;
def err_statically_allocated_object : Error<
"interface type cannot be statically allocated">;
def err_object_cannot_be_passed_returned_by_value : Error<
"interface type %1 cannot be %select{returned|passed}0 by value">;
def warn_enum_value_overflow : Warning<"overflow in enumeration value">;
def warn_pragma_pack_invalid_alignment : Warning<
"expected #pragma pack parameter to be '1', '2', '4', '8', or '16'">;
// Follow the MSVC implementation.
def warn_pragma_pack_show : Warning<"value of #pragma pack(show) == %0">;
def warn_pragma_pack_pop_identifer_and_alignment : Warning<
"specifying both a name and alignment to 'pop' is undefined">;
def warn_pragma_pack_pop_failed : Warning<"#pragma pack(pop, ...) failed: %0">;
def warn_pragma_unused_undeclared_var : Warning<
"undeclared variable %0 used as an argument for '#pragma unused'">;
def warn_pragma_unused_expected_localvar : Warning<
"only local variables can be arguments to '#pragma unused'">;
def err_unsupported_pragma_weak : Error<
"using '#pragma weak' to refer to an undeclared identifier is not yet supported">;
/// Objective-C parser diagnostics
def err_duplicate_class_def : Error<
"duplicate interface definition for class %0">;
def err_undef_superclass : Error<
"cannot find interface declaration for %0, superclass of %1">;
def err_recursive_superclass : Error<
"trying to recursively use %0 as superclass of %1">;
def warn_previous_alias_decl : Warning<"previously declared alias is ignored">;
def err_conflicting_aliasing_type : Error<"conflicting types for alias %0">;
def warn_undef_interface : Warning<"cannot find interface declaration for %0">;
def warn_duplicate_protocol_def : Warning<"duplicate protocol definition of %0 is ignored">;
def err_protocol_has_circular_dependency : Error<
"protocol has circular dependency">;
def err_undeclared_protocol : Error<"cannot find protocol declaration for %0">;
def warn_undef_protocolref : Warning<"cannot find protocol definition for %0">;
def warn_readonly_property : Warning<
"attribute 'readonly' of property %0 restricts attribute "
"'readwrite' of property inherited from %1">;
def warn_property_attribute : Warning<
"property %0 '%1' attribute does not match the property inherited from %2">;
def warn_property_types_are_incompatible : Warning<
"property type %0 is incompatible with type %1 inherited from %2">;
def err_undef_interface : Error<"cannot find interface declaration for %0">;
def warn_dup_category_def : Warning<
"duplicate definition of category %1 on interface %0">;
def err_conflicting_super_class : Error<"conflicting super class name %0">;
def err_dup_implementation_class : Error<"reimplementation of class %0">;
def err_dup_implementation_category : Error<
"reimplementation of category %1 for class %0">;
def err_conflicting_ivar_type : Error<
"instance variable %0 has conflicting type: %1 vs %2">;
def err_duplicate_ivar_declaration : Error<
"instance variable is already declared">;
def warn_on_superclass_use : Warning<
"class implementation may not have super class">;
def err_non_private_ivar_declaration : Error<
"only private ivars may be declared in implementation">;
def err_conflicting_ivar_bitwidth : Error<
"instance variable %0 has conflicting bit-field width">;
def err_conflicting_ivar_name : Error<
"conflicting instance variable names: %0 vs %1">;
def err_inconsistant_ivar_count : Error<
"inconsistent number of instance variables specified">;
def warn_incomplete_impl : Warning<"incomplete implementation">;
def warn_undef_method_impl : Warning<"method definition for %0 not found">;
def warn_conflicting_ret_types : Warning<
"conflicting return type in implementation of %0: %1 vs %2">;
def warn_conflicting_param_types : Warning<
"conflicting parameter types in implementation of %0: %1 vs %2">;
def warn_implements_nscopying : Warning<
"default assign attribute on property %0 which implements "
"NSCopying protocol is not appropriate with -fobjc-gc[-only]">;
def warn_multiple_method_decl : Warning<"multiple methods named %0 found">;
def warn_accessor_property_type_mismatch : Warning<
"type of property %0 does not match type of accessor %1">;
def note_declared_at : Note<"declared at">;
def err_setter_type_void : Error<"type of setter must be void">;
def err_duplicate_method_decl : Error<"duplicate declaration of method %0">;
def warn_missing_atend : Warning<"'@end' is missing in implementation context">;
def err_objc_var_decl_inclass :
Error<"cannot declare variable inside @interface or @protocol">;
def error_missing_method_context : Error<
"missing context for method declaration">;
def err_objc_property_attr_mutually_exclusive : Error<
"property attributes '%0' and '%1' are mutually exclusive">;
def err_objc_property_requires_object : Error<
"property with '%0' attribute must be of object type">;
def warn_objc_property_no_assignment_attribute : Warning<
"no 'assign', 'retain', or 'copy' attribute is specified - "
"'assign' is assumed">;
def warn_objc_property_default_assign_on_object : Warning<
"default property attribute 'assign' not appropriate for non-gc object">;
def warn_property_attr_mismatch : Warning<
"property attribute in continuation class does not match the primary class">;
def warn_objc_property_copy_missing_on_block : Warning<
"'copy' attribute must be specified for the block property "
"when -fobjc-gc-only is specified">;
def warn_atomic_property_rule : Warning<
"writable atomic property %0 cannot pair a synthesized setter/getter "
"with a user defined setter/getter">;
def err_use_continuation_class : Error<
"property declaration in continuation class of %0 is to change a 'readonly' "
"property to 'readwrite'">;
def err_continuation_class : Error<"continuation class has no primary class">;
def err_property_type : Error<"property cannot have array or function type %0">;
def error_missing_property_context : Error<
"missing context for property implementation declaration">;
def error_bad_property_decl : Error<
"property implementation must have its declaration in interface %0">;
def error_category_property : Error<
"property declared in category %0 cannot be implemented in "
"class implementation">;
def note_property_declare : Note<
"property declared here">;
def error_synthesize_category_decl : Error<
"@synthesize not allowed in a category's implementation">;
def error_reference_property : Error<
"property of reference type is not supported">;
def error_missing_property_interface : Error<
"property implementation in a category with no category declaration">;
def error_bad_category_property_decl : Error<
"property implementation must have its declaration in the category %0">;
def error_bad_property_context : Error<
"property implementation must be in a class or category implementation">;
def error_missing_property_ivar_decl : Error<
"synthesized property %0 must either be named the same as a compatible"
" ivar or must explicitly name an ivar">;
def error_synthesized_ivar_yet_not_supported : Error<
"instance variable synthesis not yet supported"
" (need to declare %0 explicitly)">;
def error_property_ivar_type : Error<
"type of property %0 does not match type of ivar %1">;
def error_ivar_in_superclass_use : Error<
"property %0 attempting to use ivar %1 declared in super class %2">;
def error_weak_property : Error<
"existing ivar %1 for __weak property %0 must be __weak">;
def error_strong_property : Error<
"existing ivar %1 for a __strong property %0 must be garbage collectable">;
def error_dynamic_property_ivar_decl : Error<
"dynamic property can not have ivar specification">;
def error_duplicate_ivar_use : Error<
"synthesized properties %0 and %1 both claim ivar %2">;
def error_property_implemented : Error<"property %0 is already implemented">;
def warn_objc_property_attr_mutually_exclusive : Warning<
"property attributes '%0' and '%1' are mutually exclusive">,
InGroup<ReadOnlySetterAttrs>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_undeclared_selector : Warning<
"undeclared selector %0">, InGroup<UndeclaredSelector>, DefaultIgnore;
// C++ declarations
def err_static_assert_expression_is_not_constant : Error<
"static_assert expression is not an integral constant expression">;
def err_static_assert_failed : Error<"static_assert failed \"%0\"">;
def err_unexpected_friend : Error<
"friends can only be classes or functions">;
def err_enum_friend : Error<
"enum types cannot be friends">;
def err_friend_is_member : Error<
"friends cannot be members of the declaring class">;
def err_unelaborated_friend_type : Error<
"must specify '%select{struct|union|class|enum}0' to befriend %1">;
def err_qualified_friend_not_found : Error<
"no function named %0 with type %1 was found in the specified scope">;
def err_introducing_special_friend : Error<
"must use a qualified name when declaring a %select{constructor|"
"destructor|conversion operator}0 as a friend">;
def err_tagless_friend_type_template : Error<
"friend type templates must use an elaborated type">;
def err_abstract_type_in_decl : Error<
"%select{return|parameter|variable|field}0 type %1 is an abstract class">;
def err_allocation_of_abstract_type : Error<
"allocation of an object of abstract type %0">;
def err_type_defined_in_type_specifier : Error<
"%0 can not be defined in a type specifier">;
def err_type_defined_in_result_type : Error<
"%0 can not be defined in the result type of a function">;
def err_type_defined_in_param_type : Error<
"%0 can not be defined in a parameter type">;
def note_pure_virtual_function : Note<
"pure virtual function %0">;
def err_deleted_non_function : Error<
"only functions can have deleted definitions">;
def err_deleted_decl_not_first : Error<
"deleted definition must be first declaration">;
def warn_weak_vtable : Warning<
"%0 has no out-of-line virtual method definitions; its vtable will be "
"emitted in every translation unit">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"weak-vtables">>, DefaultIgnore;
// C++ exception specifications
def err_exception_spec_in_typedef : Error<
"exception specifications are not allowed in typedefs">;
def err_distant_exception_spec : Error<
"exception specifications are not allowed beyond a single level "
"of indirection">;
def err_incomplete_in_exception_spec : Error<
"%select{|pointer to |reference to }0incomplete type %1 is not allowed "
"in exception specification">;
def err_mismatched_exception_spec : Error<
"exception specification in declaration does not match previous declaration">;
def err_override_exception_spec : Error<
"exception specification of overriding function is more lax than "
"base version">;
def err_incompatible_exception_specs : Error<
"target exception specification is not superset of source">;
def err_deep_exception_specs_differ : Error<
"exception specifications of %select{return|argument}0 types differ">;
// C++ access checking
def err_class_redeclared_with_different_access : Error<
"%0 redeclared with '%1' access">;
def err_access_private : Error<"%0 is a private member of %1">;
def err_access_ctor_private : Error<"calling a private constructor of %0">;
// Say something about the context for these?
def err_access_protected : Error<"%0 is a protected member of %1">;
def err_access_ctor_protected : Error<"calling a protected constructor of %0">;
def note_previous_access_declaration : Note<
"previously declared '%1' here">;
def err_access_outside_class : Error<
"access to %select{private|protected}0 member outside any class context">;
def note_access_natural : Note<
"%select{|implicitly }1declared %select{private|protected}0 here">;
def note_access_constrained_by_path : Note<
"constrained by %select{|implicitly }1%select{private|protected}0"
" inheritance here">;
// C++ name lookup
def err_incomplete_nested_name_spec : Error<
"incomplete type %0 named in nested name specifier">;
def err_nested_name_member_ref_lookup_ambiguous : Error<
"lookup of %0 in member access expression is ambiguous">;
def note_ambig_member_ref_object_type : Note<
"lookup in the object type %0 refers here">;
def note_ambig_member_ref_scope : Note<
"lookup from the current scope refers here">;
def err_qualified_member_nonclass : Error<
"qualified member access refers to a member in %0">;
def err_incomplete_member_access : Error<
"member access into incomplete type %0">;
def err_incomplete_type : Error<
"incomplete type %0 where a complete type is required">;
// C++ class members
def err_storageclass_invalid_for_member : Error<
"storage class specified for a member declaration">;
def err_mutable_function : Error<"'mutable' cannot be applied to functions">;
def err_mutable_reference : Error<"'mutable' cannot be applied to references">;
def err_mutable_const : Error<"'mutable' and 'const' cannot be mixed">;
def err_mutable_nonmember : Error<
"'mutable' can only be applied to member variables">;
def err_virtual_non_function : Error<
"'virtual' can only appear on non-static member functions">;
def err_virtual_out_of_class : Error<
"'virtual' can only be specified inside the class definition">;
def err_explicit_non_function : Error<
"'explicit' can only appear on non-static member functions">;
def err_explicit_out_of_class : Error<
"'explicit' can only be specified inside the class definition">;
def err_explicit_non_ctor_or_conv_function : Error<
"'explicit' can only be applied to a constructor or conversion function">;
def err_static_not_bitfield : Error<"static member %0 cannot be a bit-field">;
def err_static_out_of_line : Error<
"'static' can only be specified inside the class definition">;
def err_typedef_not_bitfield : Error<"typedef member %0 cannot be a bit-field">;
def err_not_integral_type_bitfield : Error<
"bit-field %0 has non-integral type %1">;
def err_not_integral_type_anon_bitfield : Error<
"anonymous bit-field has non-integral type %0">;
def err_member_initialization : Error<
"%0 can only be initialized if it is a static const integral data member">;
def err_member_function_initialization : Error<
"initializer on function does not look like a pure-specifier">;
def err_non_virtual_pure : Error<
"%0 is not virtual and cannot be declared pure">;
def err_implicit_object_parameter_init : Error<
"cannot initialize object parameter of type %0 with an expression "
"of type %1">;
def note_field_decl : Note<"member is declared here">;
def note_bitfield_decl : Note<"bit-field is declared here">;
def note_previous_decl : Note<"%0 declared here">;
def note_member_synthesized_at : Note<
"implicit default %select{constructor|copy constructor|"
"copy assignment operator|destructor}0 for %1 first required here">;
def err_missing_default_ctor : Error<
"%select{|implicit default }0constructor for %1 must explicitly initialize "
"the %select{base class|member}2 %3 which does not have a default "
def err_illegal_union_member : Error<
"union member %0 has a non-trivial %select{constructor|"
"copy constructor|copy assignment operator|destructor}1">;
def note_nontrivial_has_virtual : Note<
"because type %0 has a virtual %select{member function|base class}1">;
def note_nontrivial_has_nontrivial : Note<
"because type %0 has a %select{member|base class}1 with a non-trivial "
"%select{constructor|copy constructor|copy assignment operator|destructor}2">;
def note_nontrivial_user_defined : Note<
"because type %0 has a user-declared %select{constructor|copy constructor|"
"copy assignment operator|destructor}1">;
def err_different_return_type_for_overriding_virtual_function : Error<
"virtual function %0 has a different return type (%1) than the "
"function it overrides (which has return type %2)">;
def note_overridden_virtual_function : Note<
"overridden virtual function is here">;
def err_covariant_return_inaccessible_base : Error<
"invalid covariant return for virtual function: %1 is a "
"%select{private|protected}2 base class of %0">, NoSFINAE;
def err_covariant_return_ambiguous_derived_to_base_conv : Error<
"return type of virtual function %3 is not covariant with the return type of "
"the function it overrides (ambiguous conversion from derived class "
"%0 to base class %1:%2)">;
def err_covariant_return_not_derived : Error<
"return type of virtual function %0 is not covariant with the return type of "
"the function it overrides (%1 is not derived from %2)">;
def err_covariant_return_incomplete : Error<
"return type of virtual function %0 is not covariant with the return type of "
"the function it overrides (%1 is incomplete)">;
def err_covariant_return_type_different_qualifications : Error<
"return type of virtual function %0 is not covariant with the return type of "
"the function it overrides (%1 has different qualifiers than %2)">;
def err_covariant_return_type_class_type_more_qualified : Error<
"return type of virtual function %0 is not covariant with the return type of "
"the function it overrides (class type %1 is more qualified than class "
"type %2">;
// C++ constructors
def err_constructor_cannot_be : Error<"constructor cannot be declared '%0'">;
def err_invalid_qualified_constructor : Error<
"'%0' qualifier is not allowed on a constructor">;
def err_constructor_return_type : Error<
"constructor cannot have a return type">;
def err_constructor_redeclared : Error<"constructor cannot be redeclared">;
def err_constructor_byvalue_arg : Error<
"copy constructor must pass its first argument by reference">;
// C++ destructors
def err_destructor_not_member : Error<
"destructor must be a non-static member function">;
def err_destructor_cannot_be : Error<"destructor cannot be declared '%0'">;
def err_invalid_qualified_destructor : Error<
"'%0' qualifier is not allowed on a destructor">;
def err_destructor_return_type : Error<"destructor cannot have a return type">;
def err_destructor_redeclared : Error<"destructor cannot be redeclared">;
def err_destructor_with_params : Error<"destructor cannot have any parameters">;
def err_destructor_variadic : Error<"destructor cannot be variadic">;
def err_destructor_typedef_name : Error<
"destructor cannot be declared using a typedef %0 of the class name">;
def err_destructor_name : Error<
"expected the class name after '~' to name the enclosing class">;
def err_destructor_class_name : Error<
"expected the class name after '~' to name a destructor">;
def err_ident_in_pseudo_dtor_not_a_type : Error<
"identifier %0 in pseudo-destructor expression does not name a type">;
// C++ initialization
def err_init_conversion_failed : Error<
"cannot initialize %select{a variable|a parameter|return object|an "
"exception object|a member subobject|an array element|a new value|a value|a "
"base class|a vector element}0 of type %1 with an %select{rvalue|lvalue}2 of "
"type %3">;
def err_lvalue_to_rvalue_ref : Error<"rvalue reference cannot bind to lvalue">;
def err_invalid_initialization : Error<
"invalid initialization of reference of type %0 from expression of type %1">;
def err_lvalue_to_rvalue_ambig_ref : Error<"rvalue reference cannot bind to lvalue "
"due to multiple conversion functions">;
def err_not_reference_to_const_init : Error<
"%select{non-const|volatile}0 lvalue reference to type %1 cannot be "
"initialized with a %select{value|temporary}2 of type %3">;
def err_lvalue_reference_bind_to_temporary : Error<
"%select{non-const|volatile}0 lvalue reference to type %1 cannot bind to a "
"temporary of type %2">;
def err_lvalue_reference_bind_to_unrelated : Error<
"%select{non-const|volatile}0 lvalue reference to type %1 cannot bind to a "
"value of unrelated type %2">;
def err_reference_bind_drops_quals : Error<
"binding of reference to type %0 to a value of type %1 drops qualifiers">;
def err_reference_bind_failed : Error<
"reference to type %0 could not bind to an %select{rvalue|lvalue}1 of type "
def err_reference_bind_init_list : Error<
"reference to type %0 cannot bind to an initializer list">;
def err_init_list_bad_dest_type : Error<
"%select{|non-aggregate }0type %1 cannot be initialized with an initializer "
def err_reference_init_drops_quals : Error<
"initialization of reference to type %0 with a %select{value|temporary}1 of type %2 drops "
def err_reference_bind_to_bitfield : Error<
"%select{non-const|volatile}0 reference cannot bind to bit-field %1">;
def err_reference_bind_to_vector_element : Error<
"%select{non-const|volatile}0 reference cannot bind to vector element">;
def err_reference_var_requires_init : Error<
"declaration of reference variable %0 requires an initializer">;
def err_const_var_requires_init : Error<
"declaration of const variable '%0' requires an initializer">;
def err_reference_without_init : Error<
"reference to type %0 requires an initializer">;
def err_reference_has_multiple_inits : Error<
"reference cannot be initialized with multiple values">;
def err_init_non_aggr_init_list : Error<
"initialization of non-aggregate type %0 with an initializer list">;
def err_init_reference_member_uninitialized : Error<
"reference member of type %0 uninitialized">;
def note_uninit_reference_member : Note<
"uninitialized reference member is here">;
def warn_field_is_uninit : Warning<"field is uninitialized when used here">,
def err_temp_copy_no_viable : Error<
"no viable copy constructor %select{copying variable|copying parameter|"
"returning object|throwing object|copying member subobject|copying array "
"element}0 of type %1">;
def err_temp_copy_ambiguous : Error<
"ambiguous copy constructor call when %select{copying variable|copying "
"parameter|returning object|throwing object|copying member subobject|copying "
"array element}0 of type %1">;
def err_temp_copy_deleted : Error<
"%select{copying variable|copying parameter|returning object|throwing "
"object|copying member subobject|copying array element}0 of type %1 invokes "
"deleted copy constructor">;
// C++0x decltype
def err_cannot_determine_declared_type_of_overloaded_function : Error<
"cannot determine the %select{type|declared type}0 of an overloaded "
// C++0x auto
def err_auto_variable_cannot_appear_in_own_initializer : Error<
"variable %0 declared with 'auto' type cannot appear in its own initializer">;
def err_illegal_decl_array_of_auto : Error<
"'%0' declared as array of 'auto'">;
def err_auto_not_allowed : Error<
"'auto' not allowed in %select{function prototype|struct member|union member"
"|class member|exception declaration|template parameter|block literal}0">;
def err_auto_var_requires_init : Error<
"declaration of variable %0 with type %1 requires an initializer">;
// C++0x attributes
def err_repeat_attribute : Error<"'%0' attribute cannot be repeated">;
// C++0x [[final]]
def err_final_function_overridden : Error<
"declaration of %0 overrides a 'final' function">;
def err_final_base : Error<
"derivation from 'final' %0">;
// Objective-C++
def err_objc_decls_may_only_appear_in_global_scope : Error<
"Objective-C declarations may only appear in global scope">;
def err_nsobject_attribute : Error<
"__attribute ((NSObject)) is for pointer types only">;
// Attributes
def err_attribute_can_be_applied_only_to_symbol_declaration : Error<
"%0 attribute can be applied only to symbol declaration">;
def err_attributes_are_not_compatible : Error<
"%0 and %1 attributes are not compatible">;
def err_attribute_wrong_number_arguments : Error<
"attribute requires %0 argument(s)">;
def err_attribute_missing_parameter_name : Error<
"attribute requires unquoted parameter">;
def err_attribute_invalid_vector_type : Error<"invalid vector type %0">;
def err_attribute_argument_not_int : Error<
"'%0' attribute requires integer constant">;
def err_attribute_argument_n_not_int : Error<
"'%0' attribute requires parameter %1 to be an integer constant">;
def err_attribute_argument_n_not_string : Error<
"'%0' attribute requires parameter %1 to be a string">;
def err_attribute_argument_out_of_bounds : Error<
"'%0' attribute parameter %1 is out of bounds">;
def err_attribute_requires_objc_interface : Error<
"attribute may only be applied to an Objective-C interface">;
def err_nonnull_pointers_only : Error<
"nonnull attribute only applies to pointer arguments">;
def err_format_strftime_third_parameter : Error<
"strftime format attribute requires 3rd parameter to be 0">;
def err_format_attribute_requires_variadic : Error<
"format attribute requires variadic function">;
def err_format_attribute_not : Error<"format argument not %0">;
def err_format_attribute_result_not : Error<"function does not return %0">;
def err_attribute_invalid_size : Error<
"vector size not an integral multiple of component size">;
def err_attribute_zero_size : Error<"zero vector size">;
def err_typecheck_vector_not_convertable : Error<
"can't convert between vector values of different size (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_ext_vector_not_typedef : Error<
"ext_vector_type only applies to types, not variables">;
def err_unsupported_vector_size : Error<
"unsupported type %0 for vector_size attribute, please use on typedef">;
def err_ext_vector_component_exceeds_length : Error<
"vector component access exceeds type %0">;
def err_ext_vector_component_name_illegal : Error<
"illegal vector component name '%0'">;
def err_attribute_address_space_not_int : Error<
"address space attribute requires an integer constant">;
def err_attribute_address_space_negative : Error<
"address space is negative">;
def err_attribute_address_space_too_high : Error<
"address space is larger than the maximum supported (%0)">;
def err_attribute_address_multiple_qualifiers : Error<
"multiple address spaces specified for type">;
def err_implicit_pointer_address_space_cast : Error<
"illegal implicit cast between two pointers with different address spaces">;
def err_as_qualified_auto_decl : Error<
"automatic variable qualified with an address space">;
def err_arg_with_address_space : Error<
"parameter may not be qualified with an address space">;
def err_attribute_not_string : Error<
"argument to %0 attribute was not a string literal">;
def err_attribute_section_invalid_for_target : Error<
"argument to 'section' attribute is not valid for this target: %0">;
def err_attribute_section_local_variable : Error<
"'section' attribute is not valid on local variables">;
def err_attribute_aligned_not_power_of_two : Error<
"requested alignment is not a power of 2">;
def warn_redeclaration_without_attribute_prev_attribute_ignored : Warning<
"'%0' redeclared without %1 attribute: previous %1 ignored">;
def warn_attribute_ignored : Warning<"%0 attribute ignored">;
def warn_attribute_precede_definition : Warning<
"attribute declaration must precede definition">;
def warn_attribute_void_function : Warning<
"attribute %0 cannot be applied to functions without return value">;
def warn_attribute_weak_on_field : Warning<
"__weak attribute cannot be specified on a field declaration">;
def warn_attribute_weak_on_local : Warning<
"__weak attribute cannot be specified on an automatic variable">;
def warn_weak_identifier_undeclared : Warning<
"weak identifier %0 never declared">;
def err_attribute_weak_static : Error<
"weak declaration of '%0' must be public">;
def warn_attribute_weak_import_invalid_on_definition : Warning<
"'weak_import' attribute cannot be specified on a definition">;
def err_attribute_weakref_not_static : Error<
"weakref declaration of '%0' must be static">;
def err_attribute_weakref_not_global_context : Error<
"weakref declaration of '%0' must be in a global context">;
def err_attribute_weakref_without_alias : Error<
"weakref declaration of '%0' must also have an alias attribute">;
def warn_attribute_wrong_decl_type : Warning<
"%0 attribute only applies to %select{function|union|"
"variable and function|function or method|parameter|"
"parameter or Objective-C method |function, method or block|"
"virtual method or class|function, method, or parameter|class|virtual method"
"|member}1 types">;
def err_attribute_wrong_decl_type : Error<
"%0 attribute only applies to %select{function|union|"
"variable and function|function or method|parameter|"
"parameter or Objective-C method |function, method or block|"
"virtual method or class|function, method, or parameter|class|virtual method"
"|member}1 types">;
def warn_function_attribute_wrong_type : Warning<
"%0 only applies to function types; type here is %1">;
def warn_gnu_inline_attribute_requires_inline : Warning<
"'gnu_inline' attribute requires function to be marked 'inline',"
" attribute ignored">;
def err_cconv_change : Error<
"function declared '%0' here was previously declared "
"%select{'%2'|without calling convention}1">;
def err_cconv_knr : Error<
"function with no prototype cannot use %0 calling convention">;
def err_cconv_varargs : Error<
"variadic function cannot use %0 calling convention">;
def warn_impcast_vector_scalar : Warning<
"implicit cast turns vector to scalar: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"conversion">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_impcast_complex_scalar : Warning<
"implicit cast discards imaginary component: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"conversion">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_impcast_float_precision : Warning<
"implicit cast loses floating-point precision: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"conversion">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_impcast_float_integer : Warning<
"implicit cast turns floating-point number into integer: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"conversion">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_impcast_integer_precision : Warning<
"implicit cast loses integer precision: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"conversion">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_impcast_integer_64_32 : Warning<
"implicit cast loses integer precision: %0 to %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"shorten-64-to-32">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_attribute_ignored_for_field_of_type : Warning<
"%0 attribute ignored for field of type %1">;
def warn_transparent_union_attribute_field_size_align : Warning<
"%select{alignment|size}0 of field %1 (%2 bits) does not match the "
"%select{alignment|size}0 of the first field in transparent union; "
"transparent_union attribute ignored">;
def note_transparent_union_first_field_size_align : Note<
"%select{alignment|size}0 of first field is %1 bits">;
def warn_transparent_union_attribute_not_definition : Warning<
"transparent_union attribute can only be applied to a union definition; "
"attribute ignored">;
def warn_transparent_union_attribute_floating : Warning<
"first field of a transparent union cannot have floating point or vector "
"type; transparent_union attribute ignored">;
def warn_transparent_union_attribute_zero_fields : Warning<
"transparent union definition must contain at least one field; "
"transparent_union attribute ignored">;
def warn_attribute_type_not_supported : Warning<
"'%0' attribute argument not supported: %1">;
def warn_attribute_unknown_visibility : Warning<"unknown visibility '%1'">;
def err_unknown_machine_mode : Error<"unknown machine mode %0">;
def err_unsupported_machine_mode : Error<"unsupported machine mode %0">;
def err_mode_not_primitive : Error<
"mode attribute only supported for integer and floating-point types">;
def err_mode_wrong_type : Error<
"type of machine mode does not match type of base type">;
def err_attr_wrong_decl : Error<
"'%0' attribute invalid on this declaration, requires typedef or value">;
def warn_attribute_nonnull_no_pointers : Warning<
"'nonnull' attribute applied to function with no pointer arguments">;
def warn_attribute_malloc_pointer_only : Warning<
"'malloc' attribute only applies to functions returning a pointer type">;
def warn_transparent_union_nonpointer : Warning<
"'transparent_union' attribute support incomplete; only supported for "
"pointer unions">;
def warn_attribute_sentinel_named_arguments : Warning<
"'sentinel' attribute requires named arguments">;
def warn_attribute_sentinel_not_variadic : Warning<
"'sentinel' attribute only supported for variadic %select{functions|blocks}0">;
def err_attribute_sentinel_less_than_zero : Error<
"'sentinel' parameter 1 less than zero">;
def err_attribute_sentinel_not_zero_or_one : Error<
"'sentinel' parameter 2 not 0 or 1">;
def err_attribute_cleanup_arg_not_found : Error<
"'cleanup' argument %0 not found">;
def err_attribute_cleanup_arg_not_function : Error<
"'cleanup' argument %0 is not a function">;
def err_attribute_cleanup_func_must_take_one_arg : Error<
"'cleanup' function %0 must take 1 parameter">;
def err_attribute_cleanup_func_arg_incompatible_type : Error<
"'cleanup' function %0 parameter has type %1 which is incompatible with "
"type %2">;
def err_attribute_regparm_wrong_platform : Error<
"'regparm' is not valid on this platform">;
def err_attribute_regparm_invalid_number : Error<
"'regparm' parameter must be between 0 and %0 inclusive">;
// Clang-Specific Attributes
def err_attribute_iboutlet : Error<
"iboutlet attribute can only be applied to instance variables or "
def err_attribute_ibaction: Error<
"ibaction attribute can only be applied to Objective-C instance methods">;
def err_attribute_overloadable_not_function : Error<
"'overloadable' attribute can only be applied to a function">;
def err_attribute_overloadable_missing : Error<
"%select{overloaded function|redeclaration of}0 %1 must have the "
"'overloadable' attribute">;
def note_attribute_overloadable_prev_overload : Note<
"previous overload of function is here">;
def err_attribute_overloadable_no_prototype : Error<
"'overloadable' function %0 must have a prototype">;
def warn_ns_attribute_wrong_return_type : Warning<
"%0 attribute only applies to functions or methods that "
"return a pointer or Objective-C object">;
// Function Parameter Semantic Analysis.
def err_param_with_void_type : Error<"argument may not have 'void' type">;
def err_void_only_param : Error<
"'void' must be the first and only parameter if specified">;
def err_void_param_qualified : Error<
"'void' as parameter must not have type qualifiers">;
def err_ident_list_in_fn_declaration : Error<
"a parameter list without types is only allowed in a function definition">;
def ext_param_not_declared : Extension<
"parameter %0 was not declared, defaulting to type 'int'">;
def err_param_typedef_of_void : Error<
"empty parameter list defined with a typedef of 'void' not allowed in C++">;
def err_param_default_argument : Error<
"C does not support default arguments">;
def err_param_default_argument_redefinition : Error<
"redefinition of default argument">;
def err_param_default_argument_missing : Error<
"missing default argument on parameter">;
def err_param_default_argument_missing_name : Error<
"missing default argument on parameter %0">;
def err_param_default_argument_references_param : Error<
"default argument references parameter %0">;
def err_param_default_argument_references_local : Error<
"default argument references local variable %0 of enclosing function">;
def err_param_default_argument_references_this : Error<
"default argument references 'this'">;
def err_param_default_argument_nonfunc : Error<
"default arguments can only be specified for parameters in a function "
def err_param_default_argument_template_redecl : Error<
"default arguments cannot be added to a function template that has already "
"been declared">;
def err_param_default_argument_member_template_redecl : Error<
"default arguments cannot be added to an out-of-line definition of a member "
"of a %select{class template|class template partial specialization|nested "
"class in a template}0">;
def err_uninitialized_member_for_assign : Error<
"cannot define the implicit default assignment operator for %0, because "
"non-static %select{reference|const}1 member %2 can't use default "
"assignment operator">;
def note_first_required_here : Note<
"synthesized method is first required here">;
def err_uninitialized_member_in_ctor : Error<
"%select{|implicit default }0constructor for %1 must explicitly initialize "
"the %select{reference|const}2 member %3">;
def err_use_of_default_argument_to_function_declared_later : Error<
"use of default argument to function %0 that is declared later in class %1">;
def note_default_argument_declared_here : Note<
"default argument declared here">;
def ext_param_promoted_not_compatible_with_prototype : ExtWarn<
"promoted type %0 of K&R function parameter is not compatible with the "
"parameter type %1 declared in a previous prototype">;
// C++ Overloading Semantic Analysis.
def err_ovl_diff_return_type : Error<
"functions that differ only in their return type cannot be overloaded">;
def err_ovl_static_nonstatic_member : Error<
"static and non-static member functions with the same parameter types "
"cannot be overloaded">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_function_in_call : Error<
"no matching function for call to %0">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_member_function_in_call : Error<
"no matching member function for call to %0">;
def err_ovl_ambiguous_call : Error<
"call to %0 is ambiguous">;
def err_ovl_deleted_call : Error<
"call to %select{unavailable|deleted}0 function %1">;
def err_ovl_ambiguous_member_call : Error<
"call to member function %0 is ambiguous">;
def err_ovl_deleted_member_call : Error<
"call to %select{unavailable|deleted}0 member function %1">;
def note_ovl_candidate : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"is the implicit default constructor|"
"is the implicit copy constructor|"
"is the implicit copy assignment operator}0%1">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_deduction : Note<
"candidate template ignored: failed template argument deduction">;
def note_ovl_candidate_incomplete_deduction : Note<"candidate template ignored: "
"couldn't infer template argument %0">;
// Note that we don't treat templates differently for this diagnostic.
def note_ovl_candidate_arity : Note<"candidate "
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0 not viable: requires"
"%select{ at least| at most|}2 %3 argument%s3, but %4 %plural{1:was|:were}4 "
def note_ovl_candidate_deleted : Note<
"candidate %select{function|function|constructor|"
"function |function |constructor |||}0%1 "
"has been explicitly %select{made unavailable|deleted}2">;
// Giving the index of the bad argument really clutters this message, and
// it's relatively unimportant because 1) it's generally obvious which
// argument(s) are of the given object type and 2) the fix is usually
// to complete the type, which doesn't involve changes to the call line
// anyway. If people complain, we can change it.
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_conv_incomplete : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0%1 "
"not viable: cannot convert argument of incomplete type %2 to %3">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_overload : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0%1"
" not viable: no overload of %3 matching %2 for %ordinal4 argument">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_conv : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0%1"
" not viable: no known conversion from %2 to %3 for "
"%select{%ordinal5 argument|object argument}4">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_addrspace : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0%1 not viable: "
"%select{%ordinal6|'this'}5 argument (%2) is in "
"address space %3, but parameter must be in address space %4">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_cvr_this : Note<"candidate "
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0 not viable: "
"'this' argument has type %2, but method is not marked "
"%select{const|volatile|const or volatile|restrict|const or restrict|"
"volatile or restrict|const, volatile, or restrict}3">;
def note_ovl_candidate_bad_cvr : Note<"candidate "
"function |function |constructor |"
"constructor (the implicit default constructor)|"
"constructor (the implicit copy constructor)|"
"function (the implicit copy assignment operator)}0%1 not viable: "
"%ordinal4 argument (%2) would lose "
"%select{const|volatile|const and volatile|restrict|const and restrict|"
"volatile and restrict|const, volatile, and restrict}3 qualifier"
def note_ambiguous_type_conversion: Note<
"because of ambiguity in conversion of %0 to %1">;
def note_ovl_builtin_binary_candidate : Note<
"built-in candidate %0">;
def note_ovl_builtin_unary_candidate : Note<
"built-in candidate %0">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_function_in_init : Error<
"no matching constructor for initialization of %0">;
def err_ovl_ambiguous_init : Error<"call to constructor of %0 is ambiguous">;
def err_ref_init_ambiguous : Error<
"reference initialization of type %0 with initializer of type %1 is ambiguous">;
def err_ovl_deleted_init : Error<
"call to %select{unavailable|deleted}0 constructor of %1">;
def err_ovl_ambiguous_oper : Error<
"use of overloaded operator '%0' is ambiguous">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_oper : Error<"no viable overloaded '%0'">;
def err_ovl_deleted_oper : Error<
"overload resolution selected %select{unavailable|deleted}0 operator '%1'">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_subscript :
Error<"no viable overloaded operator[] for type %0">;
def err_ovl_no_oper :
Error<"type %0 does not provide a %select{subscript|call}1 operator">;
def err_ovl_no_viable_object_call : Error<
"no matching function for call to object of type %0">;
def err_ovl_ambiguous_object_call : Error<
"call to object of type %0 is ambiguous">;
def err_ovl_deleted_object_call : Error<
"call to %select{unavailable|deleted}0 function call operator in type %1">;
def note_ovl_surrogate_cand : Note<"conversion candidate of type %0">;
def err_member_call_without_object : Error<
"call to non-static member function without an object argument">;
// C++ Address of Overloaded Function
def err_addr_ovl_ambiguous : Error<
"address of overloaded function %0 is ambiguous">;
// C++ Template Declarations
def err_template_param_shadow : Error<
"declaration of %0 shadows template parameter">;
def note_template_param_here : Note<"template parameter is declared here">;
def warn_template_export_unsupported : Warning<
"exported templates are unsupported">;
def err_template_outside_namespace_or_class_scope : Error<
"templates can only be declared in namespace or class scope">;
def err_template_linkage : Error<"templates must have C++ linkage">;
def err_template_typedef : Error<"a typedef cannot be a template">;
def err_template_unnamed_class : Error<
"cannot declare a class template with no name">;
def err_template_param_list_different_arity : Error<
"%select{too few|too many}0 template parameters in template "
"%select{|template parameter }1redeclaration">;
def note_template_param_list_different_arity : Note<
"%select{too few|too many}0 template parameters in template template "
def note_template_prev_declaration : Note<
"previous template %select{declaration|template parameter}0 is here">;
def err_template_param_different_kind : Error<
"template parameter has a different kind in template "
"%select{|template parameter }0redeclaration">;
def note_template_param_different_kind : Note<
"template parameter has a different kind in template argument">;
def err_template_nontype_parm_different_type : Error<
"template non-type parameter has a different type %0 in template "
"%select{|template parameter }1redeclaration">;
def note_template_nontype_parm_different_type : Note<
"template non-type parameter has a different type %0 in template argument">;
def note_template_nontype_parm_prev_declaration : Note<
"previous non-type template parameter with type %0 is here">;
def err_template_nontype_parm_bad_type : Error<
"a non-type template parameter cannot have type %0">;
def err_template_param_default_arg_redefinition : Error<
"template parameter redefines default argument">;
def note_template_param_prev_default_arg : Note<
"previous default template argument defined here">;
def err_template_param_default_arg_missing : Error<
"template parameter missing a default argument">;
def err_template_parameter_default_in_function_template : Error<
"a template parameter of a function template cannot have a default argument "
"in C++98">;
def err_template_parameter_default_template_member : Error<
"cannot add a default template argument to the definition of a member of a "
"class template">;
def err_template_parameter_default_friend_template : Error<
"default template argument not permitted on a friend template">;
def err_template_variable : Error<"variable %0 declared as a template">;
def err_template_variable_noparams : Error<
"extraneous 'template<>' in declaration of variable %0">;
def err_template_tag_noparams : Error<
"extraneous 'template<>' in declaration of %0 %1">;
def err_template_decl_ref : Error<
"cannot refer to class template %0 without a template argument list">;
// C++ Template Argument Lists
def err_template_arg_list_different_arity : Error<
"%select{too few|too many}0 template arguments for "
"%select{class template|function template|template template parameter"
"|template}1 %2">;
def note_template_decl_here : Note<"template is declared here">;
def note_member_of_template_here : Note<"member is declared here">;
def err_template_arg_must_be_type : Error<
"template argument for template type parameter must be a type">;
def err_template_arg_must_be_expr : Error<
"template argument for non-type template parameter must be an expression">;
def err_template_arg_nontype_ambig : Error<
"template argument for non-type template parameter is treated as type %0">;
def err_template_arg_must_be_template : Error<
"template argument for template template parameter must be a class template">;
def err_template_arg_local_type : Error<"template argument uses local type %0">;
def err_template_arg_unnamed_type : Error<
"template argument uses unnamed type">;
def note_template_unnamed_type_here : Note<
"unnamed type used in template argument was declared here">;
def err_template_arg_overload_type : Error<
"template argument is the type of an unresolved overloaded function">;
def err_template_arg_not_class_template : Error<
"template argument does not refer to a class template or template "
"template parameter">;
def note_template_arg_refers_here_func : Note<
"template argument refers to function template %0, here">;
def err_template_arg_template_params_mismatch : Error<
"template template argument has different template parameters than its "
"corresponding template template parameter">;
def err_template_arg_not_integral_or_enumeral : Error<
"non-type template argument of type %0 must have an integral or enumeration"
" type">;
def err_template_arg_not_ice : Error<
"non-type template argument of type %0 is not an integral constant "
def err_template_arg_not_convertible : Error<
"non-type template argument of type %0 cannot be converted to a value "
"of type %1">;
def err_template_arg_negative : Error<
"non-type template argument provides negative value '%0' for unsigned "
"template parameter of type %1">;
def err_template_arg_too_large : Error<
"non-type template argument value '%0' is too large for template "
"parameter of type %1">;
def err_template_arg_no_ref_bind : Error<
"non-type template parameter of reference type %0 cannot bind to template "
"argument of type %1">;
def err_template_arg_ref_bind_ignores_quals : Error<
"reference binding of non-type template parameter of type %0 to template "
"argument of type %1 ignores qualifiers">;
def err_template_arg_not_decl_ref : Error<
"non-type template argument does not refer to any declaration">;
def err_template_arg_not_object_or_func_form : Error<
"non-type template argument does not directly refer to an object or "
def err_template_arg_field : Error<
"non-type template argument refers to non-static data member %0">;
def err_template_arg_method : Error<
"non-type template argument refers to non-static member function %0">;
def err_template_arg_function_not_extern : Error<
"non-template argument refers to function %0 with internal linkage">;
def err_template_arg_object_not_extern : Error<
"non-template argument refers to object %0 that does not have external "
def note_template_arg_internal_object : Note<
"non-template argument refers to %select{function|object}0 here">;
def note_template_arg_refers_here : Note<"non-template argument refers here">;
def err_template_arg_not_object_or_func : Error<
"non-type template argument does not refer to an object or function">;
def err_template_arg_not_pointer_to_member_form : Error<
"non-type template argument is not a pointer to member constant">;
def err_template_arg_extra_parens : Error<
"non-type template argument cannot be surrounded by parentheses">;
def err_pointer_to_member_type : Error<
"invalid use of pointer to member type after %select{.*|->*}0">;
// C++ template specialization
def err_template_spec_unknown_kind : Error<
"can only provide an explicit specialization for a class template, function "
"template, or a member function, static data member, or member class of a "
"class template">;
def note_specialized_entity : Note<
"explicitly specialized declaration is here">;
def err_template_spec_decl_function_scope : Error<
"explicit specialization of %0 in function scope">;
def err_template_spec_decl_class_scope : Error<
"explicit specialization of %0 in class scope">;
def err_template_spec_decl_out_of_scope_global : Error<
"%select{class template|class template partial|function template|member "
"function|static data member|member class}0 specialization of %1 must "
"originally be declared in the global scope">;
def err_template_spec_decl_out_of_scope : Error<
"%select{class template|class template partial|function template|member "
"function|static data member|member class}0 specialization of %1 must "
"originally be declared in namespace %2">;
def err_template_spec_redecl_out_of_scope : Error<
"%select{class template|class template partial|function template|member "
"function|static data member|member class}0 specialization of %1 not in a "
"namespace enclosing %2">;
def err_template_spec_redecl_global_scope : Error<
"%select{class template|class template partial|function template|member "
"function|static data member|member class}0 specialization of %1 must occur "
"at global scope">;
def err_spec_member_not_instantiated : Error<
"specialization of member %q0 does not specialize an instantiated member">;
def note_specialized_decl : Note<"attempt to specialize declaration here">;
def err_specialization_after_instantiation : Error<
"explicit specialization of %0 after instantiation">;
def note_instantiation_required_here : Note<
"%select{implicit|explicit}0 instantiation first required here">;
def err_template_spec_friend : Error<
"template specialization declaration cannot be a friend">;
def err_template_spec_default_arg : Error<
"default argument not permitted on an explicit "
"%select{instantiation|specialization}0 of function %1">;
def err_not_class_template_specialization : Error<
"cannot specialize a %select{dependent template|template template "
// C++ class template specializations and out-of-line definitions
def err_template_spec_needs_header : Error<
"template specialization requires 'template<>'">;
def err_template_spec_needs_template_parameters : Error<
"template specialization or definition requires a template parameter list"
"corresponding to the nested type %0">;
def err_template_param_list_matches_nontemplate : Error<
"template parameter list matching the non-templated nested type %0 should "
"be empty ('template<>')">;
def err_template_spec_extra_headers : Error<
"extraneous template parameter list in template specialization or "
"out-of-line template definition">;
def warn_template_spec_extra_headers : Warning<
"extraneous template parameter list in template specialization">;
def note_explicit_template_spec_does_not_need_header : Note<
"'template<>' header not required for explicitly-specialized class %0 "
"declared here">;
def err_template_qualified_declarator_no_match : Error<
"nested name specifier '%0' for declaration does not refer into a class, "
"class template or class template partial specialization">;
// C++ Class Template Partial Specialization
def err_default_arg_in_partial_spec : Error<
"default template argument in a class template partial specialization">;
def err_dependent_non_type_arg_in_partial_spec : Error<
"non-type template argument depends on a template parameter of the "
"partial specialization">;
def err_dependent_typed_non_type_arg_in_partial_spec : Error<
"non-type template argument specializes a template parameter with "
"dependent type %0">;
def err_partial_spec_args_match_primary_template : Error<
"class template partial specialization does not specialize any template "
"argument; to %select{declare|define}0 the primary template, remove the "
"template argument list">;
def warn_partial_specs_not_deducible : Warning<
"class template partial specialization contains "
"%select{a template parameter|template parameters}0 that can not be "
"deduced; this partial specialization will never be used">;
def note_partial_spec_unused_parameter : Note<
"non-deducible template parameter %0">;
def err_partial_spec_ordering_ambiguous : Error<
"ambiguous partial specializations of %0">;
def note_partial_spec_match : Note<"partial specialization matches %0">;
def err_partial_spec_redeclared : Error<
"class template partial specialization %0 cannot be redeclared">;
def note_prev_partial_spec_here : Note<
"previous declaration of class template partial specialization %0 is here">;
def err_partial_spec_fully_specialized : Error<
"partial specialization of %0 does not use any of its template parameters">;
// C++ Function template specializations
def err_function_template_spec_no_match : Error<
"no function template matches function template specialization %0">;
def err_function_template_spec_ambiguous : Error<
"function template specialization %0 ambiguously refers to more than one "
"function template; explicitly specify%select{|additional }1 template "
"arguments to identify a particular function template">;
def note_function_template_spec_matched : Note<
"function template matches specialization %0">;
// C++ Template Instantiation
def err_template_recursion_depth_exceeded : Error<
"recursive template instantiation exceeded maximum depth of %0">,
DefaultFatal, NoSFINAE;
def note_template_recursion_depth : Note<
"use -ftemplate-depth-N to increase recursive template instantiation depth">;
def err_template_instantiate_undefined : Error<
"%select{implicit|explicit}0 instantiation of undefined template %1">;
def err_implicit_instantiate_member_undefined : Error<
"implicit instantiation of undefined member %0">;
def note_template_class_instantiation_here : Note<
"in instantiation of template class %0 requested here">;
def note_template_member_class_here : Note<
"in instantiation of member class %0 requested here">;
def note_template_member_function_here : Note<
"in instantiation of member function %q0 requested here">;
def note_function_template_spec_here : Note<
"in instantiation of function template specialization %q0 requested here">;
def note_template_static_data_member_def_here : Note<
"in instantiation of static data member %q0 requested here">;
def note_default_arg_instantiation_here : Note<
"in instantiation of default argument for '%0' required here">;
def note_default_function_arg_instantiation_here : Note<
"in instantiation of default function argument expression "
"for '%0' required here">;
def note_explicit_template_arg_substitution_here : Note<
"while substituting explicitly-specified template arguments into function "
"template %f, here">;
def note_function_template_deduction_instantiation_here : Note<
"while substituting deduced template arguments into function template %0, "
def note_partial_spec_deduct_instantiation_here : Note<
"during template argument deduction for class template partial "
"specialization %0, here">;
def note_prior_template_arg_substitution : Note<
"while substituting prior template arguments into %select{non-type|template}0"
" template parameter%1 %2">;
def note_template_default_arg_checking : Note<
"while checking a default template argument used here">;
def err_field_instantiates_to_function : Error<
"data member instantiated with function type %0">;
def err_nested_name_spec_non_tag : Error<
"type %0 cannot be used prior to '::' because it has no members">;
// C++ Explicit Instantiation
def err_explicit_instantiation_duplicate : Error<
"duplicate explicit instantiation of %0">;
def note_previous_explicit_instantiation : Note<
"previous explicit instantiation is here">;
def ext_explicit_instantiation_after_specialization : Extension<
"explicit instantiation of %0 that occurs after an explicit "
"specialization will be ignored (C++0x extension)">;
def note_previous_template_specialization : Note<
"previous template specialization is here">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_enum : Error<
"explicit instantiation of enumeration type %0">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_nontemplate_type : Error<
"explicit instantiation of non-templated type %0">;
def note_nontemplate_decl_here : Note<
"non-templated declaration is here">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_out_of_scope : Error<
"explicit instantiation of %0 not in a namespace enclosing %1">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_must_be_global : Error<
"explicit instantiation of %0 must occur at global scope">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_requires_name : Error<
"explicit instantiation declaration requires a name">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_of_typedef : Error<
"explicit instantiation of typedef %0">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_not_known : Error<
"explicit instantiation of %0 does not refer to a function template, member "
"function, member class, or static data member">;
def note_explicit_instantiation_here : Note<
"explicit instantiation refers here">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_data_member_not_instantiated : Error<
"explicit instantiation refers to static data member %q0 that is not an "
def err_explicit_instantiation_member_function_not_instantiated : Error<
"explicit instantiation refers to member function %q0 that is not an "
def err_explicit_instantiation_ambiguous : Error<
"partial ordering for explicit instantiation of %0 is ambiguous">;
def note_explicit_instantiation_candidate : Note<
"explicit instantiation candidate function template here %0">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_inline : Error<
"explicit instantiation cannot be 'inline'">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_without_qualified_id : Error<
"qualifier in explicit instantiation of %q0 requires a template-id">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_without_qualified_id_quals : Error<
"qualifier in explicit instantiation of '%0%1' requires a template-id">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_unqualified_wrong_namespace : Error<
"explicit instantiation of %q0 must occur in %1">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_undefined_member : Error<
"explicit instantiation of undefined %select{member class|member function|"
"static data member}0 %1 of class template %2">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_undefined_func_template : Error<
"explicit instantiation of undefined function template %0">;
def err_explicit_instantiation_declaration_after_definition : Error<
"explicit instantiation declaration (with 'extern') follows explicit "
"instantiation definition (without 'extern')">;
def note_explicit_instantiation_definition_here : Note<
"explicit instantiation definition is here">;
// C++ typename-specifiers
def err_typename_nested_not_found : Error<"no type named %0 in %1">;
def err_typename_nested_not_type : Error<
"typename specifier refers to non-type member %0 in %1">;
def note_typename_refers_here : Note<
"referenced member %0 is declared here">;
def err_typename_missing : Error<
"missing 'typename' prior to dependent type name '%0%1'">;
def err_template_kw_refers_to_non_template : Error<
"%0 following the 'template' keyword does not refer to a template">;
def err_template_kw_refers_to_function_template : Error<
"%0 following the 'template' keyword refers to a function template">;
def err_template_kw_refers_to_class_template : Error<
"'%0%1' instantiated to a class template, not a function template">;
def note_referenced_class_template : Error<
"class template declared here">;
def err_template_kw_missing : Error<
"missing 'template' keyword prior to dependent template name '%0%1'">;
// C++0x Variadic Templates
def err_template_param_pack_default_arg : Error<
"template parameter pack cannot have a default argument">;
def err_template_param_pack_must_be_last_template_parameter : Error<
"template parameter pack must be the last template parameter">;
def err_unexpected_typedef : Error<
"unexpected type name %0: expected expression">;
def err_unexpected_namespace : Error<
"unexpected namespace name %0: expected expression">;
def err_undeclared_var_use : Error<"use of undeclared identifier %0">;
def note_dependent_var_use : Note<"must qualify identifier to find this "
"declaration in dependent base class">;
def err_undeclared_use : Error<"use of undeclared %0">;
def warn_deprecated : Warning<"%0 is deprecated">,
def warn_unavailable : Warning<"%0 is unavailable">,
def note_unavailable_here : Note<
"function has been explicitly marked %select{unavailable|deleted}0 here">;
def warn_not_enough_argument : Warning<
"not enough variable arguments in %0 declaration to fit a sentinel">;
def warn_missing_sentinel : Warning <
"missing sentinel in %select{function call|method dispatch|block call}0">;
def note_sentinel_here : Note<
"%select{function|method|block}0 has been explicitly marked sentinel here">;
def warn_missing_prototype : Warning<
"no previous prototype for function %0">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"missing-prototypes">>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_redefinition : Error<"redefinition of %0">;
def err_definition_of_implicitly_declared_member : Error<
"definition of implicitly declared %select{constructor|copy constructor|"
"copy assignment operator|destructor}1">;
def warn_redefinition_of_typedef : Warning<
"redefinition of typedef %0 is invalid in C">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"typedef-redefinition"> >, DefaultError;
def err_static_non_static : Error<
"static declaration of %0 follows non-static declaration">;
def err_non_static_static : Error<
"non-static declaration of %0 follows static declaration">;
def err_non_thread_thread : Error<
"non-thread-local declaration of %0 follows thread-local declaration">;
def err_thread_non_thread : Error<
"thread-local declaration of %0 follows non-thread-local declaration">;
def err_redefinition_different_type : Error<
"redefinition of %0 with a different type">;
def err_redefinition_different_kind : Error<
"redefinition of %0 as different kind of symbol">;
def err_redefinition_different_typedef : Error<
"typedef redefinition with different types (%0 vs %1)">;
def err_tag_definition_of_typedef : Error<
"definition of type %0 conflicts with typedef of the same name">;
def err_conflicting_types : Error<"conflicting types for %0">;
def err_nested_redefinition : Error<"nested redefinition of %0">;
def err_use_with_wrong_tag : Error<
"use of %0 with tag type that does not match previous declaration">;
def warn_struct_class_tag_mismatch : Warning<
"%select{struct|class}0 %select{|template}1 %2 was previously declared "
"as a %select{class|struct}0 %select{|template}1">,
InGroup<MismatchedTags>, DefaultIgnore;
def ext_forward_ref_enum : Extension<
"ISO C forbids forward references to 'enum' types">;
def err_forward_ref_enum : Error<
"ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum' types">;
def err_redefinition_of_enumerator : Error<"redefinition of enumerator %0">;
def err_duplicate_member : Error<"duplicate member %0">;
def err_misplaced_ivar : Error<"ivar may be placed in a class extension "
"in non-fragile-abi2 mode only">;
def ext_enum_value_not_int : Extension<
"ISO C restricts enumerator values to range of 'int' (%0 is too "
def warn_enum_too_large : Warning<
"enumeration values exceed range of largest integer">;
def warn_enumerator_too_large : Warning<
"enumerator value %0 is not representable in the largest integer type">;
def warn_illegal_constant_array_size : Extension<
"size of static array must be an integer constant expression">;
def err_vla_decl_in_file_scope : Error<
"variable length array declaration not allowed at file scope">;
def err_vla_decl_has_static_storage : Error<
"variable length array declaration can not have 'static' storage duration">;
def err_vla_decl_has_extern_linkage : Error<
"variable length array declaration can not have 'extern' linkage">;
def err_vm_decl_in_file_scope : Error<
"variably modified type declaration not allowed at file scope">;
def err_vm_decl_has_extern_linkage : Error<
"variably modified type declaration can not have 'extern' linkage">;
def err_typecheck_field_variable_size : Error<
"fields must have a constant size: 'variable length array in structure' "
"extension will never be supported">;
def err_vm_func_decl : Error<
"function declaration cannot have variably modified type">;
def err_typecheck_negative_array_size : Error<"array size is negative">;
def warn_typecheck_function_qualifiers : Warning<
"qualifier on function type %0 has unspecified behavior">;
def err_typecheck_invalid_restrict_not_pointer : Error<
"restrict requires a pointer or reference (%0 is invalid)">;
def err_typecheck_invalid_restrict_not_pointer_noarg : Error<
"restrict requires a pointer or reference">;
def err_typecheck_invalid_restrict_invalid_pointee : Error<
"pointer to function type %0 may not be 'restrict' qualified">;
def ext_typecheck_zero_array_size : Extension<
"zero size arrays are an extension">;
def err_at_least_one_initializer_needed_to_size_array : Error<
"at least one initializer value required to size array">;
def err_array_size_non_int : Error<"size of array has non-integer type %0">;
def err_init_element_not_constant : Error<
"initializer element is not a compile-time constant">;
def err_block_extern_cant_init : Error<
"'extern' variable cannot have an initializer">;
def warn_extern_init : Warning<"'extern' variable has an initializer">;
def err_variable_object_no_init : Error<
"variable-sized object may not be initialized">;
def err_array_init_list_required : Error<
"initialization with '{...}' expected for array">;
def err_excess_initializers : Error<
"excess elements in %select{array|vector|scalar|union|struct}0 initializer">;
def warn_excess_initializers : ExtWarn<
"excess elements in %select{array|vector|scalar|union|struct}0 initializer">;
def err_excess_initializers_in_char_array_initializer : Error<
"excess elements in char array initializer">;
def warn_excess_initializers_in_char_array_initializer : ExtWarn<
"excess elements in char array initializer">;
def warn_initializer_string_for_char_array_too_long : ExtWarn<
"initializer-string for char array is too long">;
def warn_braces_around_scalar_init : Warning<
"braces around scalar initializer">;
def err_many_braces_around_scalar_init : Error<
"too many braces around scalar initializer">;
def err_empty_scalar_initializer : Error<"scalar initializer cannot be empty">;
def err_illegal_initializer : Error<
"illegal initializer (only variables can be initialized)">;
def err_illegal_initializer_type : Error<"illegal initializer type %0">;
def err_implicit_empty_initializer : Error<
"initializer for aggregate with no elements requires explicit braces">;
def err_bitfield_has_negative_width : Error<
"bit-field %0 has negative width (%1)">;
def err_anon_bitfield_has_negative_width : Error<
"anonymous bit-field has negative width (%0)">;
def err_bitfield_has_zero_width : Error<"named bit-field %0 has zero width">;
def err_bitfield_width_exceeds_type_size : Error<
"size of bit-field %0 exceeds size of its type (%1 bits)">;
def err_anon_bitfield_width_exceeds_type_size : Error<
"size of anonymous bit-field exceeds size of its type (%0 bits)">;
def warn_missing_braces : Warning<
"suggest braces around initialization of subobject">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"missing-braces">>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_redefinition_of_label : Error<"redefinition of label '%0'">;
def err_undeclared_label_use : Error<"use of undeclared label '%0'">;
def err_goto_into_protected_scope : Error<"illegal goto into protected scope">;
def err_switch_into_protected_scope : Error<
"illegal switch case into protected scope">;
def err_indirect_goto_in_protected_scope : Warning<
"illegal indirect goto in protected scope, unknown effect on scopes">,
def err_addr_of_label_in_protected_scope : Warning<
"address taken of label in protected scope, jump to it would have "
"unknown effect on scope">, InGroup<DiagGroup<"label-address-scope">>;
def note_protected_by_variable_init : Note<
"jump bypasses variable initialization">;
def note_protected_by_vla_typedef : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of VLA typedef">;
def note_protected_by_vla : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of variable length array">;
def note_protected_by_cleanup : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of declaration with __attribute__((cleanup))">;
def note_protected_by_objc_try : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of @try block">;
def note_protected_by_objc_catch : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of @catch block">;
def note_protected_by_objc_finally : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of @finally block">;
def note_protected_by_objc_synchronized : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of @synchronized block">;
def note_protected_by_cxx_try : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of try block">;
def note_protected_by_cxx_catch : Note<
"jump bypasses initialization of catch block">;
def note_protected_by___block : Note<
"jump bypasses setup of __block variable">;
def err_func_returning_array_function : Error<
"function cannot return %select{array|function}0 type %1">;
def err_field_declared_as_function : Error<"field %0 declared as a function">;
def err_field_incomplete : Error<"field has incomplete type %0">;
def ext_variable_sized_type_in_struct : ExtWarn<
"field %0 with variable sized type %1 not at the end of a struct or class is"
" a GNU extension">;
def err_flexible_array_empty_struct : Error<
"flexible array %0 not allowed in otherwise empty struct">;
def ext_flexible_array_in_struct : Extension<
"%0 may not be nested in a struct due to flexible array member">;
def ext_flexible_array_in_array : Extension<
"%0 may not be used as an array element due to flexible array member">;
def err_flexible_array_init_nonempty : Error<
"non-empty initialization of flexible array member inside subobject">;
def err_flexible_array_init_needs_braces : Error<
"flexible array requires brace-enclosed initializer">;
def err_illegal_decl_array_of_functions : Error<
"'%0' declared as array of functions of type %1">;
def err_illegal_decl_array_incomplete_type : Error<
"array has incomplete element type %0">;
def err_illegal_decl_array_of_references : Error<
"'%0' declared as array of references of type %1">;
def err_array_star_outside_prototype : Error<
"star modifier used outside of function prototype">;
def err_illegal_decl_pointer_to_reference : Error<
"'%0' declared as a pointer to a reference of type %1">;
def err_illegal_decl_mempointer_to_reference : Error<
"'%0' declared as a member pointer to a reference of type %1">;
def err_illegal_decl_mempointer_to_void : Error<
"'%0' declared as a member pointer to void">;
def err_illegal_decl_mempointer_in_nonclass : Error<
"'%0' does not point into a class">;
def err_mempointer_in_nonclass_type : Error<
"member pointer refers into non-class type %0">;
def err_reference_to_void : Error<"cannot form a reference to 'void'">;
def err_qualified_block_pointer_type : Error<
"qualifier specification on block pointer type not allowed">;
def err_nonfunction_block_type : Error<
"block pointer to non-function type is invalid">;
def err_return_block_has_expr : Error<"void block should not return a value">;
def err_block_return_missing_expr : Error<
"non-void block should return a value">;
def err_block_with_return_type_requires_args : Error<
"block with explicit return type requires argument list">;
def err_func_def_incomplete_result : Error<
"incomplete result type %0 in function definition">;
// Expressions.
def ext_sizeof_function_type : Extension<
"invalid application of 'sizeof' to a function type">, InGroup<PointerArith>;
def ext_sizeof_void_type : Extension<
"invalid application of '%0' to a void type">, InGroup<PointerArith>;
def err_sizeof_alignof_incomplete_type : Error<
"invalid application of '%select{sizeof|__alignof}0' to an incomplete type %1">;
def err_sizeof_alignof_bitfield : Error<
"invalid application of '%select{sizeof|__alignof}0' to bit-field">;
def err_offsetof_incomplete_type : Error<
"offsetof of incomplete type %0">;
def err_offsetof_record_type : Error<
"offsetof requires struct, union, or class type, %0 invalid">;
def err_offsetof_array_type : Error<"offsetof requires array type, %0 invalid">;
def ext_offsetof_extended_field_designator : Extension<
"using extended field designator is an extension">;
def warn_offsetof_non_pod_type : ExtWarn<"offset of on non-POD type %0">,
def warn_floatingpoint_eq : Warning<
"comparing floating point with == or != is unsafe">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"float-equal">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_division_by_zero : Warning<"division by zero is undefined">;
def warn_remainder_by_zero : Warning<"remainder by zero is undefined">;
def warn_shift_negative : Warning<"shift count is negative">;
def warn_shift_gt_typewidth : Warning<"shift count >= width of type">;
def warn_precedence_bitwise_rel : Warning<
"%0 has lower precedence than %1; %1 will be evaluated first">,
def note_precedence_bitwise_first : Note<
"place parentheses around the %0 expression to evaluate it first">;
def err_sizeof_nonfragile_interface : Error<
"invalid application of '%select{alignof|sizeof}1' to interface %0 in "
"non-fragile ABI">;
def err_atdef_nonfragile_interface : Error<
"invalid application of @defs in non-fragile ABI">;
def err_subscript_nonfragile_interface : Error<
"subscript requires size of interface %0, which is not constant in "
"non-fragile ABI">;
def err_arithmetic_nonfragile_interface : Error<
"arithmetic on pointer to interface %0, which is not a constant size in "
"non-fragile ABI">;
def ext_subscript_non_lvalue : Extension<
"ISO C90 does not allow subscripting non-lvalue array">;
def err_typecheck_subscript_value : Error<
"subscripted value is not an array, pointer, or vector">;
def err_typecheck_subscript_not_integer : Error<
"array subscript is not an integer">;
def err_subscript_function_type : Error<
"subscript of pointer to function type %0">;
def err_subscript_incomplete_type : Error<
"subscript of pointer to incomplete type %0">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_struct_union : Error<
"member reference base type %0 is not a structure or union">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_ivar : Error<
"%0 does not have a member named %1">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_arrow : Error<
"member reference type %0 is not a pointer">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_suggestion : Error<
"member reference type %0 is %select{a|not a}1 pointer; maybe you meant to use '%select{->|.}1'?">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_type : Error<
"cannot refer to type member %0 with '%select{.|->}1'">;
def err_typecheck_member_reference_unknown : Error<
"cannot refer to member %0 with '%select{.|->}1'">;
def err_member_reference_needs_call : Error<
"base of member reference has function type %0; perhaps you meant to call "
"this function with '()'?">;
def warn_subscript_is_char : Warning<"array subscript is of type 'char'">,
InGroup<CharSubscript>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_typecheck_incomplete_tag : Error<"incomplete definition of type %0">;
def err_no_member : Error<"no member named %0 in %1">;
def err_member_redeclared : Error<"class member cannot be redeclared">;
def err_member_def_undefined_record : Error<
"out-of-line definition of %0 from class %1 without definition">;
def err_member_def_does_not_match : Error<
"out-of-line definition of %0 does not match any declaration in %1">;
def err_nonstatic_member_out_of_line : Error<
"non-static data member defined out-of-line">;
def err_qualified_typedef_declarator : Error<
"typedef declarator cannot be qualified">;
def err_qualified_param_declarator : Error<
"parameter declarator cannot be qualified">;
def err_out_of_line_declaration : Error<
"out-of-line declaration of a member must be a definition">;
def note_member_def_close_match : Note<"member declaration nearly matches">;
def err_typecheck_ivar_variable_size : Error<
"instance variables must have a constant size">;
def err_typecheck_illegal_increment_decrement : Error<
"cannot %select{decrement|increment}1 value of type %0">;
def err_typecheck_arithmetic_incomplete_type : Error<
"arithmetic on pointer to incomplete type %0">;
def err_typecheck_pointer_arith_function_type : Error<
"arithmetic on pointer to function type %0">;
def err_typecheck_pointer_arith_void_type : Error<
"arithmetic on pointer to void type">;
def err_typecheck_decl_incomplete_type : Error<
"variable has incomplete type %0">;
def ext_typecheck_decl_incomplete_type : ExtWarn<
"tentative definition of variable with internal linkage has incomplete non-array type %0">;
def err_tentative_def_incomplete_type : Error<
"tentative definition has type %0 that is never completed">;
def err_tentative_def_incomplete_type_arr : Error<
"tentative definition has array of type %0 that is never completed">;
def warn_tentative_incomplete_array : Warning<
"tentative array definition assumed to have one element">;
def err_typecheck_incomplete_array_needs_initializer : Error<
"definition of variable with array type needs an explicit size "
"or an initializer">;
def err_array_init_not_init_list : Error<
"array initializer must be an initializer "
"list%select{| or string literal}0">;
def warn_deprecated_string_literal_conversion : Warning<
"conversion from string literal to %0 is deprecated">, InGroup<Deprecated>;
def err_realimag_invalid_type : Error<"invalid type %0 to %1 operator">;
def err_typecheck_sclass_fscope : Error<
"illegal storage class on file-scoped variable">;
def err_unsupported_global_register : Error<
"global register variables are not supported">;
def err_typecheck_sclass_func : Error<"illegal storage class on function">;
def err_static_block_func : Error<
"function declared in block scope cannot have 'static' storage class">;
def err_typecheck_address_of : Error<"address of %0 requested">;
def ext_typecheck_addrof_void : Extension<
"ISO C forbids taking the address of an expression of type 'void'">;
def err_unqualified_pointer_member_function : Error<
"must explicitly qualify member function %0 when taking its address">;
def err_typecheck_invalid_lvalue_addrof : Error<
"address expression must be an lvalue or a function designator">;
def ext_typecheck_addrof_class_temporary : ExtWarn<
"taking the address of a temporary object of type %0">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"address-of-temporary">>, DefaultError;
def err_typecheck_addrof_class_temporary : Error<
"taking the address of a temporary object of type %0">;
def err_typecheck_unary_expr : Error<
"invalid argument type %0 to unary expression">;
def err_typecheck_indirection_requires_pointer : Error<
"indirection requires pointer operand (%0 invalid)">;
def err_indirection_requires_nonfragile_object : Error<
"indirection cannot be to an interface in non-fragile ABI (%0 invalid)">;
def err_direct_interface_unsupported : Error<
"indirection to an interface is not supported (%0 invalid)">;
def err_typecheck_invalid_operands : Error<
"invalid operands to binary expression (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_sub_ptr_object : Error<
"subtraction of pointer %0 requires pointee to be a complete object type">;
def err_typecheck_sub_ptr_compatible : Error<
"%0 and %1 are not pointers to compatible types">;
def ext_typecheck_ordered_comparison_of_pointer_integer : ExtWarn<
"ordered comparison between pointer and integer (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_ordered_comparison_of_pointer_and_zero : Extension<
"ordered comparison between pointer and zero (%0 and %1) is an extension">;
def ext_typecheck_ordered_comparison_of_function_pointers : ExtWarn<
"ordered comparison of function pointers (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_comparison_of_fptr_to_void : Extension<
"equality comparison between function pointer and void pointer (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_comparison_of_pointer_integer : ExtWarn<
"comparison between pointer and integer (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_comparison_of_distinct_pointers : ExtWarn<
"comparison of distinct pointer types (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_cond_incompatible_operands : ExtWarn<
"incompatible operand types (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_comparison_of_distinct_pointers : Error<
"comparison of distinct pointer types (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_comparison_of_distinct_pointers_nonstandard : ExtWarn<
"comparison of distinct pointer types (%0 and %1) uses non-standard "
"composite pointer type %2">;
def err_typecheck_vector_comparison : Error<
"comparison of vector types (%0 and %1) not supported yet">;
def err_typecheck_assign_const : Error<"read-only variable is not assignable">;
def err_stmtexpr_file_scope : Error<
"statement expression not allowed at file scope">;
def warn_mixed_sign_comparison : Warning<
"comparison of integers of different signs: %0 and %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"sign-compare">>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_mixed_sign_conditional : Warning<
"operands of ? are integers of different signs: %0 and %1">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"sign-compare">>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_invalid_this_use : Error<
"invalid use of 'this' outside of a nonstatic member function">;
def err_invalid_member_use_in_static_method : Error<
"invalid use of member %0 in static member function">;
def err_invalid_qualified_function_type : Error<
"type qualifier is not allowed on this function">;
def err_invalid_qualified_typedef_function_type_use : Error<
"a qualified function type cannot be used to declare a nonmember function "
"or a static member function">;
def err_invalid_non_static_member_use : Error<
"invalid use of nonstatic data member %0">;
def err_invalid_incomplete_type_use : Error<
"invalid use of incomplete type %0">;
def err_builtin_func_cast_more_than_one_arg : Error<
"function-style cast to a builtin type can only take one argument">;
def err_builtin_direct_init_more_than_one_arg : Error<
"initializer of a builtin type can only take one argument">;
def err_value_init_for_array_type : Error<
"array types cannot be value-initialized">;
def warn_printf_nonliteral_noargs : Warning<
"format string is not a string literal (potentially insecure)">,
def warn_printf_nonliteral : Warning<
"format string is not a string literal">,
InGroup<FormatNonLiteral>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_unexpected_interface : Error<
"unexpected interface name %0: expected expression">;
def err_ref_non_value : Error<"%0 does not refer to a value">;
def err_ref_vm_type : Error<
"cannot refer to declaration with a variably modified type inside block">;
def err_ref_array_type : Error<
"cannot refer to declaration with an array type inside block">;
def err_property_not_found : Error<
"property %0 not found on object of type %1">;
def err_duplicate_property : Error<
"property has a previous declaration">;
def ext_gnu_void_ptr : Extension<
"use of GNU void* extension">, InGroup<PointerArith>;
def ext_gnu_ptr_func_arith : Extension<
"arithmetic on pointer to function type %0 is a GNU extension">,
def error_readonly_property_assignment : Error<
"assigning to property with 'readonly' attribute not allowed">;
def ext_integer_increment_complex : Extension<
"ISO C does not support '++'/'--' on complex integer type %0">;
def ext_integer_complement_complex : Extension<
"ISO C does not support '~' for complex conjugation of %0">;
def error_nosetter_property_assignment : Error<
"setter method is needed to assign to object using property" " assignment syntax">;
def error_no_subobject_property_setting : Error<
"cannot assign to a sub-structure of an ivar using property"
" assignment syntax">;
def error_no_subobject_property_getter_setting : Error<
"cannot assign to a sub-structure returned via a getter using property"
" assignment syntax">;
def ext_freestanding_complex : Extension<
"complex numbers are an extension in a freestanding C99 implementation">;
// Obj-c expressions
def warn_root_inst_method_not_found : Warning<
"instance method %0 is being used on 'Class' which is not in the root class">;
def warn_class_method_not_found : Warning<
"method %objcclass0 not found (return type defaults to 'id')">;
def warn_inst_method_not_found : Warning<
"method %objcinstance0 not found (return type defaults to 'id')">;
def error_no_super_class_message : Error<
"no @interface declaration found in class messaging of %0">;
def error_no_super_class : Error<
"no super class declared in @interface for %0">;
def err_invalid_receiver_to_message : Error<
"invalid receiver to message expression">;
def warn_bad_receiver_type : Warning<
"receiver type %0 is not 'id' or interface pointer, consider "
"casting it to 'id'">;
def err_bad_receiver_type : Error<"bad receiver type %0">;
def error_objc_throw_expects_object : Error<
"@throw requires an Objective-C object type (%0 invalid)">;
def error_objc_synchronized_expects_object : Error<
"@synchronized requires an Objective-C object type (%0 invalid)">;
def error_rethrow_used_outside_catch : Error<
"@throw (rethrow) used outside of a @catch block">;
def err_attribute_multiple_objc_gc : Error<
"multiple garbage collection attributes specified for type">;
def err_catch_param_not_objc_type : Error<
"@catch parameter is not a pointer to an interface type">;
def err_illegal_qualifiers_on_catch_parm : Error<
"illegal qualifiers on @catch parameter">;
def err_illegal_super_cast : Error<
"cannot cast 'super' (it isn't an expression)">;
def warn_setter_getter_impl_required : Warning<
"property %0 requires method %1 to be defined - "
"use @synthesize, @dynamic or provide a method implementation">;
def warn_setter_getter_impl_required_in_category : Warning<
"property %0 requires method %1 to be defined - "
"use @dynamic or provide a method implementation in category">;
def note_property_impl_required : Note<
"implementation is here">;
// C++ casts
// These messages adhere to the TryCast pattern: %0 is an int specifying the
// cast type, %1 is the source type, %2 is the destination type.
def err_bad_cxx_cast_generic : Error<
"%select{const_cast|static_cast|reinterpret_cast|dynamic_cast|C-style cast|"
"functional-style cast}0 from %1 to %2 is not allowed">;
def err_bad_cxx_cast_rvalue : Error<
"%select{const_cast|static_cast|reinterpret_cast|dynamic_cast|C-style cast|"
"functional-style cast}0 from rvalue to reference type %2">;
def err_bad_cxx_cast_const_away : Error<
"%select{const_cast|static_cast|reinterpret_cast|dynamic_cast|C-style cast|"
"functional-style cast}0 from %1 to %2 casts away constness">;
def err_bad_const_cast_dest : Error<
"%select{const_cast||||C-style cast|functional-style cast}0 to %2, "
"which is not a reference, pointer-to-object, or pointer-to-data-member">;
def ext_cast_fn_obj : Extension<
"cast between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object is an extension">;
def err_bad_reinterpret_cast_small_int : Error<
"cast from pointer to smaller type %2 loses information">;
def err_bad_cxx_cast_vector_to_scalar_different_size : Error<
"%select{||reinterpret_cast||C-style cast|}0 from vector %1 "
"to scalar %2 of different size">;
def err_bad_cxx_cast_scalar_to_vector_different_size : Error<
"%select{||reinterpret_cast||C-style cast|}0 from scalar %1 "
"to vector %2 of different size">;
def err_bad_cxx_cast_vector_to_vector_different_size : Error<
"%select{||reinterpret_cast||C-style cast|}0 from vector %1 "
"to vector %2 of different size">;
def err_bad_lvalue_to_rvalue_cast : Error<
"cannot cast from lvalue of type %1 to rvalue reference type %2; types are "
"not compatible">;
def err_bad_static_cast_pointer_nonpointer : Error<
"cannot cast from type %1 to pointer type %2">;
def err_bad_static_cast_member_pointer_nonmp : Error<
"cannot cast from type %1 to member pointer type %2">;
def err_bad_static_cast_incomplete : Error<"%0 is an incomplete type">;
// These messages don't adhere to the pattern.
// FIXME: Display the path somehow better.
def err_ambiguous_base_to_derived_cast : Error<
"ambiguous cast from base %0 to derived %1:%2">;
def err_static_downcast_via_virtual : Error<
"cannot cast %0 to %1 via virtual base %2">;
def err_downcast_from_inaccessible_base : Error<
"cannot cast %select{private|protected}2 base class %1 to %0">;
def err_upcast_to_inaccessible_base : Error<
"cannot cast %0 to its %select{private|protected}2 base class %1">;
def err_bad_dynamic_cast_not_ref_or_ptr : Error<
"%0 is not a reference or pointer">;
def err_bad_dynamic_cast_not_class : Error<"%0 is not a class">;
def err_bad_dynamic_cast_incomplete : Error<"%0 is an incomplete type">;
def err_bad_dynamic_cast_not_ptr : Error<"%0 is not a pointer">;
def err_bad_dynamic_cast_not_polymorphic : Error<"%0 is not polymorphic">;
// Other C++ expressions
def err_need_header_before_typeid : Error<
"you need to include <typeinfo> before using the 'typeid' operator">;
def err_incomplete_typeid : Error<"'typeid' of incomplete type %0">;
def err_static_illegal_in_new : Error<
"the 'static' modifier for the array size is not legal in new expressions">;
def err_array_new_needs_size : Error<
"array size must be specified in new expressions">;
def err_bad_new_type : Error<
"cannot allocate %select{function|reference}1 type %0 with new">;
def err_new_incomplete_type : Error<
"allocation of incomplete type %0">;
def err_new_array_nonconst : Error<
"only the first dimension of an allocated array may have dynamic size">;
def err_new_paren_array_nonconst : Error<
"when type is in parentheses, array cannot have dynamic size">;
def err_placement_new_non_placement_delete : Error<
"'new' expression with placement arguments refers to non-placement "
"'operator delete'">;
def err_array_size_not_integral : Error<
"array size expression must have integral or enumerated type, not %0">;
def err_default_init_const : Error<
"default initialization of an object of const type %0"
"%select{| requires a user-provided default constructor}1">;
def err_delete_operand : Error<"cannot delete expression of type %0">;
def err_ambiguous_delete_operand : Error<"ambiguous conversion of delete "
"expression of type %0 to a pointer">;
def warn_delete_incomplete : Warning<
"deleting pointer to incomplete type %0 may cause undefined behaviour">;
def err_no_suitable_delete_member_function_found : Error<
"no suitable member %0 in %1">;
def note_delete_member_function_declared_here : Note<
"%0 declared here">;
def err_decrement_bool : Error<"cannot decrement expression of type bool">;
def warn_increment_bool : Warning<
"incrementing expression of type bool is deprecated">, InGroup<Deprecated>;
def ext_catch_incomplete_ptr : ExtWarn<
"ISO C++ forbids catching a pointer to incomplete type %0">;
def ext_catch_incomplete_ref : ExtWarn<
"ISO C++ forbids catching a reference to incomplete type %0">;
def err_catch_incomplete : Error<"cannot catch incomplete type %0">;
def err_catch_rvalue_ref : Error<"cannot catch exceptions by rvalue reference">;
def err_qualified_catch_declarator : Error<
"exception declarator cannot be qualified">;
def err_early_catch_all : Error<"catch-all handler must come last">;
def err_bad_memptr_rhs : Error<
"right hand operand to %0 has non pointer-to-member type %1">;
def err_bad_memptr_lhs : Error<
"left hand operand to %0 must be a %select{|pointer to }1class "
"compatible with the right hand operand, but is %2">;
def warn_exception_caught_by_earlier_handler : Warning<
"exception of type %0 will be caught by earlier handler">;
def note_previous_exception_handler : Note<"for type %0">;
def err_conditional_void_nonvoid : Error<
"%select{left|right}1 operand to ? is void, but %select{right|left}1 operand "
"is of type %0">;
def err_conditional_ambiguous : Error<
"conditional expression is ambiguous; %0 can be converted to %1 "
"and vice versa">;
def err_conditional_ambiguous_ovl : Error<
"conditional expression is ambiguous; %0 and %1 can be converted to several "
"common types">;
def err_throw_incomplete : Error<
"cannot throw object of incomplete type %0">;
def err_throw_incomplete_ptr : Error<
"cannot throw pointer to object of incomplete type %0">;
def err_return_in_constructor_handler : Error<
"return in the catch of a function try block of a constructor is illegal">;
def err_operator_arrow_circular : Error<
"circular pointer delegation detected">;
def err_pseudo_dtor_base_not_scalar : Error<
"object expression of non-scalar type %0 cannot be used in a "
"pseudo-destructor expression">;
def err_pseudo_dtor_type_mismatch : Error<
"the type of object expression (%0) does not match the type being destroyed "
"(%1) in pseudo-destructor expression">;
def err_pseudo_dtor_call_with_args : Error<
"call to pseudo-destructor cannot have any arguments">;
def err_dtor_expr_without_call : Error<
"%select{destructor reference|pseudo-destructor expression}0 must be "
"called immediately with '()'">;
def err_pseudo_dtor_destructor_non_type : Error<
"%0 does not refer to a type name in pseudo-destructor expression; expected "
"the name of type %1">;
def err_pseudo_dtor_template : Error<
"specialization of template %0 does not refer to a scalar type in pseudo-"
"destructor expression">;
def err_invalid_use_of_function_type : Error<
"a function type is not allowed here">;
def err_invalid_use_of_array_type : Error<"an array type is not allowed here">;
def err_type_defined_in_condition : Error<
"types may not be defined in conditions">;
def err_typecheck_bool_condition : Error<
"value of type %0 is not contextually convertible to 'bool'">;
def err_typecheck_ambiguous_condition : Error<
"conversion from %0 to %1 is ambiguous">;
def err_typecheck_nonviable_condition : Error<
"no viable conversion from %0 to %1">;
def err_typecheck_deleted_function : Error<
"conversion function from %0 to %1 invokes a deleted function">;
def err_expected_class_or_namespace : Error<"expected a class or namespace">;
def err_invalid_declarator_scope : Error<
"definition or redeclaration of %0 not in a namespace enclosing %1">;
def err_invalid_declarator_global_scope : Error<
"definition or redeclaration of %0 cannot name the global scope">;
def err_invalid_declarator_in_function : Error<
"definition or redeclaration of %0 not allowed inside a function">;
def err_not_tag_in_scope : Error<
"%0 does not name a tag member in the specified scope">;
def err_cannot_form_pointer_to_member_of_reference_type : Error<
"cannot form a pointer-to-member to member %0 of reference type %1">;
def err_incomplete_object_call : Error<
"incomplete type in call to object of type %0">;
def warn_condition_is_assignment : Warning<"using the result of an "
"assignment as a condition without parentheses">,
// Completely identical except off by default.
def warn_condition_is_idiomatic_assignment : Warning<"using the result "
"of an assignment as a condition without parentheses">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"idiomatic-parentheses">>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_condition_assign_to_comparison : Note<
"use '==' to turn this assignment into an equality comparison">;
def warn_value_always_zero : Warning<
"%0 is always %select{zero|false|NULL}1 in this context">;
// assignment related diagnostics (also for argument passing, returning, etc).
// In most of these diagnostics the %2 is a value from the
// Sema::AssignmentAction enumeration
def err_typecheck_convert_incompatible : Error<
"incompatible type %select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2"
" %1, expected %0">;
def err_typecheck_convert_ambiguous : Error<
"ambiguity in initializing value of type %0 with initializer of type %1">;
def err_cannot_initialize_decl_noname : Error<
"cannot initialize a value of type %0 with an %select{rvalue|lvalue}1 "
"of type %2">;
def err_cannot_initialize_decl : Error<
"cannot initialize %0 with an %select{rvalue|lvalue}1 of type %2">;
def warn_incompatible_qualified_id : Warning<
"incompatible type %select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2"
" %1, expected %0">;
def ext_typecheck_convert_pointer_int : ExtWarn<
"incompatible pointer to integer conversion "
"%select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2 %1, expected %0">;
def ext_typecheck_convert_int_pointer : ExtWarn<
"incompatible integer to pointer conversion "
"%select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2 %1, expected %0">;
def ext_typecheck_convert_pointer_void_func : Extension<
" %1 converts between void* and function pointer, expected %0">;
def ext_typecheck_convert_incompatible_pointer_sign : ExtWarn<
"pointer types point to integer types with different sign "
"%select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2 %1, expected %0">,
def ext_typecheck_convert_incompatible_pointer : ExtWarn<
"incompatible pointer types "
"%select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2 %1, expected %0">;
def ext_typecheck_convert_discards_qualifiers : ExtWarn<
" %1 discards qualifiers, expected %0">;
def ext_nested_pointer_qualifier_mismatch : ExtWarn<
" %0 and %1 have different qualifiers in nested pointer types">;
def warn_incompatible_vectors : Warning<
"incompatible vector types %select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2"
" %1, expected %0">,
InGroup<VectorConversions>, DefaultIgnore;
def err_int_to_block_pointer : Error<
"invalid conversion "
" integer %1, expected block pointer %0">;
def err_typecheck_comparison_of_distinct_blocks : Error<
"comparison of distinct block types (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_convert_incompatible_block_pointer : Error<
"incompatible block pointer types "
"%select{assigning|passing|returning|converting|initializing|sending|casting}2 %1, expected %0">;
def err_typecheck_array_not_modifiable_lvalue : Error<
"array type %0 is not assignable">;
def err_typecheck_non_object_not_modifiable_lvalue : Error<
"non-object type %0 is not assignable">;
def err_typecheck_expression_not_modifiable_lvalue : Error<
"expression is not assignable">;
def err_typecheck_incomplete_type_not_modifiable_lvalue : Error<
"incomplete type %0 is not assignable">;
def err_typecheck_lvalue_casts_not_supported : Error<
"assignment to cast is illegal, lvalue casts are not supported">;
def err_typecheck_duplicate_vector_components_not_mlvalue : Error<
"vector is not assignable (contains duplicate components)">;
def err_block_decl_ref_not_modifiable_lvalue : Error<
"variable is not assignable (missing __block type specifier)">;
def err_typecheck_call_not_function : Error<
"called object type %0 is not a function or function pointer">;
def err_call_incomplete_return : Error<
"calling function with incomplete return type %0">;
def err_call_function_incomplete_return : Error<
"calling %0 with incomplete return type %1">;
def note_function_with_incomplete_return_type_declared_here : Note<
"%0 declared here">;
def err_call_incomplete_argument : Error<
"argument type %0 is incomplete">;
def err_typecheck_call_too_few_args : Error<
"too few arguments to %select{function|block|method}0 call">;
def err_typecheck_call_too_many_args : Error<
"too many arguments to %select{function|block|method}0 call">;
def warn_call_wrong_number_of_arguments : Warning<
"too %select{few|many}0 arguments in call to %1">;
def err_atomic_builtin_must_be_pointer : Error<
"first argument to atomic builtin must be a pointer (%0 invalid)">;
def err_atomic_builtin_must_be_pointer_intptr : Error<
"first argument to atomic builtin must be a pointer to integer or pointer"
" (%0 invalid)">;
def err_atomic_builtin_pointer_size : Error<
"first argument to atomic builtin must be a pointer to 1,2,4,8 or 16 byte "
"type (%0 invalid)">;
def err_deleted_function_use : Error<"attempt to use a deleted function">;
def err_cannot_pass_objc_interface_to_vararg : Error<
"cannot pass object with interface type %0 by-value through variadic "
def warn_cannot_pass_non_pod_arg_to_vararg : Warning<
"cannot pass object of non-POD type %0 through variadic "
"%select{function|block|method|constructor}1; call will abort at runtime">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"non-pod-varargs">>, DefaultError;
def err_typecheck_call_invalid_ordered_compare : Error<
"ordered compare requires two args of floating point type (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_call_invalid_unary_fp : Error<
"floating point classification requires argument of floating point type "
"(passed in %0)">;
def err_typecheck_cond_expect_scalar : Error<
"used type %0 where arithmetic or pointer type is required">;
def ext_typecheck_cond_one_void : Extension<
"C99 forbids conditional expressions with only one void side">;
def ext_typecheck_cast_nonscalar : Extension<
"C99 forbids casting nonscalar type %0 to the same type">;
def ext_typecheck_cast_to_union : Extension<"C99 forbids casts to union type">;
def err_typecheck_cast_to_union_no_type : Error<
"cast to union type from type %0 not present in union">;
def err_cast_pointer_from_non_pointer_int : Error<
"operand of type %0 cannot be cast to a pointer type">;
def err_cast_pointer_to_non_pointer_int : Error<
"pointer cannot be cast to type %0">;
def err_typecheck_expect_scalar_operand : Error<
"operand of type %0 where arithmetic or pointer type is required">;
def err_typecheck_cond_incompatible_operands : Error<
"incompatible operand types (%0 and %1)">;
def ext_typecheck_cond_incompatible_operands_nonstandard : ExtWarn<
"incompatible operand types (%0 and %1) use non-standard composite pointer "
"type %2">;
def err_cast_selector_expr : Error<
"cannot type cast @selector expression">;
def warn_typecheck_cond_incompatible_pointers : ExtWarn<
"pointer type mismatch (%0 and %1)">;
def warn_typecheck_cond_pointer_integer_mismatch : ExtWarn<
"pointer/integer type mismatch in conditional expression (%0 and %1)">;
def err_typecheck_choose_expr_requires_constant : Error<
"'__builtin_choose_expr' requires a constant expression">;
def ext_typecheck_expression_not_constant_but_accepted : Extension<
"expression is not a constant, but is accepted as one by GNU extensions">;
def warn_unused_expr : Warning<"expression result unused">,
def warn_unused_property_expr : Warning<
"property access result unused - getters should not have side effects">,
def warn_unused_call : Warning<
"ignoring return value of function declared with %0 attribute">,
def err_incomplete_type_used_in_type_trait_expr : Error<
"incomplete type %0 used in type trait expression">;
// inline asm.
def err_asm_wide_character : Error<"wide string is invalid in 'asm'">;
def err_asm_invalid_lvalue_in_output : Error<"invalid lvalue in asm output">;
def err_asm_invalid_output_constraint : Error<
"invalid output constraint '%0' in asm">;
def err_asm_invalid_lvalue_in_input : Error<
"invalid lvalue in asm input for constraint '%0'">;
def err_asm_invalid_input_constraint : Error<
"invalid input constraint '%0' in asm">;
def err_asm_invalid_type_in_input : Error<
"invalid type %0 in asm input for constraint '%1'">;
def err_asm_tying_incompatible_types : Error<
"unsupported inline asm: input with type %0 matching output with type %1">;
def err_asm_unknown_register_name : Error<"unknown register name '%0' in asm">;
def err_invalid_asm_cast_lvalue : Error<
"invalid use of a cast in a inline asm context requiring an l-value: "
"remove the cast or build with -fheinous-gnu-extensions">;
def warn_invalid_asm_cast_lvalue : Warning<
"invalid use of a cast in a inline asm context requiring an l-value: "
"accepted due to -fheinous-gnu-extensions, but clang may remove support "
"for this in the future">;
def err_invalid_conversion_between_vectors : Error<
"invalid conversion between vector type %0 and %1 of different size">;
def err_invalid_conversion_between_vector_and_integer : Error<
"invalid conversion between vector type %0 and integer type %1 "
"of different size">;
def err_invalid_conversion_between_vector_and_scalar : Error<
"invalid conversion between vector type %0 and scalar type %1">;
def err_overload_expr_requires_non_zero_constant : Error<
"overload requires a non-zero constant expression as first argument">;
def err_overload_incorrect_fntype : Error<
"argument is not a function, or has wrong number of parameters">;
// C++ member initializers.
def err_only_constructors_take_base_inits : Error<
"only constructors take base initializers">;
def error_multiple_mem_initialization : Error <
"multiple initializations given for non-static member '%0'">;
def error_multiple_base_initialization : Error <
"multiple initializations given for base %0">;
def err_mem_init_not_member_or_class : Error<
"member initializer %0 does not name a non-static data member or base "
def warn_field_initialized : Warning<
"member '%0' will be initialized after">,
InGroup<Reorder>, DefaultIgnore;
def warn_base_initialized : Warning<
"base class %0 will be initialized after">,
InGroup<Reorder>, DefaultIgnore;
def note_fieldorbase_initialized_here : Note<
"%select{field|base}0 %1">;
def err_base_init_does_not_name_class : Error<
"constructor initializer %0 does not name a class">;
def err_base_init_direct_and_virtual : Error<
"base class initializer %0 names both a direct base class and an "
"inherited virtual base class">;
def err_not_direct_base_or_virtual : Error<
"type %0 is not a direct or virtual base of '%1'">;
def err_not_direct_base_or_virtual_multi : Error<
"type %0 is not a direct or virtual base of '%1'">;
def err_in_class_initializer_non_integral_type : Error<
"in-class initializer has non-integral, non-enumeration type %0">;
def err_in_class_initializer_non_constant : Error<
"in-class initializer is not an integral constant expression">;
// C++ anonymous unions and GNU anonymous structs/unions
def ext_anonymous_union : Extension<
"anonymous unions are a GNU extension in C">;
def ext_anonymous_struct : Extension<
"anonymous structs are a GNU extension">;
def err_anonymous_union_not_static : Error<
"anonymous unions at namespace or global scope must be declared 'static'">;
def err_anonymous_union_with_storage_spec : Error<
"anonymous union at class scope must not have a storage specifier">;
def err_anonymous_struct_not_member : Error<
"anonymous %select{structs|structs and classes}0 must be "
"%select{struct or union|class}0 members">;
def err_anonymous_union_member_redecl : Error<
"member of anonymous union redeclares %0">;
def err_anonymous_struct_member_redecl : Error<
"member of anonymous struct redeclares %0">;
def err_anonymous_record_with_type : Error<
"types cannot be declared in an anonymous %select{struct|union}0">;
def err_anonymous_record_with_function : Error<
"functions cannot be declared in an anonymous %select{struct|union}0">;
def err_anonymous_record_with_static : Error<
"static members cannot be declared in an anonymous %select{struct|union}0">;
def err_anonymous_record_bad_member : Error<
"anonymous %select{struct|union}0 can only contain non-static data members">;
def err_anonymous_record_nonpublic_member : Error<
"anonymous %select{struct|union}0 cannot contain a "
"%select{private|protected}1 data member">;
// C++ local classes
def err_reference_to_local_var_in_enclosing_function : Error<
"reference to local variable %0 declared in enclosed function %1">;
def note_local_variable_declared_here : Note<
"%0 declared here">;
def err_static_data_member_not_allowed_in_local_class : Error<
"static data member %0 not allowed in local class %1">;
// C++ derived classes
def err_base_clause_on_union : Error<"unions cannot have base classes">;
def err_base_must_be_class : Error<"base specifier must name a class">;
def err_union_as_base_class : Error<"unions cannot be base classes">;
def err_incomplete_base_class : Error<"base class has incomplete type">;
def err_duplicate_base_class : Error<
"base class %0 specified more than once as a direct base class">;
// FIXME: better way to display derivation? Pass entire thing into diagclient?
def err_ambiguous_derived_to_base_conv : Error<
"ambiguous conversion from derived class %0 to base class %1:%2">;
def err_ambiguous_memptr_conv : Error<
"ambiguous conversion from pointer to member of %select{base|derived}0 "
"class %1 to pointer to member of %select{derived|base}0 class %2:%3">;
def err_memptr_conv_via_virtual : Error<
"conversion from pointer to member of class %0 to pointer to member "
"of class %1 via virtual base %2 is not allowed">;
// C++ access control
def err_conv_to_inaccessible_base : Error<
"conversion from %0 to inaccessible base class %1">, NoSFINAE;
def note_inheritance_specifier_here : Note<
"'%0' inheritance specifier here">;
def note_inheritance_implicitly_private_here : Note<
"inheritance is implicitly 'private'">;
// C++ member name lookup
def err_ambiguous_member_multiple_subobjects : Error<
"non-static member %0 found in multiple base-class subobjects of type %1:%2">;
def err_ambiguous_member_multiple_subobject_types : Error<
"member %0 found in multiple base classes of different types">;
def note_ambiguous_member_found : Note<"member found by ambiguous name lookup">;
def err_ambiguous_reference : Error<"reference to %0 is ambiguous">;
def note_ambiguous_candidate : Note<"candidate found by name lookup is %q0">;
def err_ambiguous_tag_hiding : Error<"a type named %0 is hidden by a "
"declaration in a different namespace">;
def note_hidden_tag : Note<"type declaration hidden">;
def note_hiding_object : Note<"declaration hides type">;
// C++ operator overloading
def err_operator_overload_needs_class_or_enum : Error<
"overloaded %0 must have at least one parameter of class "
"or enumeration type">;
def err_operator_overload_variadic : Error<"overloaded %0 cannot be variadic">;
def err_operator_overload_static : Error<
"overloaded %0 cannot be a static member function">;
def err_operator_overload_default_arg : Error<
"parameter of overloaded %0 cannot have a default argument">;
def err_operator_overload_must_be : Error<
"overloaded %0 must be a %select{unary|binary|unary or binary}2 operator "
"(has %1 parameter%s1)">;
def err_operator_overload_must_be_member : Error<
"overloaded %0 must be a non-static member function">;
def err_operator_overload_post_incdec_must_be_int : Error<
"parameter of overloaded post-%select{increment|decrement}1 operator must "
"have type 'int' (not %0)">;
// C++ allocation and deallocation functions.
def err_operator_new_delete_declared_in_namespace : Error<
"%0 cannot be declared inside a namespace">;
def err_operator_new_delete_declared_static : Error<
"%0 cannot be declared static in global scope">;
def err_operator_new_delete_invalid_result_type : Error<
"%0 must return type %1">;
def err_operator_new_delete_dependent_result_type : Error<
"%0 cannot have a dependent return type; use %1 instead">;
def err_operator_new_delete_too_few_parameters : Error<
"%0 must have at least one parameter.">;
def err_operator_new_delete_template_too_few_parameters : Error<
"%0 template must have at least two parameters.">;
def err_operator_new_dependent_param_type : Error<
"%0 cannot take a dependent type as first parameter; "
"use size_t (%1) instead">;
def err_operator_new_param_type : Error<
"%0 takes type size_t (%1) as first parameter">;
def err_operator_new_default_arg: Error<
"parameter of %0 cannot have a default argument">;
def err_operator_delete_dependent_param_type : Error<
"%0 cannot take a dependent type as first parameter; use %1 instead">;
def err_operator_delete_param_type : Error<
"%0 takes type %1 as first parameter">;
// C++ literal operators
def err_literal_operator_outside_namespace : Error<
"literal operator %0 must be in a namespace or global scope">;
// FIXME: This diagnostic sucks
def err_literal_operator_params : Error<
"parameter declaration for literal operator %0 is not valid">;
// C++ conversion functions
def err_conv_function_not_member : Error<
"conversion function must be a non-static member function">;
def err_conv_function_return_type : Error<
"conversion function cannot have a return type">;
def err_conv_function_with_params : Error<
"conversion function cannot have any parameters">;
def err_conv_function_variadic : Error<
"conversion function cannot be variadic">;
def err_conv_function_to_array : Error<
"conversion function cannot convert to an array type">;
def err_conv_function_to_function : Error<
"conversion function cannot convert to a function type">;
def err_conv_function_redeclared : Error<
"conversion function cannot be redeclared">;
def warn_conv_to_self_not_used : Warning<
"conversion function converting %0 to itself will never be used">;
def warn_conv_to_base_not_used : Warning<
"conversion function converting %0 to its base class %1 will never be used">;
def warn_conv_to_void_not_used : Warning<
"conversion function converting %0 to %1 will never be used">;
def warn_not_compound_assign : Warning<
"use of unary operator that may be intended as compound assignment (%0=)">;
// C++0x explicit conversion operators
def warn_explicit_conversion_functions : Warning<
"explicit conversion functions are a C++0x extension">;
def warn_printf_write_back : Warning<
"use of '%%n' in format string discouraged (potentially insecure)">,
def warn_printf_insufficient_data_args : Warning<
"more '%%' conversions than data arguments">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_data_arg_not_used : Warning<
"data argument not used by format string">, InGroup<FormatExtraArgs>;
def warn_printf_invalid_conversion : Warning<
"invalid conversion specifier '%0'">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_incomplete_specifier : Warning<
"incomplete format specifier">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_missing_format_string : Warning<
"format string missing">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_conversion_argument_type_mismatch : Warning<
"conversion specifies type %0 but the argument has type %1">,
def warn_printf_zero_positional_specifier : Warning<
"position arguments in format strings start counting at 1 (not 0)">,
def warn_printf_invalid_positional_specifier : Warning<
"invalid position specified for %select{field width|field precision}0">,
def warn_printf_mix_positional_nonpositional_args : Warning<
"cannot mix positional and non-positional arguments in format string">,
def warn_null_arg : Warning<
"null passed to a callee which requires a non-null argument">,
def warn_printf_empty_format_string : Warning<
"format string is empty">, InGroup<FormatZeroLength>;
def warn_printf_format_string_is_wide_literal : Warning<
"format string should not be a wide string">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_format_string_contains_null_char : Warning<
"format string contains '\\0' within the string body">, InGroup<Format>;
def warn_printf_asterisk_missing_arg : Warning<
"'%select{*|.*}0' specified field %select{width|precision}0 is missing a matching 'int' argument">;
def warn_printf_asterisk_wrong_type : Warning<
"field %select{width|precision}0 should have type %1, but argument has type %2">,
def warn_printf_nonsensical_precision: Warning<
"precision used in '%0' conversion specifier (where it has no meaning)">,
def warn_printf_nonsensical_flag: Warning<
"flag '%0' results in undefined behavior in '%1' conversion specifier">,
// CHECK: returning address/reference of stack memory
def warn_ret_stack_addr : Warning<
"address of stack memory associated with local variable %0 returned">;
def warn_ret_stack_ref : Warning<
"reference to stack memory associated with local variable %0 returned">;
def warn_ret_addr_label : Warning<
"returning address of label, which is local">;
def err_ret_local_block : Error<
"returning block that lives on the local stack">;
// For non-floating point, expressions of the form x == x or x != x
// should result in a warning, since these always evaluate to a constant.
def warn_selfcomparison : Warning<
"self-comparison always results in a constant value">;
def warn_stringcompare : Warning<
"result of comparison against %select{a string literal|@encode}0 is "
"unspecified (use strcmp instead)">;
// Blocks
def err_blocks_disable : Error<"blocks support disabled - compile with -fblocks"
" or pick a deployment target that supports them">;
def err_expected_block_lbrace : Error<"expected '{' in block literal">;
def err_return_in_block_expression : Error<
"return not allowed in block expression literal">;
def err_block_returns_array : Error<
"block declared as returning an array">;
// CFString checking
def err_cfstring_literal_not_string_constant : Error<
"CFString literal is not a string constant">;
def warn_cfstring_literal_contains_nul_character : Warning<
"CFString literal contains NUL character">;
// Statements.
def err_continue_not_in_loop : Error<
"'continue' statement not in loop statement">;
def err_break_not_in_loop_or_switch : Error<
"'break' statement not in loop or switch statement">;
def err_default_not_in_switch : Error<
"'default' statement not in switch statement">;
def err_case_not_in_switch : Error<"'case' statement not in switch statement">;
def warn_bool_switch_condition : Warning<
"switch condition is a bool">;
def warn_case_value_overflow : Warning<
"overflow converting case value to switch condition type (%0 to %1)">,
def err_duplicate_case : Error<"duplicate case value '%0'">;
def warn_case_empty_range : Warning<"empty case range specified">;
def warn_missing_cases : Warning<"enumeration value %0 not handled in switch">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"switch-enum"> >;
def not_in_enum : Warning<"case value not in enumerated type %0">,
InGroup<DiagGroup<"switch-enum"> >;
def err_typecheck_statement_requires_scalar : Error<
"statement requires expression of scalar type (%0 invalid)">;
def err_typecheck_statement_requires_integer : Error<
"statement requires expression of integer type (%0 invalid)">;
def err_multiple_default_labels_defined : Error<
"multiple default labels in one switch">;
def err_switch_multiple_conversions : Error<
"multiple conversions from switch condition type %0 to an integral or "
"enumeration type">;
def note_switch_conversion : Note<
"conversion to %select{integral|enumeration}0 type %1">;
def err_switch_explicit_conversion : Error<
"switch condition type %0 requires explicit conversion to %1">;
def err_switch_incomplete_class_type : Error<
"switch condition has incomplete class type %0">;
def warn_empty_if_body : Warning<
"if statement has empty body">, InGroup<EmptyBody>;
def err_va_start_used_in_non_variadic_function : Error<
"'va_start' used in function with fixed args">;
def warn_second_parameter_of_va_start_not_last_named_argument : Warning<
"second parameter of 'va_start' not last named argument">;
def err_first_argument_to_va_arg_not_of_type_va_list : Error<
"first argument to 'va_arg' is of type %0 and not 'va_list'">;
def warn_return_missing_expr : Warning<
"non-void %select{function|method}1 %0 should return a value">,
def ext_return_missing_expr : ExtWarn<
"non-void %select{function|method}1 %0 should return a value">,
def ext_return_has_expr : ExtWarn<
"void %select{function|method}1 %0 should not return a value">,
def ext_return_has_void_expr : Extension<
"void %select{function|method}1 %0 should not return void expression">;
def warn_noreturn_function_has_return_expr : Warning<
"function %0 declared 'noreturn' should not return">,
def warn_falloff_noreturn_function : Warning<
"function declared 'noreturn' should not return">,
def err_noreturn_block_has_return_expr : Error<
"block declared 'noreturn' should not return">;
def err_block_on_nonlocal : Error<
"__block attribute not allowed, only allowed on local variables">;
def err_block_on_vm : Error<
"__block attribute not allowed on declaration with a variably modified type">;
def err_shufflevector_non_vector : Error<
"first two arguments to __builtin_shufflevector must be vectors">;
def err_shufflevector_incompatible_vector : Error<
"first two arguments to __builtin_shufflevector must have the same type">;
def err_shufflevector_nonconstant_argument : Error<
"index for __builtin_shufflevector must be a constant integer">;
def err_shufflevector_argument_too_large : Error<
"index for __builtin_shufflevector must be less than the total number "
"of vector elements">;
def err_vector_incorrect_num_initializers : Error<
"%select{too many|too few}0 elements in vector initialization (expected %1 elements, have %2)">;
def err_altivec_empty_initializer : Error<"expected initializer">;
def err_stack_const_level : Error<
"level argument for a stack address builtin must be constant">;
def err_prefetch_invalid_arg_type : Error<
"argument to __builtin_prefetch must be of integer type">;
def err_prefetch_invalid_arg_ice : Error<
"argument to __builtin_prefetch must be a constant integer">;
def err_argument_invalid_range : Error<
"argument should be a value from %0 to %1">;
def err_object_size_invalid_argument : Error<
"argument to __builtin_object_size must be a constant integer">;
def err_builtin_longjmp_invalid_val : Error<
"argument to __builtin_longjmp must be a constant 1">;
def ext_mixed_decls_code : Extension<
"ISO C90 forbids mixing declarations and code">;
def err_non_variable_decl_in_for : Error<
"declaration of non-local variable in 'for' loop">;
def err_toomany_element_decls : Error<
"only one element declaration is allowed">;
def err_selector_element_not_lvalue : Error<
"selector element is not a valid lvalue">;
def err_selector_element_type : Error<
"selector element type %0 is not a valid object">;
def err_collection_expr_type : Error<
"collection expression type %0 is not a valid object">;
def err_invalid_conversion_between_ext_vectors : Error<
"invalid conversion between ext-vector type %0 and %1">;
// Type
def ext_invalid_sign_spec : Extension<"'%0' cannot be signed or unsigned">;
def warn_receiver_forward_class : Warning<
"receiver %0 is a forward class and corresponding @interface may not exist">;
def note_method_sent_forward_class : Note<"method %0 is used for the forward class">;
def ext_missing_declspec : ExtWarn<
"declaration specifier missing, defaulting to 'int'">;
def ext_missing_type_specifier : ExtWarn<
"type specifier missing, defaults to 'int'">,
def err_decimal_unsupported : Error<
"GNU decimal type extension not supported">;
def err_missing_type_specifier : Error<
"C++ requires a type specifier for all declarations">;
def err_missing_param_declspec : Error<
"parameter requires a declaration specifier">;
def err_objc_array_of_interfaces : Error<
"array of interface %0 is invalid (probably should be an array of pointers)">;
def ext_c99_array_usage : Extension<
"use of C99-specific array features, accepted as an extension">;
def err_c99_array_usage_cxx : Error<
"C99-specific array features are not permitted in C++">;
def note_getter_unavailable : Note<
"or because setter is declared here, but no getter method %0 is found">;
def err_invalid_protocol_qualifiers : Error<
"invalid protocol qualifiers on non-ObjC type">;
def warn_ivar_use_hidden : Warning<
"local declaration of %0 hides instance variable">;
def error_ivar_use_in_class_method : Error<
"instance variable %0 accessed in class method">;
def error_private_ivar_access : Error<"instance variable %0 is private">,
def error_protected_ivar_access : Error<"instance variable %0 is protected">,
def warn_maynot_respond : Warning<"%0 may not respond to %1">;
def warn_attribute_method_def : Warning<
"method attribute can only be specified on method declarations">;
def ext_typecheck_base_super : Warning<
"method parameter type %0 does not match "
"super class method parameter type %1">, InGroup<SuperSubClassMismatch>, DefaultIgnore;
// Spell-checking diagnostics
def err_unknown_typename_suggest : Error<
"unknown type name %0; did you mean %1?">;
def err_unknown_nested_typename_suggest : Error<
"no type named %0 in %1; did you mean %2?">;
def err_no_member_suggest : Error<"no member named %0 in %1; did you mean %2?">;
def err_undeclared_use_suggest : Error<
"use of undeclared %0; did you mean %1?">;
def err_undeclared_var_use_suggest : Error<
"use of undeclared identifier %0; did you mean %1?">;
def err_no_template_suggest : Error<"no template named %0; did you mean %1?">;
def err_no_member_template_suggest : Error<
"no template named %0 in %1; did you mean %2?">;
def err_mem_init_not_member_or_class_suggest : Error<
"initializer %0 does not name a non-static data member or base "
"class; did you mean the %select{base class|member}1 %2?">;
def err_field_designator_unknown_suggest : Error<
"field designator %0 does not refer to any field in type %1; did you mean "
def err_typecheck_member_reference_ivar_suggest : Error<
"%0 does not have a member named %1; did you mean %2?">;
def err_property_not_found_suggest : Error<
"property %0 not found on object of type %1; did you mean %2?">;
def err_undef_interface_suggest : Error<
"cannot find interface declaration for %0; did you mean %1?">;
def warn_undef_interface_suggest : Warning<
"cannot find interface declaration for %0; did you mean %1?">;
def err_undef_superclass_suggest : Error<
"cannot find interface declaration for %0, superclass of %1; did you mean "
def err_undeclared_protocol_suggest : Error<
"cannot find protocol declaration for %0; did you mean %1?">;
def note_base_class_specified_here : Note<
"base class %0 specified here">;