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//===--- Builtins.def - Builtin function info database ----------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the standard builtin function database. Users of this file
// must define the BUILTIN macro to make use of this information.
// FIXME: This should really be a .td file, but that requires modifying tblgen.
// Perhaps tblgen should have plugins.
// The first value provided to the macro specifies the function name of the
// builtin, and results in a clang::builtin::BIXX enum value for XX.
// The second value provided to the macro specifies the type of the function
// (result value, then each argument) as follows:
// v -> void
// b -> boolean
// c -> char
// s -> short
// i -> int
// f -> float
// d -> double
// z -> size_t
// F -> constant CFString
// a -> __builtin_va_list
// A -> "reference" to __builtin_va_list
// V -> Vector, following num elements and a base type.
// X -> _Complex, followed by the base type.
// P -> FILE
// J -> jmp_buf
// SJ -> sigjmp_buf
// . -> "...". This may only occur at the end of the function list.
// Types maybe prefixed with the following modifiers:
// L -> long (e.g. Li for 'long int')
// LL -> long long
// LLL -> __int128_t (e.g. LLLi)
// S -> signed
// U -> unsigned
// Types may be postfixed with the following modifiers:
// * -> pointer
// & -> reference
// C -> const
// D -> volatile
// The third value provided to the macro specifies information about attributes
// of the function. These must be kept in sync with the predicates in the
// Builtin::Context class. Currently we have:
// n -> nothrow
// r -> noreturn
// c -> const
// F -> this is a libc/libm function with a '__builtin_' prefix added.
// f -> this is a libc/libm function without the '__builtin_' prefix. It can
// be followed by ':headername:' to state which header this function
// comes from.
// p:N: -> this is a printf-like function whose Nth argument is the format
// string.
// P:N: -> similar to the p:N: attribute, but the function is like vprintf
// in that it accepts its arguments as a va_list rather than
// through an ellipsis
// e -> const, but only when -fmath-errno=0
// FIXME: gcc has nonnull
#if defined(BUILTIN) && !defined(LIBBUILTIN)
// Standard libc/libm functions:
BUILTIN(__builtin_atan2 , "ddd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_atan2f, "fff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_atan2l, "LdLdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_abs , "ii" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_copysign, "ddd", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_copysignf, "fff", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_copysignl, "LdLdLd", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fabs , "dd" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fabsf, "ff" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fabsl, "LdLd", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fmod , "ddd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fmodf, "fff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_fmodl, "LdLdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_frexp , "ddi*" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_frexpf, "ffi*" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_frexpl, "LdLdi*", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_huge_val, "d", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_huge_valf, "f", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_huge_vall, "Ld", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_inf , "d" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_inff , "f" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_infl , "Ld" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ldexp , "ddi" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ldexpf, "ffi" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ldexpl, "LdLdi", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_modf , "ddd*" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_modff, "fff*" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_modfl, "LdLdLd*", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nan, "dcC*" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nanf, "fcC*" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nanl, "LdcC*", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nans, "dcC*" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nansf, "fcC*" , "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_nansl, "LdcC*", "ncF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_powi , "ddi" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_powif, "ffi" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_powil, "LdLdi", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_pow , "ddd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_powf, "fff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_powl, "LdLdLd", "Fnc")
// Standard unary libc/libm functions with double/float/long double variants:
BUILTIN(__builtin_acos , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_acosf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_acosl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_asin , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_asinf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_asinl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_atan , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_atanf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_atanl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ceil , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ceilf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ceill, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cos , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cosf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cosh , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_coshf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_coshl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cosl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_exp , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_expf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_expl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_floor , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_floorf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_floorl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_hypot , "ddd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_hypotf, "fff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_hypotl, "LdLdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_log , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_log10 , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_log10f, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_log10l, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_logf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_logl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sin , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sinf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sinh , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sinhf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sinhl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sinl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sqrt , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sqrtf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_sqrtl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tan , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tanf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tanh , "dd" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tanhf, "ff" , "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tanhl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_tanl, "LdLd", "Fnc")
// C99 complex builtins
BUILTIN(__builtin_cabs, "dXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cabsf, "fXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cabsl, "LdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cacos, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cacosf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cacosl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_carg, "dXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cargf, "fXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cargl, "LdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_casin, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_casinf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_casinl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_catan, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_catanf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_catanl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccos, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccosf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccosl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccosh, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccoshf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ccoshl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cexp, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cexpf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cexpl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cimag, "dXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cimagf, "fXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cimagl, "LdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_conj, "dXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_conjf, "fXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_conjl, "LdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_clog, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_clogf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_clogl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cproj, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cprojf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cprojl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cpow, "XdXdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cpowf, "XfXfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_cpowl, "XLdXLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_creal, "dXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_crealf, "fXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_creall, "LdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csin, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csinf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csinl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csinh, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csinhf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csinhl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csqrt, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csqrtf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_csqrtl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctan, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctanf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctanl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctanh, "XdXd", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctanhf, "XfXf", "Fnc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctanhl, "XLdXLd", "Fnc")
// FP Comparisons.
BUILTIN(__builtin_isgreater , "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isgreaterequal, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isless , "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_islessequal , "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_islessgreater , "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isunordered , "i.", "nc")
// Unary FP classification
BUILTIN(__builtin_fpclassify, "iiiii.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isfinite, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isinf, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isinf_sign, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isnan, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_isnormal, "i.", "nc")
// FP signbit builtins
BUILTIN(__builtin_signbit, "id", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_signbitf, "if", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_signbitl, "iLd", "nc")
// Builtins for arithmetic.
BUILTIN(__builtin_clz , "iUi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_clzl , "iULi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_clzll, "iULLi", "nc")
// TODO: int clzimax(uintmax_t)
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctz , "iUi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctzl , "iULi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ctzll, "iULLi", "nc")
// TODO: int ctzimax(uintmax_t)
BUILTIN(__builtin_ffs , "iUi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ffsl , "iULi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_ffsll, "iULLi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_parity , "iUi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_parityl , "iULi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_parityll, "iULLi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_popcount , "iUi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_popcountl , "iULi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_popcountll, "iULLi", "nc")
// FIXME: These type signatures are not correct for targets with int != 32-bits
// or with ULL != 64-bits.
BUILTIN(__builtin_bswap32, "UiUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_bswap64, "ULLiULLi", "nc")
// Random GCC builtins
BUILTIN(__builtin_constant_p, "Us.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_classify_type, "i.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin___CFStringMakeConstantString, "FC*cC*", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin___NSStringMakeConstantString, "FC*cC*", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_va_start, "vA.", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_va_end, "vA", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_va_copy, "vAA", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_stdarg_start, "vA.", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_bcmp, "iv*v*z", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_bcopy, "vv*v*z", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_bzero, "vv*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_memchr, "v*vC*iz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_memcmp, "ivC*vC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_memcpy, "v*v*vC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_memmove, "v*v*vC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_mempcpy, "v*v*vC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_memset, "v*v*iz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_stpcpy, "c*c*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_stpncpy, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strcasecmp, "icC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strcat, "c*c*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strchr, "c*cC*i", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strcmp, "icC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strcpy, "c*c*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strcspn, "zcC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strdup, "c*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strlen, "zcC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strncasecmp, "icC*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strncat, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strncmp, "icC*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strncpy, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strndup, "c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strpbrk, "c*cC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strrchr, "c*cC*i", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strspn, "zcC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_strstr, "c*cC*cC*", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin_return_address, "v*Ui", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_extract_return_addr, "v*v*", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_frame_address, "v*Ui", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_flt_rounds, "i", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_setjmp, "iv**", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_longjmp, "vv**i", "r")
BUILTIN(__builtin_unwind_init, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_eh_return_data_regno, "ii", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_vsnprintf, "ic*zcC*a", "nFP:2:")
// GCC exception builtins
BUILTIN(__builtin_eh_return, "vzv*", "") // FIXME: Takes intptr_t, not size_t!
BUILTIN(__builtin_frob_return_addr, "v*v*", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_dwarf_cfa, "v*", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_init_dwarf_reg_size_table, "vv*", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_dwarf_sp_column, "Ui", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin_extend_pointer, "ULLiv*", "n") // _Unwind_Word == uint64_t
// GCC Object size checking builtins
BUILTIN(__builtin_object_size, "zv*i", "n")
BUILTIN(__builtin___memcpy_chk, "v*v*vC*zz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___memmove_chk, "v*v*vC*zz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___mempcpy_chk, "v*v*vC*zz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___memset_chk, "v*v*izz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___stpcpy_chk, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___strcat_chk, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___strcpy_chk, "c*c*cC*z", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___strncat_chk, "c*c*cC*zz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___strncpy_chk, "c*c*cC*zz", "nF")
BUILTIN(__builtin___snprintf_chk, "ic*zizcC*.", "Fp:4:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___sprintf_chk, "ic*izcC*.", "Fp:3:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___vsnprintf_chk, "ic*zizcC*a", "FP:4:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___vsprintf_chk, "ic*izcC*a", "FP:3:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___fprintf_chk, "iP*icC*.", "Fp:2:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___printf_chk, "iicC*.", "Fp:1:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___vfprintf_chk, "iP*icC*a", "FP:2:")
BUILTIN(__builtin___vprintf_chk, "iicC*a", "FP:1:")
BUILTIN(__builtin_expect, "LiLiLi" , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_prefetch, "vvC*.", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_abort, "v", "Fnr")
BUILTIN(__builtin_trap, "v", "nr")
BUILTIN(__builtin_unreachable, "v", "nr")
BUILTIN(__builtin_shufflevector, "v." , "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_alloca, "v*z" , "n")
// "Overloaded" Atomic operator builtins. These are overloaded to support data
// types of i8, i16, i32, i64, and i128. The front-end sees calls to the
// non-suffixed version of these (which has a bogus type) and transforms them to
// the right overloaded version in Sema (plus casts).
// FIXME: These assume that char -> i8, short -> i16, int -> i32,
// long long -> i64.
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_add_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_sub_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_or_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_and_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_xor_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_nand_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_add_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_sub_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_or_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_and_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_xor_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_nand_and_fetch_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap_1, "bcD*cc.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap_2, "bsD*ss.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap_4, "biD*ii.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap_8, "bLLiD*LLiLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_bool_compare_and_swap_16, "bLLLiD*LLLiLLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap_1, "ccD*cc.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap_2, "ssD*ss.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap_4, "iiD*ii.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap_8, "LLiLLiD*LLiLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_val_compare_and_swap_16, "LLLiLLLiD*LLLiLLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set_1, "cc*c.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set_2, "ss*s.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set_4, "ii*i.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set_8, "LLiLLi*LLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_test_and_set_16, "LLLiLLLi*LLLi.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release, "v.", "")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release_1, "vc*.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release_2, "vs*.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release_4, "vi*.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release_8, "vLLi*.", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_lock_release_16, "vLLLi*.", "n")
// Non-overloaded atomic builtins.
BUILTIN(__sync_synchronize, "v.", "n")
// LLVM instruction builtin [Clang extension].
BUILTIN(__builtin_llvm_memory_barrier,"vbbbbb", "n")
// GCC does not support these, they are a Clang extension.
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_min, "ii*i", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_max, "ii*i", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_umin, "UiUi*Ui", "n")
BUILTIN(__sync_fetch_and_umax, "UiUi*Ui", "n")
// C99 library functions
// C99 stdlib.h
LIBBUILTIN(abort, "v", "fr", "stdlib.h")
LIBBUILTIN(calloc, "v*zz", "f", "stdlib.h")
LIBBUILTIN(exit, "vi", "fr", "stdlib.h")
LIBBUILTIN(_Exit, "vi", "fr", "stdlib.h")
LIBBUILTIN(malloc, "v*z", "f", "stdlib.h")
LIBBUILTIN(realloc, "v*v*z", "f", "stdlib.h")
// C99 string.h
LIBBUILTIN(memcpy, "v*v*vC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(memmove, "v*v*vC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strcpy, "c*c*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strncpy, "c*c*cC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strcat, "c*c*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strncat, "c*c*cC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strxfrm, "zc*cC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(memchr, "v*vC*iz", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strchr, "c*cC*i", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strcspn, "zcC*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strpbrk, "c*cC*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strrchr, "c*cC*i", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strspn, "zcC*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strstr, "c*cC*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strtok, "c*c*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(memset, "v*v*iz", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strerror, "c*i", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strlen, "zcC*", "f", "string.h")
// C99 stdio.h
LIBBUILTIN(printf, "icC*.", "fp:0:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(fprintf, "iP*cC*.", "fp:1:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(snprintf, "ic*zcC*.", "fp:2:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sprintf, "ic*cC*.", "fp:1:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(vprintf, "icC*a", "fP:0:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(vfprintf, "i.", "fP:1:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(vsnprintf, "ic*zcC*a", "fP:2:", "stdio.h")
LIBBUILTIN(vsprintf, "ic*cC*a", "fP:1:", "stdio.h")
// C99
LIBBUILTIN(longjmp, "vJi", "fr", "setjmp.h")
// Non-C library functions
// FIXME: Non-C-standard stuff shouldn't be builtins in non-GNU mode!
LIBBUILTIN(alloca, "v*z", "f", "stdlib.h")
// POSIX string.h
LIBBUILTIN(stpcpy, "c*c*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(stpncpy, "c*c*cC*z", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strdup, "c*cC*", "f", "string.h")
LIBBUILTIN(strndup, "c*cC*z", "f", "string.h")
// POSIX strings.h
LIBBUILTIN(index, "c*cC*i", "f", "strings.h")
LIBBUILTIN(rindex, "c*cC*i", "f", "strings.h")
LIBBUILTIN(bzero, "vv*z", "f", "strings.h")
// POSIX unistd.h
LIBBUILTIN(_exit, "vi", "fr", "unistd.h")
// POSIX setjmp.h
LIBBUILTIN(_longjmp, "vJi", "fr", "setjmp.h")
LIBBUILTIN(siglongjmp, "vSJi", "fr", "setjmp.h")
// FIXME: This type isn't very correct, it should be
// id objc_msgSend(id, SEL)
// but we need new type letters for that.
LIBBUILTIN(objc_msgSend, "v*.", "f", "objc/message.h")
// Builtin math library functions
LIBBUILTIN(pow, "ddd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(powl, "LdLdLd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(powf, "fff", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sqrt, "dd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sqrtl, "LdLd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sqrtf, "ff", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sin, "dd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sinl, "LdLd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(sinf, "ff", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(cos, "dd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(cosl, "LdLd", "fe", "math.h")
LIBBUILTIN(cosf, "ff", "fe", "math.h")
#undef BUILTIN