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//===--- CGDebugInfo.h - DebugInfo for LLVM CodeGen -------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This is the source level debug info generator for llvm translation.
#include "clang/AST/Type.h"
#include "clang/Basic/SourceLocation.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h"
#include "llvm/Analysis/DebugInfo.h"
#include <map>
#include "CGBuilder.h"
namespace clang {
class VarDecl;
class ObjCInterfaceDecl;
namespace CodeGen {
class CodeGenModule;
/// CGDebugInfo - This class gathers all debug information during compilation
/// and is responsible for emitting to llvm globals or pass directly to
/// the backend.
class CGDebugInfo {
CodeGenModule *M;
bool isMainCompileUnitCreated;
llvm::DIFactory DebugFactory;
SourceLocation CurLoc, PrevLoc;
/// CompileUnitCache - Cache of previously constructed CompileUnits.
llvm::DenseMap<unsigned, llvm::DICompileUnit> CompileUnitCache;
/// TypeCache - Cache of previously constructed Types.
// FIXME: Eliminate this map. Be careful of iterator invalidation.
std::map<void *, llvm::DIType> TypeCache;
bool BlockLiteralGenericSet;
llvm::DIType BlockLiteralGeneric;
std::vector<llvm::DIDescriptor> RegionStack;
/// Helper functions for getOrCreateType.
llvm::DIType CreateType(const BuiltinType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const ComplexType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateCVRType(QualType Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const TypedefType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const ObjCObjectPointerType *Ty,
llvm::DICompileUnit Unit);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const PointerType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const BlockPointerType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const FunctionType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const TagType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const RecordType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const ObjCInterfaceType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const EnumType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
llvm::DIType CreateType(const ArrayType *Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit U);
CGDebugInfo(CodeGenModule *m);
/// setLocation - Update the current source location. If \arg loc is
/// invalid it is ignored.
void setLocation(SourceLocation Loc);
/// EmitStopPoint - Emit a call to llvm.dbg.stoppoint to indicate a change of
/// source line.
void EmitStopPoint(llvm::Function *Fn, CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitFunctionStart - Emit a call to llvm.dbg.function.start to indicate
/// start of a new function.
void EmitFunctionStart(const char *Name, QualType ReturnType,
llvm::Function *Fn, CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitRegionStart - Emit a call to llvm.dbg.region.start to indicate start
/// of a new block.
void EmitRegionStart(llvm::Function *Fn, CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitRegionEnd - Emit call to llvm.dbg.region.end to indicate end of a
/// block.
void EmitRegionEnd(llvm::Function *Fn, CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitDeclareOfAutoVariable - Emit call to llvm.dbg.declare for an automatic
/// variable declaration.
void EmitDeclareOfAutoVariable(const VarDecl *Decl, llvm::Value *AI,
CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitDeclareOfArgVariable - Emit call to llvm.dbg.declare for an argument
/// variable declaration.
void EmitDeclareOfArgVariable(const VarDecl *Decl, llvm::Value *AI,
CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// EmitGlobalVariable - Emit information about a global variable.
void EmitGlobalVariable(llvm::GlobalVariable *GV, const VarDecl *Decl);
/// EmitGlobalVariable - Emit information about an objective-c interface.
void EmitGlobalVariable(llvm::GlobalVariable *GV, ObjCInterfaceDecl *Decl);
/// EmitDeclare - Emit call to llvm.dbg.declare for a variable declaration.
void EmitDeclare(const VarDecl *decl, unsigned Tag, llvm::Value *AI,
CGBuilderTy &Builder);
/// getOrCreateCompileUnit - Get the compile unit from the cache or create a
/// new one if necessary.
llvm::DICompileUnit getOrCreateCompileUnit(SourceLocation Loc);
/// getOrCreateType - Get the type from the cache or create a new type if
/// necessary.
llvm::DIType getOrCreateType(QualType Ty, llvm::DICompileUnit Unit);
} // namespace CodeGen
} // namespace clang