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// RUN: %clang_analyze_cc1 -Wno-objc-literal-conversion -analyzer-checker=core,unix.Malloc,osx.cocoa.NonNilReturnValue,debug.ExprInspection -analyzer-store=region -verify %s
void clang_analyzer_eval(int);
typedef signed char BOOL;
typedef long NSInteger;
typedef unsigned long NSUInteger;
@protocol NSObject
@interface NSObject <NSObject> {}
@protocol NSCopying
@protocol NSCoding
@interface NSString @end
@interface NSString (NSStringExtensionMethods)
+ (id)stringWithUTF8String:(const char *)nullTerminatedCString;
@interface NSNumber
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithChar:(char)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedChar:(unsigned char)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithShort:(short)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedShort:(unsigned short)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithInt:(int)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedInt:(unsigned int)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithLong:(long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedLong:(unsigned long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithLongLong:(long long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedLongLong:(unsigned long long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithFloat:(float)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithDouble:(double)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithBool:(BOOL)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithInteger:(NSInteger)value ;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedInteger:(NSUInteger)value ;
@interface NSValue : NSObject <NSCopying, NSCoding>
- (void)getValue:(void *)value;
+ (NSValue *)valueWithBytes:(const void *)value
objCType:(const char *)type;
typedef typeof(sizeof(int)) size_t;
extern void *malloc(size_t);
extern void free(void *);
extern char *strdup(const char *str);
id constant_string() {
return @("boxed constant string.");
id dynamic_string() {
return @(strdup("boxed dynamic string")); // expected-warning{{Potential memory leak}}
typedef struct __attribute__((objc_boxable)) {
const char *str;
} BoxableStruct;
id leak_within_boxed_struct() {
BoxableStruct bs;
bs.str = strdup("dynamic string"); // The duped string shall be owned by val.
NSValue *val = @(bs); // no-warning
return val;
id leak_of_boxed_struct() {
BoxableStruct *bs = malloc(sizeof(BoxableStruct)); // The pointer stored in bs isn't owned by val.
NSValue *val = @(*bs); // expected-warning{{Potential leak of memory pointed to by 'bs'}}
return val;
id const_char_pointer(int *x) {
if (x)
return @(3);
return @(*x); // expected-warning {{Dereference of null pointer (loaded from variable 'x')}}
void checkNonNil() {
clang_analyzer_eval(!!@3); // expected-warning{{TRUE}}
clang_analyzer_eval(!!@(3+4)); // expected-warning{{TRUE}}
clang_analyzer_eval(!!@(57.0)); // expected-warning{{TRUE}}
const char *str = "abc";
clang_analyzer_eval(!!@(str)); // expected-warning{{TRUE}}
clang_analyzer_eval(!!@__objc_yes); // expected-warning{{TRUE}}