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// Define a public header for the ObjC methods that are "visible" externally
// and, thus, could be sub-classed. We should explore the path on which these
// are sub-classed with unknown class by not inlining them.
typedef signed char BOOL;
typedef struct objc_class *Class;
typedef struct objc_object {
Class isa;
} *id;
@protocol NSObject - (BOOL)isEqual:(id)object; @end
@interface NSObject <NSObject> {}
- (Class)class;
@interface PublicClass : NSObject {
int value3;
- (int)getZeroPublic;
- (int) value2;
@property (readonly) int value1;
@property int value3;
- (int)value3;
- (void)setValue3:(int)newValue;
@interface PublicSubClass : PublicClass
@interface PublicParent : NSObject
- (int)getZeroOverridden;
@interface PublicSubClass2 : PublicParent
- (int) getZeroOverridden;