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import lit.formats
import lit.TestRunner
# Custom format class for static analyzer tests
class AnalyzerTest(lit.formats.ShTest):
def execute(self, test, litConfig):
results = []
# Parse any test requirements ('REQUIRES: ')
saved_test = test
if 'z3' not in test.requires:
saved_test, litConfig, '-analyzer-constraints=range'))
if results[-1].code == lit.Test.FAIL:
return results[-1]
# If z3 backend available, add an additional run line for it
if test.config.clang_staticanalyzer_z3 == '1':
saved_test, litConfig, '-analyzer-constraints=z3 -DANALYZER_CM_Z3'))
# Combine all result outputs into the last element
for x in results:
if x != results[-1]:
results[-1].output = x.output + results[-1].output
if results:
return results[-1]
return lit.Test.Result(lit.Test.UNSUPPORTED,
"Test requires the following unavailable features: z3")
def executeWithAnalyzeSubstitution(self, test, litConfig, substitution):
saved_substitutions = list(test.config.substitutions)
test.config.substitutions.append(('%analyze', substitution))
result = lit.TestRunner.executeShTest(test, litConfig,
test.config.substitutions = saved_substitutions
return result