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// Like the compiler, the static analyzer treats some functions differently if
// they come from a system header -- for example, it is assumed that system
// functions do not arbitrarily free() their parameters, and that some bugs
// found in system headers cannot be fixed by the user and should be
// suppressed.
#pragma clang system_header
typedef unsigned int UInt32;
typedef unsigned short UInt16;
typedef signed long CFIndex;
typedef signed char BOOL;
#define YES ((BOOL)1)
#define NO ((BOOL)0)
typedef unsigned long NSUInteger;
typedef unsigned short unichar;
typedef UInt16 UniChar;
#ifndef NULL
#define __DARWIN_NULL ((void *)0)
#define nil ((id)0)
enum {
NSASCIIStringEncoding = 1,
NSNEXTSTEPStringEncoding = 2,
NSJapaneseEUCStringEncoding = 3,
NSUTF8StringEncoding = 4,
NSISOLatin1StringEncoding = 5,
NSSymbolStringEncoding = 6,
NSNonLossyASCIIStringEncoding = 7,
typedef const struct __CFString * CFStringRef;
typedef struct __CFString * CFMutableStringRef;
typedef NSUInteger NSStringEncoding;
typedef UInt32 CFStringEncoding;
typedef const void * CFTypeRef;
typedef const struct __CFAllocator * CFAllocatorRef;
extern const CFAllocatorRef kCFAllocatorDefault;
extern const CFAllocatorRef kCFAllocatorSystemDefault;
extern const CFAllocatorRef kCFAllocatorMalloc;
extern const CFAllocatorRef kCFAllocatorMallocZone;
extern const CFAllocatorRef kCFAllocatorNull;
@class NSString, Protocol;
extern void NSLog(NSString *format, ...) __attribute__((format(__NSString__, 1, 2)));
typedef struct _NSZone NSZone;
@class NSInvocation, NSMethodSignature, NSCoder, NSString, NSEnumerator;
@protocol NSObject
- (BOOL)isEqual:(id)object;
- (id)retain;
- (id)copy;
- (oneway void)release;
- (id)autorelease;
- (id)init;
@property (readonly, copy) NSString *description;
@end @protocol NSCopying - (id)copyWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
@end @protocol NSMutableCopying - (id)mutableCopyWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
@end @protocol NSCoding - (void)encodeWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aCoder;
@interface NSObject <NSObject> {}
+ (id)allocWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
+ (id)alloc;
- (void)dealloc;
@interface NSObject (NSCoderMethods)
- (id)awakeAfterUsingCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder;
extern id NSAllocateObject(Class aClass, NSUInteger extraBytes, NSZone *zone);
typedef struct {
@protocol NSFastEnumeration - (NSUInteger)countByEnumeratingWithState:(NSFastEnumerationState *)state objects:(id *)stackbuf count:(NSUInteger)len;
@end @class NSString, NSDictionary;
@interface NSValue : NSObject <NSCopying, NSCoding>
+ (NSValue *)valueWithPointer:(const void *)p;
- (void)getValue:(void *)value;
@interface NSNumber : NSValue - (char)charValue;
- (id)initWithInt:(int)value;
- (BOOL)boolValue;
@end @class NSString;
@interface NSArray : NSObject <NSCopying, NSMutableCopying, NSCoding, NSFastEnumeration> - (NSUInteger)count;
@end @interface NSArray (NSArrayCreation) + (id)array;
@end @interface NSAutoreleasePool : NSObject {
- (void)drain;
@end extern NSString * const NSBundleDidLoadNotification;
typedef double NSTimeInterval;
@interface NSDate : NSObject <NSCopying, NSCoding> - (NSTimeInterval)timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate;
@interface NSString : NSObject <NSCopying, NSMutableCopying, NSCoding>
- (NSUInteger)length;
- (NSString *)stringByAppendingString:(NSString *)aString;
- ( const char *)UTF8String;
- (id)initWithUTF8String:(const char *)nullTerminatedCString;
- (id)initWithCharactersNoCopy:(unichar *)characters length:(NSUInteger)length freeWhenDone:(BOOL)freeBuffer;
- (id)initWithCharacters:(const unichar *)characters length:(NSUInteger)length;
- (id)initWithBytes:(const void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)len encoding:(NSStringEncoding)encoding;
- (id)initWithBytesNoCopy:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)len encoding:(NSStringEncoding)encoding freeWhenDone:(BOOL)freeBuffer;
+ (id)stringWithUTF8String:(const char *)nullTerminatedCString;
+ (id)stringWithString:(NSString *)string;
@end @class NSString, NSURL, NSError;
@interface NSMutableString : NSString
- (void)appendFormat:(NSString *)format, ... __attribute__((format(__NSString__, 1, 2)));
@interface NSData : NSObject <NSCopying, NSMutableCopying, NSCoding> - (NSUInteger)length;
+ (id)dataWithBytesNoCopy:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)length;
+ (id)dataWithBytesNoCopy:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)length freeWhenDone:(BOOL)b;
- (id)initWithBytesNoCopy:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)length;
- (id)initWithBytesNoCopy:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger)length freeWhenDone:(BOOL)b;
- (id)initWithBytes:(void *)bytes length:(NSUInteger) length;
typedef struct {
extern const CFDictionaryKeyCallBacks kCFTypeDictionaryKeyCallBacks;
typedef struct {
extern const CFDictionaryValueCallBacks kCFTypeDictionaryValueCallBacks;
typedef const struct __CFDictionary * CFDictionaryRef;
typedef struct __CFDictionary * CFMutableDictionaryRef;
extern CFMutableDictionaryRef CFDictionaryCreateMutable(CFAllocatorRef allocator, CFIndex capacity, const CFDictionaryKeyCallBacks *keyCallBacks, const CFDictionaryValueCallBacks *valueCallBacks);
void CFDictionarySetValue(CFMutableDictionaryRef, const void *, const void *);
extern void CFRelease(CFTypeRef cf);
extern CFMutableStringRef CFStringCreateMutableWithExternalCharactersNoCopy(CFAllocatorRef alloc, UniChar *chars, CFIndex numChars, CFIndex capacity, CFAllocatorRef externalCharactersAllocator);
extern CFStringRef CFStringCreateWithCStringNoCopy(CFAllocatorRef alloc, const char *cStr, CFStringEncoding encoding, CFAllocatorRef contentsDeallocator);
extern void CFStringAppend(CFMutableStringRef theString, CFStringRef appendedString);
void SystemHeaderFunctionWithBlockParam(void *, void (^block)(void *), unsigned);
@interface NSPointerArray : NSObject <NSFastEnumeration, NSCopying, NSCoding>
- (void)addPointer:(void *)pointer;
- (void)insertPointer:(void *)item atIndex:(NSUInteger)index;
- (void)replacePointerAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index withPointer:(void *)item;
- (void *)pointerAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index;