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// Like the compiler, the static analyzer treats some functions differently if
// they come from a system header -- for example, it is assumed that system
// functions do not arbitrarily free() their parameters, and that some bugs
// found in system headers cannot be fixed by the user and should be
// suppressed.
#pragma clang system_header
typedef struct __sFILE {
unsigned char *_p;
FILE *fopen(const char * restrict, const char * restrict) __asm("_" "fopen" );
int fputc(int, FILE *);
int fputs(const char * restrict, FILE * restrict) __asm("_" "fputs" );
int fclose(FILE *);
void exit(int);
// The following is a fake system header function
typedef struct __FileStruct {
FILE * p;
} FileStruct;
void fakeSystemHeaderCall(FileStruct *);