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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only %s
// libstdc++ 4.2.x contains a bug where a friend struct template
// declaration for std::tr1::__detail::_Map base has different
// template arguments than the real declaration. Clang has an
// egregious hack to work around this problem, since we can't modify
// all of the world's libstdc++'s.
namespace std { namespace tr1 { namespace __detail {
template<typename _Key, typename _Value, typename _Ex, bool __unique,
typename _Hashtable>
struct _Map_base { };
} } }
namespace std { namespace tr1 {
template<typename T>
struct X1 {
template<typename _Key2, typename _Pair, typename _Hashtable>
friend struct __detail::_Map_base;
} }
std::tr1::X1<int> x1i;