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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
typedef signed char BOOL;
typedef unsigned int NSUInteger;
typedef struct _NSZone NSZone;
@class NSInvocation, NSMethodSignature, NSCoder, NSString, NSEnumerator;
@protocol NSObject - (BOOL) isEqual:(id) object; - (id)init; @end
@protocol NSCopying - (id) copyWithZone:(NSZone *) zone; @end
@protocol NSCoding - (void) encodeWithCoder:(NSCoder *) aCoder; @end
@interface NSObject < NSObject > {}
+(id) alloc;
typedef float CGFloat;
@interface NSTask:NSObject
- (id) init;
typedef NSUInteger NSControlSize;
typedef struct __CFlags {} _CFlags;
@interface NSCell:NSObject < NSCopying, NSCoding > {}
@interface NSActionCell:NSCell {} @end
@class NSAttributedString, NSFont, NSImage, NSSound;
typedef struct _XCElementInset {} XCElementInset;
@protocol XCElementP < NSObject >
-(BOOL) vertical;
@protocol XCElementDisplayDelegateP;
@protocol XCElementDisplayDelegateP < NSObject >
-(void) configureForControlSize:(NSControlSize)size font:(NSFont *)font addDefaultSpace:(XCElementInset) additionalSpace;
@protocol XCElementSpacerP < XCElementP >
typedef NSObject < XCElementSpacerP > XCElementSpacer;
@protocol XCElementTogglerP < XCElementP > -(void) setDisplayed:(BOOL) displayed;
typedef NSObject < XCElementTogglerP > XCElementToggler; // expected-note {{previous definition is here}}
@interface XCElementRootFace:NSObject {} @end
@interface XCElementFace:XCElementRootFace {} @end
@class XCElementToggler; // expected-warning {{redefinition of forward class 'XCElementToggler' of a typedef name of an object type is ignored}}
@interface XCRASlice:XCElementFace {} @end
@class XCElementSpacings;
@interface XCElementDisplay:NSObject < XCElementDisplayDelegateP > {} @end
@interface XCElementDisplayRect:XCElementDisplay {} @end
typedef XCElementDisplayRect XCElementGraphicsRect;
@interface XCElementDisplayFillerImage:XCElementDisplay {} @end
@implementation XCRASlice
- (void) addSliceWithLabel:(NSString *)label statusKey:(NSString *)statusKey disclosed:(BOOL)disclosed
static XCElementGraphicsRect *_sGraphicsDelegate = ((void *) 0);
if (!_sGraphicsDelegate) {
_sGraphicsDelegate =[[XCElementGraphicsRect alloc] init];