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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
@interface NSObject @end
@protocol XCElementP @end
@protocol XCElementSpacerP <XCElementP> @end
@protocol PWhatever @end
@interface XX
- (void)setFlexElement:(NSObject <PWhatever, XCElementP> *)flexer;
- (void)setFlexElement2:(NSObject <PWhatever, XCElementSpacerP> *)flexer; // expected-note{{passing argument to parameter 'flexer' here}}
void func() {
NSObject <PWhatever, XCElementSpacerP> * flexer;
NSObject <PWhatever, XCElementP> * flexer2;
XX *obj;
[obj setFlexElement:flexer];
// FIXME: GCC provides the following diagnostic (which is much better):
// protocol-typecheck.m:21: warning: class 'NSObject <PWhatever, XCElementP>' does not implement the 'XCElementSpacerP' protocol
[obj setFlexElement2:flexer2]; // expected-warning{{incompatible pointer types sending 'NSObject<PWhatever,XCElementP> *' to parameter of type 'NSObject<PWhatever,XCElementSpacerP> *'}}