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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -Wconversion -fsyntax-only %s -verify
typedef signed char BOOL;
__attribute__((objc_root_class)) @interface RDar14415662
@property (readonly) BOOL stuff;
@property (readwrite) BOOL otherStuff;
void radar14415662(RDar14415662 *f, char x, int y) {
f.otherStuff = !f.stuff; // no-warning
BOOL b = !f.stuff; // no-warning
// True positive to sanity check warning is working.
x = y; // expected-warning {{implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'int' to 'char'}}
__attribute__((objc_root_class)) @interface DoubleProp
@property double d;
void use_double_prop(DoubleProp *dp) {
double local = 42;
dp.d += local; // no warning