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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// rdar://8191774
@protocol SomeProtocol
@protocol SomeProtocol1
@interface SomeObject <SomeProtocol>
int main () {
Class <SomeProtocol> classA;
Class <SomeProtocol> classB;
Class <SomeProtocol, SomeProtocol1> classC;
Class <SomeProtocol1> classD;
void * pv = 0;
Class c = (Class)0;;
if (pv)
return classA == pv;
if (c)
return classA == c;
return classA == classB || classA == classC ||
classC == classA ||
classA == classD; // expected-warning {{comparison of distinct pointer types ('Class<SomeProtocol>' and 'Class<SomeProtocol1>')}}
// rdar://18491222
@protocol NSObject @end
@interface NSObject @end
@protocol ProtocolX <NSObject>
@protocol ProtocolY <NSObject>
@interface ClassA : NSObject
@interface ClassB : ClassA <ProtocolY, ProtocolX>
@interface OtherClass : NSObject
@property (nonatomic, copy) ClassB<ProtocolX> *aProperty;
- (ClassA<ProtocolY> *)aMethod;
- (ClassA<ProtocolY> *)anotherMethod;
@implementation OtherClass
- (ClassA<ProtocolY> *)aMethod {
// This does not work, even though ClassB subclasses from A and conforms to Y
// because the property type explicitly adds ProtocolX conformance
// even though ClassB already conforms to ProtocolX
return self.aProperty;
- (ClassA<ProtocolY> *)anotherMethod {
// This works, even though all it is doing is removing an explicit
// protocol conformance that ClassB already conforms to
return (ClassB *)self.aProperty;