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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple mips64-linux-gnu -S -o - -emit-llvm %s | FileCheck %s
// Transparent unions are passed according to the calling convention rules of
// the first member. In this case, it is as if it were a void pointer so we
// do not have the inreg attribute we would normally have for unions.
// This comes up in glibc's wait() function and matters for the big-endian N32
// case where pointers are promoted to i64 and a non-transparent union would be
// passed in the upper 32-bits of an i64.
union either_pointer {
void *void_ptr;
int *int_ptr;
} __attribute__((transparent_union));
extern void foo(union either_pointer p);
int data;
void bar(void) {
return foo(&data);
// CHECK-LABEL: define void @bar()
// CHECK: call void @foo(i8* %{{[0-9]+}})
// CHECK: declare void @foo(i8*)