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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple thumbv7k-apple-watchos2.0 -target-abi aapcs16 -target-cpu cortex-a7 %s -o - -emit-llvm | FileCheck %s
#include <arm_neon.h>
// Make sure 64 and 128 bit types are naturally aligned by the v7k ABI:
// CHECK: target datalayout = "e-m:o-p:32:32-Fi8-i64:64-a:0:32-n32-S128"
typedef struct {
float arr[4];
} HFA;
// CHECK: define void @simple_hfa([4 x float] %h.coerce)
void simple_hfa(HFA h) {}
// CHECK: define %struct.HFA @return_simple_hfa
HFA return_simple_hfa() {}
typedef struct {
double arr[4];
} BigHFA;
// We don't want any padding type to be included by Clang when using the
// APCS-VFP ABI, that needs to be handled by LLVM if needed.
// CHECK: void @no_padding(i32 %r0, i32 %r1, i32 %r2, [4 x double] %d0_d3.coerce, [4 x double] %d4_d7.coerce, [4 x double] %sp.coerce, i64 %split)
void no_padding(int r0, int r1, int r2, BigHFA d0_d3, BigHFA d4_d7, BigHFA sp,
long long split) {}
// Structs larger than 16 bytes should be passed indirectly in space allocated
// by the caller (a pointer to this storage should be what occurs in the arg
// list).
typedef struct {
float x;
long long y;
double z;
} BigStruct;
// CHECK: define void @big_struct_indirect(%struct.BigStruct* %b)
void big_struct_indirect(BigStruct b) {}
// CHECK: define void @return_big_struct_indirect(%struct.BigStruct* noalias sret
BigStruct return_big_struct_indirect() {}
// Structs smaller than 16 bytes should be passed directly, and coerced to
// either [N x i32] or [N x i64] depending on alignment requirements.
typedef struct {
float x;
int y;
double z;
} SmallStruct;
// CHECK: define void @small_struct_direct([2 x i64] %s.coerce)
void small_struct_direct(SmallStruct s) {}
// CHECK: define [4 x i32] @return_small_struct_direct()
SmallStruct return_small_struct_direct() {}
typedef struct {
float x;
int y;
int z;
} SmallStructSmallAlign;
// CHECK: define void @small_struct_align_direct([3 x i32] %s.coerce)
void small_struct_align_direct(SmallStructSmallAlign s) {}
typedef struct {
char x;
short y;
} PaddedSmallStruct;
// CHECK: define i32 @return_padded_small_struct()
PaddedSmallStruct return_padded_small_struct() {}
typedef struct {
char arr[7];
} OddlySizedStruct;
// CHECK: define [2 x i32] @return_oddly_sized_struct()
OddlySizedStruct return_oddly_sized_struct() {}
// CHECK: define <4 x float> @test_va_arg_vec(i8* %l)
// CHECK: [[ALIGN_TMP:%.*]] = add i32 {{%.*}}, 15
// CHECK: [[ALIGNED:%.*]] = and i32 [[ALIGN_TMP]], -16
// CHECK: [[ALIGNED_I8:%.*]] = inttoptr i32 [[ALIGNED]] to i8*
// CHECK: [[ALIGNED_VEC:%.*]] = bitcast i8* [[ALIGNED_I8]] to <4 x float>
// CHECK: load <4 x float>, <4 x float>* [[ALIGNED_VEC]], align 16
float32x4_t test_va_arg_vec(__builtin_va_list l) {
return __builtin_va_arg(l, float32x4_t);