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// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -emit-llvm -o -
// Aggregates of size zero should be dropped from argument list.
typedef long int Tlong;
struct S2411 {
__attribute__((aligned)) Tlong:0;
extern struct S2411 a2411[5];
extern void checkx2411(struct S2411);
void test2411(void) {
// Proper handling of zero sized fields during type conversion.
typedef unsigned long long int Tal2ullong __attribute__((aligned(2)));
struct S2525 {
Tal2ullong: 0;
struct {
} e;
struct S2525 s2525;
struct {
signed char f;
char :0;
char * i[5];
} data;
// Taking address of a zero sized field.
struct Z {};
struct Y {
int i;
struct Z z;
void *f(struct Y *y) {
return &y->z;