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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -verify -fsyntax-only -triple x86_64-apple-darwin9 %s
int x __attribute__((section(
42))); // expected-error {{'section' attribute requires a string}}
// rdar://4341926
int y __attribute__((section(
"sadf"))); // expected-error {{mach-o section specifier requires a segment and section separated by a comma}}
// PR6007
void test() {
__attribute__((section("NEAR,x"))) int n1; // expected-error {{'section' attribute only applies to functions, global variables, Objective-C methods, and Objective-C properties}}
__attribute__((section("NEAR,x"))) static int n2; // ok.
// pr9356
void __attribute__((section("foo,zed"))) test2(void); // expected-note {{previous attribute is here}}
void __attribute__((section("bar,zed"))) test2(void) {} // expected-warning {{section does not match previous declaration}}
enum __attribute__((section("NEAR,x"))) e { one }; // expected-error {{'section' attribute only applies to}}
extern int a; // expected-note {{previous declaration is here}}
int *b = &a;
extern int a __attribute__((section("foo,zed"))); // expected-warning {{section attribute is specified on redeclared variable}}
// Not a warning.
int c;
int c __attribute__((section("foo,zed")));
// Also OK.
struct r_debug {};
extern struct r_debug _r_debug;
struct r_debug _r_debug __attribute__((nocommon, section(".r_debug,bar")));