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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++11 -verify %s
template<typename ...T> struct X {
void f(int);
void f(...);
static int n;
template<typename T, typename U> using A = T;
// These definitions are OK, X<A<T, decltype(...)>...> is equivalent to X<T...>
// so this defines the member of the primary template.
template<typename ...T>
void X<A<T, decltype(f(T()))>...>::f(int) {} // expected-error {{undeclared}}
template<typename ...T>
int X<A<T, decltype(f(T()))>...>::n = 0; // expected-error {{undeclared}}
struct Y {}; void f(Y);
void g() {
// OK, substitution succeeds.
X<Y>::n = 1;
// Error, substitution fails; this should not be treated as a SFINAE-able
// condition, so we don't select X<void>::f(...).
X<void>().f(0); // expected-note {{instantiation of}}
X<void>::n = 1; // expected-note {{instantiation of}}