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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only %s -std=c++11 -verify
// This is a test for an egregious hack in Clang that works around
// an issue with libstdc++-4.2's <tr1/hashtable> implementation.
// The code in question returns 'false' from a function with a pointer
// return type, which is ill-formed in C++11.
#pragma GCC system_header
namespace std {
namespace tr1 {
template<typename T> struct hashnode;
template<typename T> struct hashtable {
typedef hashnode<T> node;
node *find_node() {
// This is ill-formed in C++11, per core issue 903, but we accept
// it anyway in a system header.
return false;
#include "libstdcxx_pointer_return_false_hack.cpp"
auto *test1 = std::tr1::hashtable<int>().find_node();
void *test2() { return false; } // expected-error {{cannot initialize}}