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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
typedef double * __attribute__((align_value(64))) aligned_double;
void foo(aligned_double x, double * y __attribute__((align_value(32))),
double & z __attribute__((align_value(128)))) { };
template <typename T, int Q>
struct x {
typedef T* aligned_int __attribute__((align_value(32+8*Q)));
aligned_int V;
void foo(aligned_int a, T &b __attribute__((align_value(sizeof(T)*4))));
x<float, 4> y;
template <typename T, int Q>
struct nope {
// expected-error@+1 {{requested alignment is not a power of 2}}
void foo(T &b __attribute__((align_value(sizeof(T)+1))));
// expected-note@+1 {{in instantiation of template class 'nope<long double, 4>' requested here}}
nope<long double, 4> y2;