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// Run lines are sensitive to line numbers and come below the code.
#ifndef HEADER
#define HEADER
// Not a Doxygen comment. notdoxy1 NOT_DOXYGEN
void notdoxy1(void);
/* Not a Doxygen comment. notdoxy2 NOT_DOXYGEN */
void notdoxy2(void);
/*/ Not a Doxygen comment. notdoxy3 NOT_DOXYGEN */
void notdoxy3(void);
/** Doxygen comment. isdoxy4 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE */
void isdoxy4(void);
/*! Doxygen comment. isdoxy5 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE */
void isdoxy5(void);
/// Doxygen comment. isdoxy6 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
void isdoxy6(void);
/// This is a BCPL comment. IS_DOXYGEN_START
/// It has only two lines.
/** But there are other blocks that are part of the comment, too. IS_DOXYGEN_END */
void multi_line_comment_plus_ordinary(int);
void multi_line_comment_empty_line(int);
int notdoxy7; // Not a Doxygen juxtaposed comment. notdoxy7 NOT_DOXYGEN
int notdoxy8; // Not a Doxygen juxtaposed comment. notdoxy8 NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxy9; /// A Doxygen non-trailing comment. trdoxyA IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
int trdoxyA;
int trdoxyB; // Not a Doxygen trailing comment. PART_ONE
// It's a multiline one too. trdoxyB NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyC;
int trdoxyD; // Not a Doxygen trailing comment. trdoxyD NOT_DOXYGEN
/// This comment doesn't get merged. trdoxyE IS_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyE;
int trdoxyF; /// A Doxygen non-trailing comment that gets dropped on the floor.
// This comment will also be dropped.
int trdoxyG; // This one won't. trdoxyG NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyH; ///< A Doxygen trailing comment. PART_ONE
// This one gets merged with it. trdoxyH SOME_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyI; // This one doesn't. trdoxyI NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyJ; // Not a Doxygen trailing comment. PART_ONE
///< This one gets merged with it. trdoxyJ SOME_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyK; // This one doesn't. trdoxyK NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyL; // Not a Doxygen trailing comment. trdoxyL NOT_DOXYGEN
// This one shouldn't get merged. trdoxyM NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyM;
int trdoxyN; ///< A Doxygen trailing comment. trdoxyN IS_DOXYGEN
// This one shouldn't get merged. trdoxyO NOT_DOXYGEN
int trdoxyO;
// RUN: rm -rf %t
// RUN: mkdir %t
// RUN: c-index-test -write-pch %t/out.pch -fparse-all-comments -x c++ -std=c++11 %s
// RUN: c-index-test -test-load-source all -comments-xml-schema=%S/../../bindings/xml/comment-xml-schema.rng %s -std=c++11 -fparse-all-comments > %t/out.c-index-direct
// RUN: c-index-test -test-load-tu %t/out.pch all > %t/out.c-index-pch
// RUN: FileCheck %s -check-prefix=WRONG < %t/out.c-index-direct
// RUN: FileCheck %s -check-prefix=WRONG < %t/out.c-index-pch
// Ensure that XML is not invalid
// WRONG-NOT: CommentXMLInvalid
// RUN: FileCheck %s < %t/out.c-index-direct
// RUN: FileCheck %s < %t/out.c-index-pch
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:7:6: FunctionDecl=notdoxy1:{{.*}} notdoxy1 NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:10:6: FunctionDecl=notdoxy2:{{.*}} notdoxy2 NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:13:6: FunctionDecl=notdoxy3:{{.*}} notdoxy3 NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:16:6: FunctionDecl=isdoxy4:{{.*}} isdoxy4 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:19:6: FunctionDecl=isdoxy5:{{.*}} isdoxy5 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:22:6: FunctionDecl=isdoxy6:{{.*}} isdoxy6 IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:29:6: FunctionDecl=multi_line_comment_plus_ordinary:{{.*}} BLOCK_ORDINARY_COMMENT {{.*}} ORDINARY COMMENT {{.*}} IS_DOXYGEN_START {{.*}} IS_DOXYGEN_END
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:34:6: FunctionDecl=multi_line_comment_empty_line:{{.*}} MULTILINE COMMENT{{.*}}\n{{.*}}\n{{.*}} WITH EMPTY LINE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:36:5: VarDecl=notdoxy7:{{.*}} notdoxy7 NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:37:5: VarDecl=notdoxy8:{{.*}} notdoxy8 NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK-NOT: parse-all-comments.c:39:5: VarDecl=trdoxy9:{{.*}} trdoxyA IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:40:5: VarDecl=trdoxyA:{{.*}} trdoxyA IS_DOXYGEN_SINGLE
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:42:5: VarDecl=trdoxyB:{{.*}} PART_ONE {{.*}} trdoxyB NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK-NOT: parse-all-comments.c:44:5: VarDecl=trdoxyC:{{.*}} trdoxyB NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:46:5: VarDecl=trdoxyD:{{.*}} trdoxyD NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:48:5: VarDecl=trdoxyE:{{.*}} trdoxyE IS_DOXYGEN
// CHECK-NOT: parse-all-comments.c:50:5: VarDecl=trdoxyF:{{.*}} RawComment
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:52:5: VarDecl=trdoxyG:{{.*}} trdoxyG NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:54:5: VarDecl=trdoxyH:{{.*}} PART_ONE {{.*}} trdoxyH SOME_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:56:5: VarDecl=trdoxyI:{{.*}} trdoxyI NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:58:5: VarDecl=trdoxyJ:{{.*}} PART_ONE {{.*}} trdoxyJ SOME_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:60:5: VarDecl=trdoxyK:{{.*}} trdoxyK NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:62:5: VarDecl=trdoxyL:{{.*}} trdoxyL NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:64:5: VarDecl=trdoxyM:{{.*}} trdoxyM NOT_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:66:5: VarDecl=trdoxyN:{{.*}} trdoxyN IS_DOXYGEN
// CHECK: parse-all-comments.c:68:5: VarDecl=trdoxyO:{{.*}} trdoxyO NOT_DOXYGEN