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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
template<class T> struct A {
void f(T);
template<class X1> void g1(T, X1);
template<class X2> void g2(T, X2);
void h(T) { }
// specialization
template<> void A<int>::f(int);
// out of class member template definition
template<class T> template<class X1> void A<T>::g1(T, X1) { }
// member template specialization
template<> template<class X1> void A<int>::g1(int, X1);
// member template specialization
template<> template<>
void A<int>::g1(int, char); // X1 deduced as char
template<> template<>
void A<int>::g2<char>(int, char); // X2 specified as char
// member specialization even if defined in class definition
template<> void A<int>::h(int) { }
namespace PR10024 {
template <typename T>
struct Test{
template <typename U>
void get(U i) {}
template <typename T>
template <>
void Test<T>::get<double>(double i) {} // expected-error{{cannot specialize (with 'template<>') a member of an unspecialized template}}