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// RUN: %clang_analyze_cc1 -analyzer-checker=core,osx -analyzer-output=text -verify %s
// expected-no-diagnostics
typedef void *CFTypeRef;
typedef struct _CFURLCacheRef *CFURLCacheRef;
CFTypeRef CustomCFRetain(CFTypeRef);
void invalidate(void *);
struct S1 {
CFTypeRef s;
CFTypeRef returnFieldAtPlus0() {
return s;
struct S2 {
S1 *s1;
void foo(S1 *s1) {
S2 s2;
s2.s1 = s1;
// Definitely no leak end-of-path note here. The retained pointer
// is still accessible through s1 and s2.
((void) 0); // no-warning
// FIXME: Ideally we need to warn after this invalidate(). The per-function
// retain-release contract is violated: the programmer should release
// the symbol after it was retained, within the same function.