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// RUN: %clang_analyze_cc1 -std=c++14 -analyzer-checker=optin.performance -analyzer-config optin.performance.Padding:AllowedPad=20 -verify %s
// A class that has no fields and one base class should visit that base class
// instead. Note that despite having excess padding of 2, this is flagged
// because of its usage in an array of 100 elements below (`ais').
// TODO: Add a note to the bug report with BugReport::addNote() to mention the
// variable using the class and also mention what class is inherting from what.
// expected-warning@+1{{Excessive padding in 'struct FakeIntSandwich'}}
struct FakeIntSandwich {
char c1;
int i;
char c2;
struct AnotherIntSandwich : FakeIntSandwich { // no-warning
// But we don't yet support multiple base classes.
struct IntSandwich {};
struct TooManyBaseClasses : FakeIntSandwich, IntSandwich { // no-warning
AnotherIntSandwich ais[100];
struct Empty {};
struct DoubleEmpty : Empty { // no-warning
Empty e;