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# -*- Python -*- vim: set ft=python ts=4 sw=4 expandtab tw=79:
import site
# Load the custom analyzer test format, which runs the test again with Z3 if it
# is available.
import analyzer_test
config.test_format = analyzer_test.AnalyzerTest(
config.test_format.execute_external, config.use_z3_solver)
# Filtering command used by Clang Analyzer tests (when comparing .plist files
# with reference output)
"grep -Ev '%s|%s|%s'" %
('^[[:space:]]*<string>.* version .*</string>[[:space:]]*$',
# Filtering command for testing SARIF output against reference output.
"grep -Ev '^[[:space:]]*(%s|%s|%s)[[:space:]]*$'" %
('"uri": "file:.*%basename_t"',
'"version": ".* version .*"',
'"version": "2.1.0"')))
if not config.root.clang_staticanalyzer:
config.unsupported = True