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CMake Caches
This directory contains CMake cache scripts that pre-populate the CMakeCache in
a build directory with commonly used settings.
You can use the caches files with the following CMake invocation:
cmake -G <build system>
-C <path to cache file>
[additional CMake options (i.e. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install path>)]
<path to llvm>
Options specified on the command line will override options in the cache files.
The following cache files exist.
The Apple stage1 cache configures a two stage build similar to how Apple builds
the clang shipped with Xcode. The build files generated from this invocation has
a target named "stage2" which performs an LTO build of clang.
The Apple-stage2 cache can be used directly to match the build settings Apple
uses in shipping builds without doing a full bootstrap build.
The PGO CMake cache can be used to generate a multi-stage instrumented compiler.
You can configure your build directory with the following invocation of CMake:
cmake -G <generator> -C <path_to_clang>/cmake/caches/PGO.cmake <source dir>
After configuration the following additional targets will be generated:
Builds a stage1 x86 compiler, runtime, and required tools (llvm-config,
llvm-profdata) then uses that compiler to build an instrumented stage2 compiler.
Depends on "stage2-instrumented" and will use the instrumented compiler to
generate profdata based on the training files in <clang>/utils/perf-training
Depends on "stage2-instrumented-generate-profdata" and will use the stage1
compiler with the stage2 profdata to build a PGO-optimized compiler.
Depends on stage2 and runs check-llvm using the stage3 compiler.
Depends on stage2 and runs check-clang using the stage3 compiler.
Depends on stage2 and runs check-all using the stage3 compiler.
Depends on stage2 and runs the test-suite using the stage3 compiler (requires
in-tree test-suite).
This cache file can be used to generate a 3-stage clang build. You can configure
using the following CMake command:
cmake -C <path to clang>/cmake/caches/3-stage.cmake -G Ninja <path to llvm>
You can then run "ninja stage3-clang" to build stage1, stage2 and stage3 clangs.
This is useful for finding non-determinism the compiler by verifying that stage2
and stage3 are identical.