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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple %itanium_abi_triple -ffreestanding -fsyntax-only -verify -std=c++11 %s
#include "limits.h"
template<typename T, typename U>
struct is_same_type {
static const bool value = false;
template <typename T>
struct is_same_type<T, T> {
static const bool value = true;
__underlying_type(int) a; // expected-error {{only enumeration types}}
__underlying_type(struct b) c; // expected-error {{only enumeration types}}
enum class f : char;
static_assert(is_same_type<char, __underlying_type(f)>::value,
"f has the wrong underlying type");
enum g {d = INT_MIN };
static_assert(is_same_type<int, __underlying_type(g)>::value,
"g has the wrong underlying type");
__underlying_type(f) h;
static_assert(is_same_type<char, decltype(h)>::value,
"h has the wrong type");
template <typename T>
struct underlying_type {
typedef __underlying_type(T) type; // expected-error {{only enumeration types}}
static_assert(is_same_type<underlying_type<f>::type, char>::value,
"f has the wrong underlying type in the template");
underlying_type<int>::type e; // expected-note {{requested here}}
using uint = unsigned;
enum class foo : uint { bar };
static_assert(is_same_type<underlying_type<foo>::type, unsigned>::value,
"foo has the wrong underlying type");
namespace PR19966 {
void PR19966(enum Invalid) { // expected-note 2{{forward declaration of}}
// expected-error@-1 {{ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum'}}
// expected-error@-2 {{variable has incomplete type}}
__underlying_type(Invalid) dont_crash;
// expected-error@-1 {{cannot determine underlying type of incomplete enumeration type 'PR19966::Invalid'}}
enum E { // expected-note {{forward declaration of 'E'}}
a = (__underlying_type(E)){}
// expected-error@-1 {{cannot determine underlying type of incomplete enumeration type 'PR19966::E'}}
// expected-error@-2 {{constant expression}}
template<typename T> void f(__underlying_type(T));
template<typename T> void f(__underlying_type(T));
enum E {};
void PR26014() { f<E>(0); } // should not yield an ambiguity error.
template<typename ...T> void f(__underlying_type(T) v); // expected-error {{declaration type contains unexpanded parameter pack 'T'}}
namespace PR23421 {
template <class T>
using underlying_type_t = __underlying_type(T);
// Should not crash.
template <class T>
struct make_unsigned_impl { using type = underlying_type_t<T>; };
using AnotherType = make_unsigned_impl<E>::type;
// also should not crash.
template <typename T>
__underlying_type(T) ft();
auto x = &ft<E>;