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// Header for PCH test cxx-friends.cpp
class A {
int x;
friend class F;
namespace PR12585 {
struct future_base {
template<typename> class setter;
template<typename> class promise {
// We used to inject this into future_base with no access specifier,
// then crash during AST writing.
template<typename> friend class future_base::setter;
int k;
namespace Lazy {
struct S {
friend void doNotDeserialize();
// Reduced testcase from libc++'s <valarray>. Used to crash with modules
// enabled.
namespace std {
template <class T> struct valarray;
template <class T> struct valarray {
template <class U> friend struct valarray;
template <class U> friend U *begin(valarray<U> &v);
struct gslice {
valarray<int> size;
gslice() {}