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// RUN: cp %s %t
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple thumbv7-apple-ios8.0.0 -fsyntax-only -Wformat -Werror -fixit %t
int printf(const char *restrict, ...);
typedef unsigned int NSUInteger;
typedef int NSInteger;
NSUInteger getNSUInteger();
NSInteger getNSInteger();
void test() {
// For thumbv7-apple-ios8.0.0 the underlying type of ssize_t is long
// and the underlying type of size_t is unsigned long.
printf("test 1: %zu", getNSUInteger());
printf("test 2: %zu %zu", getNSUInteger(), getNSUInteger());
printf("test 3: %zd", getNSInteger());
printf("test 4: %zd %zd", getNSInteger(), getNSInteger());